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Utrecht, Utrecht, Niederlande travel blog


A travel blog entry by kembali

Utrecht is like small Amsterdam, really worth to visit. At the moment however there are massive constructions everywhere in the ...

Arrival in Utrecht - a Tower & a Library, Utrecht, The Netherlands travel blog

Arrival in Utrecht - a Tower & a Library

A travel blog entry by eveleigc

... sign for coffee shop in what I first assumed to be a bookshop like Borders but is actually the public library, Bibliotheek Utrecht. Went upstairs and found a Coffee Star counter with a table in front in amongst the library computer terminals and books. ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri


Utrechti meelitas Ene-Liis Semperi näitus. Mitte et ma oleks eriline Semperi fänn, aga ikkagi Eesti asi. Ja nädalavahetuseti ei olnud Münsteris ka suurt midagi teha. Näitus ise ei jätnud mingit põrutavat muljet ...

Packing for Peru, Nuenen, Netherlands travel blog

Packing for Peru

A travel blog entry by lauravanwaas

Today we are packing for Peru. Now, I am happy to admit that packing is an ever-so-slightly less tedious activity than unpacking, but it is still about as entertaining as watching paint dry. And our job is being made much harder by the fact that we have ...

Roaming around Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Roaming around Utrecht

A travel blog entry by nash23

... , we headed out into the streets of Old Utrecht for a wonderful 3 hr walking tour.  I love Amsterdam, but I think I love Utrecht more!  Absolutely beautiful!  Once you get past the hustle and bustle of the busy 'tourist' streets, and get in ...

Private Castle in Cothen, Cothen, Netherlands travel blog

Private Castle in Cothen

A travel blog entry by marziadcc


Castle privately ...

Queens Day, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Queens Day

A travel blog entry by joandhughpalmer


... and all that - we just steamed through the locks and under the bridges. Passing through the centre of the old part of Utrecht itself was amazing. The canals are low set, with roads and pedestrians all at bridge level and the old buildings rising straight ...

Getting ready, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Getting ready

A travel blog entry by jiskahoward


Since I am working the rest of the week I am getting ready for my trip today. I have one dilemma before leaving and that is that not all my friends are on Facebook (shame on you! See how much extra work you guys giving me). Apparently these people, who ...

Holiday Fare Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Holiday Fare Utrecht

A travel blog entry by lisarotteck


Mit meiner Freundin Tahnee war ich bei der Groessten Tourismus messe in Holland in Utrecht. Dort haben wir ein paar kontakte aufgebaut fuer das praktikum was wir fuer die uni ab september 6 monate lang machen muessen. Jetzt muss ich langsam anfangen ...

Terugkeer, Veenendaal, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by janpeterdejong


Singapore De ochtend van 27 december ben ik terug gevlogen naar Singapore. Daar heb ik mijn spullen ingepakt, een pakketje naar huis gestuurd omdat ik anders te veel bagage zou hebben en afscheid genomen van de mensen die nog ter plaatse waren. Een ...

The Netherlands Begins to Drive the Point Home, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The Netherlands Begins to Drive the Point Home

A travel blog entry by dan.chibbaro

       We've moved on from Copenhagen and settled into Utrecht, The Netherlands in the past few days. We are adjusting to a new country, more aggressive cycling etiquette and hotter weather. Nevertheless, the ...

One week, Leusden, Netherlands travel blog

One week

A travel blog entry by bartopreis

In exactly one week I'll be high in the sky on my way to Copenhagen. From there I will take the next flight to Reykjavik and a new adventure will have started. As with every adventure there's a lot of excitement, but also anxiety about the unknown. ...

Day 4 - The first bike ride!!! (Me), Vreeland, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 4 - The first bike ride!!! (Me)

A travel blog entry by yorkshirelass


Well I woke up early this morning (to the sound of sheep in the fields near by). The dogs didn't even get chance to jump on me .. Whoop whoop. So I decided to go out for a jog/walk. I took the dogs with me. Shame Smidge can't run in a straight line, ...

Day 3 - No cheese on Sunday, Amersfoort, Breda, Netherlands travel blog

Day 3 - No cheese on Sunday

A travel blog entry by jalanjalan


Coming ...

Svr camping

Svr camping " in de boomgaard"

A travel blog entry by heinenwilly


Mooi weer voorspeld en opzoek gegaan naar een camping met zwem mogenlijkheid en niet te ver rijden. Vrijdag in de loop van de middag gaan rijden. Verrassend mooie camping die we op plaatsniveau al hadden gereserveerd. Vrijdag tot maandag avond en twee ...

Dykes and derailleurs., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Dykes and derailleurs.

