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Why do they tie their livestocks feet together???, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Why do they tie their livestocks feet together???

A travel blog entry by ericavt


...   from Folegandros so we just got on the next one that got us out of there, and agreed that we wanted to go back to Naxos anyways!! So here we are. Its beautiful here and I am excited to stay!!! I even signed up for an internet phone thing so I got ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by myates


... .. and this time I was the driver... eek. We stopped off at some little towns up in the mountains. Visited a distillery that makes Naxos' famous drink citron, or kitron or however it's spelt. It's made from the leaves of a tree with a fruit resembling a ...

Naxos - day 51, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos - day 51

A travel blog entry by nicky7a


... 't be bothered, so we went to the beach and got massages i think i will have fish, to go with my salad with naxos sour ricotta, saganaki fried cheese, and whatever other 5 or so appetizers we all decide we HAVE to try...last night's ...

Mikonos, Mikonos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattdonna


I am starting to get sick of early morning, I thought we are supposed to be on holidays. Matt had somehow managed to fall asleep on his eyeball and woke up blind in one eye. Donna had to lead him through the ferry terminal and took a few hours to get his ...

Relaxosed in Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Relaxosed in Naxos

A travel blog entry by john_anita


Next stop... Naxos. SHE SAID: Naxos is another pretty island where you can relax, but it's even more perfect for families because the water level is so low for metres and metres in the main bay, it's essentially a large wading pool.  Plus ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by pattymelt


Naxos was a short ferry ride from Mykonos but the difference in the two islands could be felt pretty quickly. Naxos seemed even more relaxed and less touristy despite it being the biggest of the Cyclade islands. We were lucky enough to accept a room ...

Stranded on Naxos!, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Stranded on Naxos!

A travel blog entry by sponger42


... near the harbor and our favorite watering hole. During our extra day on the island, we considered renting a car and exploring Naxos more thoroughly, but it was really windy and drinks were cheap and tasty. So we spent the day wandring around looking for ...

Exploring the largest of the Grek Isles, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Exploring the largest of the Grek Isles

A travel blog entry by msu


... on a boat OF COURSE I would have put "ferry." Now that that is out of the way, we are staying in the city of Haro, which everyone calls Naxos, on the Island of Naxos. So I really have no idea where we are. Haro is a city that doesn't have a lot of ...

Limin' Island style...zzzzz.......zzzzz......, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Limin' Island style...zzzzz.......zzzzz......

A travel blog entry by beadledove


... at the ferry boat, making for a quick embarkation and departure.  The five hour boat ride to Naxos gave us a feeling for how many islands surround mainland Greece (lots).  Our brief stop at Paros island showed us our first white stucco, blue ...

voor de grot van Zeus, even de wereld aanschouwen, Naxos, Greece travel blog

voor de grot van Zeus, even de wereld aanschouwen

A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... giga brokstukken puin die zijn weggehaald om plaats te maken voor het huis dat niet uit basalt maar uit enkel marmer zal bestaan . Naxos staat bekend om zijn marmer delving, maar ook gaat het gerucht dat het slecht marmer is. We maken een wandeling over ...

Travel Day, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Travel Day

A travel blog entry by msu

Ok, so our fairy had a slight delay of 14 hours. But hey, it's Greece! So, we just had an extra day on Santorini (nuts huh?) and I spent the day hiking of course. Man, it is rough when you are stranded on Santorini. I know that Scott will hear that ...

Missie volbracht, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Missie volbracht

A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... uitstaan dempt het zwiepen. De haven blijkt vol te zijn en daarom ankeren we in de baai, beschermd tegen de zuidelijke winden. Naxos heeft een prima mogelijkheid, er is binnen 10 min varen ook een baai die je tegen noordelijke winden beschermt., en ...

Ios, Greece, Ios, Greece travel blog

Ios, Greece

A travel blog entry by missburns


... lots of tzatziki. Although one day we had Mexican for lunch, the restaurant overlooked the entire beach. Since we arrived in Greece we have been traveling between the islands via high speed ferry. The ferries we have been catching are unlike any ferry ...

Horseback riding on the beach, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Horseback riding on the beach

A travel blog entry by angandjen


After breakfast we walked down into the town and went through the old market shopping for souvenirs etc. It was really neat going through all the back streets and meandering looking alleys but it was a bit of a climb. When we got to the top we were in ...

