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Verdi Overload: Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Verdi Overload: Milan

A travel blog entry by laceyk3


So after arriving to Milan late friday night we checked into our hotel and went straight to dinner because we were starving. We just ate at a pizzeria that was right next to our hotel because we were told if we crossed the street that it is a dangerous ...

Milan SUCKS, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by joshuaryan


From the second we got to Milan just sucked.  Our cab ride was 4.30 euro and the guy charged us 8 euro...the hotel was really dirty and old.  As you can see from the key we had, it was not the most secure rooms either!! haa, the keys ...

FASHION CENTRAL, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by ahoyhoy

... and we were passing farmers and their cows!! But land was so grean and lush and reminded me back to Amsterdam. Our arrival in Milan was a bit a of mixed excitement as we were happy to be there and ready to look around but knew that again booking ahead ...

Buon Pascua!, Milan, Italy travel blog

Buon Pascua!

A travel blog entry by amybing


... daily skiing withdrawl, this is the 1st time I really missed home. But life's full of adventers and different experiences! So, Easter in Italy. We went to a small town just an hour outside of Milan. We went to church, catholic and italian, so I didn't ...

HOHOing around Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

HOHOing around Milan

A travel blog entry by janet_and_ron


... my number, and gave in, obviously realising we'd been waiting for ages, and it was all sorted.  We probably don't really 'need' it in Milan, but in Rome we don't have WiFi at the hotel, so thought we might as well get it here, and can use for maps if ...

Dove? Come? Perché?, Milan, Italy travel blog

Dove? Come? Perché?

A travel blog entry by sirfermor


Istanbul almeno una volta nella vita deve essere visitata. Non solo perché rappresenta una meta di pellegrinaggio per chi, come me, ha fatto del kebab uno degli elementi base della sua dieta; basta vedere la sua posizione geografica, in bilico tra ...

The Spoils, Milan, Italy travel blog

The Spoils

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1

After the Bergamo game Coach Tisma and everyone else was in a very good mood, with two exceptions, Alex the young defensive back hurt his knee (hopefully just stretched ligaments) and Pasquale separated his shoulder.  Tisma was in such a giddy mood ...

Rail Pass Fail, Milan, Italy travel blog

Rail Pass Fail

A travel blog entry by jayneandmark


... flat, and Nora was even kind enough to sleep through dinner for us! Now we're just enjoying some of the finer points of Milan's night life.  Namely, I'm writing this blog entry and Jayne is playing with Nora.  It's not much, but we consider it ...

Day 1, Milan, Italy travel blog

Day 1

A travel blog entry by ellenhealey


... a true italian meal with Ravioli and homemade Gelato!  at 3.30pm we headed off to Milano, Anna and Gianluca attended a Milan Fashion Week event, meanwhile Francesca, Marco, Filippo and myself walked through the pedestrian streets of Milan, to say it ...

Day one in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Day one in Milan

A travel blog entry by jcampiti


... center of Milan. In the center of Milan we toured a huge plaza known as the "Plazza del Duomo". This plaza was named after the Milan cathedral being built at the same time named the "Duomo". While we were in the Plazza we had some free time to get lunch, ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by goalie121

Milan deserves a point ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by b.a.manzella


Milan Pt. 1 ...

I'm Lovin' It, Milan, Italy travel blog

I'm Lovin' It

A travel blog entry by rachelniewiada


... and pizza I am! Those are the only kind of restaurants in Florence and eating it every day is quite dull! So, while in Milan I was very pleased to chow down on my chicken nuggets and some good ol' greasy french fries. Delicious! Tomorrow's agenda: ...

Home tomorrow, Milan, Italy travel blog

Home tomorrow

A travel blog entry by chrisanddot


... proceeded to mix up our dipping sauce for the bread. it was the best thing on the table. So, for our last meal in Italy, it was a bit disappointing. Dee had gnocchi in a cream sauce with bacon, which was pretty good. I ordered papardillo   with wild ...

Welcome to the Hostel California, Milan, Italy travel blog

Welcome to the Hostel California

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... the tube stop.  I had hoped to see some more museums but it seems that Monday is the day that everything shuts in Italy.  The ethnographic museum was very interesting, with lots of native art, crafts and clothing from all over the world. ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by mas54po


... day at the Duomo, Milan's main cathedral and the fourth largest church in the world (built to accommodate the entirety of Milan's population of around 40,000 people when construction began in 1386.  It was spectacular.  Words fail to describe ...

Photos from our first day in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Photos from our first day in Milan

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


Mike Pants and Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog

Mike Pants and Milano

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1

... minutes but that wasn't really what I was thinking for the evening.  They said they were going to celebrate Inter Milan's Serie A championship that would be finalized after the evenings game with Sienna.  Inter has the points lead easily, so ...

Death To Ryanair, Milan, Italy travel blog

Death To Ryanair

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier

We even made a song about how much we hate Ryanair. But still, I always come crawling back to ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by nathan_and_clem


... you can't imagine ever being beseiged, it just looks too classy to get involved in anything like that. Thus ends our adventures in Italy, for now. On Monday morning, we flew to Malaga, then on to our home-swapped free accomodation (thanks Mum) in ...

Let's Shop! -- not written yet, Milan, Italy travel blog

Let's Shop! -- not written yet

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


Alison is working on this ...

Reunión de amigos, Milan, Italy travel blog

Reunión de amigos

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

Otra vez nos reunimos con Javier y Rodrigo en Milán y planificamos nuestra jornada para el día ...

Un destino inesperado, Milan, Italy travel blog

Un destino inesperado

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

En el desayuno los chicos me convencieron de que los acompañara a Bolonia a ver fútbol, como un aperitivo antes del plato fuerte que era el clásico de la noche. Así que como no tenía mejores planes y un abono de tren ilimitado decidí ir con ...

Overpacked but standing ..., Milan, Italy travel blog

Overpacked but standing ...

A travel blog entry by ucfgirl55


Good morning from Milan! The trip has been interesting. My flight out of Orlando was delayed ... Which shortened my layoff at JFK. For anyone who has flown through JFK, you know that is never a good thing. Anyway, I had to leave my arriving ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by msu


Milan ...

day 12, Milan, Italy travel blog

day 12

A travel blog entry by twowombats


... causing us some grief with our credit cards and they gave us a 24hr number to call reversing the charges through the international operator - Italy doesn't have any operators! So, we went to the Tabaccaio buy a phone card - which one?- who knows! It ...

Aug 31, 2010, Milan, Italy travel blog

Aug 31, 2010

A travel blog entry by kescott


Anniversary and Going Home, Milan, Italy travel blog

Anniversary and Going Home

A travel blog entry by lisakpenning


We didn't get to spend much of our anniversary in Italy, unfortunately, as Chris had to get in a taxi at 3:45am to make it to his plane on time, and Lisa soon after.  After slight sleepy misadventures, we made it to our respective airports, and once ...

European Vacation, Milan, Italy travel blog

European Vacation

A travel blog entry by wanderingwaltz


... day trips to various towns and wandering through narrow alleyways and tasting Portugal's cuisine. From Portugal we headed to Milan, Italy to visit Jamie's twin sister, Barbara, and her husband Sandro. We decompressed from being travelers and relaxed ...

love affair with everywhere: Milano!, Milan, Italy travel blog

love affair with everywhere: Milano!

A travel blog entry by lifeasanomad


... friends met his now wife while we were studying there! I have many good, no, great memories in this city. Milan isn't a top destination for tourists visiting Italy like Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, etc., there really isn't much to see, but when ...

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