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A tiny piece of paradise in an otherwise dull city, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

A tiny piece of paradise in an otherwise dull city

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


... box and I would have just been happy to get out the squatters hole that was Tracks!! I dump my stuff and head out into Kuching...hmmmm well I am not to impressed that one of the first things I see is a HIlton!! When you have been in Indonesia and stayed ...

Halfway Around the World!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Halfway Around the World!

A travel blog entry by abbadabba


Hey y'all, Libby and I are now officially halfway around the world and 3 legs into our journey with two more flights to go, followed by an 85 minute car ride and a 40 minute power boat ride. It'll be worth it though! Here are the top things we've ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79


Kuching ...

BACK TO CIVILIZAATION, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by junglejo


Taking a break from sending you wildlife pictures, to send some shots of my condo and city life. My condo: Riverbank Suites is situated on the main drag.. Directly across the street from the Crowne Plaza, diagonally across the street from the Hilton and ...

The City of Cats, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

The City of Cats

A travel blog entry by bumihills


    Our first actual stop was in Kuching (which means Cat in Malay) in Sarawak, Borneo, MalaysiaKuching is nestled on the banks of the Sarawak River.  The town was established by Sir James Brooke, the first "White Rajah" of the ...

Bornean Beauty in Bako, Bako National Park, Malaysia travel blog

Bornean Beauty in Bako

A travel blog entry by jameshardy88


... pointed upwards. The beach itself was again magnificent. The sea wasn't the clear blue that I had seen elsewhere around Malaysia but really you would be nit picking to complain about it. Words really don't do this place justice.  ...

We live in a box., Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

We live in a box.

A travel blog entry by oandm


... compared to 'Cozy') Waterfront Lodge. Big bed, balcony, working shower/toilet and free wifi. Ahh, heaven. As for the town itself, Kuching has a very touristy, Niagara-on-the-Lake of Borneo kind of feel. Everything is clean, pretty, and costs a lot. The ...

Orangutans and the world's largest flower, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Orangutans and the world's largest flower

A travel blog entry by thomasworldtour


After our amazing month in Indonesia, it was time time to move back into Malaysia and fly to Borneo, via KL. Flights were uneventful and we arrived late at Kuching airport to be greeted by Amy, an English girl running the hostel we were staying in. We ...

Into the jungle, Bako , Malaysia travel blog

Into the jungle

A travel blog entry by thejones187


We visited Bako National Park, this park is one of the most interesting in Borneo, it's got 7 different eco systems all working together, you’ve got mangrove trees growing in the sea and a desert at the top of the hill. You can literally see the ...

Shopping day, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Shopping day

A travel blog entry by andrewy


Shopping and eating Lai cha and beef noodle. Hunting for good deals Car broke down when to shop Went to Sarawak Club for a good swim and dinner Next Morning early flight out to KL then Tokyo and home Great trip !!!! ...

Long Houses, Tribal Dancing and Head Hunters, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Long Houses, Tribal Dancing and Head Hunters

A travel blog entry by seanspacifica


... Sweetcorn ice cream and had pieces of sweetcorn in it.... surprisingly nice.We have found Alcohol to be quite expensive in Malaysia (certainly compared to Thailand) so have been having Rice Wine which we bought from the tribe at the longhouse. It's quite ...

Monkey World!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Monkey World!

A travel blog entry by seanspacifica


In our last blog entry I mentioned that Sabah is considered the nature state, whilst Sarawak has more of the culture but we must have been lucky because we have seen so much nature and so many unique wild animals to Borneo in Sarawak.  We had ...

I Heart Malaysia :), Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

I Heart Malaysia :)

A travel blog entry by helinachan


... . The on the 12th I am flying back to HK (arriving at 7:25pm) before leaving for Sydney on the 16th, arriving 17th! All in all, Malaysia has been such a great surprise, and I love it! I feel like I know the country a bit better and am keen to return! ...

Dutch Monkeys, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Dutch Monkeys

A travel blog entry by eduardennicole


... wonderolie verkoopt). De foto’s Wil je zien hoe mooi het hier is? Kijk dan hier Tot later, want nu moeten we snel naar Tokio. Selamat tinggal! Eduard & Nicole ...

Kuching, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jm_littledevil

... loads of photos but our camera memory card broke and we lost the majority of them, we managed to save a few though. We returned to Kuching tried, hot and very smelly but we had a great time. On Tuesday our flight was at 8pm so we decided to go and see ...

Another trip to Borneo Island, KUCHING, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Another trip to Borneo Island

A travel blog entry by junglejo

... dealing with the cold weather after a balmy 6 weeks in the tropical climate. I have been spending 2-3 months a year living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, ever since first "discovering" it in August of 01....partly to get away from the NY cold, but as I ...

