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I love Denmark!!!! But I hate credit card theives!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

I love Denmark!!!! But I hate credit card theives!

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

Was an early start as had a 7am flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. So was up at 3am! Didn't really sleep anyway as too stressed I would sleep in and miss the flight! Got to the airport O.K. Got searched at customs because of the little brass miners lamp I ...

La Suede.... wah!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

La Suede.... wah!

A travel blog entry by frank__823


Bon derniere fois je vous ai laisse, j'etais a Gothenbourg( qui se prononce: YeuTéBeurg en suedois) et qui s'ecrit Gøtebörg.... wierd! mais bon c sa! C'est une ville magnifique!!! l'architecture est tout simplement a couper le souffle, une belle ville ...

My flight leaves for Japan at 15:45, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My flight leaves for Japan at 15:45

A travel blog entry by asn75

Visit ...

Museus i pluja, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Museus i pluja

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


... tot es tanca, i encara gràcies que el diumenge a la tarda t'hi deixin anar! Després hem descobert que els carrers de Copenhagen sota la pluja i essent festa no són especialment animats. Caldrà tornar-hi quan surti el sol a veure quin color tenen, ...

Sidste aften i Danmark, København, Denmark travel blog

Sidste aften i Danmark

A travel blog entry by worldtravellers


Hej Så er rygsækkene ved at være pakket og alle papirene er kontrolleret og dobbelt krontrolleret. Der har været meget travlt for os begge den sidste måneds tid, så det bliver dejligt at komme afsted og holde ferie. Der har været ...

Yay I passed, København, Denmark travel blog

Yay I passed

A travel blog entry by evamaria85


Yes...I'm going to China to study this year...:-D Yesterday I passed my oral exam. I got a 9. I'm glad that I passed, but I'm not satisfied with my grade, it's a fair grade, but I was just so nervous that I chose to babble instead of speaking proper ...

"Packing and Surfing" - Amanda

A travel blog entry by theschaades


This week was the beginning of our "packing".  Where almost evey day we will carry all our possesions on our backs, with a new place to stay every night or two.  It is new, exciting, and exhausting.  I expect we will get used to it, but ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sianeth


... Return Visit? Hmm, perhaps. Hard to say. Definately pick other places first. And moving swiftly on to Denmark. Experiences in Denmark: As for Copenhagen, a 7/10. Glad we went: Yeah definately, a nice place to spend time. Favourite bit: Zoo visit. ...

My Kirkegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Kirkegaard

A travel blog entry by lordcool


And so we enter...the DANger zone (bit of a pun for you). This entry will be short, like Danny DeVito, but less bald and feeble looking but ohhhhhh so just as annoying. It is short because the masterful photos I will post in the relevant album will ...

Beautiful Beautiful Copenhagen, Coopenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Beautiful Beautiful Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by zzmatt


... I had observed earlier had eight women and no men in it. Thank goodness I have learned to keep my mouth shut. I am back in Copenhagen now, and enjoying a good hotel for a change. I hired a bike and rode through the city. I had a pretty good plan of ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sophslife

... Why I Should be Able to Go to Tivoli's Today Tivoli Gardens is a wonderful and enthralling amusement park, found in only Copenhagen, Denmark. Called the "virtual symbol of Denmark", it just happens to be only two blocks from our apartment here in ...

Coming home, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Coming home

A travel blog entry by chrisser71


The short 2-hour flight from London to Copenhagen went by fast. I tried to sleep a little bit, but only drowsed a little bit. When we landed in Kastrup it was under a grey December sky, but that is Denmark in December as I know it. Normally, I am able to ...

Pining for the fjords?!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Pining for the fjords?!

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... out to Christiania. For those of you who don't know, Christiania is a self declared pseudo-free state operating within Copenhagen. It is essentially a hippy commune which has very ..liberal policies on the use of light drugs. The government has cracked ...

My Things, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Things

A travel blog entry by lordcool


... night of nights. With my badge, which also grants one unlimited public transport on said night, I visited the zoo, Radhuspladsen (Copenhagen town hall, plus this word is actually meant to have some Danish inflectiony things on a couple of the letters but ...

