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...nog precies 1 week..., De Bilt, Netherlands travel blog

...nog precies 1 week...

A travel blog entry by romald


Hallo allemaal, het is nu zaterdag middag, 3 november, en dat betekent dat precies over een week m'n vliegtuig vertrekt naar IndonesiŽ. Aangekomen in Jakarta heb ik dan precies een maand de tijd om te proberen mijn terugvlucht te halen die 1200 km ...

Bags are packed..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Bags are packed...

A travel blog entry by erwin_monique


We are allmost ready to to go. The bags are packed and stuffed into the car. After going through The Netherlands, we are going to drive through Germany, Austria and Slovenia before we reach Croatia. We hope to reach Nurnberg when we stop for the night. ...

De reisplannen, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands travel blog

De reisplannen

A travel blog entry by drielvis


Op 27 december vliegen we om 10.40 uur richting Londen ... Londen??! Jawel, maar slechts 2,5 uurtjes later vervolgen wij onze reis en vliegen met British Airways richting Tokio, Japan! Daar komen we om 9 uur plaatselijke tijd aan. We droppen onze ...

DAY DRIE (3), Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by dresselhuis


(July 7'14) Today we drove to Roermond to spend the day mostly visiting memorials and cemeteries. The weather made our excursion significantly more enjoyable as we drove the site where my dad's grandparents were buried. We headed home via Nijmegen and ...

Our final event, Breukelen, The Netherlands travel blog

Our final event

A travel blog entry by gter1


And so here we are in Breukelen one day away of ending another great journey.  For the past 24 days we have had the privileged of seeing some beautiful places and meet some very kind and helpful people.  We learned a little more history about ...

Our first full day in Netherlands, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Our first full day in Netherlands

A travel blog entry by my-house


We call it Holland but to be correct it is the Netherlands. We left the New House in Demopolis in a rental car and drove to ft. Lauderdale in one shot. It took about 15 hours with a few stops along the way. We were staying in a really nice condo owned by ...

Indiana Jones, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Indiana Jones

A travel blog entry by samuel.copelan


... path was very bumpy, making it feel even more like we were in the dimly lighted jeeps at Disneyland.  Initial Observations on Infrastructure Utrecht is a large city of about 350,000 people, and I felt like I was going to die just going maybe 1 km! ...

Weekje wel, Doorn, Netherlands travel blog

Weekje wel

A travel blog entry by micheleen

Zo, de koffers zijn weer gepakt voor de volgende trip. Het was me het weekje wel! Ik heb de afgelopen week nog best las gehad van de overgang. Vorig weekend na een lange reis thuisgekomen en deze week al weer vier dagen gewerkt en veel indrukken opgedaan ...

Cows, Cake, and Cherries, Doorn, Netherlands travel blog

Cows, Cake, and Cherries

A travel blog entry by kgratz


... were jumping around excitedly, running, and exploring. It was one of the best experiences of my life, surrounded by friends in the Netherlands, watching cows. When it was time to move on, one of my friends drove the tractor out of the pasture. ...

Spakenburg, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, The Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by draak777


... . In this village, some of the resident ladies still wear the traditional dresses. It is one of the last places in the Netherlands to follow this practice. Quite beautiful, lovely flowery designs. They wear a very stiff 'kraplap' over their shoulders (see ...

5 days in Holland, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

5 days in Holland

A travel blog entry by tanichani


... ;     I arrived in Frankfurt and had some time to get refreshed in the arrival lounge before boarding my train to Utrecht.          Chanan picked me up at the station, and on the way to his parents' house we saw a ...

Visit Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen, Netherlands travel blog

Visit Ouwehands Dierenpark

A travel blog entry by leon_hazenoot

While in the neighbourhood with the weekend trip of the CJV, we visited Ouwehands Zoo. ...

Geboekt, Doorn, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by micheleen


Zo.. Na een vreselijk rot jaar wordt het tijd om ook weer positieve dingen te gaan ondernemen! Alleen, want met Heleen is het helaas op de klippen gelopen dit voorjaar. Mijn huidige project loopt officieel 31 december af, maar er is al gevraagd of ik ...

Arrived in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Netherlands travel blog

Arrived in Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by kmez

Well the adventure is almost over.  It was so hard to say goodbye to all my new Rwandan friends. I feel as if I have added to my family.  This has been such a special experience.  I'm still sorting the feelings and experiences. Since we ...

