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More Greece Photos!, Ios and Santorini, Greece travel blog

More Greece Photos!

A travel blog entry by kandyante


Here are some photos for ...

Perfect Blue Buildings on Santorini, Fira, Greece travel blog

Perfect Blue Buildings on Santorini

A travel blog entry by ebowley

... at the top of a mountain range, or maybe on the dock at sunset in Northern Ontario.  Its different for everyone.  Santorini is such a place.  In fact, I bet that a fairly high percentage of people who travel to this lovely Greek island go ...

Nov 09, 2009, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Nov 09, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


No Schedule on Greek Ferries, Santorini, Greece travel blog

No Schedule on Greek Ferries

A travel blog entry by bigbenn


... and sleep so as not to get too sick. What was meant to be a 3hr ride turned into 4 and half and we only arrived in Santorini at 9pm. Megan was quite specific where she wanted to stay, but did not like any of the offers from the people waiting at the ...

Epic Fall Break: Part I, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Epic Fall Break: Part I

A travel blog entry by hahn105


... how he made it), then drove us to the bus stop and told us we had to go to Oia to watch the sunset.   The island of Santorini is broken up into a few little towns... Oia is situated at the end and is said to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the ...

Flip Flops, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Flip Flops

A travel blog entry by karenkost


... .  He ceremoniously took photos of the blown out flip flop.  Perhaps in some strange subliminal homage to our time in Santorini, I accidentally  smashed a plate to smithereens.  Isn’t that some kind of strange Greek ...

Things to do in Santorini the day your mom dies, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Things to do in Santorini the day your mom dies

A travel blog entry by peyton


... at the water until it is indistinguishable from the sky. 9. Board the bus and look out the window at the vineyards, at distant Santorini and Ia which look like a splatter of white bird droppings on the crest of the caldera. 10. Walk back through the ...

Last day in Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Last day in Santorini

A travel blog entry by eugineanded


... buying postcards for our parents. After lunch, we rented a car and drove to the lighthouse where we could get a good view of Santorini. We then headed to Akrotiri's red sand beach. This small beach is surrounded by large red and black rocks and mountains, ...

Volcano Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Volcano Santorini

A travel blog entry by snystrom

... to our place. It was not bad...cant really complain in greece where you get hotel rooms at hostel prices. Tv, Shower and fridge. Santorini is basically a volcano so the rocks, and cliffs are very cool. We hung out all day ate gyros and chilled, that night ...

Ozo, snorkling and the BEACH!!!!, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Ozo, snorkling and the BEACH!!!!

A travel blog entry by chezstar

In Santorini at the moment - having the best time EVER!!! From the crystal blue water to the crazy crazy greeks and tourists!!! I have been snorkling around the reefs which was the most beautiful thing ever. I could see so far down - aparently around ...

Santorini, Imerovigli, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellybolderston


... We have successful conquered the entire island which is pretty awesome, it was awesome to rent a car for a few days. We are headed to Ios tomorrow on the ferry around 11am. I think everyone should visit Santorini, it's such a beautiful, picturesque ...

Dog days, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Dog days

A travel blog entry by peyton

Last full day in Fira. I spend a few hours visiting the Archaeological Museum -- not as detailed a presentation as the Prehistoric Museum yesterday, but an interesting hodgepodge of artifacts unearthed in the graveyards of ancient Thira, spanning the era ...

Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by vinoraja


Week 16 cont…17/06/2012 – 18/06/2012 Santorini is soo beautiful. Just like you read in the books, the whole island looks like snow capped mountains because of all the white houses on top of the island hills. That night our tour guide took us ...

Amazing, Stunning, Beautiful Cliff Top Villages!, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Amazing, Stunning, Beautiful Cliff Top Villages!

A travel blog entry by dbats


... time the steward laid out the silver service breakfast.  Hmmmm……delicious! From our suite you can see the island of Santorini perched above its volcanic base.  You can also make out the zig zag donkey trail from the port up to the ...

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Red Beach

A travel blog entry by karenkost


... 's high was 18C, today’s excursion was a bus ride to Red Beach as it was identified as a must stop on any visit to Santorini.  Being the cowardly flat lander that I am, I had to stare at the bus floor for a good portion of the journey as the ...

Another interesting ride..., Oia, Greece travel blog

Another interesting ride...

