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How to spend money when you have none, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

How to spend money when you have none

A travel blog entry by carita


... so I stood at Charles le Gaulle one day too late... (maybe I'm becoming too much of an artist..) Some clear signs of approaching Finland. In the plane a drunken Finnish man came to talk to me. Trying to hit on me with his drunken charm. A man almost ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk

Well, the remainder of our time in Estonia was fairly uneventful. We took a bike tour of the city, which was pretty nice. We were staying in the middle of the old town, which is one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in Europe. So we usually ...

Uffe på berget, Godby, Finland travel blog

Uffe på berget

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Close up Boat day 2, Turku, Finland travel blog

Close up Boat day 2

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Lejana Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Lejana Helsinki

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

Esto fue una sorpresa! No había pensado jamás que iba a poder llegar aquí, que iba a estar mirando las frías aguas del Báltico tan al norte. Todo eso cruzaba mi mente mientras desde una pasarela del barco contemplaba las maniobras de atraque en el ...

Noční přejezd do Laponska, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Noční přejezd do Laponska

A travel blog entry by finland2012


Opět na cestě. Vstávali jsme v půl druhé, abychom zvládli cca.12 hodinovou cestu na sever. Jedeme po zasnězené dálnici, je tu tak 20 čísel sněhu. Blízíme se k Tampere. Dál budeme pokračovat přes Jeveskilu ...

snowy scenery, Konnevesi, Finland travel blog

snowy scenery

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


Here are a bunch of snowy scenery, i never get sick of all the snow, it's so pretty and novel!! I don't think the camera, or the camera woman really do the views justice, but i hope they go someway to showing you how beautiful a Finnish winter ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lok


... the price in Russian; - where I don´t have to haggle with the taxi driver over the fares, since the taxi´s are metered. Finland gained its independence in 1917, after under the Russian rule for 110 years. Prior to that, Finland was ruled by Sweden ...

North, South, East, West, Tampere, Finland travel blog

North, South, East, West

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... no Paris, or Vienna, that's for certain, but it doesn't stop it being a pleasant place. Actually, since I've been in Finland, I have always had a welcome feeling, like the people are happy to have tourists (and their filthy lucre) kicking around, which ...

Rainbow, Paukarlahti, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by misku


Nos, egy hopi indián prófécia szerint, amikor a Föld már annyira beteg lesz, hogy a vadállatok teljes kipusztulása is elkerülhetetlenné válik, akkor jön majd egy Törzs, melynek tagjai a bolygó összes ...

Where am I, oh right Helsinki...., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Where am I, oh right Helsinki....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


I'm sorry but all these towns now look alike to me, I need to get somewhere a bit different..... There's not much to differentiate this place from any of the other Baltic States really, the writing is a bit different and it's viciously expensive here but ...

Kesäloma?, Pori, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jomakah

Näin maaliskuun alussahan on jo hyvä aika alkaa pohtimaan tulevaa kesää ja lomailuja. Ite olisin siirtänyt aiheen johonkin hamaan tulevaisuuteen tai vielä mieluummin unohtanu kokonaan ja ollu vaan kesän töissä kiukutellen itekseni siitä ettei ...

Paluu arkeen, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Paluu arkeen

A travel blog entry by loskoivisto


Kotimatka Santiagosta Madridin kautta Helsinkiin kesti takseineen 25 tuntia. Madridin lennon aikana ehdimme hämmästellä useaan otteeseen Iberian lentohenkilökuntaa, jonka tylyys voitti jopa Finnairin Bangkokin lennon lentoemot. 13-tuntisen matkan ...

Getting ready - thoughts, Tuusula, Finland travel blog

Getting ready - thoughts

A travel blog entry by tenetsi

Today is the first day of a summer holiday of my wife Vera. I am still sitting in an office at work writing this. In fact, I AM very busy with work before my summer holidays start. There is a lot to do before I am free. The trip is in my mind and we ...

Euroadtrip!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


The Players Jerome – French Bob Marley/ driver / focaliser Peter – Slovakian traveller/street performer Pawel + Kasia – pretty Polish couple Natalia, Yuna, Tania –  sexy slovakian ladies Amorez – Peter's  dog I ...

