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What Earthquake ?, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

What Earthquake ?

A travel blog entry by jessen


... of the schools is closed and the laundry in our park has large structural cracks causing it's closure. SUMMERS CARAVAN PARK REPORT: Kalgoorlie Discovery Caravan Park . Rating  6/10 I couldn't believe that kids live in a caravan park. One ...

13 more sleeps, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

13 more sleeps

A travel blog entry by snookymumma


 I definately feel like I'm on the countdown now .... what's left to do apart finish writing the work bible, in case I don't come back ........ pack my bag of ...

Gold Rush!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold Rush!

A travel blog entry by melsymo


... bar the locals ran ouside and mooned us! Apparently they do this everytime the coach trip goes past. Luckily, the train did leave Kalgoorlie on time and without any of us girls meeting a millionnaire gold miner - not sure I could stay in that town no ...

The Nullabor Plain, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Nullabor Plain

A travel blog entry by harryvs


... Dutch student. We played cards and chatted in the dining car and after dinner the train stopped for 3 hours at the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie. Here some people went on a tour of the open cast mine (one of the largest in the world) ,which I hope to do ...

Home, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by snookymumma

Back home and back to work Thank you to everyone I've  met on the way  - you have all contributed in some amazing way to an fantastic adventure (except the horrible taxi driver in Mexico) Thank you to my friend Anne for ...

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandbethan


... way to break up the drive along the Nullarbor.  We even have certificates to prove we did it! Visited the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie (a big gold mine).  Was really eerie.  Scary what man can do when he puts his mind to it. Stayed in an ...

La vie de bohemiennes (Christine), Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

La vie de bohemiennes (Christine)

A travel blog entry by chansa


... sans aucun doute, les centaines de mouches (qu'on avale parfois) ne nous derangent plus autant. Ce matin, nous quittons Kalgoorlie en route pour la prochaine ville. Une petite fraicheur hivernale nous a finalement rejointes, et malgre nous, elle nous ...

Pirate memory game, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Pirate memory game

A travel blog entry by rugdaniels


Bon soir, et wilkommen. Im currently sitting in a tent after sampling the local nightlife in Kalgoorlie. The temperature is mild and ive been drinking tooheys extra dry. Its been our most tumultuous couple of days so far. The last entry in Perth was ...

It ain't half hot Mum!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

It ain't half hot Mum!

A travel blog entry by rconkling


G'Day from Oz! We've arrived in a place called Kalgoorlie, in the heart of the Australian goldfields. We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm and it's still raining and cool now so we've taken the time to update our blog. We aren't complaining about ...

L'outback du sud-ouest australien !, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

L'outback du sud-ouest australien !

A travel blog entry by cyril.galland


... ) und letzlich Wave Rock, auf dem Rueckweg nach Perth. Bis Bald Cyril Hi eveybody, hello from Kalgoorlie-Boulder, a gold mining city in the Outback from Wester Australia. Programme: it's really hot (45 degree !), visit from the Super Pit (an open-cut gold ...

FINALLY updating the travel blog, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

FINALLY updating the travel blog

A travel blog entry by chris.fiona


... for a little play around but haven’t found anything but rubbish... Bugger I wanted to become rich FAST!!! I have to say I like Kalgoorlie, it’s just a shame the beach is so far away or we’d probably stay longer :o)  Breanna has been ...

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by barbrob


... of this pipeline, engineered by C.Y.O'Connor, when we were in Perth and now we have seen where the same pipeline reached Kalgoorlie. Amazing feat of engineering and great to have seen the historical achievement first hand. Did a sight seeing tour of the ...

From the desert to the brothel..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

From the desert to the brothel...

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


So today I leave the outback... I get up early and make the most of the free internet and have a last chat with Alex and Sam and then they head off to work and I gather up the remainder of my stuff. This place has become my home, and even though I have ...

Just Passing Thru.... (part 1), Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Just Passing Thru.... (part 1)

A travel blog entry by hayleyandlorna


... of Heinz spagetti by mistake. Lorna was not pleased. Still it was a pleasant trip and we had the excitement of a stop in the city of Kalgoorlie to look forward to. We got in here at about 10.30pm and were due to leave at 1am. To fill the time there's a ...

arriving at Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

arriving at Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by suzntez

We have decided after much discussion that Kalgoorlie deserves more than a flying visit, so we book into the Goldminer caravan park for one night, which will give us a bit longer to see the things we want to. We get the van sorted out and hit the ground ...

