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Keukenhof, Keukenhof, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by kang_wardana


Amsterdam, Amster, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by kang_wardana


Breakfast in Amsterdam, Lijnden, Netherlands travel blog

Breakfast in Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by keggebeen

While I'm waiting for trainees, I thought I'd share with you about what I had for breakfast at the Holiday Inn.  It was a very nice buffet presentation at a cost of 20 euros.  I initially asked where the Oatmeal was located and received a odd ...

Venlo to Leiden - Day 3, Leiden Lammerschans, Netherlands travel blog

Venlo to Leiden - Day 3

A travel blog entry by sydandval

... to Amsterdam - but the guard is surprised it is so busy - there must be something going on in town). After a half-hour at Utrecht station we catch the train to Leiden - this train is fairly empty and we get off at Leiden Lammerschans, the stop before ...

In Favor of Cycling for ALL Residents and Visitors, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

In Favor of Cycling for ALL Residents and Visitors

A travel blog entry by mmtetteh


Before reaching Amsterdam, which is arguably the best known city in the Netherlands, we stopped for a short time in Utrecht.  Being in Utrecht is like being transported back in time while keeping up to date with more modern infrastructure. ...

Departure Day Utrecht - Culemborg, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Departure Day Utrecht - Culemborg

A travel blog entry by christiaangroen

later.. ...

Holiday in Holland, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Holiday in Holland

A travel blog entry by oliviar22

... go without stopping or anything (eek!) but we followed Maria and went along kanaalstreet first which is basically the busiest street in Utrecht on a Saturday so anything after that was easy as pie.  It was so much fun biking along, everything is made ...

Dutch courage, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Dutch courage

A travel blog entry by paulontheroad


... a trip to Den Haag (The Hague) to see the sights before heading to Delft for some karting with his friends which was fantastic. Finally it was a few beers in Delft before heading via Rotterdam back to Utrecht for my final foreign nights sleep of this ...

Weer thuis, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Weer thuis

A travel blog entry by whvanderpost

Laatste entry voor de ...

Did some more booking :-), Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Did some more booking :-)

A travel blog entry by erwin_monique


 Adventures on Oahu: Hike, Kayak and Snorkel Experience the remote and breathtaking beauty of Kualoa, one of the most historically significant places on Oahu, while enjoying a kayak adventure along its scenic windward coast.This Rainforest to ...

Fantastic flight, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Fantastic flight

A travel blog entry by djreed


... begin our stay at 10:30 AM. He talked for about 30 minutes about his home and family and the difference between Netherlands and U.S. He commented on how little luggage we have, saying most Americans travel with huge suitcases for short periods of times. ...

Neverlands?, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by northernlighthc

blam ...

Day Two, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Day Two

A travel blog entry by phil.kirby


An early start saw us catching the 08.36 train from Amsterdam Centraal bound for Amersfoort Vathorst. The journey took about an hour heading due east from the city. Vathorst is a new urban quarter of approx 560ha in size located to the north of ...

Weer thuis, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Weer thuis

A travel blog entry by hufikadi


Na bijna 24 uur reizen zijn we weer thuis in Abcoude. Helaas zonder bagage, die is bij de overstap in Madrid achter gebleven. Beter op de terugreis dan op de heenreis. We hebben een fantastische reis gehad. Hopelijk hebben jullie een beetje mee ...

Aanleiding: Stichting Kind in Nepal, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Aanleiding: Stichting Kind in Nepal

A travel blog entry by douwel


Van 23 december 2011 tot 7 januari ondernemen wij een 'drie generatie' familiereis naar Nepal. De groep bestaat uit twee gezinnen (Lycklama en Bollweg, totaal 5 kinderen), Willy Roelofsen (de moeder van Douwe Lycklama) en haar partner (Ren ...

Packing, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jw_tajana

Finally we have finished packing and are ready to depart... While we are definitevely looking forward to this adventure ... I'm still not sure how will we go through the 22h flight trip! Wish us ...

Up, up, up! and going on vacation (to Utrecht), Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Up, up, up! and going on vacation (to Utrecht)

A travel blog entry by dejulio

... distance proved to be Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  On a clear day you can't see forever, but you can see half of the Netherlands. At the bottom we met up with Liz and my cousin Maggie, recently back from Istanbul, and had lunch before heading to ...

