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About Soccer, Cachaca, Inka-Sundance and Gay´s..., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

About Soccer, Cachaca, Inka-Sundance and Gay´s...

A travel blog entry by simonryser


Hei ho, i bis widermau! Wow isch das e Tag xi, huet! Hei e Schiffstour gmacht ir Bucht vo Parati. Huet morge  am eufi hei mr im Hafe abgleit u si oeppe am vieri wider zruegg xi. Ungerwaegs heimr gsuennelet (Uese Tourguide het aextra e ...

Uruguay, Iguazu, and Southern Brazil, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Uruguay, Iguazu, and Southern Brazil

A travel blog entry by lizette

... ) At last I am catching up on all exciting things that have taken place during my two weeks through Uruguay and Southern Brazil. Although Uruguay doesn't have the same thrilling vibe as Argentina and Brazil, I found myself enjoying my time there a lot. ...

Back to paradise, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Back to paradise

A travel blog entry by laurenmckowen


... night, home by 2am. Sunday 12 December i tanned all all dya and swam all day, it was such a beautiful day!!!!Went to paraty for the evening, what a cute colonial town, bought the boys their ticket for Sao Paolo,met one of meghans friends there too, had ...

Tobaga Cachoeira, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Tobaga Cachoeira

A travel blog entry by lizsgear


This morning we took a bus to Prenha to see the thrill ride-like water slide waterfall in Prenha, Tobaga cahoeira (cachoeira being the Brazilian Portuguese word for waterfall.) You arrive in the middle of more high green mountain jungle, then see the ...

Surfing in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Surfing in Paraty

A travel blog entry by stevebecks


... and were up for some Brazilian beach action in Paraty. Juan Luis had already whetted our appetite by saying that Paraty was his favourite place in Brazil, so were were looking forward to our couple of days there as we boarded the plane for Sao Paulo. ...

Busreis naar Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Busreis naar Paraty

A travel blog entry by ikkeao


Following the stunning coastline south, we come to colonial Parati, an old pirate town with streets made of stone slabs designed to let the tide wash over and clean them. You have an option to go on a full day boat cruise around the bay with plenty of ...

Paraletic in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraletic in Paraty

A travel blog entry by lucasandaimz


... Safety in South America! She got in at 2.30 and we left at 3...sleepy day for Aimz! Lucas's assumptions of Aimz' highlights of Paraty. - getting to speak a lot of Spanish and it all coming back to her after a long time with no practice - hanging out with ...

Ilha do Mel and Paraty, Brazil, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Ilha do Mel and Paraty, Brazil

A travel blog entry by antipodean


... for a short beach visit. That was my beautiful island experience in South America, which was a well deserved break on my holiday. Paraty is about 4 hours south of Rio de Janeiro and possibly one the prettiest places I have seen. The old town is still ...

Paraty & Paradise MK2 Trinidade, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty & Paradise MK2 Trinidade

A travel blog entry by drcajunstyle


... round the old town and saw most of what was there to see, which was mostly nice old buildings that were pretty much identical. Paraty is definitely not the most exciting place we have been and after checking out the old town and the docks we felt we had ...

Sick slides, Spontaneous friends, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Sick slides, Spontaneous friends

A travel blog entry by kiwi_surfer


... road. It's a bewildering sight to see horse and carriage trotting through sill water, after a hard down poor of rain. Buses leave Paraty every 1 -2 hours to picturesque beaches and waterfalls near bye. I stand at the bus station, unsure which one to take. ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by midgesrtw


... to their luxury super yachts moored out in the bay. This is definitely a lifestyle one could quickly become accustomed to! Paraty came into existence with the arrival of early Portuguese settlers, but the discovery of gold in the 17th century contributed ...

Paraty ==> Ilha Grande, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty ==> Ilha Grande

A travel blog entry by ouestcharly_ams


départ de Paraty pour Ihla Grande (2h de bus et 1h de bateau) Ihla Grande est une ile sauvage qui a était recemment innondé (en décembre) journée tranquille, repos Voilà quelques photos du ...

Last stop, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Last stop

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


It was a very long way from Bonito to Paraty, basically 3 drive days through not very interesting scenery, sugar cane and soya green but boring. The road was straight and uneventful, we slept a lot it was hot and the wet. The campsite at Paraty was pretty ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by davelauren

... 're the best!). Venus and I also dragged Dave and Rob around to every store that sold Havaianas in search for the elusive Brazil style for Venus and the Superman style for the littlest Ridge Kidd! I got lucky but unfortunately Venus did not :-( We all ...

