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Leaving Home.., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Leaving Home..

A travel blog entry by krystiemclellan

We're out of here... to Minot. ...

Chez les Indiens, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Chez les Indiens

A travel blog entry by simonetmartina

Rien que le nom me fait ...

On our way, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

On our way

A travel blog entry by rayfishley


SURPRISE!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by adventurousgal

After 43 hours of travel by coach, an overnight in Heathrow and flights overseas I have made it back to my hometown in Canada to surprise my family and friends for Christmas thanks to my wonderful step-mother who offered the flight home for the ...

Trek across Manitoba to Saskachewan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Trek across Manitoba to Saskachewan

A travel blog entry by ccwalter


... of the day was Tim Hortons! We are Freedom camping.  I cooked a Velvetta Nacho dinner.  We had our first experience with Canada not using pennies.  Only makes sense for the US to do the same thing. The motor home is very comfortable. It is ...

WEDDING DAY!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by valerie.nason


Today is Kelsey Steinke's & Drew Golding's wedding day! Saturday September 17th, 2016! Rob & I are at "Cora", having breakfast. We will go to the Travelodge where Shelley, Maxine, Lily, Eric & Taryn are staying. More news as it develops. ...

Not a great day....., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Not a great day.....

A travel blog entry by mady142


It started out fine enough.  We packed up and headed out by noon.  Found a Mr. Lube with the help of Jack and had a long due oil change done.  Great kids working there.  Very friendly and efficient except that one of them told me that ...

A day by the North Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

A day by the North Saskatchewan River

A travel blog entry by valerie.nason


Rob & I headed out for breakfast this morning, around 8.30 am. We decided to try a place we had seen as highly rated on Zomato, called "Poached Breakfast Bistro"! Well, it was trendy & expensive, but completely delicious! Freshly squeezed ...

Back I go!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Back I go!

A travel blog entry by adventurousgal

My trip back home has been wonderful!  I was able to get in good visiting time with family and friends but now it is time for me to pack up my belongings and fly back to the United Kingdom!  I am excited for Hogmanay!  I arrive in ...

An uneventful drive followed by an EPIC morning!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

An uneventful drive followed by an EPIC morning!

A travel blog entry by sour_toe_diary


... . You see a friend of mine clued me in to the fact that Saskatoon had some of the most famous berries in Canada. So I had to try some Saskatoon berries.. and to The Berry Farm I went.. My knee has been getting much better but there is still some tightness ...

Auf der

Auf der "fast lane" nach Europa

A travel blog entry by bozi.u.andreas


... mit Familie vor. Deshalb haben wir jetzt kurz entschlossen auf die Abkürzung direkt nach Kanada umgestellt und sind nach CYXE Saskatoon im kanadischen Sasketchwan geflogen. Dort ist es mit gut 29 Grad auch noch relativ heiss, aber wir hoffen, dass es ...

Day 4 - Yes, The Word You're Looking for is

Day 4 - Yes, The Word You're Looking for is "Flat"

A travel blog entry by solorider


... some tie-straps that I learned to bring along on trips. So into the town I go.... For someone that doesn't mind walking, Saskatoon is manageable on foot. I walked part way along the river on both sides, I walked up and down Broadway (kind of ...

Packing, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mickeymo


I leave the day after tomorrow... I can't believe it's here! I packed my bags last night... I really have no idea how to pack for a 6 month trip... I'm sure I'll forget something or take something I'll never use but it's all part of the learning ...

Home, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by curtisejtaylor

Theres no place like ...

Dan, Heather, and Bernice, Camino 2015, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Dan, Heather, and Bernice, Camino 2015

A travel blog entry by themcavoys


After preparing for almost a year we are just 10 days away from our departure on Sept 16th, to walk the 800 kilometer Camino from St. Jean Pied De Port, France to Santiago De Compostela. Spain.  This pilgrimage to Santiago has been walked ...

Museum, Shopping und Eishockey, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Museum, Shopping und Eishockey

A travel blog entry by ettiundgeorg


Zwei Tage Saskatoon mit einem Museumsbesuch,Shopping und einem Eishockey Match (Saskatoon Blades vs. London Knights)    ...

