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In La Habana with Family, Habana, Cuba travel blog

In La Habana with Family

A travel blog entry by rachi.marianna


Havana, Havana!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana, Havana!

A travel blog entry by roadscholarorg


... daughter became a nun for a time. The paradox was so typically Cuban.  You must visit to understand that statement!  Cuba is so ethnically and spiritually diverse!  Cuba may be divided by color and class, but NOT by religion!  Just ...

Havana with Belkis, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana with Belkis

A travel blog entry by dstean


... to the Casa where Tom and Ben have been staying, since it comes highly recommended being run by the wonderful Belkis. Not in old Havana but in an up market suburb just 5 mins by taxi.  In a charming little room decorated with much satin, lace, ...

Socialism etiquette, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Socialism etiquette

A travel blog entry by ayc17

The B&B we were staying in was located in the centre of havana, a short walk from the main tourist attractions towards the East. It wasn't the best of areas but we were told Cuba was a safe place and there's not much crime in general. We walked towards ...

Final Cuba Libre and farewell to Rach, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Final Cuba Libre and farewell to Rach

A travel blog entry by lingo83


... though, the ones who only stay in resorts and never even realise they're in a Spanish speaking country.  But I guess Cuba tourism encourages it by only allowing travellers to go to certain places, or at least making it very difficult to do anything ...

Old Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old Havana

A travel blog entry by krox

... . I am not looking forward to the move as I have to walk quite a bit with 35 kgs of luggage... I will be leaving Havana Saturday morning, I will try and catch the ferry to Isla de la Juventud. My travel agent told me that I will most likely have to ...

Dancing the night away, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Dancing the night away

A travel blog entry by brendadekater


... .. But I hope you guys enjoy the reading! haha Anyway, this past weekend me and Martina decided to discover other parts of Havana and therefore we went to Havana Vieja on saturday.. it was really nice although many many tourists. We met Juni, a really ...

Arrived in Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Arrived in Cuba

A travel blog entry by dstean


... and their very chotic departures system.  Converted some money, jumped in a cab and arrive safely at Parque Central hotel in Havana.  The hotel had upgrade the room to a suite - fantastic! Magic Mark had already made lots of new friends ...

Old sins cast long shadows, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old sins cast long shadows

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... past farmers in their horse-carriages and trucks spewing out black fume… I imagined that we crashed with a truck carrying a big tank of Havana Club Rum (we did pass one), would I be surprised if I woke up in “heaven”? And what would it ...

Hello Cuba!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hello Cuba!

A travel blog entry by kit10


... a few hours my nervousness subsided thanks to my hosts. I was driven on a motorbike through the streets of Havana to one of the longest beaches in Cuba, Santa Maria. There I met a Cuban lifeguard who within a few hours decided that he was going to move ...

Feb 11, 2013, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Feb 11, 2013

A travel blog entry by lithobolia


Lost my mojo!!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Lost my mojo!!

A travel blog entry by syrena


... . The hotel seems to be full of families. Not quite the chatty types, but its actually nice just being still.   Havana is incredibly beautiful though…looking forward to being David Bailey!! View the Facebook album: ...

Havana: Rum, Cigars & Salsa, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana: Rum, Cigars & Salsa

A travel blog entry by tahliejohn


... did the obligatory cuban cigar factory tour, the cuban cigar smoke, the copious amounts of rum drinking and the salsa dancing. But Havana is an expensive city. Our originally planned 9 day trip was cut short to 5. We are off to Chichen Itza today ...

Great friends + Mojitos + Salsa, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Great friends + Mojitos + Salsa

A travel blog entry by pablo_salma


... spent sharing a few Cuba libres (rum and cola) and dancing the night away in their famous underground cave nightclub. Havana and Trinidad gave us a great opportunity to observe the socialist government in place. The socialist structure means that the ...

Old Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old Havana

A travel blog entry by haveyouseenher


The next day we explored Old Havana on foot. We found the perfect breakfast spot with a lovely, courteous old waiter and a beautiful woman playing the piano, and it was nice to just sit and people watch for hours on end. The architecture reminded me a ...

La Habana, La Habana, Cuba travel blog

La Habana

A travel blog entry by alexkons

This is a top pick!

... face are difficult, no doubt, the economy seems screwed, but the cuban spirit is strong. bit like fidel... anyway, as i knew before, cuba gives me guaranteed platinum impressions and i am certainly gonna go back. again. learn more. in another wave of ...

