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SKE Graduation, Tirana, Albania travel blog

SKE Graduation

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 13 degrees some cloud Today we split up a bit. We have been given two tickets to the SKE graduation so have nominated Dianne and Josh to represent the family. So they head out to Bethel about 9.00. Bianca and I are going to have a relaxed dad and ...

Preparation and first meeting, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Preparation and first meeting

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 13 degrees with sunny periods Nice day today. Josh and I do some more search work, we have actually found three english speakers in our own building. We are home about 12.00 though to do family worship and some pre study for our meeting tonight. At ...

Into the Balkans I go, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Into the Balkans I go

A travel blog entry by tanzamarie


... leg of my journey has begun. After a 13+ hour flight from Buenos Aires to Rome then a hour flight from Rome to Tirana, Albania, I am finally in the Balkans. Everyone I have met is incredibly kind, however it is incredibly daunting and overwhelming to be ...

More service, Tirana, Albania travel blog

More service

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 17 degrees and sunny Josh and I join group this morning as Bianca has schoolwork and Dianne some catch up at home. We are able to contact a few after heading out to the group. In the evening we are on the carts and doing some witnessing around the ...

Saturday group and markets, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Saturday group and markets

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 14 degrees and sunny Witnessing today as all of us head out to the Kingdom Hall to meet the group.  Josh heads with some young guys into town while the rest of us do some visits near the hall. A difficult location work but interesting. I find ...

Lukas in Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Lukas in Tirana

A travel blog entry by skipetarenland


... vor allem beim Bowling spielen ;) Aber auch sonst haben wir einiges gesehen, vom Nationalmuseum, bis hin zur Kaffeehausalltagskultur in Tirana (im Mon Cheri), vom Dajti Mountain bis zu Burgen und Bergstädten, und dazwischen gaanz viel Memory Spielen und ...

Full day witnessing, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Full day witnessing

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 14 degrees and fine Today Josh and I need to finish the month on a good note. We start early and catch the bus out to the group. There are 10 out and 4 of us head onto some territory. Find a couple home which is good and then find a Japanese guy on ...

Concrete hodge-podge in technicolor, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Concrete hodge-podge in technicolor

A travel blog entry by xerius


... , we got a swift hour and a half ride down a beautifully resurfaced road to the capital. Not at all what I expected! Albania's getting its act together, apparently. The same couple also happened to have reservations at the same hostel I had booked ...

Albania (the destination we are most proud of), Tirana, Albania travel blog

Albania (the destination we are most proud of)

A travel blog entry by jai_82


We intended on getting a bus to the capital of Albania, Tirana but were convinced by a taxi driver (who would naturally be making a few Euro's out of us) that the easiest way to get to the capital was to take his taxi to the Macedonian/Albanian border and ...

Capital of Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Capital of Albania

A travel blog entry by schwate


... , wenigstens sind die Strassen in Albanien recht gut). Hatte dann nur ein paar Stunden Tageslicht, aber das reicht aus, um Tirana zu sehen. Das Nationalmuseum ist ganz nett und etwas groeser als das Museum des Kosovo. Die Geschichte Albaniens hoert mit ...

Life in flip flops, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Life in flip flops

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


I am now in Tirana the lovely bustling capital city of Albania, i think its Tuesday but its very difficult to tell as the streets are packed and the coffee shops full my kind of city. First however i wanted to mention something about ...

Albania, Erseka, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by big_red


hello canada, its good to be back in Greece i say. so ya for the last week we were in a small town of about 7000 called erseka. it was a wonderful experience. our time there consisted of living with a host family for night and for breakfast and ...

In Albania - Part Deux, Tirana and environs, Albania travel blog

In Albania - Part Deux

A travel blog entry by ahlquist

Hello again from Tirana, Albania. Although the phones are unreliable, well so is the power, in the compound we are staying we have found a way to get into town this Sunday morning after church and find an Internet cafe. So, we will now both share some ...

Mireidita (hello) from Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Mireidita (hello) from Albania

A travel blog entry by ahlquist


... was USA vs Albania, East vs West!! The short story is that he demolished me at chess (found out later he is ranked 3rd in Albania), but I made a huge comeback in ping-pong to put him in his place. During the visit I realized that this was more than just ...

