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First Attempt, U, Netherlands travel blog

First Attempt

A travel blog entry by chasingchatwin


Well, now that I've inserted my cute little shiny new deep-red USB stick into the relevant bit of the laptop, complete with a photo I ingeniously transferred to it from my collection, let's see if I can get it online.  I'm now imagining ...

Lets go Red Sox!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Lets go Red Sox!

A travel blog entry by ewouteneelke


Vandaag een bezoek mogen brengen aan Fenway Park, de thuisbasis van de Boston Red Sox ...

7th Day... Noon, Zaanseschans, Netherlands travel blog

7th Day... Noon

A travel blog entry by waichinlee

oh... windmills! i think I'm stepped back into the 17 / 18 centuries, those well-preserved historic windmills and houses are so beautiful. there's famous with the traditional Dutch Hand Crafts such as the Wooden Shoe Workshop, the Pewter Foundry, the ...

Start, Zeist, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by henk1224


Dit is een test voor het opzetten van mijn ...

Op naar JordaniŽ!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Op naar JordaniŽ!

A travel blog entry by hein-in-kenia

Zoals gebruikelijk weer eens veel te laat begonnen met inpakken. Inmiddels is het zes uur 's ochtends en heb ik zojuist deze blog aangemaakt. Over minder dan 7 uur zitten we (ik, Mike Blommestijn, en Sibel bastian) in het vliegtuig van Royal Jordanian op ...

Booked the Mule ride on Molokai!!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Booked the Mule ride on Molokai!!

A travel blog entry by erwin_monique


One of the most wonderful things you can do on Molokai is the Mule ride in Kalaupapa National Historic Park.   This special community was once home to Belgian missionary Saint Damien. Beginning in 1873, this selfless priest giving hope to ...

Trip to Terneuzen,Holland, Zeelands, Netherlands travel blog

Trip to Terneuzen,Holland

A travel blog entry by shivva14

It was a trip meant for Technical and Procurement conference. Spent couple of days walking by their sea-side and feeling chill down to the bones. Do you know that 75% of the country is below sea water level and you could actually stand at one side ...

Ervoor, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandra0-0


Het is al bijna zover. Nog maar 3 weken en ik zit in TsjechiŽ. Super raar om dan zoveel in Nederland te moeten missen. Maar het wordt vet! Ik heb al veel gelezen over volle programma's en leuke mensen. Dus dat komt goed. Het enige dat ik nog moet ...

A Crazy Antics-worthy Travel Introduction, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A Crazy Antics-worthy Travel Introduction

A travel blog entry by twistedpaul


Good evening you crazy beautiful people! Here's an introductory chapter of sorts: This travel blog will cover my exploits in the States, starting and ending in New York City, and in the interim taking me to God knows where. Who knows where I'll end up, ...

My life in Netherlands!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

My life in Netherlands!

A travel blog entry by egpolvora

... i gave my passport, visa and CFO sticker, no more questions, no more arguments, no more, she stamped it and said good luck in Netherlands..,,,I was so happy, i was holding my papers so tight and still staring on it, its really real, i got it, i have a ...

Knowing Ultrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Knowing Ultrecht

A travel blog entry by paulgonts

What a ...

A day in Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A day in Utrecht

A travel blog entry by ashley.fairon


We wanted to get out of Amsterdam and explore somewhere a little less touristy in the Netherlands, so we went to Utrecht.  I will definitely come back to this city.  It was kind of like if Amsterdam had been powerwashed- it was clean and pretty, ...

Afternoon with Melissa, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Afternoon with Melissa

A travel blog entry by alexrose

Very enjoyable ...

White Castle and Surrounding Green, Werkhoven, Netherlands travel blog

White Castle and Surrounding Green

A travel blog entry by marziadcc


First real castle that we came across, Beverweerd.Tucked away in the middle of fields were cows and horses were grazing a long path lead to this castle, privately owned, that combines the 13th century medieval style to neo-gothic style of the 19th ...

Nog 1 maand te gaan.., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Nog 1 maand te gaan..

A travel blog entry by lesterenanne

Nog 1 maand te gaan.. Eergisteren was het 18 november. Ik moet wel eerlijk zeggen dat ik gewoon heel blij ben dat hij 'doorgaat'; de reis, de vakantie!! Het is helaas zo dat wanneer je een reis boekt, hoever ook van tevoren; bij onvoldoende deelnemers ...

