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A travel blog entry by maplefanta

... him to Germany where he could bring me to Frankfurt. After some thought I accepted and it was now time for me to leave to Brussels for the last night before leaving on Friday with him. I spent most of the morning sitting in the sun in the garden talking ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellygrugan


... that day and seeing some people in silly costumes reminded me a little bit of Fasching in Munich.  We also happened to be in Brussels on the day their new Metro was opened so we were about as lost on the train as most of the locals!  We headed ...

Making Friends, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Making Friends

A travel blog entry by ainaz


... the beautiful town of Louven and a companion for the ride to Brussels.  Thank you Vicky and Elizabeth. Again asking directions in Brussels leading to new friendships, a costly night at the bar (I only had one beer, but I lost my wallet so it turned ...

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes

A travel blog entry by thetembas


... neighborhoods could be mistaken for Kinshasa and that is no exageration. Julius fit in as well as Sara, except for the fact that he wasn't speaking French. After Brussels and the big city life we took the train an hour away to Tourist Heaven, ...

Brussels:  A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!

A travel blog entry by rachandshan


... them a little wheelchair aware. Not so really!! This was a hard city for us to get around. But we trudged on because Brussels has something that nobody else has. In fact it’s a very special person who has become Internationally famous. He has more ...

Brussels - Day 13, Ixelles, Belgium travel blog

Brussels - Day 13

A travel blog entry by tammyandsteve


... out too much tonight since we got in so late in the day. We plan to explore tomorrow. We also finally got to wear short sleeves today. It was actually warm in both Amsterdam and Brussels. I am going to wear everything I brought with me at least ...

Belgium: Waffles and Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium: Waffles and Chocolate

A travel blog entry by hollyplunkett


... about half an hour, plenty of time to spare! All I can say is thank god for flight delays.  As soon as we arrived in Brussels, the first thing we smelt were hot waffles. Straight away we knew we had picked the right city! We each had a waffle, I had ...

Lets go somewhere that's open, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Lets go somewhere that's open

A travel blog entry by davefrendy


... having just arrived we were able to get some fresh water and what have you. We were planning on catching the Thalys to Brussels (it's a slightly more expensive high-speed train) except that there were no eurail seats available on it and we would have had ...

Chocolates and Beer..., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Chocolates and Beer...

A travel blog entry by chezstar

... meet sooo many awesome people and you feel like you have known them forever. Travelled on the awesome Europe train system to Brussels - it took 1 and a half hours and cost 11 Euros!!! BARGAIN!!! After an awesome nights sleep in a HOTEL!!!! i ...

Flight to Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Flight to Brussels

A travel blog entry by 3passes3peaks

December 3, 2014 We arrived in Brussels after a 9.5 hour flight from New Dehli tired and anxious to be home. Although the same plane would take us to Toronto we had to deplane with our cabin baggage, go through security (this was real security - not the ...

Brussels: Chocolate, Waffles, and Peeing Boys, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: Chocolate, Waffles, and Peeing Boys

A travel blog entry by mlp5176


... the planes waiting to take off.  This was going to be a good trip. We had high expectations for what awaited us in BrusselsBelgium waffles…from BELGIUM?!?!  Yes, please.  Throw in some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and you have ...

Day 32 - Waterloo Event - girls in Luxembourg, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day 32 - Waterloo Event - girls in Luxembourg

A travel blog entry by sadbag


The big day - 0900 hrs train to Braine L'alleud and a bus to Waterloo. What a great day - it was crowded and touristy but well worth the effort. We climbed the mound, viewed the cyclorama painting and walked down to Hougomont.  Peter (bless him) ...

I believe I can fly...., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

I believe I can fly....

A travel blog entry by mendekie


Het vliegtuig was groot, althans dat vond ik. In het voorste gedeelte allemaal kleine cabines, voor de bussines class. Daarachter waren de stoelen voor ons gewone burgers ( en Max de militair), wat nog steeds wel luxe was. De tv's in de hoofdsteunen ...

Bienvenue à Bruxelles!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Bienvenue à Bruxelles!

A travel blog entry by iainabroad


... the Arcade Cinquantenaire, which looks a bit like a cross between the Arc de Triomphe and the Brandenburg Gate. - Wondered why Brussels was chosen to be the political capital of Europe.  I'm thinking all the Eurocrats came for the same reasons I ...

Mussels in Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Mussels in Brussels

A travel blog entry by ameng


... result. As I said, it was a lazy day, so the furthest from the hostel we ventured was to a nearby grill house, surprisingly named "Brussels Grill", and it was a good finish to the day.   14th May, 2012 The hostel didn't provide free breakfast, so we ...

