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Goodbye Germany..., Dresden, Germany travel blog

Goodbye Germany...

A travel blog entry by alijstock


... - Dresden was covered in fog, a layer thick as peanut butter, reminding me of the foggy city that I just left! Germany is a country of contradictions, especially here in the east where remnants of the GDR and socialism still lurk in dark ...

Noche de Salsa!!!!, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Noche de Salsa!!!!

A travel blog entry by pablitomiralles


Programa distinto!!! Y aunque no lo crean, en Dresden hay un lugar para bailar salsa!!!! Se llama Baila Amor jeje Nos juntamos como siempre en Albertplatz, que es la parada de trenes nexo entre la Altstadt y la Neustadt (para los que todavía no se lo ...

Leipzig to Dresden & our first win!, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Leipzig to Dresden & our first win!

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... 2 jump seats by the luggage store, all other seats seemed to be taken, but we weren't on the floor this time. We arrived in Dresden 5 minutes late.First stop was at the information kiosk in the station to pick up a city map and check where our hostel was. ...

Rewind, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by v1213


... enjoyed a nice dinner. I'm typing this update on the laptop in Mum and Dad's room, enjoying the sights and sounds of Dresden's fantastic trams rolling past constantly. I haven't seen any of their older trams yet o it seems that they've expanded their ...

1st day on the trains, Dresden, Germany travel blog

1st day on the trains

A travel blog entry by iancandy

first try, Dresden, Germany travel blog

first try

A travel blog entry by mart

... ! One hour later we went home, my home is a castle of mine, too, I guess. And why should I go to Moldova if Germany succeeded becoming Moldovian, already? Well, I went to Berlin four times, to buy a ticket, to get Moldova visa and Ukraine transit visa - ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk


... , and I just have to tell them I dont speak German)...Anyway, I toured the 17th century fortress that used to protect Dresden. Drawbridges, cannons, the whole nine. I know thats accurate cause they gave me a little phone thing that played narratives in ...

Brief Stop in Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Brief Stop in Dresden

A travel blog entry by tomsmidlife

... sucked up all the oxygen from the air- about 40,000 people died that night, many from suffocation, in a 'safe haven'. Dresden has been rebuilding ever since. Their greatest effort has been to meticulously restore the old buildings in the city center- ...

Meeting new friends, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Meeting new friends

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


... on the country roads. As I'm still adjusting to get in to a good routine I just pushed on through to get to Dresden. I found the campsite on the outskirts but as reception was closed the gardener just pointed me to the motorhome section. after looking ...

Gigante estación de tren, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Gigante estación de tren

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


A las dos horas de salir el tren hizo una parada en Dresden, casi a mitad de camino entre Berlin y Praga. Lo que más me llamó la atención fue su gigantezca estación de tren. Realmente preciosa ...

The Wedding, Dresden, Germany travel blog

The Wedding

A travel blog entry by tmcclurg

... Sam were married in the community where Sam grew up and his parents still live. This is about 20 minutes outside of Dresden. Jocelyn looked absolutely beautiful, positively glowing with excitement. They did a really good job in decorations as well. It was ...

Pit stop à Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Pit stop à Dresden

A travel blog entry by xjiefx


... qui sépare la ville).  La bouffe est pas pire pas pire, malgré qu'il faut que je me batte avec mes cotes pour y trouver un peu de viande comestible! : O) Notre détour par Dresden n'a pas duré plus que le temps d'un diner... On continue a Berlin! ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcharwell


Pics! ...

Los Jueves: Stammtisch, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Los Jueves: Stammtisch

A travel blog entry by pablitomiralles


Entre todas las actividades que nos organizaba TUDIAS, (Technische Universität Dresden Institut for Advanced Studies), teníamos un Stammtisch todos los Jueves a las 20:00, en el bar Stillbruch. La traducción de Stammtisch es "mesa compartida", y lo que ...

A day in the life..., Dresden, Germany travel blog

A day in the life...

A travel blog entry by tutanddan


... 7 and 8pm. As you might have guessed we have enjoyed all of the food we tried in each country, but here in Germany I have especially felt a special "comfort food" feeling with the entrees. Sweets, cheese, bread, beer, wine, meats all taste great so ...

