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Stopover in Japan and Continuing to Singapore, Narita, Japan travel blog

Stopover in Japan and Continuing to Singapore

A travel blog entry by sjk

Today we landed at the Narita airport from the Dreamliner flight. We took a bus from the plane into the terminal where we were hit with the heat and the realization of no A/C. It was really humid and hot. In the hour we were waiting in the airport, we ...

Didn't Even Get Out of the Airport, Narita, Japan travel blog

Didn't Even Get Out of the Airport

A travel blog entry by penguinwrestler

We napped on a bench.  Saw a collapsed bridge in the States on the ...

Flying Standby, Narita, Japan travel blog

Flying Standby

A travel blog entry by itsgotime


... ;watching T.V. with a very polite attendant that brings you food and drinks at your beck and call! I can't say much about Narita as we never left the airport.  I do think the Japanese should consider printing different money.  If it ...

Letzter Tag in Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Letzter Tag in Japan

A travel blog entry by judithundkuesu


Heute stehen wir wieder erst um ca. 09:00 Uhr auf und fuehlen uns dennoch muede. Wahrscheinlich ruehrt das daher, dass wir in den letzten beiden Tagen so viel erlebt haben und hauptsaechlich japanisch gesprochen wurde. Wir haben eine sehr interessant ...

Arashiyama, Kyoto, Narita, Japan travel blog

Arashiyama, Kyoto

A travel blog entry by britanne


Gareth met up with us in the morning and we went to Arashiyama ( a town in Kyoto). We started at Iwatayama Monkey Park. You climbed up to this observatory and the monkeys were just everywhere hanging out and walking around. The monkeys weren't caged, so ...

Day 2 - Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Day 2 - Japan

A travel blog entry by dflood


We're sitting in the lounge at Narita Airport. The bad news is that the flight has been delayed for 2 1/2 hours. The good news is that we have been upgraded to premium economy. Thanks Allergan! Day 1 went surprisingly smoothly. I think I'd attribute ...

"Are we there yet"?

A travel blog entry by suzduck


Arrived at Narita Airport just after 6am local time. Had about 4 hours to kill here and have decided already that I want to come back. Everyone terribly polite and everything just seems to work really well - even though I don't leave the airport.  12 ...

Made It, Narita, Japan travel blog

Made It

A travel blog entry by livingmydreams


... hospitality! The food was wonderful and I have to admit, I was a bit relieved to see others using a spoon for their yogurt! Currency has been exchanged and we are off to the hotel. Here are some in flight photos and my first look at Narita, ...

Sumimasen Biru !!!!, Narita tokyo, Japan travel blog

Sumimasen Biru !!!!

A travel blog entry by mickandlisa


... quite a few other things I can't remember the name of right now. At midnight, we went off to the main buddhist temple in Narita which is actually a series of a few temples, pagodas. I can't beleive they just let you walk around in it. In Australia it ...

"Adventure is out there!"

A travel blog entry by floripaman


... in space. I step into my first hot shower in nine days. Closing my eyes, I melt as technology meets adventure-caked skin. Japan has been ridiculously hi-tech.  Even the toilet seats have more settings than orbiting satellites. Heat? Air dryer? ...

Jul 20, 2010, Narita, Japan travel blog

Jul 20, 2010

A travel blog entry by adzandnomes


Japan Begins...., Narita, Japan travel blog

Japan Begins....

A travel blog entry by ditzyali


... 's house in Paris but I'm embarrassed to say I think Pokemon probably did more to make go out and start researching Japan). Walking through Narita airport I began to develop the kind of silly grin when you're in the process of achieving a life's dream or ...

FIVE CROWDED DAYS, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus


... ?  I haven't. The point is I was happy, and I did enjoy some good moments in Japan.  For example: 1. The small city of Narita, home to Tokyo's international airport, also contained the quiet Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, and I found myself there ...

Europe here we come, Narita, Japan travel blog

Europe here we come

A travel blog entry by megantrent

Megan & Trent are finally off to ...

Ankunft, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by tombery


... gibt es ja immer noch Brot dazu, so musste ich nicht elendlich verhungern. Nach erfolgter Landung ging es dann ab nach Narita. Laut Reiseführer sollte der Schrein einen Besuch wert sein. Bevor ich jedoch mein Ziel erreichte, sprach mich ein Japaner an. ...

