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veel viimased asjad, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

veel viimased asjad

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


veel vaja teha: vene keele tund, auto hoiustada, pakkimine lőpetada. siis bussijaama ja suund ...

übers Baltische Meer, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

übers Baltische Meer

A travel blog entry by different9


Ich verlasse heute den hohen Norden und setzte über das Baltische Meer nach Tallin über. Das Wetter in Helsinki ist nach wie vor nicht sonderlich einladend und meine Fähre geht am Nachmittag. Ich bleibe daher noch ein bisschen in der Lobby des Hotels. ...

Bus to Viljandi, Viljandi, Estonia travel blog

Bus to Viljandi

A travel blog entry by mkubik


Today, we began our 4 hour trip to the Island of Saaremaa, stopping in the historic village of Viljandi. Viljandi is the ...

ESTONIA - Old town in Tallinn and garlic beer, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

ESTONIA - Old town in Tallinn and garlic beer

A travel blog entry by lab99


... in Tallinn and boy did we try it! The Balthasar restaurant has been around since our marriage, 1999, and is Estonia's first garlic restaurant (does such a small country need more than one?). It was on the first floor with lovely views over ...

Haapsalu, Haapsalu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


... down the cliff face and it all looked quiet lovely. We now had the task of driving back to the other side of Estonia to a place called Haapsalu. We wanted to take another route (not going through Tallinn), but the back roads are pretty shitty really. ...

algus, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri


Kui kőik asjad koos magamiskoti, magamisaluse ja telgiga on ilma erilise vaevata kotti mahtunud, süveneb veendumus, et midagi olulist on maha jäänud. Martti nimekirjas olevad asjad, peale telgi kattekile, on enamuses osas olemas, kahtlane. Selgub ...

Medieval Times!, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Medieval Times!

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


If you're looking for a medieval-type city in Europe, Tallinn is the place for you. A city can’t retain all of its medieval quality, of course, as some modernization is inevitable, but looking at the architecture here you could almost imagine ...

On our way to Haapsalu, Heltermaa, Estonia travel blog

On our way to Haapsalu

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


... and creepy crawlers. We packed our bags and in the afternoon left for Heltermaa, where we wanted to take a ferry back to mainland Estonia. Kelli drove us to the bus station and in Kärdla we got a quick ride with somebody who also wanted to take the ...

Oslo, Norway, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Oslo, Norway

A travel blog entry by johnheywood

Oslo to visit Jon ...

back to tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

back to tallinn

A travel blog entry by johnheywood

back to Tallinn after xmas in ...

Crafts and things spiritual, Tartu, Estonia travel blog

Crafts and things spiritual

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... today. To some extent for all of you at Freeman College, but I'm sure of interest to others too. We are in now Tartu in Estonia, but I want to share images of some of the weaving and felting we have seen in all the Baltic Countries. Most of the weaving ...

Which country are we in?, Valga, Estonia travel blog

Which country are we in?

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... (yes, they exist here too!) from Cesis to Valga. Or is it Valka? This is truly a border town. After WW1, when Estonia and Latvia continued to fight until 1920 for their independence, this town was seriously disputed. It had historical importance for both ...

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lok


... and don't mind spending a few hours doing chores around the place. Tallinn (population: 400K) is the capital city of Estonia. The enchanting walled medieval old town is protected by Unesco. It was built during the 14th- and 15th-century. There ...

Medieval Games, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Medieval Games

A travel blog entry by staringbongos


Brian and I both slept fitfully and the 6:15am alarm felt WAY too early. I hope we get caught up on sleep in Estonia. We roused the boys (Henry motivated by looking for Bulbasaur). The shower was one of those set ups where it's just a shower head sticking ...

A Gem of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

A Gem of Estonia

A travel blog entry by dawieboy


A lovely few days in Tallinn....such a quaint city with a lovely little charm to it.  Most importantly.....we arrived in the early evening and managed to find a pub that was televising the Rugby World Cup Final.  Quite appropriate that the pub ...

