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Phnom Sampeou and Wat Banan, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Phnom Sampeou and Wat Banan

A travel blog entry by conrad.bear


Today I got a motorbike driver ($10) to take me around.  We headed south to Phnom Sampeou which was the site of genocide in the Khmer Rouge era.   We parked at the bottom and walked up the hill which would have been fine if I hadn't ...

River Cruise from Battambang back to Siem Reap, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

River Cruise from Battambang back to Siem Reap

A travel blog entry by jeanie15


... that type of behavior.   After not being able to locate "the arranged" transportation, courtesy of the hotel staff in Battambang, we realized we needed to go with one of the overbearing drivers. There were 3 tuk-tuks with drivers surrounding us, ...

Jan 27, 2010, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Jan 27, 2010

A travel blog entry by aniion


Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by michelle_austyn


Battambang ...

Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vitasamb2001


... bus stopped for a break few times and at one station I bought some kind of shrimp pancakes from a woman, very good! At the Battambang I checked few hotels, one- I didn't like (no window), the other was full. At International Hotel I got nice A/C room for ...

Dag 17 van Siem Reap naar Battambang, Banan, Cambodja travel blog

Dag 17 van Siem Reap naar Battambang

A travel blog entry by martinitravels


... ! Na een verkoelende duik in het zwembad zijn we op zoek gegaan naar een restaurant in de beduidend minder toeristische Pubstreet van Battambang. Met een volle maag en een potje Uno (ik weet even niet meer wie er gewonnen had) achter de kiezen tevreden ...

More temples and a ride on a bamboo train, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

More temples and a ride on a bamboo train

A travel blog entry by follow_bex


... was disassembled, carried past us and reassembled on the other side. Genius! We made it back in one piece and I returned to Battambang where I received a message to say that Chris and Nancy (Railay) were in town. Luckily they got my reply and I had Nancy ...

BattamBANG!, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by brown25


... off work) thanks to Kings Birthday, and Visaka Bochea which is a celebration of the birth and death of Buddha. We set off for Battambang (pronounced Baddambong, which isn't as fun to say) at 7.30am on Friday 13th May. The only bad luck we encountered was ...

Slow Boat to Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Slow Boat to Battambang

A travel blog entry by carolineandnick


... off the rice noodle makers are very busy as the noodles are celebratory food. Finally we went for a ride on the 'Bamboo Train'. Battambang is on the railway line from Phnom Penh to the Thai border but trains have been suspended for some years - though ...

Battambang baddaboom, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Battambang baddaboom

A travel blog entry by alexandluke

... but realised it was across town so a friendly local took us to his friends restaurant and had dinner with us. We only had a day in Battambang but we are glad we made the effort to get there as the train ride was really fun. We also had decided to come ...

Cat house, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Cat house

A travel blog entry by stuchy


... the DC (they have English & Japanese sessions too).  So it's a little light on for brothers and the moment. The DC in Cambodia is at the end of December, so we'll travel down to PP for that. The territory is very productive and enjoyable and ...

Boats McGoats, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Boats McGoats

A travel blog entry by apandlc

... by the sight of a million fruit bats flying out of the caves down at the bottom of the hill, who go out at night to feast. Battambang was a little gem for some of the sights, and it was a fitting way to end Cambodia. We've love this country, it's been ...

CAMBODIA, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by shakilahmed9


Weeeeeee! Bamboo train!, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Weeeeeee! Bamboo train!

A travel blog entry by lauravanwaas


... two rest breaks within the first 2 1/2 hours of the journey, then didn't stop again for 3 hours, when we pulled into Battambang. The reason to come to this rural Cambodian town? That's easy. The promise of a ride on the enticing bamboo train. ...

Battambang, Banan, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dave_and_jo

Hotel a building site Chilled in a SA bar - chicken basket and pizza Amazing sunrise cafe - cream cheese bagel bacon Nani - wats Bamboo railway - kids rice factory drinks Rice paddy - work Mountain cave killing field Bats Circus - Phare ponleu seipak - ...

Running Amok, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Running Amok

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


... they attend their obligatory weddings. Failing to recoup losses means they will quickly become extinct. In an economy as poor as Cambodia any financial damage can be catastrophic. So the only weddings that survive are those that have fought tooth and nail ...

Battambang and a boat trip., Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Battambang and a boat trip.

