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Casa De Manuela & The First Week at SKIP, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Casa De Manuela & The First Week at SKIP

A travel blog entry by gabrielles


... round out my tale, I'll say that our epic journey for a universal adaptor has an anticlimactic end. Turns out that Trujillo has a grand "Hipermercado" aka supermarket called Tuttos. Tuttos was almost as exciting to find as our favorite restaurant, El Sol ...

Relaxing at the beach, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Relaxing at the beach

A travel blog entry by doubled


... bodies must have known we slowed down because I ended up getting a cold and Andrew´s stomach did him in. You would think that Peru might have some nice beaches given that it is on the Pacific Ocean and all, but during their winter (now) the clouds ...

Shit hole!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Shit hole!

A travel blog entry by vachon_88

What a dreadful ...

Otuzco, Otuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by ssndrs4

Camping outside a pilgrim's ...

North to the warmth of Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

North to the warmth of Trujillo

A travel blog entry by sue.tonytravels


We headed north to the city of Trujillo using one of the excellent bus companies here. It is a 10 hour bus journey and we had heard mixed reports about the buses so ended up going with Cruz del Sur who seem to have the best reputation in relation to ...

Off to see a pyramid, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Off to see a pyramid

A travel blog entry by aquest


Riding into Trujillo the night before was the usual nightmare. The sun was setting while we were still in the desert so it was dark as we arrived. This is a main PanAmerica highway route and very busy, the traffic was heavy and lots of young guys with ...

Sand castles!!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Sand castles!!

A travel blog entry by grandtourist


... itself...the largest Pre-Columbian city in South America.  Chan Chan is an archaeological site located 5 km west of Trujillo. The site covers an area of approximately 20 km², and in its hey day, had a dense urban center of about ...

On the road again, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

On the road again

A travel blog entry by jenfoote


... stress stories. Went to the beach this morning, saw the local straw boats, then to Chan Chan, an adobe ruin. Now enjoying the plaza in Trujillo, even had a free museum!  Now I just have to find lunchºdinner (I give up on symbols).    ...

Trujillo, we weren't expecting you!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo, we weren't expecting you!

A travel blog entry by samandsteph6040

... Peruvian boarder ( both went pretty smoothly) and again somewhere in Peru to get our bags searched by security. We arrived into Trujillo bus station at around 7am for breakfast where we were told ( by a fellow passenger who translated for us!) that ...

Dia 2: Zorritos - Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Dia 2: Zorritos - Trujillo

A travel blog entry by ecumundialmoto


Fecha: Jueves 29 de Mayo 2014 Ruta: Zorritos - Mancora - Piura - Chiclayo - Trujillo Recorrido: 676km En el segundo día montamos hacia el sur por la costa y desierto Peruano. Salimos de Zorritos a las 10:30am después de habernos metido al mar y ...

Huacas galore, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Huacas galore

A travel blog entry by guineapigpizza


... to the sea.  We managed to see the sun set flooding the sand dune in orange and pink. After a well deserved sleep in Trujillo we set off to explore the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, adobe temples built by the pre Inca Moche civilisation during ...

Movil Tours, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Movil Tours

A travel blog entry by pablo.guerrez


gegen 15:45 wollten wir dann zu unserem bus nach chachapoyas mit dem taxi fahren, aber kein verdammtes taxi war da! sonst waren immer ungefähr 30 stk da!! gegen 16:00 fanden wir dann endlich eines und so ging es zu movil tours. um 16:45 fuhr der bus ...

Half way through the project!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Half way through the project!

A travel blog entry by sarahstravels


... Hogar we all went for lunch and had a very yummy pudding called "tres leches" (three milks) which is apparently unique to Trujillo - very tasty! When I came on the internet between packing for our weekend trip to the beach, I got the dreaded email from ...

Chan-Chan - Largest Pre-Columbian City South Ameri, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Chan-Chan - Largest Pre-Columbian City South Ameri

A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


The area around the modern city of Trujillo is one of world's greatest centers of archaeological finds of ancient civilizations. The area has an extremely dry climate tempered by the cool Pacific Ocean and is fed by rivers flowing from the Andes that have ...

One week, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

One week

A travel blog entry by evelyn.11


... And by here I mean Peru at the orphanage.  So far it's been a crazy roller coaster of experiences: When I landed in Peru the airplane was playing Katy Perry's Firework song and somehow it meant more than it every has before being alone haha Went ...

Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by dresden


Bognor a la Perivan beach life, Beach just outside Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Bognor a la Perivan beach life

A travel blog entry by sarah_n_matt

With our swimming costumes and beach towels at the ready we gathered our clothes which were hanging around the room like a cheap launderette and caught a taxi to the beach. Rejecting the idea of camping at our 1st hotel of choice we went to the next ...

Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


... Still had some dust in my eye from yesterday I couldn’t shift, though the a/c on the bus meant less new dust getting in. Trujillo is yet another town with no central terminal so you end up paying nearly as much for a taxi to the centre (5 mins) as ...

Something for the week end, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Something for the week end

A travel blog entry by david_l_howe


... life. This was undiscovered by the tomb raiders who have otherwise caused widespread destruction in this part of the world. Onward to Trujillo and the delights of the Huaca de Luna- temple of the moon- sitting above the buried city of Mocha ...

VIAJE AL NORTE (Reise in den Norden), Trujillo, Peru travel blog

VIAJE AL NORTE (Reise in den Norden)

A travel blog entry by verenas


... sehr weit zurücklehnen und es gibt eine Art Stewardess die Essen bringt :-) Fast wie im Flugzeug, nur mit mehr Beinfreiheit. Trujillo ist eine entzückende kleine Stadt, im ganzen Zentrum sind die kolonialen Bauten erhalten. Ausserdem ist es viel wärmer ...

Chan Chan, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Chan Chan

A travel blog entry by jdswed


... at the same time. We spend 3.5 hours visiting two pre Columbian sites, one right in the city, the other just north of Trujillo a few kilometers. The large site is called Chan Chan and it is one of the more important archeology sites in Peru. It dates ...

Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by weebles


After our first luxury night bus We arrive at a small beach town called Trujillo, Peru. The town and beach aren't amazing but there are some really interested pre Inca ruins nearby to explore. around Trujillo there are 3 main sites to explore ranging from ...

Salaverry, Peru  - reed boats and a mud city, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Salaverry, Peru - reed boats and a mud city

A travel blog entry by voyager-sue

11/14/05   Salaverry   Today is dolphin day.  Thousands of birds, hundreds of dolphins including little ones right up next to the ship just before 7am.  Then swallowed up by the fog.  The captain made a big zig-zag in the ...

Temples in Peru, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Temples in Peru

A travel blog entry by rambling_roamer


... of the Sun and Moon (Huacas del Sol and La Luna). On the drive out to the site, Alfredo told us something of Peru and its history. Trujillo is in the north of Peru and is the 3rd largest city with a population of 900,000. Peru’s total population is ...

Closure, Chao, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by thetank


... and time that I had off was reserved for sleep, food and laundry, which was done by hand and harder than I expected. I made it out Peru 2 days before the earthquake hit, although I was in the north and it wouldn't have been nearly as tragic for me as for ...

Day trip to the temples, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Day trip to the temples

A travel blog entry by conrad.bear


... . I got a day trip for S/45 in English to Chan Chan and Husca del Sol la Luna (temple of the sun and moon) I grabbed a bus into Trujillo to meet my tour at 10:40.  I'm glad it's not an early start as it's about 1 hour to Trujillo. The first stop was ...

Stuck in paradise, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Stuck in paradise

A travel blog entry by craigwakeford


Huanchaco beach near Trujillo was a great place to catch up on sleep, get thoroughly lost, and wait for the long bus journey up the coast. Over the three days I tried the local specialties, cerviche - raw fished cooked in the acid of lemon juice, and ...

We ruined Trujillo and Huanchaca, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

We ruined Trujillo and Huanchaca

A travel blog entry by rdevansville


... very interesting day and at the end of the trip, we went to Huanchaca, a very small surfing village, just outside of Trujillo.. It was quaint and quiet and we enjoyed it. The fishermen here still use the small, individual  reed boats and ...

Trujillo in Transit, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo in Transit

A travel blog entry by hardiek

Trujillo is the first major city coming in to Peru from the north. The ruins of Chan-Chan are nearby, but they aren't much more than some lumps of mud that resemble a field of ant-hills more than a great civilization.  A great civilization it was, ...

Moche'n Around Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Moche'n Around Trujillo

A travel blog entry by skdude


... the next few days we explored the surrounds of Trujillo, visiting monuments and getting a feel for the rhythm of life in Peru.   Trujillo has two main ruins from the Pre-Incan times, both really impressive in their size and ambition.  Chan Chan ...

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