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munnar continued, Munnar in kerala, India travel blog

munnar continued

A travel blog entry by frodo

Today we drove through such beautiful scenery,miles and miles of manicured tea estates,so uniformly green and sometimes with a light mist rolling over them.We watched tea being cut with a box like contraption which catches the tea as its cut.The ...

Nagpur, India, Nagpur, India travel blog

Nagpur, India

A travel blog entry by abby9999

Isn't is wonderful? Above, the picture is one of Nagpur, India. This was one of my favorite stops during my trip! The land there is so breath taking! Not to mention, it's huge! It covers 1,269,219 square miles! It was very hot there. Every time I ...

Relegious Places in buddhism, Nalanda, India travel blog

Relegious Places in buddhism

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma


... the Buddha. Huge ovens were also excavated suggesting that there was a common kitchen for students. The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the Nalanda Museum across the road which houses some exquisite bronzes of the 9th and 10th centuries, Pala ...

Pench Tiger Reserve, Ramtek Tempel, Nagpur, Indien travel blog

Pench Tiger Reserve, Ramtek Tempel

A travel blog entry by thomas.bruder


Heute ging es schon 5:00 Uhr morgens los. Anu und Chandra haben uns mit dem Taxi abgeholt. Nach 90 Minuten Fahrt kamen wir im Pench Tiger Ressort an. Dort startete nach einer kurzen Stärkung die Safari mit dem Jeep. Im Ressort besuchten wir das ...

testing, Munnar in kerala, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by frodo

testing ...

dayawanti school, sitamahri, Sitamarhri, India travel blog

dayawanti school, sitamahri

A travel blog entry by ban-anna


... in the fields sway and dip like an array of beautiful, colourful flowers....between the suffocating heat and pressure of trying to accept it all...india does indeed take my breath away... I miss you all and send all my love, as always, Mr.Anna ...

I don't think we're in India anymore Toto, McLeod-Ganj, India travel blog

I don't think we're in India anymore Toto

A travel blog entry by superval


... government in exile and the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama.  The town was more like something out of Europe than India.  The narrow windy streets were clean and filled with shops and hotels overlooking the valley.  Now it may not seem ...

District Cooperative Bank Bidar, Bidar, India travel blog

District Cooperative Bank Bidar

A travel blog entry by martysb


My trip is full of surprises - and this was sure one of them.  I somehow got an impression that this visit was somewhat of a token visit - sort of to take up my time while Niranjan caught up on his own work in the office.  Niranjan introduced ...

Nanintal at last ahhh..., Nannital, India travel blog

Nanintal at last ahhh...

A travel blog entry by jagadish


... as darshan (blessing) is let you write down three thing in which you need help with or blessing for. I wrote "Blessing for India, help with stomach pain, and something else spiritual". Anyway, she only focused on the India blessing. She giggled and said ...

INDIA : summary of the best and worst, General, India travel blog

INDIA : summary of the best and worst

A travel blog entry by joelrose


... be able to control everything. A bit of cross-pollination in attitudes would do us all good! Overall though, we have found India a fascinating and rewarding place to travel and would definitely like to return some day to this crazy beautiful ...

lord jagganth, Bubneshwar, India travel blog

lord jagganth

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

... Jagannath Puri, a town of 75,000, is one of the most important pilgrimage centers and one of the four holiest cities in India. These four cities are Badrinatha in the north, Dvaraka in the west, Ramesvaram in the south, and Puri in the east. ...

It ain't 'alf sore bum, The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India travel blog

It ain't 'alf sore bum

A travel blog entry by dazzla


Holy cow! For the first time in 21 years England have won a Test in India - and with five key players out through injury. It was a fantastic Test match at the unfortunately named Wankhede Stadium. The home fans were raucous throughout, none more so ...

Relax..., Margao, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by la-vie-de-suz

Transfer to Hotel Ramada Caravela.  Ride was along windy 1.5 lane road for about 45 minutes.  Architecture completely different - houses were nicer, and had Portuguese influence.  Out to the pool for an hour or so.  Dinner and ...

 Solo pilgrimage 3,000 km along banks of Ganges, Gangasagar, Dist. 24 Pg. (S), India travel blog

Solo pilgrimage 3,000 km along banks of Ganges

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

 Hail to You, O Mother Ganga, the River Goddess ... You are the Holy Mother, giver of all happiness In Your lap, the mind attains peace You are verily the Brahman! O Mother, by virtue of Your graciousness, Your devotees find the right path in ...

Dubai UAE to Nagpur, India, Nagpur, India travel blog

Dubai UAE to Nagpur, India

A travel blog entry by harry4123


With no avgas at my originally intended stop of Ahmedabad, India, I targeted Nagpur, India (VANP) instead.  Late the night before the flight, I did get confirmation on a fuel pump being available at Nagpur to take the avgas out of the barrels and put ...

Shakhavati, Shekhavati, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by stalee


Well this place is a lot quiter than Delhi! its a really pretty place. its a desert area but there is a lot of green and yellow everywhere as farmers are using their land to grow Mustard flowers for the oil. It makes the ...

