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44. Cafayate - queso with Kes, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

44. Cafayate - queso with Kes

A travel blog entry by kesvic2013


... us. On arrival, our hostel owner told us that Cafayate had it's own, even more laid back timetable from the rest of Argentina. Apparently from 1-6pm, most places close. 5 hour siesta! We expected this to mess up any plans we had...and then we ...

Drinking in the scenery, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Drinking in the scenery

A travel blog entry by sarahcolvin


... journey, ascending up to 3,900m and back down to 1,900, we have arrived in the quaint little artisan refuge of Cafayate (pronounced Cafe-chate). Winding down the Calchaqui valley again, the rocky cactus dotted mountains fanned into large wine estates, ...

The North - canyons and more canyons, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

The North - canyons and more canyons

A travel blog entry by mlc


... .    The next morning we headed back, slightly delayed by encounters with a friendly burro and a readily tamed calf. Argentina is big on fancy ice-cream, and there is a place in Cafayate that does wine varieties (I guess they are ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by fsorbie


Woke up on time, got bags, checked out and waited for the bus from 6AM. And waited. And waited. I tried hitchiking but nobody stopped (only 6 cars passed), finally after 30min a bus came. Maybe because it is sunday.. I was late for the excursion but ...

Las Quebradas, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Las Quebradas

A travel blog entry by viajecamillea


... monde. Reprise de la route repues et enchantées de cette rencontre. Le soir première expérimentation du backpacker à Cafayate. Superbe soirée où nous avons pu rencontrer beaucoup de jeunes venus d'horizons différents et avec qui le jonglage entre ...

Wine Sampling, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine Sampling

A travel blog entry by kellyjanebaker

... that were luminous green in colour, a scenery that when faced with it was hard not to get trigger happy with the camera. Cafayate is a lovely town, which offers great sceneries a great place to explore on bike and for me it offered my first taste and ...

Rockin´ in the rental car, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Rockin´ in the rental car

A travel blog entry by cookage


... and entering a canyon.  It wasn't long before interesting changed to absolutely spectacular.  The Quebrada de Cafayate was magnificent, with incredible layers of colour in the mountains, different species of cactus and ...

Cafayate - argentijnse wijnstreek, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate - argentijnse wijnstreek

A travel blog entry by argintinabel


Leuk hostel gevonden... In de namiddag hebben we een uitstap met de minibus gedaan naar de  Quebrada de Cafayate, de voorloper van het Andes-gebergte. En vandaag hebben we met de fiets enkele bodega's bezocht en lekkere ...

Wine Country - Hooray!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine Country - Hooray!

A travel blog entry by juliasussams


... local dry white grape which we don`t see in the UK but it is very tasty.  Apparently they only export it within Argentina and to Canada.  Why Canada, i have no idea. Anyway, Cafayate is small, dusty, gorgeously situated and totally OBSESSED with ...

Wining in Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wining in Cafayate

A travel blog entry by senorbutler


... .  I packed up my stuff, waddled out to breakfast, and waited for our ride for to Cafayate. Cafayate is the second largest wine growing region in Argentina, located about 3.5 hours south of Salta.  Along the way is the "Quebrada de Cafayate" ...

Argentina, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by rjsmith

... in western clothes (unlike all the traditional clothes worn in Bolivia). In the evening we headed out for dinner at a recommended restaurant. Argentina is famous for its beef, so it was quite easy to pick from the menu. I had fillet steak and it was ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by cat3


... . We got lucky and found a really nice hostel / tour agency who not only put us up for cheap, but arranged for a jeep tour of the nearby quebrada cafayate, local wineries and wine ice cream. The best part was the roof top Asado, wine and folk ...

Trapped in Cafayate for one Month, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Trapped in Cafayate for one Month

A travel blog entry by muzz_travelling


... odd kilometres towards Cafayate becoming great friends with the French couple. We stopped at the amazing Quebradas (canyons) outside Cafayate. Over the years, rivers descending from the Andes have carved deep canyons through the soft sedimentary red ...

JAMES TURRELL GALLERY , Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by prieststrip


... seeing the Turrell museum.  My only sadness was that the children could not go as I think his art is really stimulating and fun for children too.  Feeling sleepy we then drove through the Quebrada de las Flechas (arrow gorge) to Cafayate.      ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by tjarlie


... je Cafayate inrijdt, kom je langs de wijngaarden, wat echt een heel mooi gezicht is met die bergen op de achtergrond. Eenmaal in Cafayate ben ik het stadje ingelopen. Ik heb even bij de kathedraal gekeken en ben daarna op een terrasje gaan zitten. Ondanks ...

