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Oct 06, 2010, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Oct 06, 2010

A travel blog entry by aplusbi


Shisha auf dem Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Shisha auf dem Souq Waqif

A travel blog entry by tales-of-mekong


Statt wie auf dem Hinflug unsere Transitzeit in Doha am Flughafen zu verbringen, haben wir uns ein Touristenvisum geholt und sind vom Flughafen in die Stadt gelaufen. Wir haben uns auf der Dachterasse eines kleinen Restaurants im Souq Waqif, dem alten ...

9 and a half hours to go!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

9 and a half hours to go!

A travel blog entry by rebeccagoes


... of ladies wearing pink hats. I think we are both still sane... We are nearly at the end of our even longer wait in Qatar ready for the eighth flight of the trip. I'm too tired to construct any more comprehensible sentences! See you at the other side ...

Birthday Dhow boats, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Birthday Dhow boats

A travel blog entry by victoriajayne


So another week has flown by and we're all looking forward to half term, just got to get exam week out of the way first, and then to mark them. So I've not really said much about the school on my blog, part of it is professionalism and part is the fact I ...

How the trip happened/Journey to India, Doha, Qatar travel blog

How the trip happened/Journey to India

A travel blog entry by mgrewal


... and from India because they had system wide upgrades they could use. I didn’t want to fly United because I wanted to try Qatar Airways, which was cheaper than United. So Ishar and I flew Qatar Airways. On the day of departure, Amartaaj and Bhabi ...

QATAR  04JAN  6 DOHA/GUARULHOS       07:45 / 17:30, Doha, Qatar travel blog

QATAR 04JAN 6 DOHA/GUARULHOS 07:45 / 17:30

A travel blog entry by oreydc

... nbsp;           04:35 / 06:25        QATAR  04JAN  6 DOHA/GUARULHOS       07:45 / ...

Made It!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Made It!

A travel blog entry by holyrockthrower


I made it to Doha. I'm currently sitting in the conference center eating a chicken fajita and waiting for something of interest to come up. I got in Monday night without incident. Everything's good. I'm couchsurfing, sharing a place with a Bangladeshi, a ...

Doha, Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar

A travel blog entry by johncyrus


Saw a guy with the 'University of Mississippi' Cap coming to Doha to work . Airport is expanding, the increase if US travelers since my last ...

Metz, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by sammy_and_macca


Today we went from Frankfurt to Metz. We went through Luxembourg and had lunch at a fondue restaurant. When we got to Metz we went looking around and found a massive cathedral built in the 5th century it had beautiful stain glass windows and had many ...

Dec 10, 2012, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dec 10, 2012

A travel blog entry by c_gaillard


Back to the Land of Sand and Sun, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Back to the Land of Sand and Sun

A travel blog entry by riverskater


... drive to Arugam Bay. We got over jet leg outside, which was more enjoyable and seemed healthier. Getting over jet leg in Qatar in August, is equivalent to having the feeling of being trapped inside your own house. In combination with getting over jet ...

Doha Calling, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha Calling

A travel blog entry by murtinz


... Cola können wir jetzt etwas die Beine lang machen. In weniger als zwei Stunden geht es weiter. Der Flug war sehr angenehm und Qatar scheint eine echt gute Airline zu sein. Aber wir warten jetzt mal den langen Turn ab. 11 Stunden nach Perth Juhu ;) ...

Flight stop over, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Flight stop over

A travel blog entry by syandkate


Arrival in Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Arrival in Doha

A travel blog entry by fennec


Day off : all indians, sri lankais, indonesians, philippinos... are outside. A crawdly sea of men, chating, wasting time, waiting for tomorrow to go back to work. No choice among the best. ...

Half the way to the other side of the world!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Half the way to the other side of the world!

A travel blog entry by asia_bunkers


... time to pray. However sometimes there seemed to be a certain urgency as we saw a couple of people actually running into the mosque... After a warm breakfast and a considerable delay of Qatar airways (almost two hours!) we continued our ...

Kabob, Tea & Colored Chickens, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Kabob, Tea & Colored Chickens

A travel blog entry by fernweh_bitten


... decision I have ever made. Here is a detailed account of my flight from JFK to Singapore with a layover in Doha, Qatar and a visit to Souq Waqif. ...