¿como viajas sola?, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

¿como viajas sola?

A travel blog entry by angelita.lita


Hay gente que prefiere viajar durante poco tiempo, o a un solo destino. Hay gente que no para de moverse y otros que le sacan todo el jugo que pueden al sitio en el que están. Hay quienes se mezclan con la gente local, los hay que prefieren no ...

Lost in the jungle, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Lost in the jungle

A travel blog entry by qiandjes


We couch surfed with Barry for 4 nights in Kuching before we flew to Kota Kinabalu. Kuching is a laid back small city with not much going on. We did a day trip to the Semenggoh Orang Utan Sanctuary, where we got to see orang utans during their ...

Or-hang-utan (sorry), Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Or-hang-utan (sorry)

A travel blog entry by redsetter


... lots of good fun people. Next on the itinerary was Malaysian Borneo.  I was keen to see the orangutans so I booked a flight to Kuching in Sarawak in the North West.  I arrived late at night to rain and rose early the next morning, to ...

Swim little turtle, swim!, Damai, Malaysia travel blog

Swim little turtle, swim!

A travel blog entry by vwfamily


Sorry this one is late! We booked a day trip to Santang island which you can just see from Damai beach. Went down for breakfast an hour before we were due to leave thinking that left us plenty of wrong were we! There was a group of 7 ...

Hello Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Hello Borneo

A travel blog entry by johnnygoldfinch


07 APRIL Monday SINGAPORE & KUCHING This morning was hot and sunny with bright blue sky. After breakfast we checked out of the Village Hotel Albert Court and waited for our transfer to Terminal 2 at Changi Airport ...

Fuzzy orange orangutans!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Fuzzy orange orangutans!

A travel blog entry by lizandgaz


... of pure butter, not very nice but probably better than the other choices.   Our flight went very smoothly and we landed in Kuching in Borneo at about midday.  After looking at a few places to stay we stumbled across the 360 Express Hotel, which ...

Koncno magicni Borneo, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Koncno magicni Borneo

A travel blog entry by bosstone


Se vedna ticiva v Kuchingu. Ampak nic vec v McDonaldsu, ampak zadnja dva dneva bogativa svoje znanje in krepiva duha. Vceraj sva obiskala Sarawak Cultural Village ob vznozju gore Santubong enih 50 km iz mesta. Tam so ob idilicnem jezercu postavili vas, ...

Probosci, Jabba the Hutt and Jungle, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Probosci, Jabba the Hutt and Jungle

A travel blog entry by fatsomoo


I've decided to hand the keyboard over to Ema to tell you about today as her account is somewhat more detailed than mine (went to park, saw wildlife, left, had dinner!)…… Yesterday we met a NZ couple also staying in our little hostel, Lisa ...

Damai Rainforest, Damai Peninsula, Malaysia travel blog

Damai Rainforest

A travel blog entry by simonfea


We arrived at the charming Damai Rainforest Resort in the mid afternoon and were shown to our lovely tree house accommodation with lovely views out over the sea from the balcony. The afternoon was spent swimming and relaxing before a lovely dinner on ...

Bako National Park, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Bako National Park

A travel blog entry by emandve

Arriving in Bako national park we were greeted by photographs of people who had been, or were in the process of being savaged by crocodiles, before being asked to walk along a flimsy jetty and climb onto a small boat which would take us to our ...

Monkeys!, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by raj_and_komilla


We stayed at a highly rated place here and were fortunate to get upgraded due to the rooms being booked up with the state elections going on at the time. We had a suite which had good views of the town outside and a peek at the river too. Our first main ...

First Asian experience, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

First Asian experience

A travel blog entry by markjames


... the service terrific.   On the first morning, we got up early and were picked up outside the hostel by a tour operator, Kuching Kayak.  We drove for 30 minutes, affording me my first daylight views of the country, and arrived at a postcard ...

Borneo, here I come, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo, here I come

A travel blog entry by claraklaver


Zo strakkies vlieg ik naar Borneo : ) Ik heb dr heel veel zin in! Op naar de oerang utangs, Mt. Kinabalu beklimmen, lekker eten... Dussss that's what I'm up to today. En jij? Hoe staat het met de ijspret in NL? Ben je de kou al zat? En de dikke truien? ...

Stadt der Katzen?, Kuching, Malaysia travel blog

Stadt der Katzen?

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk


... . Wo man hinsieht Katzenstatuen. Angeblich waren die ja stark an der Gründung bzw. Namensgebung beteiligt, die Miezen. Und Kuching heißt ja auch Katze auf Bahasa Malayu... Wirklich beeindrucken soll uns aber der abendliche "Chor der Muezzins". Jeden ...

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