A travel blog entry by finechina


Today is the last day of being in beautiful Oia, Santorini. We decided to end it with a walk down to the glistening waterfront. That meant a 250 stair walk down to the water! The family enjoyed a seafood dinner as we all admired the water in front of us. ...

the most beautiful..., Santorini, Greece travel blog

the most beautiful...

A travel blog entry by mkosmack


Love it love it love ...

Its Windy in Santorini!!!, Perissa, Greece travel blog

Its Windy in Santorini!!!

A travel blog entry by ericavt


So we've spent the last 2 1/2 days here in Perissa on the island of Santorini. It is absolutely gorgeous here... and very cheap. Again, our hotel is 12 euros a night with a pool, bar, and its about 30 metres to the beach/ocean. There are tons of greek ...

Greece summary, Fira, Greece travel blog

Greece summary

A travel blog entry by gajordandk51

... the 45 minute hike starts, only to find out that the site workers were on strike for the last 2 days I would be in Santorini. The other major site, Akrotiri, was also closed because a roof or something collapsed. I guess someone doesn't want me to see ...

Life on the Rocks, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Life on the Rocks

A travel blog entry by lynda.30


... ! At 2.30am another ship came to rescue us and we eventually left about 4am. The local authorities gave us all a bottle of Santorini wine and the cruise line doled out 200 Euro pp to buy a change of clothes and toiletires. It was manic onboard people ...

Relaxing, Santorini, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by markturner


The sun poured into the window as I rustled out of bed. Holly and I managed to make our way up to the lovely breakfast that was served every morning. We ate up big and then relaxed by the poolside. Before we knew it lunch time was upon us and we were all ...

Argostoli, Thira, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by sherondotjohn


Today we had a morning at sea, so managed to do some shopping on board. Quite a few bargains to be had so we had to do it. The entry into Argostoli was very scenic, the port pretty. Argostoli is quite modern as it was heavily bombed by the Germans in ...

Smiling on Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Smiling on Santorini

A travel blog entry by cora_explorer


Hey all so I made it to Santorini.  My ferry was over an hour late, and while it's kinda fun being in a boat if I could do it again I would probably take the 30 min flight instead of the 3 1/2 hour boat ride. But I'm here and its even more ...

Santorini.... what's the worse that could happen?, Fira, Greece travel blog

Santorini.... what's the worse that could happen?

A travel blog entry by clairebrenton


Santorini, Greece, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Santorini, Greece

A travel blog entry by schtacky

... at the island which, due to its port size, required that we ride tender boats (local passenger boats) to the shore.  Santorini is an ancient volcano caldera that makes up around 4 islands.  Thira (most tourists just call it ...

Time to put my feet up, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Time to put my feet up

A travel blog entry by markturner


... overlooking the ocean. It felt surreal having all of us there, some of my favourite people in the world on this little island in Greece. After we said our goodbyes we checked into our hotel and had a little siesta. We checked out the pool and spa and ...

Volcano Explorers, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Volcano Explorers

A travel blog entry by lbg.jacameron


... out shoes).  When we got to the top, he was very passionate about explaining all about the 6 volcano mountains that make up Santorini.  He switched between Greek and English constantly - so I was keeping an eye on the time and thinking he would ...

Sunburnt in Santorini, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Sunburnt in Santorini

A travel blog entry by julesjb


... and the food fantastic. After a very uneventful and quick journey on an Australian-made Fast Ferry from Pireaus, I arrived at Santorini. Was promptly greeting by an eager Greek who made a beeline for me and quickly conducted me into his hotel ...

Ride'em DONKEY!!, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Ride'em DONKEY!!

A travel blog entry by getaways


... very excited to move on to the italy leg of our trip tomorrow. YAY FOR PIZZA AND GELATO!!! Top 5 favourite things in/about Greece 1. The view from the top of the caldera is incomparable to anything seen before! gorgeous! 2. Steve and pepper, the NASCAR ...

Donkey Pinched, Santorini, Greece travel blog

Donkey Pinched

A travel blog entry by biruvia


... above.  Karen and I were a little shaken up by it, so we started thinking we'd pass on touring Mykonos like we did Santorini.  We only had 2 nights on that island, so maybe we didn't have to feel obligated to see the whole island and could just ...

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