Foreign family, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Foreign family

A travel blog entry by frykberg


By mid day we had officially covered over a 1000km of driving on the continent. On our drive from Germany to Holland this morning we were acutely aware of the changing leaves. Beautiful colours as we sped along the autobahn much to the kids delight. We ...

Afslitdijk, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwhalen

... However, the water flowed freely around the islands, and too freely onto the lowlying lands surrounding the Zuiderzee. Traditionally, The Netherlands has always been building dykes to save the low lying areas from flooding. Plans were afoot as early as ...

Mulberry Handbags, Somewhere in, Netherlands travel blog

Mulberry Handbags

A travel blog entry by juliy

 At once, Mulberry manufactured all of their bags in England. Nevertheless, today most all bags are outsourced to China with regard to manufacturing, and in addition Turkey. So a Made in China tag on Mulberry handbag will not automatically ...

Voorbereidingen, Mijdrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandrine

Een paar weken geleden zijn de tickets geboekt! Nu is het lezen en spullen kopen! Estelle heeft al het een en ander gekocht, maar ik zal eerst nog geld moeten verdienen voor ik die dure spullen kan ...

Ik hou van Holland!, Ijsselstein, Netherlands travel blog

Ik hou van Holland!

A travel blog entry by liesbetd

Ik heb nog maar net een lofzang op Sevilla achter de rug en ik hoef vaak niet veel van een plek gezien te hebben voor ik vol overtuiging uitroep: "Hier zou ik wel kunnen wonen!"  Maar er zit iets in dat Nederlandse water dat me wel erg ...

2 weeks, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

2 weeks

A travel blog entry by bolletjeom

... 's home. In the evening I try to eat normal food, and fortunately, this time it stayed inside. Thursday Jeroen goes to Utrecht to get train tickets. He goes to the international window because we don't have internet. He can check if they have the ...

28 days till......., Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

28 days till.......

A travel blog entry by slolerud

Dear readers, I'M SO EXCITED! When I started fantasizing about my journey, it was still so far away, but now it's already december and the year 2010 is coming to an end. The closer the date of my departure comes, the more excited I'm getting! And have I ...

Sublime to the Ridiculous, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Sublime to the Ridiculous

A travel blog entry by marytravels

... this entry because I have little else to do and you might get a chuckle out of my latest adventure. Tonight I am in Utrecht in a rather dreadful hostel, yuck! No doubt the worst hostel I've ever stayed in. Yesterday I was driving around the midlands of ...

...nog precies 1 week..., De Bilt, Netherlands travel blog

...nog precies 1 week...

A travel blog entry by romald


Hallo allemaal, het is nu zaterdag middag, 3 november, en dat betekent dat precies over een week m'n vliegtuig vertrekt naar Indonesi. Aangekomen in Jakarta heb ik dan precies een maand de tijd om te proberen mijn terugvlucht te halen die 1200 km ...

Bags are packed..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Bags are packed...

A travel blog entry by erwin_monique


We are allmost ready to to go. The bags are packed and stuffed into the car. After going through The Netherlands, we are going to drive through Germany, Austria and Slovenia before we reach Croatia. We hope to reach Nurnberg when we stop for the night. ...

De reisplannen, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands travel blog

De reisplannen

A travel blog entry by drielvis


Op 27 december vliegen we om 10.40 uur richting Londen ... Londen??! Jawel, maar slechts 2,5 uurtjes later vervolgen wij onze reis en vliegen met British Airways richting Tokio, Japan! Daar komen we om 9 uur plaatselijke tijd aan. We droppen onze ...

DAY DRIE (3), Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by dresselhuis


(July 7'14) Today we drove to Roermond to spend the day mostly visiting memorials and cemeteries. The weather made our excursion significantly more enjoyable as we drove the site where my dad's grandparents were buried. We headed home via Nijmegen and ...

Our final event, Breukelen, The Netherlands travel blog

Our final event

A travel blog entry by gter1


And so here we are in Breukelen one day away of ending another great journey.  For the past 24 days we have had the privileged of seeing some beautiful places and meet some very kind and helpful people.  We learned a little more history about ...

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