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I arrived, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

I arrived

A travel blog entry by jessicapaige

Hi everyone! I made it safe and sound. As most of you know my grandfather passed away a few days before I was scheduled to leave so I postponed the trip by a week. I arrived in Antananarivo (tana) last monday night very late and tried to quickly remember ...

Island Hopping..., Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

Island Hopping...

A travel blog entry by op13


Island ...

From Mauritius to Madagascar, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

From Mauritius to Madagascar

A travel blog entry by domjonna


... We got up bright and early yesterday morning and said goodbye to Mauritius, at last for a couple of weeks, and flew off to Antananarivo, Madagascar. We arrived in Tana, as it's called, in time for lunch and a walk in the afternoon sun. Our stay in Tana ...

Isalo National Park, Tulear, Madagascar travel blog

Isalo National Park

A travel blog entry by wagscallion


We hitched a lift back to Tulear with the hotel owner's elderly father. We had been considering some off road biking in the area but it looked a bit disappointing terrain wise so we abandoned it. Instead we went to Isalo national Park - 250km in a taxi, ...

Success is Oh-so relative ;), Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

Success is Oh-so relative ;)

A travel blog entry by lexicon


Is failure still a failure if it's failing less so than expected? I know, I know, it's one of those "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?" kind of philosophical question. But seriously, that was my day. A success ...

Tana again, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

Tana again

A travel blog entry by behi

... 2 days trying to find some deodorant for Mari because she's running out. No luck though, can't find it anywhere!!! As of Madagascar, I'm going to miss this place. We have'nt wandered west of Antananarivo so our experiences have been in the east. Once you ...

Antananarivo, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by wagscallion


aaa ...

fourth entry, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog

fourth entry

A travel blog entry by jessicapaige

Hi! This morning I went with a local peace corps volunteer to the local association that takes in 15 homeless kids and feed another 30 (when they have enough money for food that is). They are so generous and I feel so lucky that my friend Josh put me in ...

Lemuriens sautant entre les tsingy, Ankarana, Madagascar travel blog

Lemuriens sautant entre les tsingy

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Madagascar est associé aux lémuriens, voici une réserve qui a une concentration assez impressionnante de lémuriens et qui, contrairement aux autres parcs, possède des chauve-souris et des tsingies. ...



A travel blog entry by sgaudun


From Morondava I took a one hour flight down the coast to Tulear. Have nice room at Chez Alain and on internet instant message with my Patricia. We  both see each other but no audio, still a big thrill.  Take 2  hour trip to seaside resort ...

Restaurant sur la plage, Andilana, Madagascar travel blog

Restaurant sur la plage

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Si vous voulez faire un diné à Nosy Be, allez à Andilana chez Loulou. Pourquoi ? Tout simplement on mange une bonne cuisine sur la plage. ...

Finally Saw Lemurs! Almost Finished Training!, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

Finally Saw Lemurs! Almost Finished Training!

A travel blog entry by jenaaronmad

It is Saturday April 8th and we took a trip to the Capital for lunch , internet and the grocery store! We are beginning week 8 of training and are almost finished! Three weeks from now we will be in our own home in Anosibe an'Ala!!! Time is flying by ...

Tulear, Tulear, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by wagscallion



Parc National Isalo, Ranohira, Madagascar travel blog

Parc National Isalo

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Ici, lémuriens, canyons et piscines naturelles ainsi que des tombes sakalavas. Une bonne combinaison qui a fait de ce parc le plus visité de Madagascar. Allez 2 jours de camping. ...

Saphire, Ilakaka, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Ilakaka est rapidement passé d'un simple village à une ville grâce à la découverte du saphir. On peut visiter des mines ainsi que des commerçants. ...

Pirogue, Miandrivazo, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Et 3 jours de pirogues au menu pour atteindre la côte. ...

future world or back in time?, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

future world or back in time?