Route 40 -, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Route 40 -

A travel blog entry by candcthai


... be it hiking, cycling, or motor biking the whole length. Here are some facts : 1. It is the longest road in Argentina (over 5000km/3000miles long) 2. It starts at sea level and goes higher than 5000 meters higher. 3. It crosses 18 national parks, ...

Wine, Hiking, and More Wine, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine, Hiking, and More Wine

A travel blog entry by stephenhayes


   Cafayate, what a beautiful little vineyard town in the mountains. The drive here was amazing, I´ve never seen anything like it. The shapes and the colors of the mountains and rock formations were unbelievable. We got into town around 5 or so ...

Another grand day, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Another grand day

A travel blog entry by adventurescot


... your fighting your way along a totally non maintained stony bumpy road. But the difference is that we are now in yet another of Argentina's magical passes. This pass is known as "Canyon de Dallmpya". As usual I was in my element and taking photos by the ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by jonandfinola


to be ...

more pics of the roadtrip, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

more pics of the roadtrip

A travel blog entry by lynneanddave


Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by saralouisekelly


I took a day tour to Cafayate, a town south of Salta. The formations in the mountains were very impressive, especially the priest, titanic and the rabbit. We were taken to a winery which was surrounded by fields of grapes. Once inside we were able to see ...

Aug 21, 2009, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Aug 21, 2009

A travel blog entry by lynneanddave


You again?, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

You again?

A travel blog entry by es_rossi


... 5.00 aus dem Bett zu schaelen, dabei ueber den Bettnachbarn zu stolpern, der gerade vom Weinproben zurueckkommt- lohnt sich um Cafayate einen vollen Tag zu geniessen. Aber was soll ich Euch Stubenhockern erzaehlen- Canons- in Farben sowas habt ihr noch ...

Bottles of Malbec, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Bottles of Malbec

A travel blog entry by ac123


A small town, about 5 hours south of Salta, Cafayate is a well known wine region in Northern Argentina. In fact this tiny town has well over 40 wineyards with several within walking distance of the main plaza. Now I am not really a wine drinker - but ...

Cafayate - Wine and Bike, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate - Wine and Bike

A travel blog entry by will.traveller

... new pair of sun glasses (I broke mine on Isla del Sol and have been using the ones I found in the Galapagos). I take a bus to Cafayate, a very small town which produces great wines. I go to Hostal del Valle which is a cute B&B with a great garden. ...

Cafayate and the Quebrada's, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate and the Quebrada's

A travel blog entry by allisonakemi


... lovely tour of the Quebrada's but the guide only spoke Spanish.  (Of course, why wouldn't he... I am, after all in Argentina!)  The bits and pieces I was able to understand were quite interesting- the different colors in ...

Torrontes & Goats Cheese - a match made in heaven!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Torrontes & Goats Cheese - a match made in heaven!

A travel blog entry by dhruve_anjli


... music accompanied by a spanish guitar.  When not pigging out on empanadas, we pigged out on Argentina's other gourmet star - the helado! In Cafayate, helados were gourmet indeed with "Miranda's" owned and run by Miranda herself, serving organic ice ...

Peace at last!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Peace at last!

A travel blog entry by charaluta


Oh what a wonderful, peaceful little town...well apart from the first night when a cat tried to claw it´s way into our tent to eat the bread of all things! And then there is the usual night chorus of dogs barking and the unexpected arrival of 150 ...

Where´s the water?, Quebrada de Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Where´s the water?

A travel blog entry by charaluta


... almost everybody). Managed to have a conversation so I guess my Spanish must be improving at last. Spent a nice chilled out day in Cafayate washing the thick layers of dust out of our clothes. Tried some of the local food - humitas which is corn and ...

Quilmes Queso y Querada, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Quilmes Queso y Querada

A travel blog entry by worldtaste


I was not very warm to go to the ruins of Quilmes (not the brewery Quilmes very popular in Argentina) as I was scared to do a lot of road for some ruins not so interesting, but I was wrong and for one time (I will not say twice), my mother was right. The ...

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