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Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chris_rackley


... for a lot of photos (and not asked on occasion!) as westerners in this part of the world is much more rare than central Cambodia.  I was fairly ill for the next couple of days so missed out on some waterfalls, temples and jungley stuff but I decided ...

Borderline Cross crossing Cambodia's border, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Borderline Cross crossing Cambodia's border

A travel blog entry by miravakily


... . But oh well! I really don’t want to spend the night in a bus in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in northeastern Cambodia. There’s a spare tire on the back seat and the boot is full as well so Elijah, me and our two huge backpacks get ...

North-East: Crater Lakes, Karaoke and Dolphins, Krong Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

North-East: Crater Lakes, Karaoke and Dolphins

A travel blog entry by lisaptraveller


... - a lot of bad experience with giant cockroaches in Ratanakiri. So this sums up the end of another Lisa and Graeme epic adventure. Cambodia is checked off the list and now onto our Vietnam odyssey. It better be worth it as our tourist visas got $60 ...

Chup Rubber Plantation, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Chup Rubber Plantation

A travel blog entry by papadisu


This is one of five rubber processing planes in Cambodia. It was built by the French prior to Cambodia becoming independent and is now a private run facility that pays the government fees. The factory was only partially running today since it is still a ...

Kratie-Ratanakiri, wieder richtig Cambodianisch, Ratanakiri, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Kratie-Ratanakiri, wieder richtig Cambodianisch

A travel blog entry by hansiundcaro


Als uns der Bus um 8 Uhr vor dem Guest House abholte, sah das eigentlich nicht schlecht aus, ein etwas aelterer Minivan, aber nicht schlecht. Dann fuhren wir mal 1 Stunde durch die Stadt (eine sehr kleine Stadt, wir fuhren aber zu ca jedem Haus) und ...

What a glorious morning!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

What a glorious morning!

A travel blog entry by papadisu


The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and there is not a cloud in the sky. I woke at 6 am and went for a run around the lake in front of our hotel. I saw a couple if tourist runners and a local taking his ducks for a morning walk. Came back and ...

Koupani v krateru, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Koupani v krateru

A travel blog entry by eva-honza


... jsme si to strihli kratsi, ale o to horsi cestou ke krateru, skocili par salticek (Jenda) a vydali se pokracovat chillouvat. Banlung je temer na konci sveta, cesta k nemu je strastiplna, ale toto misto ma ducha a urcite stoji za to sem ...

Ban Lung!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ban Lung!

A travel blog entry by arsenalalice

... party in innocence, not knowing the direction things would turn, and of course then they were practically trapped. What a fascinating country Cambodia is. It is, without doubt, my favourite country to date. I love the people who are gentle and generous ...

Přejezd do Banlungu, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Přejezd do Banlungu

A travel blog entry by lukibali


Ráno mi pořád ještě není ůplně dobře, takže posílám Marťu na snídani samotnou. Naštěstí je to holka ůžasná a přinesla mi bagetu s medem, měl ...

Příprava na trek, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Příprava na trek

A travel blog entry by lukibali

Dnes opět trávíme ráno v posteli a po snídani, která také probíhá v posteli, usedáme opět k internetu. Voláme Jammymu, se kterým jsme měli včera schůzku, a domlouváme se ...

Enter and exit planet dust, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Enter and exit planet dust

A travel blog entry by andreoz


... they were killed by Hitler with a gun. Then he explained to me how it came that the roads connecting Banlung with the rest of Cambodia have improved so quickly. Commercial logging and gem mining are a major business in this area and Chinese investors are ...

Day 56, 57, 58 Banlung, Ratanakiri Province, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Day 56, 57, 58 Banlung, Ratanakiri Province

A travel blog entry by frenchrice


... day. Julia took a tuk-tuk back to our old hotel to get our bags and say goodbye to the french couple. Chris walked into town to buy a few things. We bought our tickets to Don Det, Laos, and the next day we will enter Laos and be finished with Cambodia. ...

Lakes and waterfalls, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Lakes and waterfalls

A travel blog entry by graybean


... accent if we would like to order. We were both dumb struck. We were in a fairly remote town in the middle of Cambodia, there was an obvious sign of poverty and very little sign of foreign influence or presence. The local girl explained she was being ...