A travel blog entry by cordlepops


... headed off to the Royal Hotel – much less grand than it sounds.  For the second most populated town in Cambodia, Battambang certainly doesn’t give the impression of it.  We were expecting a busy, bustling city with lots of ...

time to relax. kind of., Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

time to relax. kind of.

A travel blog entry by ekitch

... out to be a really nice guy who volunteer's/runs a orpahnage so we arranged to go there the following day. Battambang is the second largest town in Cambodia but i swear it's no bigger than watford!!!!! Had dinner at the hotel which was really good, nice ...

No sleep till Battambang., Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

No sleep till Battambang.

A travel blog entry by ljt


... shops were not really much to look at and the centre is very scruffy. Besides a couple of nice restaurants/bars there is not much there and I was quite ready to leave after 2 nights. Battambang trivia: Everyone either drives a motorbike or a ...

First Week - Done!, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

First Week - Done!

A travel blog entry by christie101


... of beers before heading back so Micha could pack his bag and then we headed back out for some dinner and some cocktails. The thing in Battambang is that all the serving staff are so friendly and if you are there for more than a couple of days (the normal ...

Koh Tao & Koh Phangang, Battambang, Cambodja travel blog

Koh Tao & Koh Phangang

A travel blog entry by atrejseeratleve


... var da med nede på stranden og se festen osv. Dagen efter lejede vi en scooter og kørte rundt på øen, vi endte på et madmarked, hvor vi spiste en masse mærkeligt, og blev indtil aften. Nu går turen til Cambodia!!!!! ...

Bamboo Train, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Bamboo Train

A travel blog entry by natpat

... the track so the other can pass, then it is put together again.  This was an interesting sight to see. After a day in Battambang I travelled to Siem Reap.  Instead of taking the 4 hour bus ride I decided to take the 8 hour boat ride.  Very ...

Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gbish


... really disturbing, it's so hard to believe that the Khmer Rouge regime didn't happen all that long ago. On our way out of Battambang, we stopped off to ride the bamboo train. It was like being back at Alton Towers, it was both terrifying and ...

Fancy a Bat for Breakfast?, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Fancy a Bat for Breakfast?

A travel blog entry by ellengoeseast


... back in his tuktuk in time for F1, during which I saw the two most interesting things that happened during my visit to Battambang. The first was a guy on a motorcycle who drove by, which in itself is nothing special around here, obviously. But this ...

Turns out I'm in transit!, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Turns out I'm in transit!

A travel blog entry by lochlanjw

Funnily enough the share taxi I caught with the Italian couple (and 3 Cambodians) dropped us at the bus station in Battambang. As it was only early I went to check bus times and lo and behold there is a Phnom Penh-bound bus departing in 5 minutes. I'm on ...

Campagne bouddhiste, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Campagne bouddhiste

A travel blog entry by chapdeluc


Bienvenue à Battambang, près l'odyssée de 5 heures de bus ! Magnifique campagne en route, rizières à volonté. Le repos sera mérité.  Lendemain, les tuk-tuk nous attendent ! Une école local, encore des enfants dont les commissures des lèvres ...

What is in Battenbang?, Battenbang, Cambodia travel blog

What is in Battenbang?

A travel blog entry by joandjim


... track, few visitors and we found out why, there is nothing there. The five hour boat trip was recommended as the most beautiful in Cambodia and when we booked it we saw pictures of a great boat, but we must have been out of season, the scenery wasn't ...

couldnt find Maddox here, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

couldnt find Maddox here

A travel blog entry by pisce03

... little boutique clothing store where the clothes are purchased from Thailand but are much cheaper than Thailand. worth a look. So we ditched Battambang and decided to go luxury to flooding Siem Reap in a taxi. The driver seemed quite nice until we got to ...

The road  to Siem Reap, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

The road to Siem Reap

A travel blog entry by finbarrorourke


... her over the Thai border as they actually check for licence and registration etc) before leaving for Thailand. Simple. My first day in Battambang I checked into a family run hostel that a lot of ex-pats were living out of and fell in with a really good ...

Soaked to the Skin, Battambang, Cambodia travel blog

Soaked to the Skin

A travel blog entry by helen.ansell.13

We stopped over for one night in a small town called Battambang - we hired bicycles and cycled a few km out of town, then the heavens opened and we got soaked to the skin! Eventually (even though it was far too late) we took shelter in someone's shop ...

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