Castles and Canals in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Castles and Canals in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by antabroad


With a little under 48 hours between arrival in Copenhagen and departure for London, this was a really packed day and a half of sightseeing. There's quite an interesting sight to see as you come in to land at Copenhagen Airport - a bridge from Sweden that ...

24-26th, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by asma.f.syed


I'm really enjoying my time the blogging has been a bit slow... Today I'm solo in Copenhagen. Waiting to meet Huwaida at 4pm....decided to sleep in until 12pm. I think it was necessary, my body likes to act out when I'm exhausted by way of ...

The great Danes, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The great Danes

A travel blog entry by docandsim


... Sim's family about 10 years ago, for a holiday. Rebecca took us to her home which is just north of Roskilde, west of Copenhagen in the country side. It can be said that the Dan´s are a cycling nation with bike tracks everywhere in the country side. ...

Reflecting on History, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Reflecting on History

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


... on what I'd seen and what I've experienced.  It's a bit cheesy but it's what I was feeling at the time: I am in Denmark.  How cool is that?!  While I've been feeling a little bored and lonely lately I need to stop, think, and reflect on what an ...

w w.Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

w w.Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by newblogger


Luckily for you all I am unable to add a sound bite to this blog or I might be inflicting a version of Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen upon you all. We had a lovely 3-4 days wandering around this very compact city. We bought a Copenhagen card which took us ...

Chopenhagen, Chopenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by veikok


Vahepeatus ...

Visitor #22 come (to riot town), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Visitor #22 come (to riot town)

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... (for me !) but we did see the demolishing of the riot causing Ungdomhuset. Then I dropped little BME off for the aiport bus with one of our luggages so another 16kg of our stuff gone home hurray ....... Some photos Copenhagen City ...

Shopping in Denmark, Volstrup, Denmark travel blog

Shopping in Denmark

A travel blog entry by jrgo


Our experience in shopping here is a little different than the one stop for everything that we are used to. I guess WALMART hasn't invaded yet. We went a few miles down to the coast to buy fish (flounder) right off the boat. Later on we went to buy ...

Two birthdays in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Two birthdays in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by msbrookstravels


... we have known him as long as we have Charlotte (and Jonathan never misses an opportunity to talk music with a fellow drummer)! Copenhagen is an hour's flight from Amsterdam, much closer than a 12+ hour flight from California, so I we took advantage of ...

Farvel Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Farvel Danmark

A travel blog entry by anna_kat_rejser


Så er bagagen tjekket ind vi blev (næsten) ikke nød til at løbe i lufthavnen! Vi er klar :) farvel herhjemme ...

Hjemme igen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hjemme igen

A travel blog entry by nuddelexp


Hey! Det her er så vores sidste entry for denne gang. I sidste entry lovede vi jer slutningen på vores eventyr, så den kommer her! Efter Taj Mahal tog vi som sagt videre til en mindre by, Orchha. Endnu en by med et fort og et marked. Noget ...

arrival in Denmark!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

arrival in Denmark!

A travel blog entry by sunmoongoddess


I just arrived this afternoon in Denmark. It is so nice to see Niels again...and tomorrow, I get to see Christoffer too. They were my first international surfers. I also am Niels first surfer ever!! More to ...

Busy day in København, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Busy day in København

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... ; Australians have to look out for other important Australians in the world! From the canal, we walked through the famous Copenhagen shopping street and saw the famous stork fountain.  We continued walking right until the Round Tower.  The round ...

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29)

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


WEEK 1 in Copenhagen!  Pictures from arrival, orientation, scavenger hunt around the city, lunch after class, studying in the Royal Garden, Andrea's birthday, & my practicum ...

Returning to Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Returning to Denmark

A travel blog entry by asn75


... know my self better, had a chance to measure my personality against a different culture and come out triumphant. And now I am back in Denmark... What now? My heart and my head have two very different answers. My heart says: "Fuck it all, I'm of again, ...

Fishing village, visitors, and castles, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Fishing village, visitors, and castles

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


... to visit her in London wasn't until today so yesterday I journeyed to Fredrisksborg Castle in Hillrød, 45 minutes outside Copenhagen. I've desperately wanted to visit the castle and even planned to go a few weeks ago until realizing just before ...

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