Chilling, Sega World, Jump Shots, Narita, Japan travel blog

Chilling, Sega World, Jump Shots

A travel blog entry by bharden


Narita (Close to Narita Airport) Note the Jump Shot montage (shows just how much hard work a jump shot can be!!) I spent one night in Narita. I didn't do much at all apart from go to Sega World. Which is not like the Sega World we used to have. It is ...

Back to Narita, Narita, Japan travel blog

Back to Narita

A travel blog entry by yvonne.stowe


We made the 5 hour journey back to Narita yesterday on the fabulous Shinkansen or bullet train, changing at Osaka and Tokyo.  Travelling days are always a long haul with Steven getting quite bored and not displaying his best behaviour.  Safely ...

Welcome to Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Welcome to Japan

A travel blog entry by yvonne.stowe


... rest of the day was spent getting connected to the internet (of course), finding a snack and sleeping, although it was only midday in Japan.  The internet was easy - just get a cable from reception.  The snack was ok - some milk and a pot noodle ...

Guam to Tokyo, Narita, Japan travel blog

Guam to Tokyo

A travel blog entry by philamike


... brisket.  We both had the salmon, and we were pleased with it. After a 3.5-hour flight, we arrived at Tokyo's Narita airport.  We breezed through immigration and customs, and found the hotel shuttle pick-up area -- the temperature was just ...

Halfway there..., Narita, Japan travel blog

Halfway there...

A travel blog entry by wally09

Well we made it! Halfway at least. We are currently sitting in Narita International Aiport in Tokyo, Japan. Our flight went very smoothly...10 glorious hours in Economy class. Luckily I web-checked us in last night so we got seats near the front of the ...

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Narita, Japan travel blog

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

A travel blog entry by yvonne.stowe


Day 2 - Let's go exploring!  After a substantial breakfast, we took the bus into Narita to visit the temple which is in the park which has a lake full of carp.  Steven seemed to enjoy it especially climbing the steps which wore him out and ...

Narita, Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Narita, Japan

A travel blog entry by philamike


... but very organized.  We checked in for our United flight to Chicago, then proceeded to the airport's mall for lunch.  Narita has a very large outdoor observation deck, where we spent about 45 minutes plane-spotting, and saw the Boeing 747 arrive ...

Sayonara Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Sayonara Japan

A travel blog entry by jochembakker

... to help you out in just about every situation you can think of. So, here I am sitting in the Air France lounge in Narita airport waiting for my flight to board. Clearly got here a bit too early, they wouldn't even start checking bags until 07:45. And ...

Naritsan Shinshoji Temple, Narita, Japan travel blog

Naritsan Shinshoji Temple

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


  This was our main destination for today and I really enjoyed the journey here. At the end of the narrow street that we were following, it opened up to the entrance gate of the temple. The temple stands on higher ground and as we explored the ...

Flight Delayed ��, Narita, Japan travel blog

Flight Delayed ��

A travel blog entry by cobrickleys


Ok, so we had a good flight to Tokyo, but once landed and through security, we found out that our Denver leg was delayed due to departure delay from previous flight (that would be when it left Denver to come here) So, our 3 1/2 hour layover was said to ...

It's a Small World ..., Narita, Japan travel blog

It's a Small World ...

A travel blog entry by srvance

I got a nice aisle bulkhead seat. I slept several hours on the flight. It's amazing what 3 hours of sleep before a trip can do to help you pass the time and adjust to jet lag. So I was talking to the guy sitting next to me. He is a Unix system ...

Love the Upgrades!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Love the Upgrades!

A travel blog entry by srvance

Platinum is wonderful when coupled with Northwest's new international upgrade policy. I enjoy hearing the phrase, "Would you like some champagne before we take off, Mr. Vance?" Really, though, the seating and the food are the indispensable parts for that ...

Up in the air, Narita, Japan travel blog

Up in the air

A travel blog entry by jochembakker

... . He did inform us that they had loaded a significant amount of extra fuel, so that in case of a serious situation at Narita, they would have more than sufficient fuel to make it to an alternative airport, at a large distance from the possible problem ...

Long Layover in Narita, Narita, Japan travel blog

Long Layover in Narita

A travel blog entry by srvance


... on board. Once the WorldClubs lounge opened, I camped out there. You get in for free when you have international first class. Saipan-Narita counts as that. So here I am eating shrimp sushi for lunch while I catch up on my entries and wait for my next ...

First Impressions in Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

First Impressions in Japan

A travel blog entry by reisender


... very nice,  though it looks unusual.   The flight was very quiet and without disturbances.    Landing in Narita,  it took ages to get through passport control,  at least 30 minutes, but my luggage was already waiting ...

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