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The house is sold!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The house is sold!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


OMG, what a crazy week it has been.  Got the official offer letter from Australia on Sunday, by Monday night we were signing on with a Real Estate agent to sell our house.  Friday the house officially went on the market, Saturday was the first ...

Less than 2 weeks - plans and excitement grow!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Less than 2 weeks - plans and excitement grow!

A travel blog entry by burcsgoneagain

Hi All! Just under 2 weeks until I leave now. I am looking to try and wrap up a good portion of the accommodations I require in Zew Zealand this weekend. Only issue is our Loonie is diving right now against the Kiwi buck! Lost something like 5 cents in ...

Time for an update I suppose, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Time for an update I suppose

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

... last weekend (May long).  Neil joined us and it was a fun and relaxing weekend, and the weather was great compared to Calgary - it snowed here while we were away!!!  Meanwhile we were out in shorts and tank tops in the Okanagan! :)  Love ...

Impending Freedom, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Impending Freedom

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Wow. Can barely even sit still anymore. I am down to 7 more days of work. Then FREEDOM!!! Am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that pretty soon I can actually do things in the middle of the week, AND during the day! I realized this when I ...

I've survived!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

I've survived!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

I'm already almost through my first week at work. And it feels good. Really good. Who knew I would feel like this?! The job is actually really good - so much better suited to my personality, strengths, likes etc. So naturally I feel good in it. I ...

Update........., Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jellosoul

Hello again! Well after a week of cold weather and being a little under the weather myself, I finally got some of my trip pictures uploaded! Quite a feat for this computer challenged individual. Ah yes, loving modern technology now. So feel free to ...

Back where I started, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back where I started

A travel blog entry by caliadventure


Hello everyone! As I write this post I am so FROZEN! Just the other day I was in a place where it what 30 degrees Celsius and now, as I type this, it is minus 23. My mom told me that the whole time I was gone it did not snow, but the night I got home of ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulngail

The beginning of our Rocky mountain trip. See for pictures and blog entry for this ...

Making friends with squirrels, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Making friends with squirrels

A travel blog entry by coloneljames

... for you now, the architects of Calgary, in a moment sheer genious, created a series of enclosed elevated walkways through downtown Calgary called +15s (probably cos they're 15ft off the ground). So it's possible to walk nearly anywhere in the CBD without ...

Spring Hill R Park, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Spring Hill R Park

A travel blog entry by rayandchrista


... Calgary and on our way we stoped in at Fort Benson to see the Canadian Mounties and they put on a show for us, then off too Calgary. We arrived at the campground set up and then to a barbecue under the tent set up just for us. It tasted real good after a ...

Less than a year to go...?, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Less than a year to go...?

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

It hit me this morning - it's already February 1st. At this rate, this year will fly by so quickly and we'll be packing our bags, packing up our house and renting it out before we know it. Thank god! It also hit me that we had better start actually ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sepp


... Equipment ein Shop, in dem du alles fuers Campen kriegst, vom Salzstreuer bis zum Kajak. Am Freitag werde ich dann Richtung Red Deer starten, dieses Kaff liegt noerdlich von Calgary. Vielleicht schaffe ich es sogar noch ein paar Fotos ...

Excitement starting, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Excitement starting

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

... just started to get cold here in Canada and I am starting to say on a regular basis that it is time for me to leave Canada.  ;)  I'm sure people get so sick of hearing me say that.  haha So our current house is going on the market as of ...

The final entry, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The final entry

A travel blog entry by shelleygrant

I rehearsed how I would summarize my trip before I left. My poor friend Julian had been privy to my bi-polar emotions for days as I prepared mentally and emotionally for the final flight that would take me back home.    “‘It was the ...

Live long and prosper, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Live long and prosper

A travel blog entry by j_and_j


... . After that we went to Vulcan and saw the Enterprise and the visitor centre where you can dress up in Star Trek costumes and have your picture taken. It was a bit strange. Now we're in Calgary reading stories to Brenna and chatting with Ian and ...

And we

And we"\'Up,Up &Away!

