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The loss of all things..., Mancora, Peru travel blog

The loss of all things...

A travel blog entry by langohr101

Yesterday was easily the worse day i`ve had on my travels so far. Whilst sitting in a internet cafe in mancora, skyping home, somebody swipt my bag that was placed by my side. In there was my most valuable possessions. My camera along with all ...

Mancora, Peru, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora, Peru

A travel blog entry by michelle_russ


... walked up and donw the road with our packs asking for directions to the bus company that ran busses to the coast.  Arrived in Mancora about 11am and Russ was exausted because he can´t sleep on the night busses. Decided to stay in a hostal just out ...

Paradies wir kommen, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Paradies wir kommen

A travel blog entry by staerndli12


... Zelt unter freiem Sternenhimmel. Zum Nachtessen gab es grillierten Seafood; so lecker. Am nächsten Tag ging es mit dem Truck nach Mancora; den Badeort den wir schon seit Tagen sehnsüchtig erwarteten. Der Ort an und für sich ist nicht viel anders als ...

Sea, Surf, Sun, and Sand, Mancora and Piura, Peru travel blog

Sea, Surf, Sun, and Sand

A travel blog entry by bjergaard


After doing the late-night border crossing between Ecuador and Peru in Tumbes, we arrived in Mancora bright and early Friday morning. Mancora is one of the more famous beaches in Northern Peru and it is popular among surfers. We found accommodation at a ...

Mancora, I love you., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora, I love you.

A travel blog entry by dogggud


Laugardagur 9. mars Eftir erfiða rútuferð fulla af bílhræðslu (af minni hálfu) um þessa blessuðu nótt lentum við í Mancora. Eftir stutta duk duk ferð komum við á hostelið okkar þar sem tóku á móti okkur 5 geltandi hundar, misfallegir. ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by wakusrgh


Le plan, c'était d'arrêter le jonglage quelques temps et de vivre entièrement de l'artisanat. Objectifs: 1) m'améliorer dans le domaine de la vente 2) laisser mon petit doigt (toujours cassé) se reposer 3) passer mes journées le cul par terre à ...

Lovely but can´t wait to leave now, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Lovely but can´t wait to leave now

A travel blog entry by teamrobinmills

Our whole group had been enjoying the sun, sea and laidback nature of this little (one street) coastal town but after one mugging at knifepoint and 3 cloned bank cards (not ours) we now can´t wait to move on.  No one is hurt and the banks will be ...

Touché Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Touché Mancora

A travel blog entry by tomandkate


Wow.. We arrived in Mancora after a 12 hour bus ride in our winter kit ready to strip off in to our summer get up! We were staying a wee way from the town itself as we had heard how loud the town can be once the sun is down. we stayed right on the beach ...

The promised land!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

The promised land!

A travel blog entry by waydownsouth


After 16 hours on a bus, we couldn't have been happier to see the blue skies, sea, and sunshine of Peru's most popular beach resort, Mancora. From the bus a 25cent tuk tuk took us to our hostel Loki del Mar, where we had booked in for the next five ...

Finally 25, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Finally 25

A travel blog entry by cpillar


Today was my 25th birthday, and who better to spend this day with than my lovely lady! Just the two of us and daddy definitely loves you....daddy loves you. I know that was gay, but it was one of the most memorable birthdays of my life...and I owe that ...

Sun San and Sea, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Sun San and Sea

A travel blog entry by jonsharland


... for the first decent coffee in a while. Then back to the bus stop for another 17 hour bus ride before we arrived in Mancora a small little beach town where loads of tuk tuks patrol the streets waiting to pick up tourists and take them 2 mins down the ...

Mancora - Peru!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora - Peru!

A travel blog entry by milray


Our third country in 6.5 weeks... Sun, sand and surf. Deliciously fresh fish and seafood. BBQ swordfish, BBQ tuna, spicy citrus Ceviche, cheap mouthwatering sushi (happy Hannah). First time on a surfboard and I stood up! Exhausted by the end of the day ...

Goodby Mancora., Máncora, Peru travel blog

Goodby Mancora.

A travel blog entry by jrubina


... is nothing the locals can do to prevent drastic climate events such as El Niño reeking havoc with the landscape . Good by Mancora..until we meet again! Our trip to the Tumbes airport is approx 2 hours (we again travel through the very unpleasant ...

Peru, Talara, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by brickyardfarm

Arriving in the dark again, but at least it wasn't raining this ...

