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I 'm alive!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

I 'm alive!

A travel blog entry by burles


... 50 Canadian to use the washrooms. Good thing that water's so expensive, if I don't buy it I can save on washroom fees.  Anyways, I was going to spend the day in Frankfurt, but since I'm awake I'm going to take the 6 AM train to Prague.    ...

Stopover, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by akielich


... ;ciłem z racji czasu, np. turystyczny tramwaj Ebbelwei Express, punkt widokowy w jednym z wieżowców (na marginesie - Frankfurt ma moim zdaniem jeden z najlepszych skyline'ow w Europie) i Muzeum Monet. Będzie po co wracać. ...

Europe 2007... The End, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Europe 2007... The End

A travel blog entry by dancer_alison

Later ...

Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by iceiceami


... as well see the city for a few days since we had to stop through there anyway. All in all, Frankfurt was a nice little city.  I had never been to Germany before so it was good to see.  The beer and schnitzel and sauerkraut lived up to their ...

GPS for fun and confusion, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

GPS for fun and confusion

A travel blog entry by scarlyon


... excellent, spacious, lots of choice and very good bathrooms.    BacK on plane after 2 hours for 6.5 hours to Frankfurt. Bit of a shock as A330 has much less space than previous plane.    Straightforward flight - meal, movies - ...

We made it Germany!!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

We made it Germany!!

A travel blog entry by chuckjeanfl


(Updated) Thankfully the overnight flight from Orlando to Frankfurt was uneventful. We arrived around noon, had just a short wait to get the passports stamped and then trekked across this huge airport in search of the rental car area. (It is right by the ...

are we there yet?, Frankfurt am Main, Germany travel blog

are we there yet?

A travel blog entry by usupandaway


Pffeeeh...      A long day at the Frankfurt Airport and our adventure was yet to begin. Boarding at 21.30 allowed us some hours of relaxing and put a big smile on our faces as did the food (thanks again, Iberia - but we will check our claim ...

Lay-over in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Lay-over in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by mira


Wandered the streets of Franfurt as I had a 12 hour layover. Luckily I met an American girl to keep me company, as I was struggling to read the german on the train ticket dispensing ...

before my money runs out..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

before my money runs out...

A travel blog entry by james_haikney


I have only 2 minutes left on thiss machine, just to say that I am in Frankffurt, and eventually found sustenance which wasn´t cognac and cigarettes (barely) No time, so I shall post more about the journey later ...

Rainy Layover, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Rainy Layover

A travel blog entry by kelschgirl


Well... After a beautiful few days in Madrid it's time for us to leave Europe. We have a lay over here in Germany. The moment we stepped off the plane we were wet with rain, and it was cold. Not exactly pleasant. Hmmm, on a more positive note we were able ...

Bald gehts los!!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Bald gehts los!!

A travel blog entry by johast


Bara en vecka till avfärd! Efter ett långt och slitigt år med slutprövningar är det äntligen dags att packa ryggsäckarna och ge oss av till två månaders äventyr i fjärran östern! I denna resedagbok kan man följa vår rutt på kartan och ...

Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by blatherwick

Frankfurt am ...

Wir sind hier in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Wir sind hier in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by paul-jules


... --some things never change (disappointingly, they don't have hash browns). There is nothing like an ice-cold Schofferhoffer (or three), Frankfurt's very own locally brewed beer. We tried five other local beers, but this one is by far the best! Frankfurt ...

Nice Airport, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Nice Airport

A travel blog entry by am1

Just passing through, uneventful quiet flight. ...

Guten Tag Germany!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Guten Tag Germany!

A travel blog entry by andersonve65


... , as we are continuing our tour in Germany!  Thanks to the mechanical problems with our plane in Amsterdam, we are now staying in Frankfurt until our new flight on Sunday.  PARENTS - I have sent an e-mail to this end so plase check your e-mail ...

are we there yet?, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

are we there yet?