The very start, Dresden, Germany travel blog

The very start

A travel blog entry by saurerradler


First Blog Entry - 18.08.2016 Dresden, Germany Finally. I´m on my way. After so many months of working and planning but still not knowing if I´m ever going to leave I finally got started on my trip. So many friends and family members already had the ...

Dresden!, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by dabassisst


Coming ...

Saxony Sojourners, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Saxony Sojourners

A travel blog entry by -thegrandtour-


... and continuing our journey. From Berlin we traveled south to Dresden, the Florence of the Elbe. Some fast facts: Dresden is the city in Germany with the highest birthrate Dresden was flattened during the bombings in 1945, so since everything had to be ...

Old is New is Tourism, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Old is New is Tourism

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... important government projects (textiles and hygiene), and the look at the growing youth culture and its relation to music in Dresden and Germany is also wicked – no one can break dance and spin words like Germany’s answer to the Beastie Boys ...

Landed in Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Landed in Dresden

A travel blog entry by jearner

... the plane, flashed my passport, and that was it. No paperwork...was great. The theme of the day turned out to be just in time. I took a cab across town to the Dresden Hopfbanhoff and got on the train for Prague about 5 seconds before it started ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by dancer_alison


When Attila's friend heard that we were going to Germany, he suggested that we visit Dresden.  It was a logical stop, being half-way between Prague and Berlin, so we made reservations at a quirky hotel decorated in a Mexican theme.  On the ...

Crossing into Old Town, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Crossing into Old Town

A travel blog entry by lashez


... relaxed the remainder of the evening. Our bus didn't leave until around 1130 so we would pack our bags in the morning.  Dresden is beautiful peaceful city and it would have been great if Maria wasn't so sick, we could have spent more time exploring ...

Risen from the ashes, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Risen from the ashes

A travel blog entry by chrisandpaula


You would never know that the entire city had been bombed out during the war. The pollution has aged all teh buildings so that they look like they have been standing for 300 ...

Arrival, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by hadden


I have just arrived in Dresden. Since it is midnight, I am extremely tired...especially after having been on a plane for over six hours. All I have the energy to do is to go to the hotel that I have booked. It is called Hotel Belmondo . I enter my ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by lafalot


Dresden - Friday May 13 We got up and ordered room service for breakfast. We went outside and discovered a glorious day. We walked to the Fraukirche and started standing in line to go inside to see it. However, we soon realized this was the line to ...

Jour 22 : Ich bin ein Dresdner !, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Jour 22 : Ich bin ein Dresdner !

A travel blog entry by travellingjon


... , dans le couloir et à moins d'un mètre des toilettes. Le long trajet commence ; jamais mon iPod n'aura servi autant. J'arrive enfin à Dresden vers 14 heures et quart. A la sortie de la gare, pas de plan de la ville, pas de bureau touristique. J'ai ...

Dresden and history, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Dresden and history

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

... like bad wedding cake, some very Italian, some very French. He also collected things, art, weapons, etc. Fast forward to Nazi Germany. Dresden was considered then also as a beautiful city with art and such. It had very few, comparatively to other cities, ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by caroruben


... Echt spitzenklasse. Gegessen haben wir dann Krokodil, Känguruh und Strauss. Schmeckt aber alles nicht besonders speziell :-) Dresden sollte sich wirklich jeder einmal anschauen, einen Hoteltipp haben wir auch noch, das Nichtraucherhotel PRIVAT, ...

Dresden Night, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Dresden Night

A travel blog entry by danwstephens


I met up with my friend Thomas, a Dresden local. He's been an excellent host showing me the local sights and nightlife. We went to this club called the Washroom tonight. It was an old factory concerted into a warehouse. NY could use more of ...

Dresden, Germany, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Dresden, Germany

A travel blog entry by rnriggins


... . I found Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin so that's next on my list. Among Dresden's other claims to fame: * The Striezelmarkt is Germany's oldest Christmas market. It takes place from the last days of November till Christmas. Actually ...

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