Info over de reis en voor de thuisblijvers, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Info over de reis en voor de thuisblijvers

A travel blog entry by lesterenanne

Info over de reis en voor de thuisblijvers Van dag tot dag beschreven waar we heen gaan, dit om een beeld te vormen. 1 Amsterdam - Bangkok 2 aankomst Bangkok 3 Bangkok, boottocht over klongs 4 Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - River Kwai 5 River Kwai 6 ...

Maduradam - miniature city, Maduradam, Netherlands travel blog

Maduradam - miniature city

A travel blog entry by bunnycheers

After a day in Amsterdam, we spent another day in Maduradam. Maduradam is the smallest city in Holland, it is a miniature city containing replicas of the famous buildings in Holland. Its a very picturesque miniature city. Oh, how i love the place. We ...

nederland, Katzand, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by lota

hehe ...

Wooden Shoes and Windmills, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Wooden Shoes and Windmills

A travel blog entry by joeandemtomai


... example, there was a a whole section of shelving just for sprinkles that go on your toast for breakfast!   All the houses I'm Netherlands are quite compact.. The blocks are small so they build up instead of out but I think it's really clever! Nearly ...

The Dutch Experience!, Vianen, Netherlands travel blog

The Dutch Experience!

A travel blog entry by dejulio


... were some alarming moments - trucks and tractors that passed a little close for comfort - but for the most part, the Netherlands are beautifully suited for biking, and cars and cyclists know how to work together for minimal incidents and ...

Made it to the Netherlands!, Too many to name, Netherlands travel blog

Made it to the Netherlands!

A travel blog entry by bretch


... Belgium next: got lots of cheap beer, drenched in a storm, a lift in a strangers car and stayed a night then back into Netherlands heading for Den Haag again, stopping at Willemstad  (another Vesting, still not as nice as Heusden I thought, but Leni ...

Trips around Holland, Utrecht, Den Haag, Leiden, Amsterdam and Delft., Netherlands travel blog

Trips around Holland

A travel blog entry by escapingseattle


While living in Eastern Holland I traveled a little on my weekends off to Utrecht, Den Haag, Delft, Leiden and Amsterdam. A nice thing about Holland is that the country is so compact, everything is close together and the trains are so efficient and easy ...

Thank you so much everyone!!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Thank you so much everyone!!

A travel blog entry by lin2011


It was so nice to see all of you and I had so much fun!! And thank you so much for the ...

Amsterdam & Octopus, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam & Octopus

A travel blog entry by lsummers


Lauryn and I walked all over Amsterdam today. What I couldn't believe is how disorienting this city is.  The city streets are in a huge semi-circle so when I walk along a canal for while, it seems like I’m going straight because I’m not ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by tim.ell

123 ...

In ever decreasing circles, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

In ever decreasing circles

A travel blog entry by robjstaples


... brain only half in gear. I was going around in circles at one point, put finally I escaped, but then there were Utrecht's concentric canals to navigate. I could see where I wanted to go, but couldn't quite get there without zigzagging across a bridge ...

Voorbereiden op reis, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Voorbereiden op reis

A travel blog entry by ingermartijn


Hallo Allemaal! Hier een eerste berichtje van de site die wij de komende drie maanden bij gaan houden. We vliegen morgen op Bombay en reizen daarna verder naar het noorden van India, Nepal en Tibet. De voorbereidingen zijn op de foto's te zien: De ...

Voorlopig laatste nacht in ons eigen bed, Abcoude, Nederland travel blog

Voorlopig laatste nacht in ons eigen bed

A travel blog entry by hufikadi

Vandaag de laatste voorbereidingen gedaan en de rugzak zo licht mogelijk ingepakt. Zojuist hebben we ook online ingechecked. We hebben een raamplek kunnen regelen. We liggen nu tussen onze katjes op bed. ...

unexpected festive midnight tea 2 gothic fairytale, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

unexpected festive midnight tea 2 gothic fairytale

A travel blog entry by den2


... of Josyna and Dirk became extinct and the castle was inherited by the Van Stembor family who lived in the Southern Netherlands (present-day Belgium). In 1890 his son, baron Etienne van Zuylen van Nijevelt, inherited the impressive ruins of De Haar ...

my birthday, Heeswijk Dinther, Netherlands travel blog

my birthday

A travel blog entry by katjatravel

Having a bbq and check how to add photo's to my ...

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