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Romantic Venice and its Gondolas., Venice, Italy travel blog

Romantic Venice and its Gondolas.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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We travelled from Munich to our first stop in Italy, the romantic Venice by way of Saint Johann in Tyroll. One of our road stops was high in the Alps and there sat a McDonalds with the best view in the world out of its restaurant window. Nearly all our ...

Got that sinking feeling?, Venice, Italy travel blog

Got that sinking feeling?

A travel blog entry by flashpackers

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<Brian's chronological list of "highlights" (and of whinging)>   - Arrived in Venice. The first thing of interest here is that the city is that it's sinking! The bottom level of the cities buildings are somewhat under water. Also ...

Venice, Italy, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice, Italy

A travel blog entry by benandtrudie

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... up against the established order across Europe. The movement for Italian unification spread quickly through the Veneto, and Venice was finally united with the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. The city was a hive of activity during the last decades of the 19th ...

update as of May 6, Lauseanne to Murren to Zermatt to Lake Maggiore to Venice, Italy travel blog

update as of May 6

A travel blog entry by jp2005

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... thousands upon thousands of little stones covering the floor, the walls, and even the ceilings. From Baveno we headed for Venice (Venezia) and 400 kilometers later (at about 140 kilometers per hour) we arrived in Venice where we rode the vaporetto ...

City of Love, Venice, Italy travel blog

City of Love

A travel blog entry by mallorybecker

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... not get there because no one spoke English at the train station and I almost hopped on the train to Munich!  Oh well! Venice is extremely expensive but absolutely beautiful.  The buses are large boats on the water and the pull up to a dock ...

Venice - May 6 thru 8, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice - May 6 thru 8

A travel blog entry by jp2005

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... restaurant in one of the side streets. By the way, if you want to get an idea of where we went (all over Venice!) here's a website with an interactive map: and I imagine you can find others with a quick web ...

White wine and gondolas, Venice, Italy travel blog

White wine and gondolas

A travel blog entry by lozdotcom

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... to head back to our hotel. I really do hope that I go back there one day. I would like to spend a few days around Venice, looking through all the designer shops - even though I can't afford anything, I can still look - maybe purchase something made from ...

Dodging Pigeon Poop in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy travel blog

Dodging Pigeon Poop in Piazza San Marco

A travel blog entry by jr_riel

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Venice, Italy Things We Did: Caught a water shuttle from Santa Maria del Giglio to Piazza San Marco Stood open mouthed and awe struck at the Torre del'Orologio, Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale Watched and listened as the bronze ...

Maps... who needs them?, Venice, Italy travel blog

Maps... who needs them?

A travel blog entry by john_and_chloe


... tourist destinations, and while it was hot, it was not stinking hot (in the literal sense). We would thoroughly recommend Venice for a weekend trip or short-stop. We spent much of our two days walking aimlessly through the complicated maze of alleyways ...

Carnivale and colors of Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Carnivale and colors of Venezia

A travel blog entry by karigraven


... and open the heavy fabric drapes, the shutters and be greeted by passing boats and friendly waves. Carnivale is a special time in Venice. Like Mardi Gras everyone dresses up and is very festive.  You will see all the colorful costumes. This morning ...

18. A Sinking City, Venice, Italy travel blog

18. A Sinking City

A travel blog entry by sarahandblairnz


... crazy sunken floor was worth it. Apart from that I can't really remember what we did... eat and walk, walk and eat ... Venice is all about walking. Getting lost is inevitable.   Today we caught ferries out to Murano, the glass island, and ...

Italia!!, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by grasimps

After taking the train from Barcelona, Spain to Venice, Italy we were very tired and very hungry. Luckily for us we are now in Italy home of pizza!! Our hostel attendant gave us a very good pizzeria in Venice and after unpacking we set out to find it. ...

Ride a Gondola in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Ride a Gondola in Venice

A travel blog entry by teresatraveler


World famous for its canals, Venice is Europe's largest vehicle-free area. Built on 118 small islands with around 150 canals, Venice can make a person feel like the automobile was never invented. The serenity of walking amongst the canals and small ...

Cocker Spaniels, Venice, Italy travel blog

Cocker Spaniels

A travel blog entry by tk2014


... to say, I was very excited to see this gorgeous black cocker greet us from his spot right underneath the check in desk at our Venice hotel - his name is Matisse and he's 10.  He seems to have a free run of the common areas and the alley outside. ...

Lake Garda and Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Lake Garda and Venice

A travel blog entry by benandsabine


... into the night The next day we drove to Venice. It only took about 2 hours so we were there pretty early. Being in Venice for us, is a similar feeling to standing on the Great Wall of China or walking through downtown Las Vegas or gazing up at the ...

