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Eurodam Cruise March 30 - Day 1, Some where in Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas travel blog

Eurodam Cruise March 30 - Day 1

A travel blog entry by jklezok


This entry is going to be a little different, we are on the cruise for 14 days, so this entry will be a conglomerate of entries and pictures for the cruise over to Europe.   The weather is beautiful again. We had a storm last night with lightning ...

Day one and not without incident, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Day one and not without incident

A travel blog entry by lafalot


Oh where oh where should I start. I know, how about my flight. There we are, all snug and buckled in our seats on the plane and anxious to head out to Nassau. We wait and we wait, and we wait some more. I look out the window and the area on the ...

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas, great inagua, Bahamas travel blog

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas

A travel blog entry by ayack

13.01.09 : As you understood, i'm now going to the Bahamas and Nassau will be my next stop. We left St Martin two days ago with a good and fair wind. We arrived really quickly on the British Virgin Islands : Anegada, virgin Gorda or ...

"What happens in Nassau..."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost

... starter... Anyway, back to it, we got talking to this gentleman who also had family that had connections with the islands in the Bahamas. He was travelling to spend a couple of days in Nassau for a wedding he was attending. After the flight we ended up ...

"I know this is all a bit overwhelming..."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost

Arriving in San Salvador was - to say the very least - tough. Aside from the crushing hangover, lack of sleep, the broken air conditioning on the plane to the island, and travelling alongside a leather (and now canary yellow trilby, what was thought to ...

Cruising towards Nassau in the Bahamas!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Cruising towards Nassau in the Bahamas!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... right behind me, the driver of the vehicle drove towards the bridge connecting Nassau to Paradise Island, an island in the Bahamas where the gorgeous resort Atlantis is located. From the distance, we could see its towering structure! Monique   ...

"So you got a boyfriend...?"

A travel blog entry by paradiselost


 And in the news today...  The week started with July 4th celebrations on behalf of my American buddies. You would think that by now I would have understood the workings of my body and realised that drinking on an empty stomach was only going ...

The fledglings leave the nest., wardrick wells, Bahamas travel blog

The fledglings leave the nest.

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors


Our last night on New Prividence island naturally came with sundowners. Those important few drinks with fellow yachties to watch the sun go down.  We swap stories, Make plans for the next day and talk about..well... boats. There is a tradition ...

THE BAHAMAS  ISLAND - NASSAU, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


On board the ship -SEABREEZE After breakfast we come to the port. Seeing our small ship just next to a huge one I thought that I better leave.  I was not going to get in that small sailing boat!! I had no choice!  Anyway the cruise was nice, ...

Fox Town and Great Sale Cay, Fox Town, Bahamas travel blog

Fox Town and Great Sale Cay

A travel blog entry by delfino1


Our Final Two Stops in the Bahamas  We arrived at Foxtown late in the afternoon after motoring half way and then finally able to put up the sails.  We had 10 to 14 knots of wind on a close reach but Fabio managed to get up to 5 to 6 knots. ...

Touring the Island, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Touring the Island

A travel blog entry by lafalot


Today I got to leave work early again, mainly to save my sanity - what little there is of it. I decided to visit a few sights I hadn't found yet. One was Queen Elizabeth's stairway. I also wanted to see the US Embassy. The other was the government ...

Last morning in Broome, Cable Beach, Australia travel blog

Last morning in Broome

A travel blog entry by haleyo


Woke up five minutes ago in my own King size soft bed with my cat creeping up for a cuddle (one way cuddle of course- he gives away nothing). I won't sleep in my bed again until Australia Day. Looking forward to sleeping in these places! Broome is so ...

Day 9: Strolla gets Grounded, Bimini, Bahamas travel blog

Day 9: Strolla gets Grounded

A travel blog entry by mbust02


... or wait till at least wednesday or thursday for the winds to change. All of us simply happy enough just to have made it to the bahamas decided we'd wait in the Bimini's for a couple days. Our week spent in the Bimini's was rather uneventful. It is the off ...

"One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night..."

A travel blog entry by paradiselost

Someone I recently met told me about this poem which I thought was fun so decided to share it with you all... "Ladies and Gentlemen, Hobos and Tramps, Bug-eyed mosquitoes and bow-legged ants, I come before you to sit beside you, To tell you a story I ...

Bahamas, Bahamas, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by robthurston

I am just setting these up. I will come back to write more ...

Longest Wait, Freeport, Bahamas travel blog

Longest Wait

A travel blog entry by hecqs


The longest wait..... I made a reservation by phone for Westernair.... at the airport, my reservation bacame nevermention...... no more seats available... Made it to Bahamasair for the 8:15 pm flight and was delayed to 8:30 and then 9:30pm. I was ...

