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New Job ?!?!?, Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

New Job ?!?!?

A travel blog entry by marlene1


Gateway To Paradise, Semporna,  Malaysia travel blog

Gateway To Paradise

A travel blog entry by stortney


... in life; it's a base for daily dive excursions which take you to the dozens of small islands that make up the Semporna Archipelago. We had a little wander around this very small town and the people seem some of the friendliest we have encountered. There ...

Shadyville, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ninedeuce


... One spot said "punk not dead" and another had been tagged by the "kampung rocker's" (kampung means village). Once I got to Semporna, I decided to take back all that stuff I said about the Malaysian government having their shit together. It is just as ...

I am confused!!!!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

I am confused!!!!

A travel blog entry by s.lukaszewicz


And I found myself sitting there all depressed...more like shocked, even tho I knew this moment is coming. Checking my bank account was that ''slap on my face'' I was dragging for so long now. 2 months left, if I am good with the money...ticket back ...

Underwater Borneo, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Underwater Borneo

A travel blog entry by wanderlustroots


Today we took an hour boat ride away from the east coast of Borneo to the surrounding reefs of two tiny islands called Mabul and Kapali. AND....We rented an underwater camera!!  It was AMAZING to see all the biodiversity under the water.  ...

Up against the wall, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Up against the wall

A travel blog entry by lisamcsherry


... And there's very few better underwater wildlife spots in the world then the very very small island of Sipadan, about 2 hours from Semporna. Getting there proved a little worrying. We, along with our Uncle Tan friends Anwar, Kate and John, took a local ...

Diving Mabul & Kapalai, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Diving Mabul & Kapalai

A travel blog entry by kamsani


It was so nice not having to wake up at 530am in the morning for the dives today. Am I on a holiday or what?! We'd only dive in Mabul and Kapalai today so the first one started at 830am and only 5 minutes boat ride away from the rig. I love being this ...

SIPADAN!!!, Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2totango


Sipadan!  The very mention of the word makes divers drool.  A small island in the Celebes Sea surrounded by coral reel walls some 600m deep.  It was quite a different experience descending into the blue with nothing beneath me, but I kept ...

Pulau Sipadan-third best dive in the world!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Pulau Sipadan-third best dive in the world!

A travel blog entry by roopa_anish


... the food markets. Bloody tourists. Hypocritically nonetheless this town is famous for a tourist attraction, it is the gateway to the Semporna Archipelago, namely Sipadan Island. The island is on a piece of land that juts down to an incredible depth, thus ...

Kinabatangan River, Kinabatangan, Malaysia travel blog

Kinabatangan River

A travel blog entry by damiansinead


On Wednesday afternoon we got the local bus from Sandakan to Uncle Tan Jungle Camp's op. base in Gum Gum. From there, having been fed and found we were driven to the jetty and reached the camp itself on Kinabatangan River after a one and a half hr boat ...

Sipidan!!!!!!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nloon


Sipidan rocks! When you are standing on the beach there you can see the drop off only 20m offshore! Previously when there was a resort there you could grab your tank in the morning before breakfast and just walk out to one of the most spectacular dive ...

Diving at Mabul, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Diving at Mabul

A travel blog entry by joandellen

19th- 21st We decided we really should do some diving in Borneo as the islands off Semporna are meant to be some of the best places to dive in the world! The island Sipidan is the best known with loads of marine life inc sharks and turtles. We ...

To The Sea, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

To The Sea

A travel blog entry by kamsani


In the morning, I just couldn't wait to get to the dive rig. I made sure I bought enough anti-emetics (sea sick pills) to last me for the whole trip! Before I knew it, I was up on the elevator going up the dive rig. Greeted with orange juice and bright ...

Our First Scuba Dive, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Our First Scuba Dive

A travel blog entry by kateandlindsay


Back at Uncle Tan's after our river adventure we checked the weather and made a few calls eventually deciding that a trip to Semporna to check out the world famous diving scene there would be our best option, deciding against climbing the 4095 meter high ...

Another World Class Diving!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Another World Class Diving!

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


After yet another loooong 6-hr bus ride to Semporna, I finally reached my final travel destination in Malaysia. Diving in Sipadan was highly anticipated, as it is rated #3 diving destination in the world. And the verdict = it absolutely lived up to the ...

Snorkeling, Bouhey Dulang, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2totango


We decided to take a little break from diving.  We still wanted to spend a bit more time in the area, but my head needed a break.  Brian felt like the bad kid at school who's told that he can't go on the field trip :(  He wanted to be one ...