A travel blog entry by triptalk


... to Tana last night, leaving them with a two day drive to get home(merci, vous ettes les plus jauntils mecs en madagascar!)  I started  my trip staying at a beautiful old restored bungalow in Tana and ended by staying in the ghetto.  ...

Avenue des baobabs, Marofandilia, Madagascar travel blog

Avenue des baobabs

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Il s'agit de voir l'image que l'on a tous de Madagascar. Une allée de baobabs somptueux avec les formes les plus variées : sous forme de bouteille ou bien enlacés. ...

How to track a lemur, Andasibe, Madagascar travel blog

How to track a lemur

A travel blog entry by lexicon


... to be seen only at night. We followed Lucy’s light, sometimes with some help from the lightning bugs, to see a part of Madagascar that can only be found in the countryside, far from cities that have annihilated all traces of nature. So I escaped the ...

Petit et Grand Tsingy, Antaimby, Madagascar travel blog

Petit et Grand Tsingy

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Ces formations géologiques sont une des merveilles d Madagascar. A voir absolument. Et en plus, vous pouvez découvrir la vie dans la campagne malgache. ...

Our Home in Anosibe An'Ala, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

Our Home in Anosibe An'Ala

A travel blog entry by jenaaronmad

... in life (cookies and pie) excite us!! We said goodbyes to our PCV friends last Thursday and all headed our own ways across Madagascar. Saturday we spent our first night in our new home in Anosibe An'Ala! It is so beautiful here, primary rainforests, a ...

Some Photos of our Site and Other Adventures!, Anosibe An'Ala, Madagascar travel blog

Some Photos of our Site and Other Adventures!

A travel blog entry by jenaaronmad


Here are some photos of our site and other ...

It's Good to be Home!, Anosibe An'Ala, Madagascar travel blog

It's Good to be Home!

A travel blog entry by jenaaronmad


... girl standing in our yard! About a month ago I received an email from a reader of our travel log. She was coming to Madagascar to collect some bug samples and was wondering if there were any waterfalls in our area and how accessible it was. I emailed her ...

At Sea, Unknown, Mozambique travel blog

At Sea

A travel blog entry by cynjohn


Sea days are the best! Here's our home away from home. The bathroom has both a tub and a shower stall. We use the tub to hang laundry to dry. There's no plug for a hair dryer, so I dry my hair in the bedroom at the vanity, which you can't see, ...



A travel blog entry by sgaudun

Took a scenic train, delayed over 6 hours in departing, to the east coast town of Marakana where it rains 50 percent of the time.  The ride was scenic while the sun was up eg rolling hills, rugged mountains; terraced rice paddies and ...

Village de pecheur et requins, Ifaty, Madagascar travel blog

Village de pecheur et requins

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Hey, look, a forest!!, Maroantsetra, Madagascar travel blog

Hey, look, a forest!!

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


Lacy must have been a superstar in a former life, because her third-year site is a real gem of Madagascar. My first impression of the region from the airplane is that it's forested. In a country that is 80% deforested, that is noteworthy. My second ...

Mmm, Endangered Species, Tasty!, Maroansetra, Madagascar travel blog

Mmm, Endangered Species, Tasty!

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... their village, and when Maya first showed up, they thought that since she looked so different from them, she must be from Southern Madagascar. They don't have latrines--they just use the forest--and they say they don't want them. They're open to the ...

A bumpy ride, Antananarivo, Madagascar travel blog

A bumpy ride

A travel blog entry by behi


... day what a day. I would love to write that this has been a smooth one, but I can't. We had ordered tickets to Madagascar online the day before yesterday but there had been a problem with the Visa payment so we were waiting for a confirmation e-mail. ...

famhidana, Antsirabe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


J'ai eu de la chance. A peine arrivé, j'apprends que se déroule une cérémonie de retournement des morts. J'en profite aussi pour organiser un tour vers la côte. Cela permet de partager les coûts de 4*4 et de la pirogue. ...

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