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Best Experience in Trujillo!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Best Experience in Trujillo!

A travel blog entry by perutravelnews


Spent 3 days in Trujillo, quite a pretty colonial city and a good base for ruins nearby. It is however a bit hectic so one night I spent in nearby Huachaco beach, probably would have been best to spend the whole 3 days there. The spent one night in ...

Simon Bolivar in Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Simon Bolivar in Trujillo

A travel blog entry by 5-crazy-people


... born, the one where he was raised, other ones that he lived in, as well as the house where he died.  And now, in Trujillo, we went to the house where the lived for a month.  He led the last battle for the independence for Peru from that house ...

go flat for 1st wedding anniversary, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

go flat for 1st wedding anniversary

A travel blog entry by pandacourtis


booked into a HOTEL for the first wedding anniversary (not hostel this time), can´t believe we´ve been married for a year already!! time flies. had an excuse for going flat for 2 days with more pisco sours LOL. went to Chan Chan later on ...

huaca de la luna, Huaca del Sol y la Luna , Peru travel blog

huaca de la luna

A travel blog entry by pablo.guerrez


... bereinander gebaut, gleichen sich allerdings meiner meinung nach ziemlich. um 15:30 war die tour zu ende, ich hatte einen gewaltigen sonnenbrand und wir machten uns mit einem "migro"-bus auf nach trujillo, um dort einen migro nach huanchaco zu nehmen... ...

SO MUCH FOOD!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by kelseyrenee


Hello Everyone!  Well, last night was my first night with my new Peruvian family in Trujillo! I received a new host family because of some last minute changes, but I am very happy here. My American roommate is Samantha. She is also from Michigan and ...

Not only stuffed animals, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Not only stuffed animals

A travel blog entry by daveanddale

We only had a half day tour booked for the afternoon so we checked out the really bizarre zoological museum. It was housed in a small dusty building filled with glass cabinets containing heaps of stuffed animals, birds, fish and reptiles. It was a bit ...

Last Day Of Peru, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Last Day Of Peru

A travel blog entry by hfs


Today a very basic Port,a few breakwaters and that was it,concern from our Captain,from last night a large swell ,which could make things difficult,and he would need to keep thrusters running etc  and we were to be careful moving about the ship.We ...

Trujillo Day 2, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo Day 2

A travel blog entry by wwatling


... narrow sidewalks past shops to reach La Emancipation- another bank owned colonial house- this time Banco Continental. There's a nice model of Trujillo from colonial times when it was a walled city. Then we back to the streets to the Museum of Archeology ...

Trujillo and northern Peru, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo and northern Peru

A travel blog entry by missfit


... weeks!! Anyway we piled back in the bus and headed along the coast, until we reached Trujillo, the largest city in northern Peru. Trujillo is the capital of the Department of La Libertad and is well known for its colonial buildings, proximity to the ...

Surf's Up, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Surf's Up

A travel blog entry by chriswooley

... . The last day there, a fisherman took me out in one of them around the harbor and we floated/surfed back in. The ruins around Trujillo are quite impressive as well. Chan Chan is the largest pre-Inca ruin in Peru (I think?). Its a huge walled city with ...

Trujillo, Perú, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo, Perú

A travel blog entry by reisan


Trujillo Frá Lima til Trujillo eru um 550 kílómetrar og rútuferðin hingað tók níu og hálfa klukkustund. Það var þó alls ekki slæmt því við tókum næturrútu með góðu fyrirtæki sem bauð upp á úrvals rútu. Í rútunni voru bara ...

HE SMASHED THE MUSTANG!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by corneliusgospel


... together, then Rosi came back to visit after a morning of vomiting. So the stage was set, Melissa was on for a session at the Trujillo races, so her friend Marco came around with his Mustang, some beers were had, some laughs. We were all with Marco on the ...

Haucas del Sol y Huaca de la Luna, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Haucas del Sol y Huaca de la Luna

A travel blog entry by steffeff

Today we visited the other significant Moche site in the area, the Huacas Sol y Luna. With limited time, I was questioning whether to visit another Moche site, when there are other archeological sites from other civilizations. We are SO glad that we ...

Trullijos, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by kat_p

My first impression of Peru at the border was not a good one, it was dirty, smelly, crowded and a bit intimidating. Luckily this impression did not last long, our first couple of days being spent at a variety of gorgeous beaches. Firstly Zorritos which ...

Hey man, ya we did the chan chan, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Hey man, ya we did the chan chan

A travel blog entry by fricke


We arrvived in Trujillo later in the evening to find a crazy, polluted, traffic jam consisting of all taxis. The streets were literally flooded with taxis. Little-tiny, aggressive, yellow taxis that never stopped laying on the horn. The horns didnt ...

Ruins and more beach!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Ruins and more beach!

