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Day 54, 55 & 56 Going French in Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 54, 55 & 56 Going French in Montreal

A travel blog entry by sschwaiger


... with Kyle & Grace, and they would have happily set up camp in their garden for the next week. But we had an appointment with Montreal, Canada, and had to get on with it as it was a 5-6 hour drive. Just over the border from New Hampshire into Vermont, ...

Retour à la maison / Back home, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Retour à la maison / Back home

A travel blog entry by siegfried_h.

Montréal ...

Auf dem Mont Royal in Montréal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Auf dem Mont Royal in Montréal

A travel blog entry by elli78


Auch heute wird vom Hostel wieder ein Stadtrundgang angeboten, den ich gerne mitmache. Wieso soll ich mir alleine durch die Straßen Montréals einen Weg suchen, wenn ich hier mit netten Leuten den halben Tag verbringen kann, dabei nicht mal überlegen ...

The Eagles have landed!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

The Eagles have landed!

A travel blog entry by strosequebec


... our students were well-behaved ( of course!) We made our connection in Winnipeg and got straight on to our flight to Montreal. In Montreal we were met by our Uniropa tour representative. Everyone's luggage arrived, and after a quick stop at the airport ...

Une semaine avant le grand départ, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Une semaine avant le grand départ

A travel blog entry by perleval


Et voilà... après le temps des Fêtes et une semaine bien remplie de préparatifs de voyage, je m'attaque enfin à mon site de voyage. Ce samedi soir je suis sortie avec des amis pour une soirée d'aurevoir. Après avoir mangé une bonne ...

Day 54 - Downtown, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 54 - Downtown

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... the rain got the better of us.  We took shelter in the Tourist Information Centre.  A very worth-while visit. Montreal has the largest underground connecting shopping mall in the world, bigger than the one we experienced in Toronto.  This ...

New Beginning, Montreal, Canada travel blog

New Beginning

A travel blog entry by erriuc


How do you leave your world behind in the pursuit of another one? This is the question I asked myself while looking at the landscape slowly changing as I was going from NYC to Arizona, on my 2 days bus tour across the USA. I have been working so ...

Les préparatifs, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Les préparatifs

A travel blog entry by xjiefx


Bonjour à tous! Il reste peu de temps avant notre départ.  Nous vous présentons donc notre Blog sur lequel nous mettrons nos photos et sur lequel vous pourrez nous suivre tout au long de notre périple. N'hésitez pas à laisser vos ...

Saint Joseph Du Mont, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Saint Joseph Du Mont

A travel blog entry by marty_sk

... and if I'm free tomorrow, could they take me out for dinner. Unfortunately these compliments come from a guy - the Village is Montreal's gay quarter. Walking back west I'm soon among the Jazz Festival and stop to listen to a few bands before moving into ...

Montreal, Montreal, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by wetwo

... Duty Free and they put it in a Tamper-Evident bag (in Paris) you can't carry it on for the second flight (in Montreal).  Again, checked luggage.  Everything made it however.  No real problems with customs.  We had to declare what ...

Un beau gros adieu, Montréal, Canada travel blog

Un beau gros adieu

A travel blog entry by hammerboy


Ma soirée de départ avec mes amis était cool, puis la fin de c'taffaire là me fesse en pleine face que je pars vraiment dans deux jours pour un mois. Les warriors de la soirée furent Dave Guis et Simon, je leur souligne un great job! J'ai même eu ...

Le rêve, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Le rêve

A travel blog entry by mikbelanger


English link :   J'écris ces premiers mots en croyant à peine à ce qui s'en vient. C'est un mélange d'excitation, de peur, de nervosité, d'engouement et d'humilité qui m'habite depuis quelques semaines déjà. ...

Mount Royale, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Mount Royale

A travel blog entry by louiseandblake


... 'New France' was colonised back in the days of Louis the 14th. FUN FACTS - They have very strict language restrictions in Montreal being a French-Canadian city so therefore French is majority of the residents first language. So if you were to ...

Last day Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Last day Montreal

A travel blog entry by caasie


 Right, this fantastic idea of keeping a travelling diary is becoming a pain in the neck. I just try to kind of space the days and photos and write little details and Mia writes a big very funny detailed stories. However, we just lost another entry ...

Cous Cous: Four months later, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Cous Cous: Four months later

A travel blog entry by segacs

"When we go to Morocco, I think we should have completely different names and be completely different people." - Penny Lane Perspective is a tricky thing. When you're somewhere, immersed in the experience, it's tough to be detached enough to let it all ...

