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Finally saying goodbye to Argentina!, Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza, Argentina travel blog

Finally saying goodbye to Argentina!

A travel blog entry by jamesmc


... with a massive monument. 2: Being the birthplace of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in 1928. 3: For having the best looking girls in Argentina...allegedly! I remembered the city pretty well from the last time I was there, all of 5 months ago, so it didn´t ...

Cordoba et les communautes hyppies, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba et les communautes hyppies

A travel blog entry by benguigue


Depart mal organise de Mendoza, je ne trouve donc pas d'hote a Cordoba. Je ne resterai d'ailleurs qu'une journee dans la deuxieme ville du pays, apres avoir marche 10h d'afilee et vu tout ce qu'il y avait d'interessant, je ne reste pas avec une tres bonne ...

Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaycara

Cordoba ...

Travelling is wonderful, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Travelling is wonderful

A travel blog entry by sueandludi


... me of the first times I went to Cuba at age 17 and 18, which was via the same Madrid airport. But next stop Argentina. Birthplace of Che Guevara, land of huge cattle ranches, and Tierra del Fuego. On the journey over I wasn’t so much excited or ...

Argentina's 2nd City, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Argentina's 2nd City

A travel blog entry by calmyourjets


... bus journey. It wasn't actually too bad - got an nice sandwich as we left BA and some breakfast just before arrival in Cordoba and I managed to sleep for a decent portion of the intervening time! The walk to the hostel definitely felt like more than 600m ...

Settling down in Argentina, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Settling down in Argentina

A travel blog entry by dlaunay

... so she´s quite used to it. We went out with some of her friends on Sat night and I got a chance to try one of Argentina's specialties: asado (barbecued meat). It was delicious. On Sunday, we went to the artsy part of town where they have a craft market. ...

Cool hostel! Quiet city, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cool hostel! Quiet city

A travel blog entry by julesjb


... to start a spanish course before starting an internship in the new year. She is studying nutrition in Australia and came to Argentina as part of an exchange program. That evening I jumped on an overnight bus to Buenos Aires which was uneventful although ...

Coming down from the BA high!, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Coming down from the BA high!

A travel blog entry by kelly_blogs


... the markets and action is. Good times! I dumped the bags in the room and went to explore. There are some gorgeous buildings in Cordoba but I wont lie, there isnt much else! The appeal lies in the towns in the surrounding hills, which I visited today; ...

Camping and Relaxing, Capilla del Monte, Argentina travel blog

Camping and Relaxing

A travel blog entry by ingviaje


... ; We left on a Friday evening and took a nice ten hour van ride with 18 native Argentines to the cordilleras (hills) of Cordoba.     We arrived very early to a little town named Cumbre where we had a traditional breakfast of pastries and ...

nice to see, Córdoba, Argentina travel blog

nice to see

A travel blog entry by paislyqueen

... advertising mcdonald´s at a stoplight. too bad i was too slow to get a photo. but i must say that i am really digging argentina. the people are some of the nicest in the world, behind the brazilians (which i learned in buenos aires =p) they are well ...

Overnight bus to Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Overnight bus to Cordoba

A travel blog entry by dianeontheroad


Now, I'd heard great things about long distance night journeys by bus in Argentina that I thought I'd bypass Bs As this time and take the direct nightbus from Montevideo to Cordoba. I guess I got a bit of a raw deal as I wasn't plied with fancy food and ...

Living the Gaucho life, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Living the Gaucho life

A travel blog entry by aliandjon


... on and sat and chatted to us for over an hour.  Sometimes the generosity of strangers still suprises us. After heading for Cordoba we heard about an estancia (cattle station) nearby that we thought we may visit for a bit of the cowboy lifestyle ...

Retour à Còrdoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Retour à Còrdoba

A travel blog entry by coleauxv

Quand j'arrive à l'hostel, il est passé minuit. Pour mon dernier jour, je pars visiter les musées sur la plaza España de Córdoba. Il y a de peintures de Goya et Dali. Malheureusement, nous sommes lundi et ceux-ci sont fermés contriarement à ce que ...

parc national Uritorco*,  cerro colorado**, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

parc national Uritorco*, cerro colorado**

A travel blog entry by loelai


Cordoba: No entiende, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba: No entiende

A travel blog entry by whichwaynow2011


... such as a clean collander and pans with handles. The kitchen was our friend and spent the majority making simple meals. Cordoba is Argentina's second city and has a young atmosphere on account of it's 6 universities. We explored the museums and local ...