A travel blog entry by tomdomlili

... . Yesterday, we said goodbye to my Mom & our pets and excitedly got into the old Tahoe for the very windy trip to Calgary. We were grateful to have been able to avoid the raging grass fire north of Ft. Macleod and arrive safely in the early evening at ...

So close..........., Calgary, Canada travel blog

So close...........

A travel blog entry by blaineafrica

Jan 31, all packed and ready to go. Gotta take Chino to the "dog hotel" this morning, then come back and tidy a few last minute things. Ben will be coming to get us this aft, then we have one last evening with them. Will try to ...

Surprise!!, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


Road trips are fantastic. Some more than others... but I'll get to that in a minute. ;) Well for us here in Canada, we had another long weekend. So of course, that means camping! John and I had wanted to head out to B.C. again, just like we did last ...

is this excitement... or panic?, still in calgary, Canada travel blog

is this excitement... or panic?

A travel blog entry by ajmawson

Hmm... just trying out this travel blog thing. The only thing I have to say is NO, Im still not packed yet! But... I did reserve a room in an auspiciously named budget hotel in Delhi. Its called: Cottage Yes ...

Quase Lá.., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Quase Lá..

A travel blog entry by mundodatata


Pooxa.. Tem vezes que eu me perco aqui dentro deste site. E olha que não há muitas coisas para se embaralhar.. Bom, o propósito era deixar um pouco dos meus "feelings" por aqui também.. Afinal, só faltam 6 dias.. E isso tá muito estranho. Até ...

Calgary - Stampede and beyond, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary - Stampede and beyond

A travel blog entry by lisa_liability


... looking busy...Saturday afternoon am going to the Football (Canadian footie is like NFL and Rugby Union combined) to watch the Calgary Stampeder's play Saskatchewan Roughies at our local stadium (can see it from my balcony). And at some point I'm going ...

Gratitude, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... Financial Independence (coaching class). Wow! It sounds like it is going to be heaps of fun! My instructor is actually from Calgary, and the class consists of all my favourite fellow students that have been in classes with me before. Should be tons ...

First day back to work, Calgary, Canada travel blog

First day back to work

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Today was my first day back to work, and it was really good!  Surprise, surprise!  I have been meaning to update lately, but keep getting stuck for words to express how I feel now that I am back home.  I still keep thinking that maybe ...

Time is tickin', Calgary, Canada travel blog

Time is tickin'

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... the Calgary Tower. wow. Ok, And I figured that yeah it would be our last official lunch together, so that might be mentioned. Calgary Tower though? Wow, impressive. Ok! So once we got there, there were some balloons at the table. Ok, maybe just to ...

What Did I Get Myself Into, Calgary, Canada travel blog

What Did I Get Myself Into

A travel blog entry by delfino1


When we first decided to try sailing we decided to take our lessons in the Bahamas and make a holiday out of it. We loved it although we were not sure what we were doing and thought we would try it again on our own the following year. The following ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by rodandshannon


... cat Basil Cato. It was slightly cooler than Vancouver, at about minus 20 degrees. But we had a great time, a little tour of Calgary, lots of good food, wine and music, and cross country skiing. There's a great park near their house where we skiied, ...

Canada, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mapoirat

Went on a RV trip with family all around ...

Trip Highlights & Funniest Moments, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Trip Highlights & Funniest Moments

A travel blog entry by ambrosetravel

We are now home safe and sound! Some trip highlights for you, followed by some of our funniest moments.  HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR VISITS: Amanda - Compassion visit – It was really cool seeing what Compassion is doing.  They are creating an ...

Departure Date finally chosen!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Departure Date finally chosen!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Well, I think we have finally chosen a departure date. November 1... yes, my birthday! I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday... leaving on our trip!! I would love nothing more than to be able to say "on my 32nd bday I left to travel the ...

Carmella's poem, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Carmella's poem

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

We've been having a discussion on Travelpod's forums about how many people think they can't travel like some of us do. Carmella (username: whereshegoes - a definite read!!) wrote a poem about it, and I thought I would share it. It's a bit of a harsh ...

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