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Doha to home, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha to home

A travel blog entry by shyams

For first time checked in early for the flight. was informed the airport is going to be very crowded, but on contrary it was normal than before..   the online checkin counter was crowded more than normal checkin.. hmmm funny. had just one ...

Nothing Special, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Nothing Special

A travel blog entry by tpuckett


The weather is really getting nice which it normally does about now. The days are in the 70s I guess with beautiful crisp blue sky's. We had a little rain a few days ago which cleaned the sand out of the air. My AP kids, a class of five, talked me into ...

Finally here, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Finally here

A travel blog entry by usafmmanuel


I am here finally... I got here this morning... 0130 did not get to the room until 0430... I was placed in a temperary facility... with 10 guys to a room... so much noice... no rest there... I tried to sleep but just couldnt... but I got my new living ...

Oct 10, 2011, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Oct 10, 2011

A travel blog entry by philip.hamblin


On our way!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

On our way!

A travel blog entry by tansyjefferies


... landed in Doha's swanky airport and headed to the transit desk for our overnight layover. We were shuttled off into downtown Doha, which reminded me a bit of the illuminated parade at Disney World... Except instead of floats they have skyscrapers. We are ...

Kettu Qatarissa, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Kettu Qatarissa

A travel blog entry by arktinen_kettu


Kyllä nyt on saatu kuumuutta valovuosien edestä. Qatarin kuumuus oli huimaava! Kettu pyörähti katsomassa Sheikki Faisalin 45-vuoden aikana keräilemiä esineitä ja niitähän riitti. Museota ollaan laajentamassa noin neljä kertaa isommaksi. Nyt oli ...

Back to the Middle East!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Back to the Middle East!

A travel blog entry by joancauldwell

Needless to say the last entry was actually written in Doha. While I was writing it, I sent Angela off to take a photo of the forbidden duty-free shops (ref last entry from Doha). She came scuttling back without the photo as she said that a security guard ...

The misadventures of Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The misadventures of Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by camelsandtacos


... the midst of a revolution that was brewing in Egypt on January 25th (billed as "the day of rage") I was headed to Doha, Qatar for a professional development workshop with a couple of other teachers from school. It would be an understatement to say that ...

Happy Memorial Day, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Happy Memorial Day

A travel blog entry by luarzepol


It is the un-official start of the summer back home, this weekend. Every one will be off from work, I would have probably grilled something outside and had some family over. But I worked on SharePoint today.  Working on customized web ...

KHAO SOK / PHUKET / HEAD HOME, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by john.mccalla.33

Today, we woke to the sounds of the rain forest, including a variety of tropical songbirds. After breakfast, we travelled once more by long-tail boat back to our vehicles for the drive to Phuket Airport, where we met our departing ...

Airbound in Qatar: Arabian Sessions, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Airbound in Qatar: Arabian Sessions

A travel blog entry by airbound

Airbound in Qatar: Arabian Sessions   Coral is sharp.  Water is wet.  Sun is hot.  Fanta is refreshing.  Kiting the Arabian Gulf is super awesome.  Airbound threads are stylish.  There are a few things that you know are ...

Bollywood, Chilensk rødvin og VM i sandkassen, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Bollywood, Chilensk rødvin og VM i sandkassen

A travel blog entry by daniel.brandt

... ' men det er som sagt mit første blog indlæg på Indien bloggen og lad mig starte med igen at rose Qatar Airways for en dejlig flyve tur til Doha. Det er anden gang jeg benytter dem og anden gang jeg er tilfreds! Flyet var under halvt fyldt, dvs. havde ...

Qatar Airways First Class: Cairo - Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Qatar Airways First Class: Cairo - Doha

A travel blog entry by cariverga


Qatar Airways QR1306 Cairo (CAI) - Doha (DOH) 15 ноября 2015 г. Отправление: 01:20 Прибытие: 05:25 ...

Qatar - lotnisko Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Qatar - lotnisko Doha

A travel blog entry by podroznik

Przed wylądowaniu proszą byśmy zapoznali się z prawie 10 minutowym filmem bo poruszanie się po tym lotnisku jest mega trudne i chcą byśmy napewno wszyscy dobrze trafili. Zasada jest taka, ze każdy w ...

Posh airport, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Posh airport

A travel blog entry by vicky.bills92


2 hours in a very posh airport ...