Feb 22, 2007, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

Feb 22, 2007

A travel blog entry by ivil


varustus, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri

Tänu Kristjani kavalale juhatusele leian 100 krooni maksva spordikella, mille oksjon lőpeb 43 minuti pärast. Registreerin ennast kasutajaks, teen pakkumise ja saan järgmisel päeval Järve Selveri ees kokku Männikus elava Aleksandriga. ...

The real 'Medieval Times', Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

The real 'Medieval Times'

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... ! Hooray! On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in a little chocolate shop that sold handmade Estonian candies. Apparently, Estonia is known for their chocolates, and they were really cheap! We got two chocolate bars and a bag filled with wrapped ...

Cold, Wet and Scary, Somewhere between Estonia, Finland and Sweden, Finland travel blog

Cold, Wet and Scary

A travel blog entry by tomma


Looking over the edge of the ship was like looking death straight in the eye.... I have new found respect for sailors and the sea in general. In the middle of the night Chris and I went up to sit on the deck of the ship. I have never seen such a strong ...

TALLINN, TALLIN, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrgo


TALLIN Our arrival into  Tallinn was exciting.  Since we were on a ferry there was a mad rush to the cars for unloading.  When we arrived at our car , we found that we had a flat, which was really disruptive.  Actually unpacking the ...

back to Tallinn with M+D, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

back to Tallinn with M+D

A travel blog entry by johnheywood

back to Tallinn w/ ...

Smiltene Sabbath, Smiltene, Latvia travel blog

Smiltene Sabbath

A travel blog entry by victorkubik


... the Feast of Tabernacles in Estonia for his church and ours this coming fall.  We will be holding a transfer-in Feast in Estonia this fall.  We discussed some of the preparation work and commitment needed now to make it possible for as many as ...

La mer baltique, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

La mer baltique

A travel blog entry by celine.anais


Un peu de repos a Parnu avec un grand et beau soleil qui nous permet de profiter de la mer baltique. Courageuses comme vous nous connaissez, on s'est baignees dans cette eau a 16´, aggrementee d'un bon vent venu direct du pole nord. On a rencontre un ...

More music, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

More music

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


We have been in Tallinn since Thursday, staying in a tiny apartment. It has one room with bedsettee, comfy chair, wardrobe and table (no chairs, no power sockets), a kitchen, with dining table and chairs, and a bathroom without a basin. It's been great, ...

szóval itt már jövünk haza, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog

szóval itt már jövünk haza

A travel blog entry by misku


szóval akkor indulthát a kompunk délután kettökor. bár ottaludtunk egy parkban még a finneknél.mert ugye azutolso kompokat ép lekéstük. szoval  vártunk mrt a délután kettes kompra volt ocslo a jegy. persze a szuperkompunk megintcsak ...

Ainazi, August 25, 2005 - Thursday, Ainazi, Latvia travel blog

Ainazi, August 25, 2005 - Thursday

A travel blog entry by the_wayfarer


I woke up and had a relaxed breakfast. The Tallinn bus started in the morning, but not really at daybreak, so I didn't have to trip over my feet to get to it. I ordered myself a taxi again from the reception to get me to the bus terminal and this final ...

Huge Fortress overseen the lake, Viljandi, Estonia travel blog

Huge Fortress overseen the lake

A travel blog entry by silo


... day longer The back road took us through scarcely inhabited parts of the island to the main ferry connection to the mainland Estonia. Here there is regular ferry service without reservations we have been soon heading east for the next stop There is ...

Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rorywitt


... with a brand new pair of shoes (which I forgot in St Petersburg), so a nose / throat thing which evidently in pharmacies in Estonia, you can choose between a treatment that will help your nose or throat... Not both. Long story short, I used my time in ...

Arrival in Talliin, Talliin, Estonia travel blog

Arrival in Talliin

A travel blog entry by gmestonia

Quick Summary Due to Limited Time We arrived safely in Estonia. We will update later today. Update will discuss hot tamales, belly dancing and a sword ...

Da-Bears, Tartu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mkubik


We kind of took things easy today. My wife was starting to resent me because I wasn't able to take her to the Indian restaurant yesterday, so I took her along with the Spencer's from Sweden and my parents. I know many of you might be wondering why I ...

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