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The trip has been booked!, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

The trip has been booked!

A travel blog entry by jdvegmond


Well, I've done it. I've booked my (first) trip to the other side of the world. It's very exciting. I haven't been out of Europe very often. (In fact, last February was the first and last time.) And now this... It's also the first time I'll be having a ...

On ya bike, what's a little rain?, Loosdrecht, Netherlands travel blog

On ya bike, what's a little rain?

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... things (like visa crap crap), getting lost along the way. The building is old and full of echoes, but like all structures in Netherlands is surprisingly warm inside, so much so I’ve broken out in a sweat by the time I leave, which then freezes to ...

Chill Time, Woerden, Netherlands travel blog

Chill Time

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Today was a day of doing nothing very much. the kids got some practice in on the rowing boat and then played Triominoes. We took a brief trip into Montfoort, posted some cards and bought some milk. Then we went to Woerden. Nick and the kids wandered ...

Tull en t'Waal, Tull en t'Waal, Netherlands travel blog

Tull en t'Waal

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


My late father's cousin, Loes and her husband Henk live just south of Niewegein. With the help of their two sons, Bas and Jort, and extended family, they have run a business selling Agas and stoves there for the past 30+ years. Tonny, Peter and Mum ...

Bijna afgestudeerd, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

Bijna afgestudeerd

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Hallo allemaal, Time flies! Alles gaat nog steeds zijn gangetje & ik loop nog keurig op schema. 31 mei heb ik mijn scriptie ingeleverd en is het wachten begonnen. Gelukkig kon ik deze tijd doorbrengen in Turkije, want ik was een weekje op vakantie ...

Sleep has Forgotten it's my Friend, Kamerik, Netherlands travel blog

Sleep has Forgotten it's my Friend

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


I spent the night at GJ's, but so many early mornings had trained me to get up at stupid o'clock. By 6am I was wide awake and if I'd been asked to walk 25 miles, I would have had the energy, but not the legs. I could hardly wedge my swollen feet into my ...

A whole new level of cold. But it is pretty, Vianen, Netherlands travel blog

A whole new level of cold. But it is pretty

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors

... stopped working. i replaced the battery and warmed it up again and its fine again. We have just tied up 5 nm south of utrecht and its -3. a quuick salting of the decks and pull the tarp over the windows. we will be ready go again first thing in the ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by randyandchrissy


... so. Those bike lanes during rush hour are buzzing and a car passes occasionaly at best. With Chrissy's parents we took a walk around Utrecht and got the tour of the University where Roger is just finishing up his stay as a visiting professor. A fun ...

Terug naar BelgiŽ, Zeist, Netherlands travel blog

Terug naar BelgiŽ

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... vuurwerk (niets bijzonders) en dan nog tijd voor een filmpje bij Mark en Hew thuis... Zondag nam ik enkele vrienden mee naar Utrecht, en Kadi uit Estland vroeg of ze met mij mee kon rijden naar Brussel. Maar eerst moest ik nog een bezoekje brengen ...

The Not So Rosy Reality, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The Not So Rosy Reality

A travel blog entry by lindsaypund


... year on January 1st the government decides the salary increase for the entire nation) and the changes occurring in the Netherlands market.  Chugging right along we spoke with Ingeborg Rijks, Global Supplier Relations Director, about her role and ...

Chapter 5: Abridged, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Chapter 5: Abridged

A travel blog entry by sandramorrow

Hallo, (hello in Dutch) First I must apologize to those of you who are just now receiving your first email from me. I thought that I had put you on the list and have only just realized that you were absent from it. This does not make you less ...

Ambition, Woerden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelkw


We took a leisurely drive up to Woerden in the Netherlands, where we found our next CS hosts Monique and Rembrand, with their three children (plus one on the way). we squeezed into their two up two down with some difficulty. This was indeed ambitious ...

Aangenomen en afwachten, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

Aangenomen en afwachten

A travel blog entry by milenarachel

Lieve vrienden en familie, Zoals jullie allemaal ondertussen al weten, ga ik rond september richting de andere kant van de wereld. Dit wekt nogal wat vragen en opmerkingen op, dus ik heb besloten nu al mijn reisblog de lucht in te doen, zodat ik iedereen ...

Tulips, Keuknhof, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisandpaula


Well we made it to the tulip fields, even if it won't stop ...

Utrecht with Eveline!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Utrecht with Eveline!

A travel blog entry by nikki86

... and lack of water and extremely hot weather. I miss my Australia, but i do not want to leave the Netherlands... But after that I caught a train to Utrecht. I had heard that it is thought the dutch train system is the best and most efficient in Europe. ...