Rock slides, rice and rum, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Rock slides, rice and rum

A travel blog entry by nikstravel2010


... tan and be merry.. so these two blogs will be quite short! nevertheless some news to share so press on i shall! so paraty! was beautiful. unfortunately we had to get the haides bus to get there. 28 hours is not nice particularly when the bus smells ...

Beach life and Sailing, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Beach life and Sailing

A travel blog entry by ness_knibbs

We left Bonito a day early so we could spend a day on the beach at Ubatuba, 60km south of ...

Life's a beach!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Life's a beach!

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


... click soon and I’ll be bilingual when I return. So since our last post we have been staying in a quaint town called Paraty. It really is beautiful with an old historic centre which has big cobble stone roads where cars are not allowed but a horse ...

Brazil, Paraty (Parati): (

Brazil, Paraty (Parati): ("River of Fish")

A travel blog entry by ninaholidays


Mon 6.10.08: Brazil, Paraty (Parati): ("River of Fish") PERSONAL: A night 12hr bus ride through busy and smog São Paulo and along the coastline before reaching Paraty. Not long after arriving in town and taking to exploring the many cobblestone ...

A party in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

A party in Paraty

A travel blog entry by mattandlou


... drive along the coast from Rio. The scenery was beautiful with lush green forest, white beaches and small islands. Our hotel in Paraty was a small locally run hotel and was really lovely. The standard of accommodation on the tour so far has been really ...

Birthday in Paraty and stuff, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Birthday in Paraty and stuff

A travel blog entry by lizsgear


... Anna and I left Ilha Grande via a 2 hour ferry journey to Angra dos Rois and a 2 hour bus journey from there to Paraty. The road was incredibly scenic, with dramatic mountain scapes and jungle, the bus driver had little respect for speed limits and raced ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... the town, not strenous at all and good views, but surprise surprise it started raining when we reached the top, so started waking quickly back down again!  Paraty....pretty town, but too rainy and damp to really enjoy to the fullest ...

The Tour de Cake, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

The Tour de Cake

A travel blog entry by elmoshark


... Helen, and we did manage to overtake a couple of old guys on bikes and one with a horse and cart! The really good thing about Brazil is that the cake-bus always seems to be in town! It is offered at every meal in every shape and form - the Pousada we ...

Paraty - Beautiful little town, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Paraty - Beautiful little town

A travel blog entry by sharor


... than it was last year - the dreaded R word I´d say is having that effect although they are not in a recession here in Brazil.  The breakfast was huge, lovely scrambled eggs, bread, cheese, yoghurt drink, lime drink, fruit and nice cake so it filled ...

The start of the journey- BRAZIL!!, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Sao Paolo, Brazil travel blog

The start of the journey- BRAZIL!!

A travel blog entry by hilletulp


... Green Coast), a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro.  The road to Paraty was indeed stunning, a winding corridor of beach on one side and rolling green hills on the other.  The main thing we ...

So you know Karate?  Well I know Paraty., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

So you know Karate? Well I know Paraty.

A travel blog entry by geoffmean


... out why it was weird to go from Sao Paulo to Rio without any stops. I don`t even really like beaches, but I loved Paraty.  Apparently it`s usually really quiet there, but because it was Easter weekend, a lot of Paulistas and Cariocas had driven ...

monock butterfly, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

monock butterfly

A travel blog entry by jackalexandroff


... the morning I joind the Canadians again as they set off to the bus station, bound for Trinidad. Trinidad was a beach down from paraty that was pretty famue for its beauty.            The bus was a ...

Quaint But Fun, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Quaint But Fun

A travel blog entry by jl_bigtrip


... dedicated to selling cachaça, with entire walls of different bottles of the spirit. They like their cachaça, the Brasilians do ! While Paraty is not a surfing centre like Florianópolis, it does have a couple of modest beaches, and here we find the ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by alisoncuddy


... in the streets, (I know I can get lost anywhere) but that was a great way to see the area.  There was a beautif ul waterfront with colonial churches and lots of fancy shops.  A few Caiparinias (national drink of Brazil) helped finish off the ...

Parati - Brazil's historic cities, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Parati - Brazil's historic cities

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. ...

Corcovado, Ilha Grande and Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Corcovado, Ilha Grande and Paraty

A travel blog entry by david-collie


Hi! I´m writing to you from Paraty, a colonial village on the south east coast. We´ve been away for a while on an island called "Ilha Grande". This literally translates as "big island", and is a holiday destination for both Brazilians and ...

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