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The Colorful Cinque Terre Coast, Livorno, Italy travel blog

The Colorful Cinque Terre Coast

A travel blog entry by halleyc


This morning we pulled into the port of Livorno, Italy just before 7 a.m. Livorno is on the upper Western coast of the country. It's a very industrial area, not pretty (at least not from the ship). Cruises dock here because it is the closest port to ...

Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by david2014trip

Livorno as a town has little to recommend it having been largely rebuilt since the war. It is however the port for places such as Florence and Pisa. Perhaps unforgivably we decide to have R and R on the ship and to pass on the day of commuting and ...

Pisa and Florence, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Pisa and Florence

A travel blog entry by felicity.castle


Sylvia our guide met us with a huge van for 5 passengers + 1 wheelchair spot. Oops. After talking to her boss who had the other van, Sylvia took us to a little espresso stop to wait. Finally a good coffee. The day was cold and very wet. We headed off to ...

Hunting T-Rex, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Hunting T-Rex

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


... provided a good hour’s entertainment and a few amusing photo ops! From the park, we headed towards a small coastal town of Livorno for lunch. I was keen to explore at least a little part of Italy’s coastline, and as the weather hadn’t ...

More of Florence, Livorno  (Florence), Italy travel blog

More of Florence

A travel blog entry by anchors-away

We'll just have to go see all the parts of Florence we missed ...

It's raining GRAPES, Provincia di Livorno, Italy travel blog

It's raining GRAPES

A travel blog entry by driftdestitutes


... the very least take a few pictures of the area we were in for the next few days. We have no intention of staying in Italy that much longer anyways. Kory volunteers for the chore. We park the bikes out of the rain in the underground parking lot entrance to ...

First visit to Tuscany, Livorno, Italy travel blog

First visit to Tuscany

A travel blog entry by suzanne-norman

We woke up on Thursday to find ourselves just coming in to Livorno – the second largest port in Italy. It is the Tuscany port – very close to Pisa.  We had a tour to Sienna and La Gimignano booked so we had to get up at the crack of dawn ...

Cowboy builders and lost at sea, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Cowboy builders and lost at sea

A travel blog entry by paulanddeb


... you can guess all three are now leaning, with the bell tower which has the smallest foot print leaning the most. This being Italy rather the pulling it down before it falls down killing somebody, they have spent billions reinforcing it and even trying to ...

Our day in Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Our day in Livorno

A travel blog entry by geoffbro


... to visit the tourist information centre but they were closed until 8:30. Interestingly we couldn’t find free Wi-Fi anywhere in Livorno, even McDonalds doesn’t have free Wi-Fi here even though most shops offer that they do. The town itself was ...

Gorgeous Cinque Terre!, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Gorgeous Cinque Terre!

A travel blog entry by rulian.fiske

... had an excellent sense of humor. Our first stop was Porto Venere, which was a picturesque old town on the Ligurian coast of Italy in the province of La Spezia. The colorful narrow buildings at the foot of the mountain by the ocean were so beautiful. And ...

oh, the adventures!, livorno, Italy travel blog

oh, the adventures!

A travel blog entry by kari-the-1


... . after a trip to the medical for a busted-up toe and a bit of a lie-in, i ventured off the ship for the first time in livorno, italy. this is where the leaning tower of pisa... um, leans. well, not IN livorno - it's actually a bit of a bus ride, then a ...

Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by greg.mcghee

Placholder.  We will be going to Pisa and Florence on an excursion.  I will probably put separate entries in for each of these ...

Day 3, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Day 3

A travel blog entry by katelynday

Throughout the night we continued to follow various South Easterly course along the West Coast of Italy. We made our final approaches into the Bay of Livorno at 0545 this morning, and embarked our local pilot shortly afterwards. By 0700 we were all fast ...

Making a spectacle of ourselves, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Making a spectacle of ourselves

A travel blog entry by jobloor


After lots of walking today we have a lazy start and walk into town. We are at a different berth than on previous visits and there is no shuttle needed to get out if the port and 10 minutes gets us into the city. The area nearest the ship seems a lot ...

Messina, Sicily & sea day, Leghorn, Italy travel blog

Messina, Sicily & sea day

A travel blog entry by lilymay

Messina, Sicily & sea day After a little bit of a rough sea (meaning you could barely feel the movement in this larger ship), we woke up to another gorgeous morning. We passed Stromboli around 9am, gently smoking away.  Stromboli is a volcano ...