Moving in to Home., Gieterveen, Netherlands travel blog

Moving in to Home.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


Well, we move into Petra's apartment/room tomorrow. It is a rustic room with a view of a typical quiet Dutch street or 'Straat' on one side and a balcony with a view of the other houses on the other. Although I have really enjoyed my time at Petra's ...

Waiting, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... . What they recommend I do instead is apply for a postal address only, that way I can still get mail and be registered in Netherlands. So it’s back past the road works. The men have stopped for a while and are examining the large scare they’ve ...

A fun day with my Dutch colleagues, De Rijp, Netherlands travel blog

A fun day with my Dutch colleagues

A travel blog entry by a3dennert


I was invited to attend my departments annual outing in the Netherlands this month. I departed Miami on Sunday at 8pm and returned on Wednesday at 6pm. Other than being very jet-lagged and not catching enough zzzzz's I had a great time with all of my ...

First Week of Classes, Well, Netherlands travel blog

First Week of Classes

A travel blog entry by danajmooney


Hey all! †This week was super busy!!! †We started classes on Monday, and all week I have been going to classes and trying to get back into the groove of school after having four months of summer! †My classes so far seem really good! †My favorite is ...

Meeting Fries people at my first campsite, Maasbree, Netherlands travel blog

Meeting Fries people at my first campsite

A travel blog entry by foegoer


After a bit of tight scedule (due to my own bad planning) to meet up with friends and family Sunday night was the true beginning of my journey. And as things have been a bit hectic and little sleep in between I decided to take it slow for the ...

Last time for more, and the dog make four, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Last time for more, and the dog make four

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... can see, Marja looks at me. She says I look like I’m ready to go; I look like I’m somewhere else. Coming back to Utrecht has been strange. Part of it hasn’t felt real, and part of it has. When you actually live somewhere for a bit, ...

Mega Platen at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Mega Platen at Jaarbeurs Utrecht

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


... : Train Fare Home Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam Produced & Engineered by Henk Botwinik at Jaarbeurs Utrecht Executive Producer: Sascha Kinsella Special thanks to Cas Bosland and Gus McIlhenny Sponsored by Mr. Gus, The Dolphins ...

Laatste weekend, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

Laatste weekend

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Wauw. Mijn laatste weekend in Nederland is alweer aangebroken.. Het komt nu allemaal toch wel erg dichtbij, wat goed is, want ik ben het wachten helemaal zat. Afgelopen weken vooral druk geweest met afspreken met vriendinnen, koffer inpakken (meer ...

Paperwork Shmaperwork, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Paperwork Shmaperwork

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... , for the whole time I was there it felt like something was missing. Maybe this is what bird flu feels like. Anyway, trains in Netherlands are crazy – most likely because I am yet to work out how to read the timetable. They’re two story, with ...

Meet the Parents, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Meet the Parents

A travel blog entry by randyandchrissy


... to get to Utrecht, where Chrissy's Parents are living. I guess this is where some of the rich and famous of the Netherlands own grand villas. We were at the edge of a windy river for 20 miles with spectacular little towns with classic style drawbridges, ...

There Be Music In Thar Walls, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

There Be Music In Thar Walls

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... . Beer after is at Cafť Willem Slok, known for it’s use as a base for one or more political parties in the Netherlands. Now I’m told the parliament was recently thrown out of office and an election needs to be had shortly (on top of the local ...

Shuffling in my clogs in the snow., Gieterveen, Netherlands travel blog

Shuffling in my clogs in the snow.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


Yeah, oh well, it started snowing a cuppla hours after my last blog entry so I had to get some photo's of me doing the Melbourne Shuffle (c) in the snow and one with the beautiful girl of my dreams!!! ...

Welkom in Nederland. Hmm., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Welkom in Nederland. Hmm.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... with the information post, I bought one ticket from the machine and went to the cash desk when we got into Utrecht. There I successfully bought return tickets with a discount. OK, that problem solved, we walked through Hoog Catharijne shopping centre ...

its a pity you're a vegetable, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

its a pity you're a vegetable

A travel blog entry by moonrise


... were, we had to make the most of a truly once in a lifetime opportunity: seeing a japanese ska band live in the netherlands! and it was ABSOLUTELY worth it! the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, ~12 japanese dudes rocking out hard and playing probably the ...

De voorbereidingen..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

De voorbereidingen...

A travel blog entry by claraklaver


Het is bijna zover! Mijn studie is afgerond, de laatste inentingen zijn gehaald, en nu is het inpakken en wegwezen... Op naar het avontuur!   Ik hoop dat ik op reis genoeg gelegenheid zal hebben om af en toe van me te laten horen, en mijn ...

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