A travel blog entry by rob-lowe

... by their very own canal. One day into the ride and I'd already found somewhere I wanted to live.  We arrived in Utrecht two hours behind schedule and luckily bumped into our most generous hosts as they left their building. The three of us ...

Campervan fun begins, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Campervan fun begins

A travel blog entry by suepeter


... trains. (Though we did go quickly into the city for some really yummy frites, home cooked hot chips). We caught the train to Utrecht, Netherlands to get the van. When we arrived at the place it was in the driveway. Good start the van actually existed! It ...

Amsterdam conversations and interactions, Amersterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam conversations and interactions

A travel blog entry by msdebbyleigh


   Amersterdam--- a missed opportunity.    Extremely Jetlagged---- I straggled over to my next gate. I boarded a very narrow and long plan. I was too jet-lagged to even investigate whether  I was on the right plane or not. ...

test, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by cvboes

test ...

The roof held!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The roof held!

A travel blog entry by pwhalen


Disaster - the previous evening my glasses broke, and were not repairable. Checked out my emergency glasses and realised why thats what they were, as I'd obviously sat on them at some stage. Not good. Out looking for another pair after the morning walk, ...

Way to exfoliate at night, Somewhere in, Netherlands travel blog

Way to exfoliate at night

A travel blog entry by emmasnook

Beauty-female, is very high in the skin, just a lot of woman's skin is either dull or bench, acne well come, staying up late and appeared a little bit black eye. do? care usually cannot be sloppy, but nighttime skin care cannot be underestimated. study ...

Antonius Mattheuslaan, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Antonius Mattheuslaan

A travel blog entry by merledejong

In Utrecht leerden Siem en Tineke elkaar kennen. Zij waren destijds bovenburen en beide met een andere echtgenoot getrouwd. Uiteindelijk kregen een affaire met elkaar wat uitliep tot een lange ...

Utrect, Netherlands, Utrech, Netherlands travel blog

Utrect, Netherlands

A travel blog entry by paulcameron


... Utrect, and to have dinner at his home town. This was really kewl. People were really nice, and it was a beutiful town. The Netherlands has about 5 main city's. It is more inland so there are not many canles but there are still a shit load of bikes, and ...

Dag voor vertrek, Utrecht, Nederland travel blog

Dag voor vertrek

A travel blog entry by pajpoel


Vandaag voorlopig de laatste dag in Nederland. Morgen op naar tropische temperaturen en een groot avontuur. Zo lang hebben we er naartoe geleefd en nu is het bijna zover. Met de grauwe lucht en de continue regen op de achtergrond is het heerlijk ...

The I come, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The I come

A travel blog entry by tbush11

After a really horrible night of driving in the rain I made it to Utrecht. The bike had it's first mishap with the nut holding the gear select coming off. Had to mend on the road and forge ahead. Now with the bike still heating up a bit too much I am ...

Most relaxing start of the holiday, Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Most relaxing start of the holiday

A travel blog entry by richy_

Our trip started in a wellness resort. We picked A-Style in Nieuwegein, Utrecht, because we heard so many good reviews. We started the day with a massage for both of us. After this we lay in the beautiful garden with waterfalls witch is very relaxing. We ...

Kasteel- Castle, Maarssen, Netherlands travel blog

Kasteel- Castle

A travel blog entry by kate.mccarthy

Went to see a gorgeous old castel. It was the home of one of the very first feminists Belle van... (I will update this later with details and photos). Gorgeous big house and interesting how they love to extend once a ...

Day 7-Friday, Utrecht, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 7-Friday

A travel blog entry by katelarsen


... . Back to the apartment early to start packing and getting ready for our travel tomorrow. We had a fantastic week in Amsterdam and Utrecht and Jeanne was a great tour guide. Quite a benefit having her know the area. Hope everyone enjoyed the ...

Cheese and wine, Driebergen, Netherlands travel blog

Cheese and wine

A travel blog entry by ginganinjas

... . Our aunt and uncle picked us up at the airport in Schiphol. With open arms and wide smiles we were warmly welcomed to the Netherlands.   We had a trip to Driebergen where we would spend the next week at my aunt and uncle. After a nice ...

Vliegen naar Azië, Utrecht, Nederland travel blog

Vliegen naar Azië

A travel blog entry by vincentykema


Het is 06.13u en uiteraard zijn we beide klaarwakker van de opwinding. Om 7.15 komt Patrick ons halen dus we hebben nog alle tijd. 8:30u. Net door douane en nu twee uurtjes de tijd doden tot we om 10.30u kunnen boarden. Even met een smoothie bij een ...

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