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The long awaited departure, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The long awaited departure

A travel blog entry by chrisser71

It all went extremely well. OK, besides getting up at 0530 in the morning, which I will never make a habbit of. The subway took me to the airport, and basically everything went like a breeze. Left Copenhagen under a blue Autumn sky and headed eastwards. ...

Starting our road trip to Moscow, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Starting our road trip to Moscow

A travel blog entry by jrgo


Today is our last day in Volstrup before the road trip, and it was done up big.  Pancho went fishing VERY EARLY with Hans and his son-in-law with his daughter.  Olga and I opted to sleep late.  They returned with 10 VERY LARGE trout (don't ...

Herning to Copenhagen in an hour flight..., Herning, Denmark travel blog

Herning to Copenhagen in an hour flight...

A travel blog entry by eirantrethowan


... , not only a great way to see Vin Deisel but also a great way to see how the cinema advertising world works in Denmark, I must say there was a lot slide advertising still, we are extremely advanced in Australia when it come to cinema. Movie was great by ...

Day 6 - Nørre Aaby to Roskilde, Roskilde, Denmark travel blog

Day 6 - Nørre Aaby to Roskilde

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... to be drinking yoghurt which curdled when poured into coffee. Onto the motorway in intermittent light rain. By the way, vehicles in Denmark must use dipped headlights at all times and I had initially thought that the driving lights on the VW would meet ...

Week 3: June 8-14, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Week 3: June 8-14

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


... cleared up.  We walked around the gardens and went into the green house.  It was the the hottest I have been since coming to Denmark!  The main area of the green house was the "tropical rain forest" area and we climbed a spiral staircase to the top and ...

Last night of comfort, Esbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Last night of comfort

A travel blog entry by vanessaanddan


... enough place very like England really but very quiet we were glad we decided to go straight to Kiel hopefully there would be a bit more to do there. So that was it for our whirlwind trip to Denmark within an hour we were on the train bound for Germany. ...

Christmas Markets, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Christmas Markets

A travel blog entry by tom_white_5588


Christmas markets (15.11.08)   We went to check out the Christmas markets on Stroget (Copenhagen's main shopping street). There was some really good food on display but nothing really Christmassy. Here are some photo's of Copenhagen at mum's ...

Southern Sweden and Kronburg castle, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Southern Sweden and Kronburg castle

A travel blog entry by stephanberlin


In Uppsala you definitely have reached civilised territory again. The cathedral looks new from the outside, but is old and venerable inside. The university has a few nice buildings and an interesting museum with a fascinating anatomical theatewr in the ...

Bacon and bikes in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Bacon and bikes in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


For a capital city, Copenhagen was extremely refreshing. Albeit, nowhere near as large as London, all contrasts were stark and the cities are worlds apart whilst at the same time very similar. Copenhagen proved that you don't need to miserable to live in ...

Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by followkim


New sustainable neighborhood on the edge of Copenhagen. ...

Illes del sud, Spodsbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Illes del sud

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


Dinamarca és una multitud d'illes. De fet, havent-hi tants ponts, quan hi circules no tens mai clar si estàs al continent, en una illa gran o en una península unida a terra ferma per una llengua impossible. Ara som en una de les illes Fionia, diguem ...

Hello Capital, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hello Capital

A travel blog entry by noj_ontour


Hot, Damn Hot! We're actually staying just south of Copenhagen in a place called Greve Strand. We have spent the first day sightseeing around the city. The was the museums and the parks etc. People everywhere especially in the canal harbour. It was ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by jforrest

... . The train ride was about half and hour across a really cool bridge 6km long, built in 2000 that links Sweden to Denmark. We spent the day in Copenhagen which was really cool. I had my own personal guide, the wonderful Vera. Kobenhaven (Danish) is ...

Day with Anand and Dorthe in Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark travel blog

Day with Anand and Dorthe in Aarhus

A travel blog entry by victorkubik


... it might be a good idea to go to the train station and get my ticket for Friedrickshafen in northern Denmark. From there I will take a ferry to Oslo which takes about eight hours.  I walked along the waterfront. Aarhus is a ...

Last Stop, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Last Stop, Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by miss.chris


When we first arrive in a new city we either go to the tourist information center, if we have located it on a map, or we find people and ask directions. Copenhagen was no different. It was evening when we arrived in Copenhagen and we wanted to find a ...