The Big Arrival, Ann arrives in Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Big Arrival

A travel blog entry by avirgo


... still nice to have such a welcoming - ha! As soon as I was at the check-in desk, to my surprise, my entire Doha, Qatar Team was right there waiting for me (I think they had seen me walk in through the main doors!) was all somewhat overwhelming, and ...

A new direction, Doha, Qatar travel blog

A new direction

A travel blog entry by lynnyslonglaugh


... Official Website: Hamad International Airport on YouTube:     Qatar will be hosting the 22nd FIFA World Cup in Doha and surrounds in 2022.  They are putting ...

Coen's Play, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Coen's Play

A travel blog entry by tpuckett


Coen has been working on a drama performance after school for the past two months which is a series of One Act Plays. His is titled "How to survive High School without really trying". We have been hearing great things from his teacher and Directors, but ...

Spet, potovanja :), Doha, Qatar travel blog

Spet, potovanja :)

A travel blog entry by janezsenveter

No, pa smo spet na poti. Mogoče lahko rečem da je kar malo hitro, običajno že skoraj pozabim kako je bilo na prejšnjem potovanju, no, zdaj pa sem že na drugem koncu sveta.  Skratka, na srečo (ali žalost) sem ...

Guys and Dolls, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Guys and Dolls

A travel blog entry by tpuckett

More to Come ...

Arrival in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Arrival in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by joancauldwell

Well here we are in a huge departure lounge in Doha, and here we will sit for about 3 hours.   I don't think G & T's are on the cards here, but Angela has a bottle of Scotch in her bag. We are becoming used to soft drinks. We have also ...

Doha tylko przelotem, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha tylko przelotem

A travel blog entry by nuuska


Jeszcze nie dało się poznać. Na krótkim transferze udaje nam się tylko ogarnąć organizacyjnie; teraz wiemy przynajmniej gdzie jest quiet zone i inne strategiczne miejsca. Humory dopisują - chyba wreszcie do ...

Perth - Buenos Aires: flights, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Perth - Buenos Aires: flights

A travel blog entry by kipcameron

... Swan, No Country For Old Men and The Internship which was the funniest comedy I have seen in years. Fascinating to fly over Qatar at night which reminded me of the 1983 sci-fi dystopic movie of Blade Runner. Sao Paulo was a monstropolis of unorganised ...

First stop, Doha, Qatar travel blog

First stop

A travel blog entry by rebeccagoes


I can promise that things will get more interesting than a six and a half hour wait in Doha, Qatar. The first leg of the journey has been a barrel of laughs and it is only up from here right?! Having been treated as first class passengers as we got onto ...

Mellemlanding i Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Mellemlanding i Qatar

A travel blog entry by moa3450


Planmæssigt ankomst til Doha omkring kl. 18 - i 44 graders varme! Lufthavnsbygningen var dog rigeligt kølet, så de lange bukser var OK. Et par timers venten, indkøb af chokolade og lidt is og så videre mod ...

Sand and more sand., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Sand and more sand.

A travel blog entry by mablim

Our arrival into Athens was to an absolutely freezing early morning and we were taken by bus on a city tour, mainly because at this early hour our hotel rooms would not be available. we cruised around and had three main stops, the first to see a huge ...

Die blinkende Armada, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Die blinkende Armada

A travel blog entry by aining

... dafür blecht, bietet Doha diesen Service ganz kostenlos an. Allerdings auch ob man nun will oder nicht, denn beim Drehkreuz von Qatar handelt es sich um einen Flughafen ohne richtige Gates. Nachdem man also sich endlich über einen kleinen Spaziergang in ...

Stopover, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by preachersix

Rushing through the airport. We jumped off one flight and literally ran through the airport to get on the other. Doha looks truly horrible from the air. No trees, no parks, no ...

Na letaliscu v Dohi, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Na letaliscu v Dohi

A travel blog entry by manchmellow

Vrag! Koncno skreiram tole zadevo, se mi ze mudi na javijon za Bangkok! Zgleda, da se mi bo ceu tale dopust sam mudil, ker sem ze odsla v totalni furiji iz Ljubljane. Se javim spet iz ...

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