Venice / Viva Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice / Viva Venezia

A travel blog entry by


... an opera cloak for her and more masks, of course.  We keep walking toward the city center.   The buildings in Venice, as in most of Italy, have the street signs embedded high up in the building at the corner.  So we look up to see which ...

Rutinska vožnja do Benetk, Venice, Italy travel blog

Rutinska vožnja do Benetk

A travel blog entry by ursaklemen


Slabe tri ure smo potrebovali z Loke do letališča v Benetkah (hvala mami, hvala ati:). Vmes smo se ustavili še na kavi in naleteli na ostanek bivše države (glej sliko). ...

Arriving in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Arriving in Venice

A travel blog entry by lyn-gary-travel


... the canal. There are also many souvinere shops along the front. We get chatting to a young couple from Manchester who are visiting Venice for the first time. They too are waiting for their room to be serviced. Finally we are told our room is ready and ...

The Wonder of Wandering!, Venice, Italy travel blog

The Wonder of Wandering!

A travel blog entry by runelight_vlc


... a few locales are closed but this didn't stop me from setting off with a hearty stride through three main districts of Venice. Heading down to the Rialto, because being Sunday the Traghetto (the crossing gondola) was not available, I crossed over into ...

The world before us is a postcard..., Venice, Italy travel blog

The world before us is a postcard...

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... that in the Alsace region of France, and cities I've been to like Copenhagen, Bruges, and Manchester have been compared to Venice as well....Manchester, really? I think anyplace that has more than one canal gets this comparison, but I finally got to see ...

1st day in Venice!, Venice, Italy travel blog

1st day in Venice!

A travel blog entry by wardtrip


... we took advantadge of that and crossed over Rialto bridge as well as visiting Saint Marcs square and doing a little bit of shopping. Venice is magical, especially at night when all the lights are on. The buildings are breath-taking. Every building has a ...

Taking the Vaporetto and catching pigeons, Venice, Italy travel blog

Taking the Vaporetto and catching pigeons

A travel blog entry by dancera


... campground to the bathrooms because I had to go really badly! Then we slept till 10. We left at 11 and were back off to Venice. Our breakfast were these rolls with Salami. Pretty good. We walked around a lot here and there and everywhere. We went to the ...

Contiki Europe 2006!!, London, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, Florence, Rome, Italy travel blog

Contiki Europe 2006!!

A travel blog entry by kbroder86


... advice for Venice was to get lost...which is extremely easy to do, and really all you can do to really experience Venice. Saw a glass blowing demonstration in the morning, then most of the day was spent wandering the extremely narrow streets and shopping ...

Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by buckleypup

As we entered the outskirts of Venice it seems the tradition of putting graffiti on any flat clean service continued. After a long drive there was time for a quick meal of seafood risotto and fritto misto then off to sleep off the ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by daridah

... to show us around, but the streets are so twisty that it's almost impossible not to get lost! Some other facts about Venice: Everything is extremely expensive Most restaurant's charge you a cover to eat there You can still get good pizza and gelati ...

Murano glass, masks and mosquitos, Venice, Italy travel blog

Murano glass, masks and mosquitos

A travel blog entry by tiddlywink


... 's friends, Tara and Trent, also from Australia, were really nice and we soon got ourselves a knock down price for a tour of Venice in a gondola. Although it's a really cheesy, touristy thing to do, the view of Venice by boat cannot be beaten and we had a ...

Glass on the Waterfront, Venice, Italy travel blog

Glass on the Waterfront

A travel blog entry by newguy2120


... by wandering through the streets of Venice, making our way slowly but surely to the Bascilica San Marco. The walkways of Venice are narrow and unpredictable, without a map it is virtually impossible to know where you are. Canals appear at random and the ...

Saluti da Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Saluti da Venezia

A travel blog entry by kevinandstephne


... (or a place selling gelato!). We visited the Basilica San Marco this afternoon and walked through an exhibit called Venice and Islam - a collection of treasures from the golden age of the republic several centuries ago. Surprisingly, there were pieces in ...

Return from Venice to Levico, Venice, Italy travel blog

Return from Venice to Levico

A travel blog entry by pernari


Up early in Venice and back by train. Elaine and Paul and Anna had been busy while we were gone and talked with the priest (for record information), and also the family that visited us the first night spoke with some other family members and discovered ...

My first ever gondola ride!, Venice, Italy travel blog

My first ever gondola ride!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... than this! By taking a big step, I was the first one to board the gondola for our one hour ride along Venice’s canals.   I immediately sat in the back of this narrow boat where five other people including Michel followed me behind, six ...

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