Chilling in Mancora, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Chilling in Mancora

A travel blog entry by howpet


... (and my laptop) have been a bit off! Left Trujillo for another, delightful long bus journey north and planned to stay in Mancora / Punta Sal for a night or two to recharge the batteries before heading north to Equador.  As in Huanchaco, this place ...

Perú, Máncora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by sylvano

... At the end it only cost is 7.5$ each, quite a good deal I think. He drops us at a bus station where we catch the next to Mancora from Tumbes only 2 hours more and we are on the beach!!! Get at la casa de Jessy before 11 o'clock, drop our bags , get change ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by sylvano

Last night we went out for dinner and Luna the hostel dog followed us all the way to the center so we took a pizza take away and came back to the hostel so we were sure nothing happened to that dog!! Our bus is at 9h30 to Trujillo, when we get there the ...

busfahrt nach lima, Mancora, Peru travel blog

busfahrt nach lima

A travel blog entry by pablo.guerrez


So langsam gehts los zum bus.. 18std reise ohne zwischenstopp nach lima stehen vor mir.. aber zum glück reis ich "exclusiva" ;) mehr infos gibts nach der busfahrt! ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


... to doubt the recommendations – decided to give Zorritos and other beaches around here a miss. Less than 30 mins from Mancora but still 5 soles to the junction, then another 1.5 in a moto to the beach. Still it was a nice big sandy ...

Watch out for the stingrays...., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Watch out for the stingrays....

A travel blog entry by claireformby

So we escaped from Lima to find ourselves in Mancora - seaside capital of Gringoland! While Amy did pretty well at avoiding nights out I wasn´t quite as good. Although to be fair, Amy did have a good excuse of being attacked by a stingray in ...

Fun times, good friends and getting a tan!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Fun times, good friends and getting a tan!

A travel blog entry by brizi


... of them by reputation or through common friends as they all came from Joburg. Small world. There are a few other beaches near Mancora that are also worth visiting. Lobitos and Organos. We only managed to visit Organos in the hope of having the surf spot ...

Damien Rice will take away the smell of p*ss..., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Damien Rice will take away the smell of p*ss...

A travel blog entry by bryanoboyle

... getting into Ecuador!! We arrived at the Loki Hostel in Mancora at 1am...straight to the cot despite music blaring from the Loki bar!!...Mancora is a very small town beside a very good beach but there is not a lot to do in Mancora except surf. We soon ...

Peru coast pt 2, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Peru coast pt 2

A travel blog entry by scampyyy


... to be a part of it on the employee side so I opted for kokopelli, another popular chain hostel of Peru with a more laid back vibe. 12/1-12/26: KoKopelli Mancora has since closed, which hurts my heart because it gave me one of the best times of my life. ...

Mancora Weekend!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora Weekend!

A travel blog entry by sarahstravels


... area of town. Had a good lunch (my choice was of about 2 things from the menu - they are seriously into their seafood in Mancora!) then explored the town a bit, did a bit of shopping in the touristy stalls and had a good walk, then went back to the ...

The Magical Mystery Tour begins, Máncora, Peru travel blog

The Magical Mystery Tour begins

A travel blog entry by whereilaymyhead


... have to either slam on the brakes, swerve, or we'd hit it. Not really fun in an '81 VW van. So we finally pull into Mancora around noonish, and get a room at a hostel right on the beach. It was pretty sweet. We literally could walk out our door, over a ...

Dessert, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by -ninavale-


... per quello c'è sempre posto. Come c'è sempre posto per tre giorni di dolce far niente in riva all'oceano. Mancora è uno degli ultimi villaggi prima del confine con l'Ecuador; non è un posto necessariamente rilassante, essendo pieno di ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by garth_travel


Just a quick entry at the moment. Just spent 4 nights at this small beach side location, a little bit touristy but it was absolutely sensational!! Cracking sun rises and sunsets every day up over the ocean side hotel room which we had for the 2 ...

Peru, Máncora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by mjnelson18


We now enter the biggest and most-visited country we will go to - Peru. We cross the border with an overnight bus to a beachside and surfers' dream resort of Máncora right in the north of the country. This is our first bit of beach for almost a ...

Photo update, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Photo update

A travel blog entry by kmsouthamerica


At our hostel in Mancora, Peru but it's more like a resort. Everyone is drunk poolside. What else is ...

...and loving it!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

...and loving it!

A travel blog entry by jeffsjourney

After 16 hours and 3 bad Spanish dubbed movies later I made it into Mancora, PeruMancora is a small fishing village in northern Peru, close to the Ecuador border.  It is famous for the beaches and surfing here and one can see why.  ...

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