First day, Tirana, Albania travel blog

First day

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 12 degrees and cloudy Today is a catch up day, house stuff, travel stuff etc. We also need to go shopping and get some stuff for the new apartment, which is very nice but with usual Albanian things  - the odd light not working and towel racks ...

The surprise country is....Albania!!, Tirana, Albania travel blog

The surprise country is....Albania!!

A travel blog entry by christine_n_den


... much money; fortunately Christine found cheep flights to somewhere called Tirana.  Where you might ask?  Tirana is the capital city of Albania, a smallish Eastern European country.  We spent a couple of days in Tirana, exploring the city, ...

Tough Tirane, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Tough Tirane

A travel blog entry by rbruce


... souls, looking for an escape from the mundane week-long all-inclusive. He is currently researching for a motorcycle tour across Albania.   From Vlore north to Tirane, the terrain has been much easier on us although not nearly as beautiful. ...

Back to Tirana for goodbyes, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Back to Tirana for goodbyes

A travel blog entry by sarahx

... I can't believe how attached I've become to the people in Pascaqan after only knowing them a week. Clara (as they call her in Albania) was particularly distraught about having to leave again- she loves it here! I think we might be back next year ...

Introduction to Albanians, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Introduction to Albanians

A travel blog entry by lilyc


... who are one in a million. I had lost count how many times I encountered amazing generosity during the last 9 days in Albania.  I can only create a list of the most memorable.   Albanians' random acts of kindness: ...

Less than 24 hours, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Less than 24 hours

A travel blog entry by george-v-embden


Albania and Macedonia were never really on the penciled list, but why the hell wouldn't you go to every European country if you could. We had less than 24 hours in Tirana, as we missed our bus the previous night. Nevertheless the German hostel owner ...

A Further Less Mysterious Country, Tirana, Albania travel blog

A Further Less Mysterious Country

A travel blog entry by whk2006

More to ...

New Year - New Beginning - New Flat, Tirana, Albania travel blog

New Year - New Beginning - New Flat

A travel blog entry by skipetarenland


... einen kaputten Kuehlschrank, hab ich kurzer Hand eine neue Wohnung gefunden und bin umgezogen. Anderer Stadtteil von Tirana. Kleinere gemuerlichere Wohnung ... und nachmittags mit direkten Sonnenlicht!!! Bilder fuer die bunten aber kahlen Waende kommen ...

Advent in Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Advent in Tirana

A travel blog entry by skipetarenland


Und wenn man glaubt, man kann dem Weihnachtswahnsinn entfliehen, dann holt er einen doppelt ...

Albania at last, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Albania at last

A travel blog entry by cjabroad


After 17 years, I finally made it ...

How Can I Already Be In Love?, Tirana, Albania travel blog

How Can I Already Be In Love?

A travel blog entry by melissa96

This is a top pick!

... I should go and check out what Tirana has to offer. I should probably mention that I have never heard of anyone coming to Albania, nor of anyone who thinks it is a decent place. Backpacking blogs all seemed to indicate that you should avoid Tirana at ...

Lovin' the Lazy Life, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Lovin' the Lazy Life

A travel blog entry by melissa96

This is a top pick!

Unsurprisingly, I never left today, so the first thing I did this morning was book my accommodation in Kotor for tomorrow night, so I won't, well stay another night... I have already extended my stay here twice and I'd love to do it again, but I have ...

TWO DAYS IN ALBANIA, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


Pictures for "Hypertravel: 100 Countries in 2 Years (Backpackers' Guide to the World and the Soul)" by Hardie Karges, more info available at ...

Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by maam


Tirana is an adorable city in the center of Albania, a country that has been closed off to the rest of the world until pretty recently, and that most people don't know where is. We arrived to our hostel pretty ragged feeling, after 3 buses from Budva, ...

Bunker spotting, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Bunker spotting

A travel blog entry by xerius

... . Given the amount of horror stories (read: hogwash) running rampant about the place in neighboring countries, it's good to get here and see what's really happening. No two ways about it: Albania's a severely underrated and seriously interesting ...

Happy Australia Day!, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Happy Australia Day!

A travel blog entry by melissa96

This is a top pick!

... . Thank god another girl was with me for the first bit of the route or I would have been completely lost. To get to the Tirana bus station we had to catch another bus that was "going west" - completely unhelpful. We made bus noises and I spoke Spanish ...

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