Journey to Cuba: a currency nightmare, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Journey to Cuba: a currency nightmare

A travel blog entry by samandpriya

... ) was a very strange day. We managed to pass through 4 different countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Panama & Cuba), stopping at 4 capital cities (Bogota, Quito, Panama city & Havana). When we arrived at Quito, it was a good 5 hours before our flight to ...

Sista rapporten från Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Sista rapporten från Cuba

A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


... som plöjer med oxar och en plog som på medeltiden samtidigt som man ser de unga kubanernas modernitet är nästan för häftigt. Cuba är verkligen värd sin mässa. Åk hit och se detta innan det har försvunnit. Som i forna Östtyskland där allt ...

10 Hours in Revolucion Square, Havana, Cuba travel blog

10 Hours in Revolucion Square

A travel blog entry by bearethere


... Turns out you can walk through the streets and no one really pays attention to you. It seems that crime is pretty insignificant in Havana. I felt very safe after that. This club is on the 25th floor of the hotel and once you pay admission and go in ...

A morning jog, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A morning jog

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... the rest as there are too many people, bike –taxis, and cars weaving through the bumpy and narrow streets of Old Havana. I get offered a bike-taxi. Katrioska the fat elevator-lady is there today and I am delighted to not have to take the stairs up ...

Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by alister.bland


... the airport 3 hours before the flight.  Visa check first before you can check in but was all pretty easy.  Then on arriving in Havana it was changing money to "tourist" $ or CUC, and then a taxi to the hostel.  Still had time though to do ...

Cuba: Rum, Tobacoo and music, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba: Rum, Tobacoo and music

A travel blog entry by kc2009


... , Ramiro's house.  Ramiro was a welcoming host whose English is most probably better than ours.                      We hung out in Havana to a few more days, learning the obstacles of being a tourist as well as the pleasures.  We tried to ...

Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by abbien


... I spent two weeks in Cuba, which is the most unique country I have ever visited. It was just amazing. My favorite place in Cuba was Havana, where we spent five days. It is like going back to the 1950s, the buildings, the cars, the music and the people. ...

"Hasta Luego", Havana

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


... a Bodega (the place where Cubans go to get their food rations), Plaza de San Francisco, and finally were supposed to take a tour of the Havana Club rum museum, but... sadly, it was closed. So, there it was, that was it, the trip was over! It kind of ...

Backpackers go all inclusive, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Backpackers go all inclusive

A travel blog entry by paddy1979


... down to 18 meters and got to see a ship wreck it was really cool. It was down to our final leg of Cuba and we had saved the best for last Havana. We stayed in the old town part which was pretty cool for walkin around and seeing big buildings and stuff. ...

1.Mai in Havanna, Havana, Cuba travel blog

1.Mai in Havanna

A travel blog entry by flitterjahr


... dabei und so wird geduldig und mit Spass auf den Start der Parade gewartet. Immer wieder hoert man einzelne Rufe wie "Viva Cuba/Fidel/Raul", die von der Masse mit "Viva" laut erwidert werden. Die Paradestrasse endet am Platz der Revolution, wo ein ...

You can pick your revoluntionaries..., Havana, Cuba travel blog

You can pick your revoluntionaries...

A travel blog entry by bearethere


... , Habana if you´re a local. This will just be a short update, just because it´s fun to do!! We arrived in Havana with no trouble, except getting through customs took much longer than necessary. The passport control is a bit of a nightmare since they ...

Talking 'bout the Revolution..., Havana, Cuba travel blog

Talking 'bout the Revolution...

A travel blog entry by vonkaz29


... brought money but prostitution too, so that's a 50-50 success rate only. I think this is the main downside of Cuba. Prostitution is widespread, disgusting and sad.   Its history represents a very important chapter in the history of the modern ...

Hi honey, I'm ho-ooome!, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hi honey, I'm ho-ooome!

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... me that they all eagerly wanted copies, so a few more snap-shots and a memory stick later, it seems my photos will be adorning some of their no doubt already decorative and colorful Havana walls. Another eventful day awaits, so until then, hasta ...

Cuba ... Castro, cigars and many many mojitos, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba ... Castro, cigars and many many mojitos

A travel blog entry by sarahquinlan


... the ever present semi circle of women sitting in their doorways overseeing and commenting on everything within their range. In Havana Vieja add to this mix cobbled streets, numerous outside cafes and of course fantastic live music and dancing greeting ...

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