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Upwards to Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Upwards to Tarija

A travel blog entry by jathomaz


... ; From the gravel road-they need a designation on the maps: goat trail!  Because that is what we were on. I stayed in Tarija for quite awhile, trying to put some $ back, and studying Spanish, because here, there was not really a word of English ...

Tarrying in Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tarrying in Tarija

A travel blog entry by 2monkeys


From cochabamba we took a night bus to sucre, the former capital of Bolivia. It is known as the white city for the colour of the buildings in the centre. The building were beautiful and colonial, but we found that most of the things we wanted to visit ...

Lovely Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Lovely Tarija

A travel blog entry by jeff-and-rach


First impressions here - we love Bolivia! Tarija is a cute little town, with beautiful plazas filled with roses and old style lamp posts. The town is very 'original' and by that we mean unspoilt by tourism. We didn't come across any other western ...

Une journée à Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Une journée à Tarija

A travel blog entry by garion


... juste toquer à la porte de sa maison. On a ensuite marché vers le centre ville. La veille, j'avais fais des recherches sur Tarija dans un cyber, et j'étais tombé sur un forum où ils parlaient d'une certaine vallée des condors, avec des randos dans ...

Where am I?, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Where am I?

A travel blog entry by doovy


... some reason). Which is not uncommon for a Bolivian town. What was uncommon was that the city had no business being in Bolivia! Tarija is Bolivia's wine growing region, boasting the world's highest vineyards (up to 3,000 m). The LP stated that the city ...

Santa really DOES fly all around the world., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Santa really DOES fly all around the world.

A travel blog entry by louper


Fin du trek et départ de Rosillas, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Fin du trek et départ de Rosillas

A travel blog entry by garion


... suis resté dehors. A 15h30, un taxi nous a ramené à Tarija. On venait vraiment de passer des jours de rêve à Rosillas... A Tarija, on a retrouvé l'agitation de la ville. Moi aussi je commençais à me sentir faîblichon. On allait faire 15h de bus, ...

Bolivia here I come!!, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia here I come!!

A travel blog entry by cailintaisteal


... Emily Sara and I will do salt flats together and the to make things better they have fluent Spanish!! So we arrive in Tarija at 7am and straight away you can see the difference between the two countries, things seem very different here! The way people ...

The home of 'fine' Bolivian wine..., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

The home of 'fine' Bolivian wine...

A travel blog entry by wildkriv


... ambiance of the vineyard.  After tasting another bottle we bought a couple more for Christmas Day including a tasty Malbec. Bolivia is one of the few countries to  have banned McDonald's.  Indeed it is written within the constitution not ...

ff pinnen, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

ff pinnen

A travel blog entry by micheleen


... was echt geen mogelijkheid om geld te halen in dat dorp. We hadden buskaartjes gekocht voor de nachtbus naar enige mogelijkheid...en zouden gisteravond om 20.30 uur vertrekken....jaja, zouden.....het regende zoooo verschrikkelijk gisteravond ...

This Must Be The Place, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

This Must Be The Place

A travel blog entry by elwoodskeets


... much for the vino but it was an experience. Next we visited what our guide Carlos jokingly called “The Grand Canyon of Tarija”, a gorge carved by a swift moving river.  Afterwards we went to a hole in the wall restaurant for lunch where I ...

Red China Dragon Van, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Red China Dragon Van

A travel blog entry by elwoodskeets


... day early with his 6 member family.  For a minute I thought we would be rolling 15 deep which is supposedly typical for Bolivia.  After some discussions a couple of people postponed their trip a day and we only took 13.  The delay cost us ...

May 15, 2011, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

May 15, 2011

A travel blog entry by tcsaman


Wk21 The week from traveller's hell, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Wk21 The week from traveller's hell

A travel blog entry by delyths


Ouverture d'une nouvelle porte, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Ouverture d'une nouvelle porte

A travel blog entry by tiago.matias


... des arrêts fréquents pour ce faire un salaire de plus ce que fait en tout  2 heure de retard à l’arrive. Tarija est une ville assez grande, perche dans une vallée entoure par des hautes montagnes. On a visité les marches impressionnant, ...

Back Home, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Back Home

A travel blog entry by wakusrgh


« Diva, c'est Patrick. Patrick il est gentil. » Maurice, dresseur de chiens De retour à Tarija. Adhemar a été remplacé par un chien à tendances psychopathes. Je donne un coup de main à Mauricio pour les cours d'anglais, chuis trop heureux ...

Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by cankuna


... , partyreiche Tage mit den 4 verrueckten Franzosen. Weiter ging es fuer einen Tag nach Villamontes und von dort aus nach Samaipata... Allein die Fahrt durch die Berge von Tarija war wieder mal ein Highlight. Welch eine beeindruckende unberuehrte ...

The commute to Sucre continues, Tarija & Santa Cruz, Bolivia travel blog

The commute to Sucre continues

A travel blog entry by pestef


... proceeded to occupy a park bench in the plaza for a couple of hours, the beautiful morning sun welcoming us to Bolivia.   Tarija took us a little by surprise. The drive in, although spectacular in terms of scenery, left us anticipating ...

BX lads on (wine) tour, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

BX lads on (wine) tour

A travel blog entry by harrietmarsden


... more difficult to lie or conceal the truth when face to face with someone, rather than over paper. Another example of classic Bolivia – I headed to the supermarket the evening before the census, to pick up some supplies, where I was greeted with ...

Bolivie!, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregdevaz


... de les comprendre). Sinon ils sont très sympas et conduisent super bien (très polis, font super attention, ...). Arrivée à 2h du matin à Tarija, taxi jusqu'à un bon hôtel du guide (on l'a bien mérité!) où on réveille la permanence. Hôtel 3 ...

Bolivia´s wine district, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia´s wine district

A travel blog entry by ullaventham


... far too sweet and the red a bit sour but they had a little restaurant with good food where we had lunch. Soon time to leave Bolivia but I will miss this country that never ceases to amaze me. We got to get out because the road blockages by the health care ...

Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandhelen


... 3 pounds and chicken with veg and rice was around 4 pounds. Incredible! We think we´re going to like Bolivia very much! Over the next few days in Tarija we continued to be amazed at the prices, despite the fact that Tarija is more affluent than the ...

Open the businesses, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Open the businesses

A travel blog entry by ontyfrench


... good at single with private bathroom, have the TV, fan, the glass curtain in a shower (gosh, that's best ever I have shower in Bolivia. Also, been travelling in had no shower curtains so spray over the wet on the floor in a washroom.) the bed is really ...

Wine, Meat & Cheese - It's relaxing time, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Wine, Meat & Cheese - It's relaxing time

A travel blog entry by zoeandluke


... was really refreshing in a cocktail. Their production is pretty modern and wouldn’t look out of place in Australia. Bolivia has major issues with exporting due to not having a coastline but this year they are going to be exporting ...

Tupiza to Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tupiza to Tarija

A travel blog entry by kathshier

... with a herd of cows! The descent down the mountain seemed to take ages but eventually we got down to level ground and arrived in Tarija which we both felt had an Italian feel to it. Thankfully they dropped us at the hostel we had picked out (basic room ...

Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wakusrgh


... coup de Doble-V et de ma liqueur de coca faite maison à base de Ceibo (deux boissons que j'ai contribué à populariser à Tarija). Danse traditionnelle chapaca, etc etc. On fait la teuf quelques dernières fois avec mes potes d'ici. Carla, ...

A Captivating Little City, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

A Captivating Little City

A travel blog entry by seaplaneadvent


... group.  When their order arrives it is hamburgers and milkshakes.  They all have i-phones.  Are we really in Bolivia!?  As we ponder this scenario, suddenly there is a loud popping sound.  Fireworks are exploding over the ...

Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by garth_travel


... sure if it was because we were near the boarder of Chile, but we saw new cars driving the streets, felt more like Europe than Bolivia. The wine tours here were a lot more experience then what we had thought, being about $40Aus for a 3 hour tour which ...

Springtime in Bolivia's Wine Country, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Springtime in Bolivia's Wine Country

A travel blog entry by lisasadventures


... good and not too overpoweringly sweet. Finally we were given their sangani to taste. Sangani is a distiller grape wine popular in Bolivia, not too dissimilar tasting to vodka. It was smooth and surprising didn't burn in the mouth, but stung your throat ...

Into the wilds, Cordillera of Sama Biologial Reserve, Bolivia travel blog

Into the wilds

A travel blog entry by char_y

... washing lines before it blew away! Anyway the storm went and we woke and got on a very crowded and long bus back to Tarija. The Sama walk and experience was amazing, to see the community working together to fix the roof, to see the deserted and peaceful ...

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