A travel blog entry by mblosser


I arrived in Trujillo early in the morning on Wed.  After checking around in Trujillo I didn't see much backpacker/budget hostels (which is the second biggest city in Peru so that's a bit odd) so I decided to get lodging in Huanchaco, a small beach ...

You Had Me At the Proper Use of ¨You´re¨, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

You Had Me At the Proper Use of ¨You´re¨

A travel blog entry by rachel.hollars


 Hello all,   This week concludes my first week of teaching, and my first real week of working as the program coordinator.  The week before was spent having meetings with the principals, working on a lesson plan for this week, ...

Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by spog00


... idea how big it would have been.  Our final drop off was at the beach of Huanchaco, apparently the finest one in Trujillo....(though we're not sure how much competition its got). It was very beautiful though, and lined with reed boats, made ...

Découverte de Trujillo et la région, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Découverte de Trujillo et la région

A travel blog entry by peruselva

Nous découvrons Trujillo et Huanchaco. Un peu déçu de la plage de Huanchaco mais quelle ambiance! Au passage, nous découvrons un petit restaurant tenu par une belge. Ça fait du bien de retrouver de la nourriture du pays ...

Trujillo... Música!, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Trujillo... Música!

A travel blog entry by itzkowitz


... bus ride, including two movies (The Queen and some other movie that I didn't know), we arrived WITH our luggage, in Trujillo.  We found a hostel that supposedly had a kitchen, but after further investigation, they really didn't have much of a ...

sand dunes, ruins and the middle of nowhere, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

sand dunes, ruins and the middle of nowhere

A travel blog entry by malloryanne


... ). Next we went to Trujillo (which is the largest city in the North).  Trujillo was actually a pretty city and around Trujillo there were two very interesting ruins.  One was Chan Chan which was the largest Pre-Colombian city in South ...

De Máncora a Trujillo, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

De Máncora a Trujillo

A travel blog entry by xavi2011


... resultó digamos relativamente fácil disuadirla. Todo el día viajando. Apunto del suicidio, casi doce horas después llegamos a Trujillo. La geografía cambia drásticamente una vez cruzas la frontera con Ecuador, pasas de mucho verde amucha arena. ...

The night we slept with a Peruvian woman, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

The night we slept with a Peruvian woman

A travel blog entry by lil_lisa_scooby


... he has done well, but perhaps as cosmic payback for his positive hairdressing experience, this policy backfired quite spectacularly in Trujillo.  Mollejitos anyone? This technically translates as "gizzards" but they looked and tasted a whole lot like ...

Ruins from the Chimu in Trujillo, Peru, Trujullio , Peru travel blog

Ruins from the Chimu in Trujillo, Peru

A travel blog entry by scottjmonty

Under the buildings and roadways of present-day Trujillo, Peru lie the expansive ruins left by the Chimu civilization. The Chimu made this desert coastline into the heart of its empire. During the time of 1100ad the city was home to 200,000 people, most ...

freaky mummy with tattoos, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

freaky mummy with tattoos

A travel blog entry by daveanddale

... tune over and over. In front were 2 hearses and behind the coffin walked the band and mourners. The traffic in Trujillo is normally chaotic with horns constantly honking but this very slow moving procession made pandemonium. We left the scenes of chaos ...

Life in La Esperanza, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

Life in La Esperanza

A travel blog entry by urinovsky


... so funny... they are obsessed with our rings, our earrings... they want to know how long the bus journey is from England to Peru... (explaining that one was pretty funny). Then are also under the impression that as we are English, we know everyone that is ...

visit here, Trujillo, Peru travel blog

visit here

A travel blog entry by the-malones


We visited the main area of the Gran chimu and visited the Chan Chan compounds and also the Huaca Arco Iris, Both places are mind blowing and the ancient city areas are just spectacular.   Well worth visiting for a day.The Chan chan was the ...

Salaverry and Trujillo, Salaverry, Peru travel blog

Salaverry and Trujillo

A travel blog entry by blakes


We arrived in Salaverry at 8:00 am on Wednesday.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then took the shuttle into Trujillo.  I have to be honest, this was not looking good.  Salaverry is so dirty and poor looking that I told Randy maybe we ...

Chan Chan ruins and first beach stop, Huanchaca, Peru travel blog

Chan Chan ruins and first beach stop

A travel blog entry by pmsmith2005

On the way to our first beach stop we stop off at the Chan Chan ruins. This is an ancient pre Inca city surrounded by 9m walls built entirely of mud bricks (known as adobe). Unlike the Incas no steps are used so it looks like the whole place was built ...

sam, Trujillo, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


... . Still had some dust in my eye from yesterday I couldn’t shift though the a/c on the bus meant less new dust getting in. Trujillo is yet another town with no central terminal so you end up paying nearly as much for a taxi to the centre (5 mins) as ...

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