Island paradise and diving of dreams in Mabul, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Island paradise and diving of dreams in Mabul

A travel blog entry by lauracollett88


After speaking to a Malaysian couple in Laos about going to Mabul island I was really hoping it was everything they made it out to be and it wouldn't be a mistake on my part for dragging my friend Kat there. Low and behold it was everything they said and ...

Part 2, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Part 2

A travel blog entry by borneoadventure


Just survived a week in the jungle of Borneo. We stayed on the Kinabatangan River for a river safari. After a 3 hour 4WD trip through mud we embarked on our river journey, however Trish really had to go to the toilet. The toilet available was a ...

Diving, Pulau Mataking, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by helenpretious


05/10 - We stay the night at Tawau and get up at 6 am to be transferred to Mataking island, the trip takes us about 3 hours in total including the boat. We are in dispute over our return journey as the agency insist that they dont have a free transfer ...

Did we know this was so famous?, Sipidan, Malaysia travel blog

Did we know this was so famous?

A travel blog entry by jnkc


... plans so that we could dive!!! So, instead of hiking in the national park (like we were supposed to), we took a flight to Borneo Malaysia and dove at the world famous dive site in Sipidan. A reef wall that goes to 600m (we only went to 30m). With crazy ...

NIEUW fotos van het resort, Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

NIEUW fotos van het resort

A travel blog entry by arjanvanderbijl


6 dagen lang minimaal 3 keer per dag duiken bij ons resort en bij Sipadan! we hebben er nu onze eigen gemaakte foto's bijgezet! groetjes karen en ...

Trouble in Paradise?, sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

Trouble in Paradise?

A travel blog entry by kamsani


A very bad day in Sipadan was still better than a day at work! It was 6am and we were already off to Sipadan and it was raining. We were wet and cold and halfway there, the island was gone from our sight. What a start. I was thinking, oh no this is the ...

Getting ready for some diving., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Getting ready for some diving.

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


... are some jeeps going out by Semporna, for 35 ringits, which is a bit more in the long run that just a bus straight to Semporna, but whatever. I took the 4 hour ride or so, and was dropped off at the junction to Semporna, where the bus continued on to ...

A Bornean adventure into Paradise, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

A Bornean adventure into Paradise

A travel blog entry by thebiga


... through funding a course, please let me know and i'd be happy to share my bank details!!! After taking the boat back to Semporna and finding some accomodation I went back to "Scuba Junkies" who were in party mode as one of the dive instructors was ...

Hike to Purut Waterfall, Danum Valley, Malaysia travel blog

Hike to Purut Waterfall

A travel blog entry by kaybe


Nur einige Bemerkungen zu den Fotos: Vergangene Woche kamen die Malua guys nach Danum Valley um Früchte verschiedener Bäume zu sammeln. Dafür schiessen sie mit einer Schleuder ein Gewicht verbunden mit einer Schnur über einen Ast. Mit Hilfe der ...

Best dives yet, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Best dives yet

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


So yeah.. best diving eeeever!  Soooo sooo good. I figured I was going to have a good dive, when, not having even descended into the water, I could see a turtle floating just under me in the water... and then a shark!  That was pretty much a ...

Great dives near Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Great dives near Sipadan

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


So yeah, I had three dives today, and they were great! The visibility wasn't the best I've had (Koh Tao was better) but I saw my first (blue spotted) stingray on my 2nd dive and my first turtle on my 3rd dive (yay), among countless other cool stuff... ...

Fish are our Friends, Not Food!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Fish are our Friends, Not Food!

A travel blog entry by kirstyandmike


We think "Finding Nemo" was shot in the wrong location! Semporna, or more accurately, its surrounding islands can only be described by Crush, with "You so totally ROCK!!!"   Semporna itself is a bit of a dive (the three roads we visited anyway) ...

Beginning, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by borneoadventure

After staying in Kualar Lumpur for the night, and missing the free bus to the airport, and having to pay for a minivan (lucky there are 4 of us) we finally arrived in Kota Kinabalu. Jenny experienced her first squat toilet and was not alarmed (it was at ...

Semporna - Cowboy Town, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Semporna - Cowboy Town

A travel blog entry by kamsani


10pm - Arrived in Semporna. Very tired. Checked in straight away for the night stopover and couldn't wait to get to the rig for diving! Went looking for food straight away and luckily found a small restaurant not far from the inn. For a gateway to one of ...

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