Life on Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Life on Naxos

A travel blog entry by chris_paul


Hi all, arrived Safely at Naxos after a leisurely two hour ferry ride. Naxos is bigger than Santorini about 18,000 residents.Very unspoilt and non commercialized,does not get the cruise boats calling that some of the other islands do, hence prices reflect ...

Barb's thoughts #2, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Barb's thoughts #2

A travel blog entry by beadledove


... or view we want, have a price range and particulars in mind and go for it. The weather was cool in both Croatia and Greece (except for Naxos, in the islands). Some of the leaves are turning into the Fall colors, which I didn’t see much of growing ...

Seaside Charm, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Seaside Charm

A travel blog entry by rgreenwell630


Entry to ...

Bringing the Rain to Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Bringing the Rain to Naxos

A travel blog entry by sponger42


After catching a VERY early train to the nearby port town, we boarded the 7:45 ferry for Naxos. The ferry ride was calm and we caught short naps during the 4 hour ride. The ferry docked in the port town of Hora at a quay on the north side of the town. ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by amanda_odwin


... with the fires. Please take a look at this web site -, in Greece, is a catastrophic situation which has already claimed several lives and destroyed many villages and livelihoods in several different areas. ...

Greek Islands 04, Greek Islands, Greece travel blog

Greek Islands 04

A travel blog entry by shaun_and_leah


... cheek-pinching was worth it because we had an outstanding Mexican dinner that night. Leah reckons it was her best meal in Greece (she never really took a keen interest in the Greek cuisine and we were always going to some Asian or other restaurant she ...

Naxos, la plus grosse île des Cyclades, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos, la plus grosse île des Cyclades

A travel blog entry by luclegrandexplo


Bonjour, Après mon court passage à Paros, il était évident que je devais faire un arrêt à Naxos pour quelques jours. Jour 220: Le trajet entre Paros et Naxos est d'une heure en traversier. Comme à l’habitude, je décide à la sortie du ...

Katakawha??, Katakalon, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by giofunny


WEll this was a surprise stop. Its a cute little Greek island that is mainly a tourist town. I had the best lunch here real greek salad and tsatsiki mmmmmm it was great and then the owners of the restaurant gave me the BIGGEST lemon i hav eever seen!! ...

To Naxos and beyond, Naxos, Greece travel blog

To Naxos and beyond

A travel blog entry by angandjen


... your bags down all the stairs with loads of people pushing and bumping from behind you. It's one of the things about the ferry's in Greece that are not very nice but I guess you can get used to anything. When we first got there we were quite timid and ...

Back in civilization, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Back in civilization

A travel blog entry by lawslo


... museum that showed the life of one of the wealthy ruling Venetian families back when Political lines weren't like they are today and Italy, Turkey, Greece and Germany all were mixed and took turns taking over one another and mixing families. ...

Greek Islands Part I, Amorgos and Naxos, Greece travel blog

Greek Islands Part I

A travel blog entry by laural


... starting to change as its reputation for being a good place for trekking grows. I caught a midnight ferry out of Pireaus (main port in Greece) and arrived 13 hours later in the town of Katapola. I was the only tourist. Got myself a nice room not 30 feet ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by brandy1

Hello from Naxos, We finally get to stay more than one night in one place.  Again it is still pretty hot but there is usually a good breeze to keep us comfortable.  Trent and I are doing some laundry today so we have some time to catch up on ...

Brief but beautiful, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Brief but beautiful

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

... and we boarded a ferry to Naxos. After double and triple checking it, we were finally headed in the right direction. We arrived in Naxos late and went throught the usual line of shills trying to get us to stay at their place. We settled on this little ...

Contiki - Ios, Agiassos, Greece travel blog

Contiki - Ios

A travel blog entry by fleaber


Our ferry from Santorini to Ios was only 45 minutes, thank goodness. We'd been warned that Ios was the party island, so we were trying to bring our A game. We checked into our hotel, which was the most beautiful place we'd stayed at yet. It was called ...

Time For Some Relaxtion, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Time For Some Relaxtion

A travel blog entry by naomiwyman


... busy days in Athens I figured it was time to do a little R&R on one of the smaller Greek Islands so I headed off to Naxos. I booked a single room, did a lot of sleeping, saw a few beaches and that's about it for three days! Sorry there's not more to ...

Naxos to Syros; Part III, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos to Syros; Part III

A travel blog entry by c.i.222


... was the first opera house in Greece. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Two notable items of ...

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