Girls Weekend in Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Girls Weekend in Helsinki!

A travel blog entry by krosell


... on my list to visit. Sweden built it when they owned Finland, but then it was captured by Russia and held until Russia lost Finland. Now it is a museum, but is still used by the military for certain things. It also has the last submarine in Finland. After ...

Tick Tock Time Stop, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Tick Tock Time Stop

A travel blog entry by natandy


... hope! Then home to chill out with the Hull household and pack our bags for another early rise for the flight to Finland. Arrived yesterday in Helsinki and after years of anticipation finally got to realise my childhood dream of meeting Netta in her ...

Rock off festival and walking around with a beer, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

Rock off festival and walking around with a beer

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


This is the end, Turku, Finland travel blog

This is the end

A travel blog entry by ilari


3.12.12 - 3.3.13  Turku. Varsinais-Suomi. Finland ..ja niin siinä taas kävi että kaikki hyvä loppuu aikanaan. Otettiin stadista niin paljon matskua mukaan kun jaksettiin kantaa ja ahtauduttiin Turun junaan. Luminen maisema vilisti silmissä ja ...

The road to Tallinn, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The road to Tallinn

A travel blog entry by talamarko


... a little giggle myself. When eventually everything calmed down and the girls caught their breath, i was informed that i was already in Finland and what i was really looking for was information on how to get the train to Helsinki. It seems that unknown to ...

Settled in (for now!), Jyvaskyla, Finland travel blog

Settled in (for now!)

A travel blog entry by jagrant


... here (not to mention lakes!). The nickname here is ¨Lakeland¨. Right now we¨re situated about 300km north of Helsinki in central Finland. ¨We met our greeters at the bus station after we arrived an hour early (we got on the wrong bus!) but at ...

bordertown, Torneo/Haparanda, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonrise


we made a quick stop in the drizzle at the border between the finnish town of Torneo and the Swedish town of Haparanda, where we were welcomed, first in finnish to Torneo/Haparanda, then in swedish to Haparanda/Torneo ;) nothing like the border ...

the field station, Konnevesi, Finland travel blog

the field station

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


here are pictures of konnevesi research station where i am staying and also carrying out the experimental work. It's 4km outside of the ghost town of konnevesi, and is right next to a huge frozen lake (of which i have already posted pictures). It ...

Colder in NYC than here in Lapland, Posio, Finland travel blog

Colder in NYC than here in Lapland

A travel blog entry by mjozwell


Not only did we survive the New York snow storms we also survived the late night subway train from JFK to Manhattan. For the first time on this 4 month trip I felt a little nervous while riding the NYC subway. We have used buses, trains, taxis, ...

The journey begins, Oulu, Finland travel blog

The journey begins

A travel blog entry by dujr


... of January the 2nd, four of us departed from Riga, Latvia to face great winter adventures at Luosto which is located in Lapland, Finland. We travelled by car (Mazda CX-7) to Tallinn to catch the ferry to Helsinki. The weather was perfect for anything, ...

There and back again, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

There and back again

A travel blog entry by renard


... in the city. I met them after some quite necessary shopping (CDs, DVD and another old book by Aleksis Kivi - couldn't leave Finland without them!) in the squirrel island, that Stephanie wanted to see and I saw just quickly because as soon as I got there ...

Just another piece, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Just another piece

A travel blog entry by renard


Another small piece of Helsinki walking around in a slow morning and then I took a bus to Porvoo, to see the old town there. A nice place, but really small too, that was the touristic map with the smallest scale I have ever seen. If you get distracted ...

Jun 12, 2009, Hanko, Finland travel blog

Jun 12, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Jun 12, 2009, Taalintehdas, Finland travel blog

Jun 12, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gallopmonkey


... Finland is, blah blah blah (it's still pretty great), but then I had quite the evening.  I admit it.  I cry "uncle!" Finland is not the boring country I was expecting, and it seems that French people are like the Hare Krishna - if you hear them ...

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