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Semaine 8: bientôt le départ de Bapate, Pambal, Senegal travel blog

Semaine 8: bientôt le départ de Bapate

A travel blog entry by mamaoui


Vendredi 18 juin 2010, jour 50 : Déjà cinquante jours depuis le grand départ ! Et plus que quarante-deux avant le retour… ça donne tout un mélange d'émotions. J'ai hâte de voyager avec Mélanie, mais pas hâte de quitter ma famille de ...

Ramadan is over!, Keur Ndongo, Senegal travel blog

Ramadan is over!

A travel blog entry by ksterba


     Ramadan is over! While I enjoyed bonding with the family every night after breaking fast at sunset, I am glad Ramadan is over.  Imagine not eating for 30 days from 5am to 715pm, everyone was exhausted and it bummed me out ...

Regional House/Office/Iguana, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Regional House/Office/Iguana

A travel blog entry by astoundiaye

We were definitely not supposed to spend as much time in the capital as I did but I love this city, hook line and ...

Mbacke Kadior, Darou Marnane, Senegal travel blog

Mbacke Kadior

A travel blog entry by negesotoubabouw


Après avoir quitté Saint-Louis, nous avons roulé trois jours pour rejoindre le village de Ndem par des routes secondaires. Ndem est un écovillage où séjourne Patricia une amie de Claire et Seydou. Nous n'avons pas réussi à joindre Patricia au ...

Day Trip to Touba, Touba, Senegal travel blog

Day Trip to Touba

A travel blog entry by rblanchette


... of usual state-run civil and administrative services. The city constitutes an administratively autonomous zone with special legal status within Senegal. Every aspect of its city’s life and growth is managed by the order independently of the state, ...

West Africa - not for the faint of heart, Cap Skiring, Senegal travel blog

West Africa - not for the faint of heart

A travel blog entry by cyclingmo


... walk along the beach with one of our group, and a soothing run on the beach in the morning. April 14th - Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau & Guinea - We've had quite the adventures just driving through these countries. Don't look for ...

So you've been to Senegal..., Dakar, Senegal travel blog

So you've been to Senegal...

A travel blog entry by jfarrar

... on the way back. So we flew for 9 hours and then landed STILL IN AFRICA.Damn this is a big place. We landed in Dakar Senegal just to take on fuel. Nice of them to time if for between 2-3AM. And for TSA security reasons after a couple passengers got off ...

I flew, sorry., Dakar, Senegal travel blog

I flew, sorry.

A travel blog entry by jim_e


... bus to our hosts house.  We're had 2 days here now, but I think I'm going to refrain from describing Dakar and Senegal untill I see a bit more.  Needless to say that even Dakar, an expensive cosmopolitan (in parts) city, is like nowehere I've ...

Barracuda, Senegal, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by kathy28

Big fish to catch, barracuda and even ...

Sightseeing in Dakar/Ile de Goree, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Sightseeing in Dakar/Ile de Goree

A travel blog entry by sara.pownall


After checking the BMI website to find that the flight was delayed, we then got a phone call from Jan and Dave saying "where the **** are you?" The flight had landed on time and they were standing outside the airport getting bitten to death by the ...

And there was GRASS, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

And there was GRASS

A travel blog entry by rebeccavitkovit

... in a while so it was gorgeous to see it...  Also this place had signposts and bins (not normal here in senegal...)  There were some people playing violins in the park, felt like it should be a typical sunday afternoon in England surrounded by ...

Day 20: rest day in Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Day 20: rest day in Dakar

A travel blog entry by martinn


Day 20 (Thurday 26th of February)   After celebrating and drinking couple of beers yesterday evening we took our rest and slept till around 09:00. After breakfast we emptied the car and got rid of all stuff we're not gonna need anymore. We then ...

No longer a Peace Corps Trainee, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

No longer a Peace Corps Trainee

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


... . It was followed by a lunch for us new volunteers and a few other volunteers from previous stages at the Peace Corps Senegal Country Director's house. The morning went by pretty quick but we were all excited to change out of our complets (business suits) ...

The Family Tree, Vélingara, Senegal travel blog

The Family Tree

A travel blog entry by kellyrose

... ’s wife and the foundation of the family. She is 24, its very common for the woman to be much younger than the man in Senegal. From what I can tell right now Mari stays at home with the kids but while they are in school she studies to finish what is ...

Christmas Week and a Little Update, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Christmas Week and a Little Update

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


... Pula Futa during training, which is just one of the many dialects of the Pular group. The Pular people live in the south of Senegal, as do I, and are known to work in fields. They have this infamous almost Chinaman-like hat hand woven of wood used to ...

