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Indian River, Portsmouth, Dominica travel blog

Indian River

A travel blog entry by firestation22


The Carib tribe lived along Indian River; although I doubt they named it that. They obviously used it as a source of fresh water, but also for fishing and farming. Once again, Hollywood made it here for filming Pirates of the Caribbean. At least they ...

North Island Diving, Portsmouth, Dominica travel blog

North Island Diving

A travel blog entry by firestation22


Not quite as spectacular as the south, but still unbelievable. Any time you can spear fish and eat them two hours later.....that is a good ...

Atlantic Move, Calibishie, Dominica travel blog

Atlantic Move

A travel blog entry by firestation22


The Atlantic side of Dominica was another great surprise. It is much more open and is more accessible. The first stop was Red Rocks Cliffs which are very obvious when you look at an aerial view with Google Maps. It a section along the ocean that is made ...

Such a Tragedy, Curaçao, Dominica travel blog

Such a Tragedy

A travel blog entry by easygeeze


 Friday 03/04/09          Curacao - The Dutch Antilles   Temps Air 32°C           Sea 27°C Our berth once again is ideally placed being right ...

Chaudiere Pool, Calibishie, Dominica travel blog

Chaudiere Pool

A travel blog entry by firestation22


French translation is "Two Rivers". Not a bad hike. I took a bus out of Calibishe, and then hiked to the town of Bense. From there the road turns into track for about a mile. It's an absolutely beautiful hike mostly along a ridge. Eventually you find a ...

Titou Gorge, Laudat, Dominica travel blog

Titou Gorge

A travel blog entry by firestation22


The first picture is the entrance into Titou Gorge (which translates to "Small Throat") on the Trafalgar River. Same place they filmed the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest of the pictures are pirated because I couldn't swim with my ...

Dominica' s Finest Beach, Calibishie, Dominica travel blog

Dominica' s Finest Beach

A travel blog entry by firestation22


Batibou Bay is by far the nicest beach on the island. There was an excellent snorkeling reef right out front. A real rough 4X4 road if you're driving or about a 20 minute walk through the jungle. Best part about it is if you go to the bar and ...

Dec 01, 2012, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Dec 01, 2012

A travel blog entry by medinah.m


Middleham Falls, Laudat, Dominica travel blog

Middleham Falls

A travel blog entry by firestation22


Not the toughest hike but the most boring getting to and back from the trailhead. I moved up this morning to New Town just outside of Roseau. I missed the 0900 bus to Laudat which unfortunately is the only one per day. I paid a kid to run me up and drop ...

Scuba Diving off SW Coast, Scotts Head, Dominica travel blog

Scuba Diving off SW Coast

A travel blog entry by firestation22


Some really good diving off the SW coast where it rounds the corner into the Atlantic. The Pitons, much like in St. Lucia are volcanic masses pushed up from the sea. Think iceberg! You might see 800-1000 feet above the water line, however, it is exactly ...

Cabrits National Park, Portsmouth, Dominica travel blog

Cabrits National Park

A travel blog entry by firestation22


... of the Caribbean in Pre-Columbus times. The Cabrits have held onto their heritage in the smallest villages on the northern tip of Dominica. Their facial feature and language is very obvious around town.   After diving I had them drop me off on the ...

Roseau, Dominica (Port #1), Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Roseau, Dominica (Port #1)

A travel blog entry by adrianjl


Trip to Dominica, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Trip to Dominica

A travel blog entry by grubbj2

Hello, Today we toured the Island of Dominica...Christopher Columbus actually found this island, named it, but didn't land on it.  It was a Sunday so he gave it the name in honor of the Lord's day.  We arrived in port about 9:00 A.M. and caught ...

Rain of seriousness, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Rain of seriousness

A travel blog entry by jamsheedmaster

31 March 2012 – Dominica It's pouring with rain. When it rains in rain forest countries, it’s pretty serious business. They seem to cope with the flooding very well but it means the roads and buildings suffer all kinds of damage throughout ...