Nowhere else but here, Cable Beach, Australia travel blog

Nowhere else but here

A travel blog entry by haleyo


The adventure begins tomorrow! We have had two weeks off work to prepare for our six week trip to Bali so naturally we are doing all of our preparation today...with filthy hangovers to boot. We had a well large night at the Mangrove last night, which ...

The Real Bahamas, Saddleback Cay, Bahamas travel blog

The Real Bahamas

A travel blog entry by hecqs


... we were also greeted by the local stingray..... and a little historical tour of the island..... and a moment on a sandbar.... This is privately owned cay (pronounced as key) ... 44 of them owned by one person. I would say this is one real ...

National Family Island Regatta, George Town, Bahamas travel blog

National Family Island Regatta

A travel blog entry by delfino1


April 21 to 25 was the Island Regatta here in Georgetown.  There were four classes of boats for the races, with the races going the Wednesday thru Saturday.  There was some serious sailors out there sailing as you could here if you had your ...

Nassua, Nassua, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by lc65259

I am finally here!!!! I haven't seen the ship yet, but my adventure has already begun! I almost missed my plane yesterday since I had to switch airlines, and they were paging me over the loudspeaker for me. Then I finally get here and dad meets me ...

Sailed to Great Guana Cay, Great Guana Cay, Bahamas travel blog

Sailed to Great Guana Cay

A travel blog entry by delfino1


Today we sailed over to Great Guana Cay, which was only about 10 miles north of Marsh Harbour.  Fabio did some adjustments on the motors and we needed to get the motors running for a while, and we are hoping that saved us a haulout and about $4,000. ...

Oh dinghy, wherefore art thou??, Wardrick Wells, Bahamas travel blog

Oh dinghy, wherefore art thou??

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors

Yachties are a social bunch.  The more we sail the more social we get.  So, What do you get when you take three experienced yachties to a beach in a dinghy for a short trip? You get three experienced yachties getting on the rum and forgetting ...

Computerland, Eleuthra, Bahamas, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by alohagypsies


We've been settling in our rental house in Eleuthra quite nicely. Yesterday we went to Ten beach on the Caribbean side of the island. The water was a gorgeous aquamarine color as it usually is on that side of the island plus being flat and calm. We also ...

Cruising to the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Cruising to the Bahamas

A travel blog entry by exploreamerica

... Beni and I woke up at 6:30Am.  We went up to the bridge with the captain and watched as the boat was docked in the Bahamas.  We were able to get off the ship a few hours later.  We walked to Coral Wolrd and viewed its salt water tanks and ...

Lee Stocking Island, Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas travel blog

Lee Stocking Island

A travel blog entry by delfino1


April 15 we went to Lee Stocking Island.  This was about a 28 nm sail and we ended up motor sailing part way and sailing the other half there.  We anchored in a bay just out from what was once the Perry Institute for Marine Science.  This ...

My last day at sea!, Caribbean Sea, Bahamas travel blog

My last day at sea!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 15 I woke up this morning feeling great and full of energy!   After all, today was my last day at sea; my last full day on the "Allure of the Seas"!   Sadly, my Eastern Caribbean Cruise was fast coming to an end….but ...

Our stopover at Great Harbour Cay, Great Harbour Cay and Bullocks Harbour , Bahamas travel blog

Our stopover at Great Harbour Cay

A travel blog entry by delfino1


We sailed into Great Harbour Cay on Saturday Jan 24.  This is a small community with a marina, a couple shops, and a couple restaurants.  We are staying just north of the marina at Bullocks Harbour, which is even smaller.  First day there ...

Discovering Atlantis!, Paradise Island, Bahamas travel blog

Discovering Atlantis!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 10 - mid morning Upon arriving at the luxurious Atlantis Resort here on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, we proceeded to follow our tour guide down the laneway all the way to the front entrance of the hotel. The place was crowded with guests and ...

South America Wrap up Session: Sniff!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

South America Wrap up Session: Sniff!

A travel blog entry by nikstravel2010


So kids, it finally happened. After 3 months, 23 cities and 7 countries, we have left the building. Farewell South America, land of rum and sand! We shall miss you! So many memories, so many awesome people, so many good beaches, so many hangovers, so ...

fun in the sun!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

fun in the sun!

A travel blog entry by lucyholliday


BAHAMAS! we're still here :) and its still sunny and theres still cruise ships coming into port. We went out for breakfast and had some bacon and eggs. yum yum. We decided today that we would go and explore the island of Nassau a bit, and first off we ...

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