Depart dans 13 jours..., Montreal, Canada travel blog

Depart dans 13 jours...

A travel blog entry by jfquebec


Je parts dans moins de 2 ...

Monteal, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by james24


... some aussies and weve been doing what they do best. party ! so today is not a good day at all. very bad infact ! So to montreal ..... its a fun place, my french not helping much as i dont know any . other than to ask for a drink or food. and even then ...

Day 58 - Saint Joseph's, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 58 - Saint Joseph's

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... in height to Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Its founder, Brother Andre, was recently canonized in the Vatican City as Canada’s first saint of the 21st century.  There has been a lot of media coverage of this over the last couple ...

Day 59 - Half-Way!!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 59 - Half-Way!!

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... seeing so many wonderful things.  Some statistics: Top five favourite places – Niagara Falls, The Rockies, Whistler, Montreal – Quebec City and the Okanagan Valley. Top three injuries – Sienna falling down the steps at Weir's ...

Day 12 Ottawa to Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Day 12 Ottawa to Montreal

A travel blog entry by colindaines


... browsed some of the stall and had M/T at a French bakery.....sooooo yummy! Back on the bus we made our way up to Montreal arriving just after lunch. A few drops of rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm for the group photo on the steps of Quebec's Supreme ...

Boston - Montreal (via Burlington, Vermont), Montreal, Canada travel blog

Boston - Montreal (via Burlington, Vermont)

A travel blog entry by fiscarlos


We took a local train out of Boston to start hitchhiking towards Montreal, Canada, via Burlington, Vermont. I had got a little out of the way, but with some walk could we get back to where we were headed. And then our hitching could begin... We got a ...

Día 9º ST.ALEXIS-DES-MONTS - MONTREAL, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by rglez

... Fax   514 954 2296 B HOLIDAY INN MIDTOWN MONTREAL (Turista Sup.), 2 noche(s)420 Sherbrooke, W, HWY 2, Quebec, Montreal, QC - Canad'' - Telf.  1 514 842 6111 Fax   1 514 842 9381 ...

Préparation, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by shaher


Après quelques faux départs, du à un manque certain de préparation, il faut bien quitter Montréal. Assurances, équipement moto, accessoires de camping et nouveaux pneus! Sans parler du transport au retour, de la maison, du logement à Vancouver (ou ...

Bonjour, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by emzeeb3


Bonjour So I have arrived safely in Montreal. I cheated and got a taxi from the bus station to the hostel because I couldn't actually see the street on the map that I looked at and neither could the driver! but we eventually found it in a tiny side ...

Hardware shopping and renovations, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Hardware shopping and renovations

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


Jenny still needed to do some stuff at her apartment in Montreal so we stuffed the car with some kitchen cabinets and a good deal of clothes and then drove the two hours to Montreal. We arrived and unloaded all of the stuff ...

Happy Birthday, Michael!, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Happy Birthday, Michael!

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


... down we came upon Place d' Armes Square, which features a statue of Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal. And right across the street stood one of the landmarks we wanted to visit--Basilique Notre-Dame. This has no resemblance ...

Going Global at the Biosphere, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Going Global at the Biosphere

A travel blog entry by globetrotters


... of the day. Perhaps it was our tired legs and feet--after all, we have undoubtedly walked the entire span of Centre-ville Montreal (above ground and underground) since we've been here. So a little sleeping in was in order; then breakfast and then out to ...

Départ de Montréal, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Départ de Montréal

A travel blog entry by mercakriko

Départ de Montréal.  Nous avons pu prendre l'avion de 5:30 pm au lieu de 7:30, pour être certain de ne pas manquer notre transfert à New York.  Heureusement que nous avons pu réserver un vol plus tôt, car nous n'avons pas décollé avant ...

Montreal, Montreal, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sepp


... noch das letzte Stueck richtung Montreal. Hier bin ich nun und verbringe meine letzten paar Tage, ich mach sozusagen Ferien. Montreal ist mit Quebec nicht zu vergleichen. Multikulturell und modern, mehr amerikanisch, aber mir gefaellts. Mal sehen was ich ...

Montreal Continued, Montreal, Canada travel blog

Montreal Continued

A travel blog entry by rflook

Right then so its been a couple of days since i last wrote so ill fill you in on what weve been up to. It wont be in any particular order though.\ Today we went up to the rather large lump in the middle of the city called Mount Royal (thats where ...

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