Llegamos a Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Llegamos a Cambodia

A travel blog entry by golondrinos


... la salud mental. De todas maneras tratamos de que eso no afecte para formar una primera impresión. Decidimos empezar a recorrer Cambodia por un pequeño pueblo al noroeste, fuera del circuito turístico natural, seducidos por sus atractivos naturales: ...

day 327: 235 kilometres in 6 hours, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

day 327: 235 kilometres in 6 hours

A travel blog entry by ursburs

Combine my days 146 to 149, when I was hiking on New Zealand's Stewart Island, deduct some of the mud, add some roots, potholes and red dust, then imagine me on the back of a dirt bike. The good news is: My feet are not hurting any more than before. If ...

Biking, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by derekandjo


... off for Banlung, which is in the far North East, had a 5 hour bus journey and this time the roads were really bad, apparently unpassable in wet season, but we got to Banlung around 1830, in the dark so got Tut Tuk to notel and will explore in the ...

Inactive day, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Inactive day

A travel blog entry by padraicop

Due to my injuries I didn't get up to much. I got up for breakfast, and met the 2 french girls, Delphine and Florence, before they headed off on a 2 day trek, which I would have otherwise joined them on. I went back to my bedroom to keep cool, and read ...

Day 282: Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Day 282: Banlung

A travel blog entry by danielandai


We had a nice lazy morning and had breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel. We wanted to hire a scooter from the hotel but they ran out one so we went into the town and hired one for $4/day (cheaper than our hotel!).  We ended up using $1 for ...

A real adventure... Cambodian style, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A real adventure... Cambodian style

A travel blog entry by jessicalewin


... the least, but at least we were all ok and only a bit of money was lost. The next fiasco didn't help my opinion of Cambodia: Katie spotted animal poo under my bed, which actually turned out to be cat sick! The owner apologised saying his cat loved to eat ...

A day from hell that left me with a smile!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A day from hell that left me with a smile!

A travel blog entry by raniroo

The day promised to be sunny and dry as I packed my day pack for a 2 day adventure. The rest of my junk (a plastic bag with a few things in it) was stored at reception.  Darat met me on time with a bike and a helmet and we headed off into the ...

Waterfalls & Dirt, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Waterfalls & Dirt

A travel blog entry by kellyandbrendan


We caught a van that was 1/2 empty & comfortable up to the small town of Banlung in northeast Cambodia. We were dropped off in front of a guesthouse that tried to rope us in, but we turned them down. There's a lake in the north part of town that we ...

Sep 23, 2010, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Sep 23, 2010

A travel blog entry by pizzle505


Waterfalls and volcanic lake beauty, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Waterfalls and volcanic lake beauty

A travel blog entry by nataliegodliman


... is a cute town we spent exploring and sauntering around the lake. Natalie had been thinking of getting a tattoo whilst in Cambodia to signify her time here. Original thoughts felt half hearted though until she learnt the Khmer for gecko. After that we ...

Back on the bike, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Back on the bike

A travel blog entry by derekandjo


Went to Banlung to go trekking before we leave Cambodia, but the price to go is 75 dollars per person per day, Ridiculous and another guy said 25 dollars, from what we heard you could end up trapsing through a rubber plantation and ending up at half empty ...

Going a bit rural, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Going a bit rural

A travel blog entry by danandrach


... really branching out anywhere different so we did some research and changed direction completely and headed for Banlung in Ratanakiri on the northeast side of Cambodia. We wanted to experience the real Cambodia and this place looked like a great ...

Rôtânôkiri\moundolkiri, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by liob


I had fun. Don't have energy to write about this now. ...

Some of Cambodia's beautiful scenary, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Some of Cambodia's beautiful scenary

A travel blog entry by cameron_zac


We arrived nice and early on the 19th in Ban Lung which allowed us to full get our bearings on the area and get to grips with what we might want to do there for the next couple of days. We were quickly swept off by a very friendly Khmer man who spoke ...

The Khmer Wedding Crashers, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

The Khmer Wedding Crashers

A travel blog entry by miravakily


... life even though they lived side by side. We had to skip the waterfall and the last village because of time and ploughed it back to Banlung to get there before it got dark. I’m a bit gutted that we didn’t get to go to the waterfall because a ...

cambodia!!!!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by simonandtally


Tally writing... Today we all (isi, maja, Simon and I) entered Cambodia! We decided to first visit 'banlung' as we read about a deep blue lagoon near a volcano that you can rent innertubes and float around all day... But before reaching there we ...

Weer een nieuw avondtuur en een nieuw land, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Weer een nieuw avondtuur en een nieuw land

A travel blog entry by tombeekman


... Ik begin te houden van fit soort dreigementen. Wat ik al zei.. alles voor het geld. Ik was de enige die richting Banlung ging. Iedereen ging rechtstreeks naar Siem Reap, wat mijn volgende bestemming zou worden. Had was een gedoe om tussen de menigte ...

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