Such is life ..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Such is life ...

A travel blog entry by worldwidewidu


... , innerhalb von 10 Tagen sollten dann alle aufgefuehrten Maengel behoben werden oder der Wagen verliert seine "Fahrerlaubnis". In Kalgoorlie sind der Polizei anscheind die GELBEN STICKER ausgegangen, denn hier fahren die Autos teilweise ohne Tueren und ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chief44


Left Hopetoun to do a loop to Kalgoorlie, Leonora and back to Esperance. On the way had a look at Wave Rock then headed up to Kalgoorlie started raining again this time it flooded the streets. Saw the massive super pit mine.   At Leonora they had a ...

Day 29 - Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Australia travel blog

Day 29 - Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by cody55


First thing this morning Riley and I rode our push bikes. We then went to the information centre in Kalgoorlie. After that we went to Mc Donald's for lunch. We then went to the supermarket. We came out and then went to the car wash to wash the car. We ...

Goldfields of Kal, Kalgoolie, Australia travel blog

Goldfields of Kal

A travel blog entry by suzy_n_phil


Goldfields of ...

Day 31 Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Australia travel blog

Day 31 Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by cody55


First thing this morning we went on the Super Pit tour. We went to their shop and got on the bus to go. First the driver took us through the work shop. We got a photo of a few trucks in a row. After that the driver took as to a lookout across the pit. ...

All aboard, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

All aboard

A travel blog entry by paulleck1975


... quick. We'd made up some time and were an hour ahead but after over an hours wait for some freight trains we rolled in to Kalgoorlie a bit behind schedule. Not that it mattered. It was about 11.30 and everywhere of use was shut. I was hoping find a ...

Sh**t a brick!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Sh**t a brick!

A travel blog entry by biggmik

So here i am, minding my own business sieving for silver in the outback on a glorious day, the only person for miles around. Imagine my surprise then, when dipping my had in to a sample bag for more earth to put through my sieve, it reappeared with a ...

from a Cook to a peice of Gold, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

from a Cook to a peice of Gold

A travel blog entry by rossport


... were back and Nancy was still snorting as she blew a couple of flies out of her nose, and we were off again towards Kalgoorlie the gold town we arrived there after a day of looking out the window spotting Wedged tail eagles and a few Emu's (pronounced ...

Fridays... same the world over, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Fridays... same the world over

A travel blog entry by biggmik


So, friday. I'm at work... get in and spend the first hour making a brew and avoiding going on site. finally cave in and work til 11, and have a half hour break. then, go back out and find that the rig has broken down. again. so, i try and keep myself ...

Red Dust..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Red Dust...

A travel blog entry by biggmik


MY God, they weren't kidding when they said there's a lot of red dust in Kalgoorlie and not much else.. not had chance to check the rest of the town yet, but i can tell they were right about the ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sunshinetrekker


Passed through Kalgoorlie and decided to take the long scenic route south around the border!  Let's just say lots of driving, ham sandwiches, bathroom breaks (which I'm notorious for) and lots of Filippo peeing in (as he would say)  'the nature' ...

Kalgoorlie, WA, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie, WA

A travel blog entry by aussie_trip


... width as they were back then to accomodate the Camel trains that the miners used to use. This is the only place in Australia with working brothels, which share the same street as the backpacker hostels, and most pubs have 'skimpies' to serve you. ...

The drive to Kal - 600km into the desert, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The drive to Kal - 600km into the desert

A travel blog entry by qureshio1


... full of heritage buildings and hotels and bars, and an array of shops all lining the one main street of town. Actually Kalgoorlie is, I think the biggest outback town and it sure was substantially bigger than anywhere else we had passed through today. ...

Museums and mines, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Museums and mines

A travel blog entry by qureshio1


... , we grabbed a quick lunch from a cafe and decided to take a drive through the town of boulder and some other parts of Kalgoorlie.  We visited a famous pub where the miners actually purpose built a mine shaft up into the pub, coming up right in the ...

Out in the Wilderness!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Out in the Wilderness!

A travel blog entry by broc_and_bailey


... get on the road early, but this didn’t happen! We hit the road around 12ish & made it to this side of Kalgoorlie that evening! I’ll have to say, Cocklebiddy was an experience as we would never get out to such an isolated place in Ireland ...

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