Welcome to Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Welcome to Doha

A travel blog entry by manie_harris

I have been to Doha a few times for business, but now I have come to stay for a year or ...

Pit Stop in Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Pit Stop in Qatar

A travel blog entry by bloggybiscuit


... Matthew McConaughey's performance that robbed Leo of his Oscar, humph. AIDS trumps Billionaire Playboy, quelle surprise.    Thoughts on Doha: flat, industrial, beige. Even the sky is beige, it's so dusty. On my second flight I got talking to ...

Sleeping Anywhere, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Sleeping Anywhere

A travel blog entry by shirley.wells.3


Well after wandering around for awhile we found a seat near the gate and sat down to wait. I am now a proper international traveller. I have more than the 1 allowable carry on and I can sleep anywhere. Including the concrete floor! Finally on the plane ...

Day 2 continued, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 2 continued

A travel blog entry by ccarew

... and came across Lewis Hamilton's F1 championship winning car. Vodafone were exhibiting it as part of their new telecommunication launch in Doha. After following the 2008 Grand Prix season and being a Lewis Hamilton fan, it was great to see the car he was ...

Desert Fun, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Desert Fun

A travel blog entry by iain_todd1985

So we arrived at Doha checked into the Swiss Bel Hotel and caught up with some sleep! We went out Sunday to the city centre mall and went shopping, we were surprised to find that most things are quite cheep even electronics due to it being a tax free ...

layover number ????, Doha, Qatar travel blog

layover number ????

A travel blog entry by sharon_suzhou

this layover is in Qatar - wonder if my passport has enough blank pages???? the plane landed at noon and we depart at 9PM, hope to explore a ...

Day 4 - Culture Night, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Day 4 - Culture Night

A travel blog entry by gina.denbow


This evening was Cultural Night at the conference where each country was represented by wearing traditional costumes/clothing, performing dances, songs and musics, skits, and slideshows.  The clothing was amazing.  To begin the event, there was ...

Stop over in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Stop over in Doha

A travel blog entry by vince75


Voici la première marche de mon "périple", l'aéroport de Doha, dans lequel je dois prendre mon mal en patience pendant plus de 5h. J'ai longuement hésité à effectué un petit trip en dehors de l'aéroport, mais le prix du visa (pour seulement 4h), ...

My Eid Holiday, Somewhere in, Qatar travel blog

My Eid Holiday

A travel blog entry by shawndeleu


... I explored a fort in the northern tip of the country.  In one day, I had gone from the southern end to the northern end - Qatar is not a big country.  The fort, which was built in 1938, was not too exciting but I always like getting out of the ...

good salary man, come, Doha, Qatar travel blog

good salary man, come

A travel blog entry by fennec

Call Nepal for 100 security men Salary : 550 QAR (110 EUR) per month Visa & accomodation: company all food: employee 1 round trip flight ticket after completion of 2 years Who want the job? Carefull, just 100 PCS. Amazing no? And there are ...

We've finally set off!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

We've finally set off!

A travel blog entry by bracken.tighe


... him much hope haha. We said our goodbyes which was horrible then went through to the gate. It finally hit us when we boarded our flight to Doha! When we got to Doha we had a 12 hour layover so we found plugs sockets and began to wifi! Then we got the ...

Doha to Barcelona, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha to Barcelona

A travel blog entry by tomodea

We only had a bit over two hours in the new Qatar lounge at Doha. It is huge!!  There are many seating options over two levels.  As well I think there was a prayer room, smoking room, family room and business room plus other rooms I missed. ...

5 daily calls to prayer, Doha, Qatar travel blog

5 daily calls to prayer

A travel blog entry by carpefeline

    I know the 5 pilars of Islam and I know that 5 times to pray daily is one of the pilars.  I heard the first call to prayer this morning, sometime between 4 and 5 a.m.  I am in my hotel now, working on my computer with ...

Conexão, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by felipeeamanda


Rapidinho!!! ...

The Itineraries, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Itineraries

A travel blog entry by mysojourn


... of things to finish off before I go.   Here is the itineraries of my FANCY HOLIDAY... Day 1: July 26 - departure from Doha using the promotion flight direct to Dulles Airport, Washington DC. Arrive in the evening at 19.10 Day 2:  July 27 - ...

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