Indian Village Homestay, Gaulder Village, India travel blog

Indian Village Homestay

A travel blog entry by emma_cormier


**I will post pictures as soon as I get to a computer that is fast** Oct 30- Today was the beginning of our Indian village homestay. Gaulder village is a small organic farming community of about 540 families. They all own a small house with many ...

Mix Fruit Sexy Cream, Patnem Beach, GOA, India travel blog

Mix Fruit Sexy Cream

A travel blog entry by andreasolo


... , please to call him because we were cracking him up.  I have a fabulous video of Marcela- who, understandably (and understanding India) refused to be parted from her luggage for even a minute, was rickshawed off in to the night, laughing our most ...

Mcleod Ganj, Mcleod Ganj, Dharmsala, India travel blog

Mcleod Ganj

A travel blog entry by emma_cormier


Finally we made it to the place we have all been waiting for. We arrived in Mcleod Ganj on Nov 10th and had the day to tour around and we stayed at a guest house. Nov 11-Nov 15    The 5-day meditation retreat started today. ...

Trek or Treat, The Yuksom to Dzongri Trek, India travel blog

Trek or Treat

A travel blog entry by robanjali


Rob and Anjali now drive a full day to the hillside village of Yuksom. This will be the staging point for a four day and four night trek up to the mountain camp at Dzongri, high above the treeline at 4,050 m. Taking a chance on a trek Since Anjali ...

The benefits of being a foreigner, Chennai, India travel blog

The benefits of being a foreigner

A travel blog entry by dynamite_dinah

... Shiva and Parvati) statue made from a single piece of rock and weighing 25 tons, one of the largest Nandi statues in India. Pilgrims were walking past and placing offerings in front of it, before visiting each of the shrines and the main sanctum to get a ...

Sikkim- Where has all the good chocolate gone?, Pelling and Yuksom, India travel blog

Sikkim- Where has all the good chocolate gone?

A travel blog entry by superval


... mid-range hotel, the Yangri Gang since Lonely Planet said it had good hot showers and I had yet to have a shower since entering India (seems to be an unfortunate theme I've developed).  There was an ok restaurant in town that kind of had decent ...

Dharamsala, Tibetan Government in Exile, McLeod-Ganj, India travel blog

Dharamsala, Tibetan Government in Exile

A travel blog entry by jkirby


I can't say enough good things about the town of McLeod-Ganj.  Unlike Siliguri, Calcutta, Varanasi, Agra and Delhi, this town is quiet, relatively clean, hassle free, cold, and loaded with delightful restaurants, lodges, Internet cafes, non-profit, ...

Stok Kangri (6150 m), Stok, India travel blog

Stok Kangri (6150 m)

A travel blog entry by hanno


In 3 Tagen bestiegen Christian, Aurelian und ich den Stok Kangri -- autrk ohne Fuehrer oder Ponys. Der Gipfeltag ist natuerlich nicht ohne in der Hoehe - wir brechen um 3 Uhr morgensvom "Advanced Base Camp" auf 5300 m Hoehe auf und sind 4 Stunden ...

INDIA: summary of the funniest & bizarrest moments, General, India travel blog

INDIA: summary of the funniest & bizarrest moments

A travel blog entry by joelrose

... , plugged it into the bathroom socket above the sink and put the camera charger in the wet soapdish!!!! INTERESTING CHARACTERS India seems to attract people who are a bit alternative, people who are searching for something spiritual and the others ...

Our Traveling Journey, Delhi, Singapore, Malaysia, Hanoi, India travel blog

Our Traveling Journey

A travel blog entry by emma_cormier

Nov 26-Today was the beginning of a few very stressful, but fun, days for all of us.We knew all along that we had a midnight flight from Delhi to Bangkok but we never expected the Bangkok airport to be closed due to riots and protestors. Once we arrived ...

Last Days in the place of Last Days, V aranasi, India travel blog

Last Days in the place of Last Days

A travel blog entry by andreasolo


Well, I've made it to the beach in the south.  I thought I'd make an entry from the past- Or from the future?- to detail the last part of my Varanasi gig, but I know I won't make it to a computer for a couple of days at least, so I'll try to ...

bEAN ME UP scottie, Vagator, India travel blog

bEAN ME UP scottie

A travel blog entry by phiddy

Well benaulim was full of fat old english people , So I was getting bored , met a Korean girl that had traveled lots but was too scared to do anthing fun.... So We went to Vagator, Stayed at Bean me up Soystation really good restaurant and guest house. ...

Watching wildlife, Keolade National Park, India travel blog

Watching wildlife

A travel blog entry by joelrose

... bus to Keolade National Park, some 60km away, which is a World Heritage Site, and is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in India. It was created 250 years ago and is named after a Keoladeo (Shiva) temple within its boundaries. Thousands of rare and ...

Those accursed Ghats., Chandigarh, India travel blog

Those accursed Ghats.

A travel blog entry by bloomer


... on this night, Chandigarh would have to do, being but 80 kilometers of flat road ahead. Chandigarh is the only city in India that seems to have a plan. Set up by a famous French architecht (name not remembered), the city is set in recognizable square ...

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