Brussels, Bruges, and Back, Brussels and Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Brussels, Bruges, and Back

A travel blog entry by eblakemore


... Day One - Friday 10/24: It was a rainy and glum morning when we boarded the double-decker 'Megabus' that would take us to Brussels, Belgium. If you've ever taken Megabus before (both inside and outside of the U.S. you know it can be a bit insufferable). ...

Belgium for Beginners, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium for Beginners

A travel blog entry by cascademayer

... , which wasn’t done all weekend. However, everyone was coming back so I kept getting distracted and telling everyone how Brussels was and asking about their weekends so homework didn’t actually get started until after dinner, but I still was ...

Explore Date #1, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Explore Date #1

A travel blog entry by mauveme


Morning all - well nearly afternoon. I slept for over 12 hours last night. Getting hayfever and left the bee pollen tablets in London! Doh! Off to get some anti-h's when I leave to explore again today. Went into the city (a whole 3+kms away) via tram ...

Crazy soldiers at Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Crazy soldiers at Waterloo

A travel blog entry by ewilson

So, when we went to Waterloo there were a bunch of people dressed up in classic French soldier uniforms with muskets having a battle with blanks amonongst themselves. It was quite entertaing to watch. They were part of a group that does that sort of ...

Brussels: Grime and Splendor, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: Grime and Splendor

A travel blog entry by kurtmills


For all that Brugge was with its Medieval canals and cozy-quaint feeling, Brussels was the opposite with large boulevards with tons of cars, the immense European Quarter, large multinational headquarters and the huge Royal Palace. There was an interesting ...

Beer, chocolate and waffles?, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Beer, chocolate and waffles?

A travel blog entry by clgs


... the movie starring David Wenham or because you went to a Catholic school in the 1960s. Tuesday we spent the day in Brussels visiting some of the local spots including:    the Grand Place/Grote Markt, the famous Mannekin Pis fountain, the ...

still driving., Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium travel blog

still driving.

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors

... of hitting one of the others. Belgium is that small.  We got off the train at 10pm and were near the other side of Belgium by midnight.  we have woken to a Fleet?(or is it a flock) of balloons drifting accross the morning mist. It was spectacular to ...

A weekend in Brussels, Part I, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

A weekend in Brussels, Part I

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


I figured since I made such good progress with the car and the house, that I'd escape and spend a weekend in Brussels. It was a quick ride, only 30 minutes on the train. I got to the hotel, threw my bags down, and went out to experience the Brussels ...

Let the trip begin! - Belgium, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Let the trip begin! - Belgium

A travel blog entry by klauridsen


... an almost perfectly preserved medieval town; compete with knights and coats of arms on various buildings.  One hour from Brussels by train though the countryside littered with windmills and small hamlets and, you arrive only to be instantly beckoned ...

Gettin' Brusseled, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Gettin' Brusseled

A travel blog entry by kmmccall


... tiny statue of a boy peeing - Mady told us that the Belgians love it because it represents their ironic sense of humour.  Brussels is a really interesting city, it is in the French part of Belgium so everyone speaks French, but all of the signs are ...

Belgium, Belgium, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynda.30

Roadtrip ...

This Land is Your Land, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

This Land is Your Land

A travel blog entry by sarahmarceca


This past weekend my three roommates and I took a 4 day trip to Brussels, Belgium. Basically to sum up our trip: they weren't kidding when they said the Belgium chocolate and waffles are the best. To be honest I had no idea what to expect Belgium to be ...

Day Nine Thurs May 22, Brugge, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day Nine Thurs May 22, Brugge

A travel blog entry by frankandcarolyn


... , like all tourists, we have a list of other things to seek:  lace, chocolate, beer, cheese, waffles, Flemish stew, and Belgium fries (not French fries).  We are happy to report that, except for waffles, we achieved all the others!!  Good ...

Brussels- home of the MOST beer, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels- home of the MOST beer

A travel blog entry by zoharl


... I may as well just take the other and buy them a beer at the bar tonight. Speaking of the bar, there's one in Brussels called Delirium where I ended up last night with two Australian men, a group of Scottish students, and an American who works for ...

No sprouts to be found, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

No sprouts to be found

A travel blog entry by burles

... walk around, but compared to the places I've already visited, not the most interesting. As many of you know, I planned to be in Brussels during the musical fireworks. These I am proud to say, I was able to see. They were pretty cool, definately the most ...

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