A travel blog entry by hillarykatrina


Well here we are, on our way. We said our teary good-byes in the airport (well, Mom was teary. I was too nervous to cry hehe) It is liberating to be free as a bird, but I will miss my loved ones. We are flying german air ...

Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by fourloves

Entry to follow (I AM kind of travelling here, you know?). Thanks for your patience. Check back ...

Abflug nach Australien, Frankfurt Am Main Airport, Germany travel blog

Abflug nach Australien

A travel blog entry by palli


Nach einer gelungen Abschiedsparty (danke nochmals an alle die da waren und fuer die Geschenk  =) ) konnte es los gehen. Zuerst hatten wir einen 12 Std Flug nach Singapore. Anschliessend fast 4 Std gammeln und Bier trinken in einem botanischen ...

Like A Cave Troll, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Like A Cave Troll

A travel blog entry by josiah.chin


... boasting a single, lone blueberry. It all tasted good, though :)   Right now we are waiting at our flight gate in Frankfurt. This airport is huge! After we got off our flight, we just kept following sign after sign... walking, and walking, and ...

Koln and Frankfurt, Koln and Frankfurt, Jul 8 - 10, Germany travel blog

Koln and Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by lroff

. ...

Mass with the Pope, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Mass with the Pope

A travel blog entry by tenvols

... area that reminds me of Times Square prior to Giuliani. We were warned about needle users and street people, but saw neither. Frankfurt was a city that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We only went there because it was the cheapest flight we ...

Eine lange Anreise..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Eine lange Anreise...

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


... ck der Fall war), bin ich direkt zur Sicherheitsschleuse, das mir zum Schluss noch mal ein kleines Herzrasen versetzt hat. In Frankfurt wollen die Mitarbeiter tatsächlich ein Rückreiseticket sehen und dankte Marcy und Chrisi für den Tip ein Fake-Ticket ...

Grandma's food, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Grandma's food

A travel blog entry by erinski

... food!  Well, I was tired (I will give myself that much).  I had just flown in from Seattle directly to Frankfurt, Germany.  Surprisingly, even though I go to Spain quite often I had never flown the 'polar route' before.  ...

Abflug, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by felixalex


Finally in Europe, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Finally in Europe

A travel blog entry by colin_tameka


... much sleep. We got to Singapore for a 20min stopover and I went to a squat toilet its an experience!! After arriving in Frankfurt and adjusting to the cold (which it is cold), we caught a bus to the train station and then a train to ...

FAR FAR AWAY, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by vitzthum


... erfreuen zu können. Vorab möchte ich euch natürlich auch den „groben" plan der reise mitteilen: Abflug ist heute in frankfurt (main) mit dem ziel SINGAPUR. Dort werde ich für 2 nächte im TREE IN LODGE hostel verweilen. Im anschluss geht es am ...

Moving right along!!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Moving right along!!

A travel blog entry by amybing


Well, from the train Frankfurt looks lame so I'm heading to Köln. I've heard it's a nice town and they have one hell of a Carnaval party so why not? It's only 1 hour more plus it's 6am here and nothin's open ...

Frolicking in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frolicking in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by davidandamy


... was great, the cheeses and bread and fruit buffets were great. This is the airport from our window: See:  After a nice well rested night we flew to Sophia, Bulgaria.  After a 2 hour layover we flew to Tel ...

Bevor es losgeht, Frankfurt am Main, Germany travel blog

Bevor es losgeht

A travel blog entry by indienfelix

... Reise durch den indischen Subkontinent. Heute am 13.01 beginnt die Reise. Mit den Bus gehts abends um 22 Uhr vom Hamburg Airport zum Frankfurt Airport. Der Flug geht dann mit "Gulf Air" über Bahrain nach Delhi, wo ich früh morgens um 6°° am 15.01 ...

Jetzt geht's endlich los, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Jetzt geht's endlich los

A travel blog entry by katjaunterwegs


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