I Don´t Know What I expected... But This Isn´t It, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

I Don´t Know What I expected... But This Isn´t It

A travel blog entry by worldroamers


... hadn´t been, Ashley would´ve been more firm with me when I returned to the tent)and they finally stumbled off to bed. Cordoba was great to leave and we would not recommend it. Ashley will explain the scene at Cosquine in the next blog. Pete ...

Cordoba Pin, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba Pin

A travel blog entry by bastin79

Cordoba ...

No movies...again!, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

No movies...again!

A travel blog entry by livtajim


... straight to the internet cafe and bought our tickets online for the 1pm bus. Hah! It seems to us that breakfast in Argentina mainly consists of sweet pastries. Our breakfast today consisted of 2 danishes, 2 sugared croissants, 2 puff pastry squares, ...

Horse riding in La Cumbre, La Cumbre, Argentina travel blog

Horse riding in La Cumbre

A travel blog entry by danasv


... , and sausages until we couldn´t eat anymore. Once we´d finished eating we were told that whenever they have a barbeque in Argentina, they play a game called ´Chancho´. There is a leader who deals four cards to each player (there are the same ...

Not Much Really, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Not Much Really

A travel blog entry by crumpetchris


... parts but was mostly not as good as I had expected. It is supposed to be one of the most interesting parts of Argentina historically with lots of history relating to the jesuits and many colonial buildings. It also has the oldest cathedral in Argentina. ...

No more wine, bread and carb based meals!!!, Cordoba , Argentina travel blog

No more wine, bread and carb based meals!!!

A travel blog entry by adelecarroll


Hi All I´m just chilling in the hostel in Cordoba before I catch my Bus at 2230pm. Only a 10 hour bus to Mendoza so not too bad! Ive made friends with two English girls in my hostel from Bath Uni and they are traveling on the same bus as me tonight and ...

Cultural Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cultural Cordoba

A travel blog entry by thebirds


... was quite dull, just hour after hour of pampas grass, cows and flat agricultural land. We arrived in to Argentina’s second city, Cordoba , just after sundown.  The French guy who managed the hostel had mentioned there was a nice arts and ...

Back to the classroom, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Back to the classroom

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


Cordoba is a city with a large student population, and it was approiately the town where we had chosen to study Spanish for a second week. We had a couple of schools to chose from, one big with lots of facilties but bigger classes, the other smaller, with ...

Back in the city!, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Back in the city!

A travel blog entry by filly


... lady came out to the garden (where we were sitting) with a tray and scissors and cut the mint for the cocktails in front of us. It doesn´t get fresher than that! Thats all I have to say about Cordoba, thankfully your probably thinking... ...

Singing Nuns, Che Guevara and Spartans, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Singing Nuns, Che Guevara and Spartans

A travel blog entry by sarahquinlan

... children... clearly he had started young!  At the giftshop i bought a mate cup (a small round cup that EVERYONE in Argentina drinks a tea-like drink from) with Che Guevara´s face on it - hitting two symbols of Argentina in one piece of ...

Hard work and hard play, Villa Giardino, Argentina travel blog

Hard work and hard play

A travel blog entry by sueandludi


... Pirates might be a football team. Leandro told me all he knows, his cousin’s involvement, the politics, the possible solutions. Argentina’s claim to the islands is taught in primary school as part of national history so it’s deep in the ...

Cordoba in a flash, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba in a flash

A travel blog entry by goneforawhile


Don’t ask me what Cordoba’s like. We spent a whirlwind 24 hours there as a pit stop on our way to Iguazu Falls. We managed to fit in a museum, a zoo and a lot of city walking (and take heaps of photos as usual!). ...

Pelote and Truck Stop Camping, Vicuña Mackenna, Argentina travel blog

Pelote and Truck Stop Camping

A travel blog entry by courtrand


... .   Pelote Basque is a somewhat obscure sport kind of like jai-lai or scoop-ball.   It has enthusiasts in France, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay and we happened upon their annual tourney, held in this town - sorry I forget the name - but we had a ...

La barrera del idioma (The language barrier), Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

La barrera del idioma (The language barrier)

A travel blog entry by ktolle

... significant challenge is the presence of dialect.  There is a very strong accent and way of speaking here in Argentina, especially in Cordoba.  Think of somebody from South America learning the type of English spoken in the United Kingdom and ...

La maison du Che, Alta Gracia, Argentina travel blog

La maison du Che

A travel blog entry by coleauxv


Le lendemain, je pars avec Alba, Cayo, Johan, Juliana et Maren à Alta Gracia, un petit village au Sud de Córdoba célèbre pour avoir vu grandir Ernesto "Che" Guevarra, la figure charismatique par excellence de toute l'Amérique latine. ...

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