Cruise is almost over :(, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Cruise is almost over :(

A travel blog entry by moschel

So my bro, sis, and I didnt even make it to tuscany or livorno because all our friends from the ship knew it was christine and my last night on the ship so we got trashed and had a great time. We went to the piano bar where the later it gets the more ...

9th Port, Livorno, Italy travel blog

9th Port

A travel blog entry by lafalott

Livorno ...

Shall we go ashore?, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Shall we go ashore?

A travel blog entry by friendlycanuck


Today we got off the ship and went into Livorno. So we get off the bus and look at each other and say "ok remember where we get back on the bus" We walk until we found a cute coffee shop, got some drinks and tried to get on their wifi, of course we needed ...

Beautiful Florence, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Beautiful Florence

A travel blog entry by dabaer


... and I decided to just chill out in our room since we knew we had to wake up early in the morning. At 6:00am we docked in Livorno, Italy and we were on a bus headed for Florence by 8:30am. The bus ride was about two hours and it took us right to Piazza ...

Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by cruiseone2003

Welcome to Livorno, Italy the jumping off port for Pisa, as in "The leaning tower of" and Firenze as the Italians say or Florence if you speak English. We decided to stay local and explore Livorno and hopefully find another gem of a ...

On to Italy, Livorno, Italy travel blog

On to Italy

A travel blog entry by timsofla


... some pictures.  There was one more spiral stair to the top of the colannade, but I passed on that experince. On returning to Livorno we had lunch and walked around town since it had cleared up by now.  Nice little walking town, but no a tourist ...

Unexpected entertainment and Tuscany for a day!, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Unexpected entertainment and Tuscany for a day!

A travel blog entry by thecamino


... so as for them not to shatter. Really impressive. This morning we woke to our third country in as many days. Italy today at the Tuscan port city of Livorno. Florence and Pisa are about an 1 and a bit hour bus ride to the east but we are coming back ...

Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy, Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy, Italy travel blog

Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy

A travel blog entry by katstravel

... in town to help you get around.  Arrival Information Docking in Florence Cruise ships dock at the Port of Livorno, with transportation available at the dock to take you into the heart of Florence. Local Transportation in Florence Although ...

Slight change of plans, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Slight change of plans

A travel blog entry by les.beaulieu


... our stay in Italy we learned that although Italians do have laws and rules, they are only a suggestion. We arrived at the Livorno port at around 15:00 much earlier than anticipated, even though we took our sweet time. The information desk was staffed by ...

ITALY -Back to my favorite European country - yea!, Ports Of Livorno & Civitavechia, Italy travel blog

ITALY -Back to my favorite European country - yea!

A travel blog entry by ireneinmexico


... Positano, Pompeii (July 21-27 2013) SAS added an extra day in Italy, so we were thrilled to learn we had 6 full days in Italy, my favorite European country. We both have good memories of Italy - Carl worked in Milan and Irene in Rome many years ago. It ...

Fiery Firenze!, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Fiery Firenze!

A travel blog entry by mcewenm


Another gorgeous day dawned bright and sunny - couldn't be better for our visit to Firenze. The morning was spent relaxing aboard enjoying a variety of activities. After a nice lunch, the Gohagan group headed off ship to our buses. An hour and a half ...

Florence, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by premiertravel


Ok, so one would think that with all my travels I would know what time my transfer was arriving. I'm blaming fatigue and Kathy. (I always throw my traveling companion under the bus) We thought we were being clever to have coffee delivered to the ...

Florence and Pisa, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Florence and Pisa

A travel blog entry by johnclaire

Florence ...

Cinque Tere, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Cinque Tere

A travel blog entry by angelinebright


We did a day tour to Cinque Terre meaning 5 Lands. It was our favourite day so far. Can't believe how many photos we took! All I could say every where we looked was 'WOW' it didn't seem real, like we were in a film set! This whole area is UNESCO world ...

Day at Sea, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Day at Sea

A travel blog entry by angelinebright


Day of adventure on the high seas! It was so nice to do nothing today, just relax. We slept in then Katie had her usual morning swim(little fish). Last night they had karaoke on the top deck by the pool and the words came up on the big screen, ...

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