Meeting, Eating, Learning & Networking!, Driebergen, Netherlands travel blog

Meeting, Eating, Learning & Networking!

A travel blog entry by niranjan


... What a wonderful organization it is! Twynstra Gudde (TG) is one of the largest consulting companies in the Netherlands. Simon Noorman & Marijn Mooij provided wonderful insights on organizational growth & inter-organizational management. Very ...

Bye bye, Netherlands!, Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Bye bye, Netherlands!

A travel blog entry by slolerud


Dear readers, Today is the day. Oh. My. God. Skiing in Italy was great fun and when we returned home, all week I've been SUPER-busy, just because of having to see all my friends and say goodbye to them! I really hadn’t thought it would be this ...

Amsterdam's little bro., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam's little bro.

A travel blog entry by robhughes

... vegan food and held free metal and punk gigs. Wish I had more time to spend there. I was told about the Aboriginal museum in Utrecht (the best in europe apparently), i said i was Australian so I could wait till i got home. Anyway, I'm quite over museums ...

Honu Eclipse, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Honu Eclipse

A travel blog entry by bartbuerman

Finally it's for real. Today I paid my ticket for the Honu Eclipse festival on Easter Island! That means I will be going there this summer! :-D Details will follow... For now, see: ...

Holland's adventure, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Holland's adventure

A travel blog entry by elizabessie

... rooms we could move to (although not until today, so last night was quite the adventure in the hostel). The reason this town of Utrecht is so full right now is that we have managed to land here in the middle of a few happening times. First thing is a ...

Our first big Dutch lock, Maarssen, Netherlands travel blog

Our first big Dutch lock

A travel blog entry by issywiz


... is the equivalent to a motorway bypassing Utrecht. Once we were south of Utrecht (which we had been to on a previous visit to the Netherlands and also we were unable to take Spring Tide through because of the height of the fixed bridges) we forked left to ...

Visited Haarzuilens - that's all, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Visited Haarzuilens - that's all

A travel blog entry by emmaandrohan


We drove to Haarzuilens where there was an old village and castle. This town was great to see. All the homes had a white and red checkered theme to their shutters and some doors, even the little school. Nothing was open as it was a Sunday (of course) but ...

Coming Home to The Netherlands, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Coming Home to The Netherlands

A travel blog entry by hans.francis


05 May 2015 After a few hours of short naps we checked in as well. We had a good flight back to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Next to Hans in the airplane there was a nice guy who already liked Hans to come to his company in Utrecht as he had some work for ...

Maarssen, Maarssen, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by paul.killick

Home ...

Yaay For Hostel Strowis, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Yaay For Hostel Strowis

A travel blog entry by chelseaandrob

... top of the Dom Tower today, but it was booked up, so we are going to try again tomorrow. It's the highest tower in the Netherlands. Anyways, we have to get ready to go. We are going to Opa's hometown of Baarn today to look around and visit with ...

Day trip, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Day trip

A travel blog entry by tazan007

... power to navigate it while a man in the middle served drinks. It was pretty cool. The canals in Utrecht are a little different then other places in the Netherlands because they are at a lower level then street level. So in order to walk along them, ...

Via Singapore, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Via Singapore

A travel blog entry by lucasvr

De vlucht gaat via Singapore. Mooi kunnen we daar nog ...

Tulipmania: Hortus Bulborum, Limmen, Netherlands travel blog

Tulipmania: Hortus Bulborum

A travel blog entry by shelleyjane


... those Rembrandt and Leyster painted. I paid 100 euros (about US $150) for 50 such bulbs. It seemed a small price for history and conservation. Contact: Hortus Bulborum, Zuiderkerkenlaan 23/a, Limmen, the Netherlands. Web: ...

Shopping and Uncles, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Shopping and Uncles

A travel blog entry by rachelkw

2004 Tried to visit my uncle in Utrecht, but failed. Went shopping instead and ate pancakes. Got told off by local for letting the cabin crazy 21 month old twins out of the buggy and letting the exhausted 4.5 year old twins rest in the buggy. "You ...

Introduction-blog (:, Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Introduction-blog (:

A travel blog entry by slolerud

Hello dear readers! This summer I've graduated from High School and in stead of going off to University straight away, I've decided to take a gap year. As my mother is Australian/Dutch (and my father Swedish), I've been to Australia several times in my ...

Utrecht tour, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Utrecht tour

A travel blog entry by magellen

Jim and I checked out this beautiful city for a weekend!!! ...

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