Just around the riverbend, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Just around the riverbend

A travel blog entry by jamsheedmaster


... day. My passenger friends and I got a taxi to the Trafalgar waterfalls. Lots of people told me about the amazing falls in Dominica and I was glad I managed to do it. The taxi drivers and tour guides have this habit of harassing you and trying to ...

Escale à la Dominique, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Escale à la Dominique

A travel blog entry by alainbob


Vers 17h hier, nous avons quitté St-Thomas pour nous diriger vers la Dominique, île que nous avons atteint vers 8h00 ce matin. Notre tour d'aujourd'hui: "Trafalgar falls and Sulphur springs". Quelle belle excursion ! C'est vraiment spécial de ...

Dominica, Dominica, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by pixycat

- ...

Land of the Pirates, aargh!, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Land of the Pirates, aargh!

A travel blog entry by iluvsmydogs


... -flying later, I made it to St Lucia and passed out. The next day I awoke and took a 40 minute flight up to Dominica. This place is awesome! It's meant to be the 'nature island' of the Caribbean. Small population, massive volcanic mountains all over the ...

Feb 25, 2006, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Feb 25, 2006

A travel blog entry by tiggerva


Dominica, Roseau, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by rnriggins


Much promised in Dominca, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Much promised in Dominca

A travel blog entry by martyandness


... at the bar, the rest, Zzzzz... as the picture proves. We were all there, well apart from Norman, who as we drew closer to Dominica, started to bitch about English football and how it'd be a waste of time to watch them. He was right, well for an English ...

Roseau, Roseau, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by dompu_tea

Hahahah... It'sTropical Country same with my ...

Rainforest hiking, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Rainforest hiking

A travel blog entry by aniseh


... , farming organically and locally. Recycling was also pretty big here, and the streets were kept very clean. The best part of Dominica was the people; they were friendly, funny and chill. This would be a good place to come back again ...

Departing Dominica, Heading to Brazil, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Departing Dominica, Heading to Brazil

A travel blog entry by brepetro

... such as "what am I going to watch on TV. today?" or “what should I eat for dinner?”, many citizens on Dominica are asking themselves “will I be able to eat today?” or “will my family survive another day?”. Due to the ...

Rastas, prachtige natuur en vriendelijke mensen, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Rastas, prachtige natuur en vriendelijke mensen

A travel blog entry by benjamingryson


Dominica was een waar avontuur. Het is een relatief groot eiland, met een relatief klein inwonersaantal. Dit maakt dat Dominica een eiland is waar de natuur nog in bijna orginele staat behouden is. Na enkele tussenlandingen op Nevis en Antigua, waren we ...

Dominica, Portsmouth, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by katie.forsyth

New Years Eve Day 2008 - Definitely a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' island - we were in the second 'city' of Dominica (although it was about the size of Bungay!), Portsmouth.  The ship docked by Cabrits National Park which was beautiful.  In ...

This has to be the greenest place I've ever seen, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

This has to be the greenest place I've ever seen

A travel blog entry by livin_the_dream


We arrived here in Dominica yesterday late afternoon and what a sight it was!! The island was formed by volcanoes and has some ongoing activity under the surface in a number of places. The mountain's steep sides come straight down to the sea and ...

A Whale of a Good Time, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

A Whale of a Good Time

A travel blog entry by leeandal


... point for the whale watching and enjoyed an entire day on the water. The whale watching crew was delightful and made the day totally enjoyable. We left Dominica at 6:00, leaving the Caribbean and headed into the Atlantic Ocean on our way to ...

DOMINICA- NATURE  ISLAND, CARIBS & RAIN-FOREST, Roseau, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


Pictures from Hypertravel: 100 Countries in 2 Years (Backpackers' Guide to the World and the Soul) by Hardie ...

Dominica! Awesome Landing!, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Dominica! Awesome Landing!

A travel blog entry by delissa


... (it was on his button) looks at Ian and says "We now young man you ccan go tell your mommy that you walked on beautiful Dominica" I looked at him and side "I am right here walking with him!" Not sure how to take that one but anyway we continued back to ...

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