Copenhaga, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by byker


Bem lá passámos por mais uma capital europeia. Ia para tirar uma foto à pequena sereia que costuma estar sentadinha na pedra, mas ela tinha ido passar uma temporada em Xangai, na exposição universal.  O que nos restava era uma imagem de WebCam ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by pchun88

... thing I found quite interesting in Copenhagen and many of the Scandinavian countries was the strollers of babies and parents.  In Denmark, employers are required to give 12 months of maternity.  In Sweden, they give 18 months.  Not a bad ...

Danish People have to be some of the friendliest!, Alborg, Denmark travel blog

Danish People have to be some of the friendliest!

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

... the town of Odense. Has to be the longest bridge I have ever seen! They have a couple of these between their Islands (Denmark is made up of lots of Islands) and between Denmark and Sweden. Odense is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen so I checked ...

Hope to see you again Denmark!, Lunde, Denmark travel blog

Hope to see you again Denmark!

A travel blog entry by patry


Our stay in Denmark has unfortunately come to an end! Denmark has surpassed our expectations, not that we ever truly know what to expect! We had heard that the Danish can be quite reserved but we found the opposite to be true. Everyone was so friendly and ...

NYE - visitors 4, 5 and 6, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

NYE - visitors 4, 5 and 6

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


Then New Years in Denmark was good with 3 people from Dublin, 'AnS' and 'MK', everyone has fireworks as they aren't illegal like in Ireland & everyone lets them off together at these lakes in the middle of the city & it was very impressive but bit like I ...

Forberedelser, Frederikssund, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sofieb


 Hej alle sammen, nu skal jeg på eventyr (: Jeg har lavet denne blog for at i kan følge lidt med  i hvad der sker for mig og mit liv, nu hvor jeg er langt væk. D. 13 november tager jeg afsted med Adventureheart. Vi starter med 4 uger i ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk


Our last day in Rome began with a trip to a church that was pretty close to our apartment. Inside the church was a set of stairs that went up about 2 stories. These were supposedly the stairs that Jesus walked up right before he was tried and crucified. ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by pchun88

... Whereas, traveling through Scandinavia is like watching "Leave it to Beaver," everything here seems so orderly and perfect.  Denmark After my 2-week excursion through Russia I flew to Copenhagen to meet my brother.  Now the Danish are ...

visiting skinny in copenhagan, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

visiting skinny in copenhagan

A travel blog entry by lisavinci

hi all in copenhagan visiting skinny after a 2 hour or so flight and a half hour train ride. glad to be still for 4 days now, going to hire some bikes tomorrow and get a little fitter and the wieght i can feel is starting to pile on so watch out ...

Louisiana, Helsingør, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariekeiii

Stellan och Gunilla bjöd oss på en mycket trevlig utflyckt till Louisiana i Danmark och det tackar vi mycket för det var väldigt trevligt och interesant. några bilder ...

Meeting Lars (Nathan), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Meeting Lars (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


Who sweeps the runways<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Who sweeps the runways<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A travel blog entry by newblogger


This is just a brief hello to let everyone know we have arrived safely. The flight was very long, particularly the initial flight to Doha. Luckily we had time to stretch our legs around the airport.The outlook was very flat and sandy and we were both ...

Hello, Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark travel blog

Hello, Denmark

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... ; I thought it was Catholic, with the way the alter was, and the stained glass windows, but Anne and Ida reminded me that Denmark is a protestant country. We took the bus back to the apartment to start organising dinner. Anne and Ida prepared  me a ...

Faaborg / Nab, Faaborg, Denmark travel blog

Faaborg / Nab

A travel blog entry by gavin.porter


We drove to Faaborg in glorious sunshine - so glorious in fact that we were both a little uncomfortable with arms burnings so had to keep reapplying sun lotion while in the car! We had decided to stay at Nab Camping just south of Faaborg (the ...

Egeskov Castle and Gardens, Kværndrup, Denmark travel blog

Egeskov Castle and Gardens

A travel blog entry by gavin.porter


Another beautful day and another sightseeing diversion on the way to our next stop.  This time a stately home (or castle) and gardens called Egeskov.  We had a lot of fun going round two of the four mazes and completing the tree-top walk, ...

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