Les prairies, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Les prairies

A travel blog entry by bigfootofftrak

KM 305  KM Total 3915 Soleil, 30 C Route: No 16 Saskatoon à Lloydminster   Aujourdh'ui nous avons roulé dans les prairies de la Saskatchewan, puits de pétrole, champs à perte de vue. Nous voyons de vieilles autos de toutes sortes derrière ...

1 More Sleep!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

1 More Sleep!

A travel blog entry by isbister

Hey all!! So i'm spending my last night in Saskatoon and boy am i sad... excited... and anxious.  i look forward to exploring new countries and meeting new friends.  Feel free to write on my blog. Let me know whats going on back at home and what ...

Day 1 :  2,417 Days Later, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 1 : 2,417 Days Later

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... ; The opening ceremonies happen tonight!        09:00 hrs CST Sharp! We depart our residence in Saskatoon on schedule.  We feel rested and our car's all tuned up for the big 1500 km (or ...

Choo-Choo!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by d-traveler

The first leg of the train (marked by the personnel shift change) stopped in 4 places: Jasper, Alberta (40 minutes), Edmonton, Alberta (10 minutes), Sasakatoon, Saskatchewan (10 minutes), and Winnepeg, Manitoba (~1 hour).  There was ...

Worlds longest bus journey, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Worlds longest bus journey

A travel blog entry by legoindiana


We arrived in Saskatoon after a 29 hour bus journey. This included a 4 hour stop in Edmonton which was strange as we had stopped their before. We saw more of the City this time and went for a walk and had a Coffee at Tim Horton's. We did not get much ...

Where it all began., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Where it all began.

A travel blog entry by jamesjwhite


Loose ends., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Loose ends.

A travel blog entry by jarryd.bryshun


... A quick double check of inventory and small family meeting with Charlie and Maggie and we were off! We flew out from Saskatoon airport at 7 pm direct to Vancouver. Saskatoon airport is much nicer with the new renovations! Comfy chairs! The first ...

Another Early Mornin' Flight !, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Another Early Mornin' Flight !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie

... ; I mean, who would catch a flight to Minneapolis and stay there in the middle of January.  I mean, we were cold in Saskatoon but they were even colder Minny!   Although the 'Mall Of America' is a major attraction, I'm sure most people ...

A Familiar Tune, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

A Familiar Tune

A travel blog entry by luv-n-laughter

... music on the radio and I drift in and out.  I had seen a sign a while back that we were within 66 kilometers of Saskatoon and only 12 till Borden, which is my favourite place along this road because of the old bridge that sits off to the side of the ...

Long travel home, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Long travel home

A travel blog entry by momcashe33


... big thank you to the helpful Westjet staff for taking good care of us. Now we wait two hours in Calgary for our flight to Saskatoon. Jeff will pick us up at the airport. We arrived home just before midnight. It seemed like forever since we had been home ...

It’s Not the Maritimes This Year Either, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

It’s Not the Maritimes This Year Either

A travel blog entry by luv-n-laughter

As had been our original plan last summer, we were again intending to visit the Maritimes. Unfortunately, we experienced a greater power and had to shift gears yet again. After a few health scares with members of our families we made the decision early ...

Day 5, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 5

A travel blog entry by 12gkids

Traveled from Regina Saskatchewan to Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada today, now that's a mouthful! No rain today, 75 degrees. Rolling hills and lots of farm land. Along the way saw what looked like a dead moose, and the truck that hit it looked pretty much ...

Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by morkyann


Stopped in Saskatoon on our way to south its a very pretty river valley ... Reminds us of the Edmonton river valley. We stayed at the Gordie Howe park in down town ...

Across two states (provinces), Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Across two states (provinces)

A travel blog entry by mcdonough


... is as we thought, as boring as Manitoba, plus it rained and rained and maybe it is not as flat (?).  Arrived in Saskatoon, nice surprise, built on a river so there is more trees around and hoping the sun will shine tomorrow, and as I am typing this ...

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