Delphine im Sonnenuntergang, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Delphine im Sonnenuntergang

A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


in fuenf Tagen geht's zurueck nach Deutschland. und so langsam macht sich Endzeitstimmung breit. Zwischenzeitlich hatte ich ja mal ne Phase, wo es mir wirklich gereicht hat, aber jetzt koennte ich gut noch ein bisschen bleiben. es gibt noch so viel, was ...

Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog

Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres

A travel blog entry by catgco


... stark von McSolar beeinflusst worden – traditionell mauretanisch ist es bestimmt nicht) und zum Schluss sahen wir eine Band aus Senegal. Diese sang im lokalen Dialekt und bewegte das Publikum (zu 98% junge schwarze Männer) zu Begeisterungsstürmen. ...

Romantische Insel mit trauriger Geschichte, Ile De Goree, Senegal travel blog

Romantische Insel mit trauriger Geschichte

A travel blog entry by catgco


Die kleine Insel – Ile de Goree – vor der Küste von Dakar ist wirklich pittoresk. Bunte Kolonialbauten säumen die sandigen Gassen und die kleine Bucht wo die Fähre aus Dakar anlegt. Erbaut wurden die meisten dieser Häuser allerdings von ...

Op naar Senegal!, Somone, Senegal travel blog

Op naar Senegal!

A travel blog entry by flight-mode


... BOB (Best On Board) XD strikje erom en mee naar huis nemen… Om iets voor de verwachte aankomsttijd landde we op Senegal airport. Een grote groep mensen stapte met ons het vliegtuig uit, de rest bleef zitten voor de vervolgvlucht naar Gambia. Ik was ...

Rattling buses and piles of meat, Joal Fadiouth, Senegal travel blog

Rattling buses and piles of meat

A travel blog entry by robspackman


Returning from St Louis, the old colonial heart of French Senegal and its first capital we decided to catch our first iconic "car rapide." This is a highly misleading name. Theyare not cars and are far from rapid. Rattley yes. Rapid no.  Not that ...

Training, Thies, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by astoundiaye

3 months of language & culture ...

Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


... completely blow off even bothering to look at the presidential palace, which the cop told me is marked to indicate that pictures are not permitted. Welcome to Senegal! FYI, the US is building a giant new 4-5 story bunker/embassy up closer to the airport. ...

Thanksgiving, St Louis, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by nrubin

12-1-08 Its already well into the Christmas season but now that my internet time is limited my updates are going to lag a bit.  I had my first taste of American holidays Peace Corps style at Thanksgiving, which thankfully fell just a few weeks ...

COLONIAL COOL?, Saint-Louis, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by bellag

Set smack bang in the middle of a stunning stretch of the Senegal River the island of St Louis is so striking. I will save you the history lesson(though i know Ames would appreciate it!)but basically it is French colonial city so steaped in a strangely ...

The story of the Kankurang and Donald Duck, Vélingara, Senegal travel blog

The story of the Kankurang and Donald Duck

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


It’s getting to the end of summer vacation here in Senegal; meaning back to both school and work, for those lucky enough to have summers off. With summer comes many things but it will be interesting to see the regular routine of a Senegalese family ...

First Taste of Africa, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

First Taste of Africa

A travel blog entry by lleitnaker01

Well I've made it to Africa. Ben and I arrived to Senegal at 5:30 am after what seemed like a short flight across the Atlantic (well much shorter than my 2 day return from Asia which started in Thailand and went through Vietnam, Hong Kong, San Francisco ...

Ontspanning tijdens het werken mag ook beschreven, Saint Louis, Senegal travel blog

Ontspanning tijdens het werken mag ook beschreven

A travel blog entry by astridvangerven


... te noemen.    Niet echt gezond geld hier trouwens voor al het eten. We hadden van iemand vernomen dat hij op 5 maanden Senegal 12 kg was afgevallen. Maar dat kunnen wij ons niet inbeelden. We zijn nog niet ziek geweest en al het eten is lekker ...

Countdown to Departure, Kafountine, Senegal travel blog

Countdown to Departure

A travel blog entry by avrotondi


The last weeks here just flew by. After several failed attempts by one, or both of my children to enter the pass code for my iphone lock screen, my phone was ultimately disabled. In order to unlock it I would have to reset the phone to factory setting ...

Nous Sommes Ici, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Nous Sommes Ici

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


... to get here was a long one, but well worth it. We took a very roundabout way of getting here, NY- Belgium - Burkina Fasa - Senegal, and don't forget all the layovers in between (about 28 hours total). Once we got to Senegal we stayed a night in Dakar, ...

Ko Binta Ba mi innettee!, Thies, Senegal travel blog

Ko Binta Ba mi innettee!

A travel blog entry by kellyrose


My name is Binta Ba. This is a phrase I say a lot, considering it is one of the few things that I am actually sure that I say correctly. My first real week with my temporary host family was an experience, to say the least. I can't be sure of the ...

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