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Austria, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by amcriso

a ...

Jun 30, 2016, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Jun 30, 2016

A travel blog entry by sakgphotography


A Capital de Tirol...., Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

A Capital de Tirol....

A travel blog entry by martorelli


Acordamos depois de uma boa noite de descanso e já nos arrumamos para sair. O plano original previa irmos para Innsbruck na hora do almoço e comermos por lá. Mas adoramos tanto Salzburg que mudamos e resolvemos ficar mais e irmos no meio da tarde ...

Austrian Alps, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Austrian Alps

A travel blog entry by yamaha424


Austria was a quick stay but the mountains were awesome and there is a lot of cool things to do here.  We will have to come back for a week to hit up all the cool stuff the Innsbruck has to ...

Aimless Wandering in Austria, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Aimless Wandering in Austria

A travel blog entry by brett.lavender


... fun eh? So anyway, we were not even close to organized by Friday evening, so we decided to meet up and take the train out to Innsbruck Saturday morning. The train left at 8, with one of us BARELY making the train (*cough* Fraser *cough*)… he had not ...

VIENNA-SALZBURG-INNSBRUCK., Innsbruck, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by rossandliz

... street. The last leg of today's drive takes you into the very heart of the Tyrol to its capital, Innsbruck. (B,D) Getreidegasse is Salzburg’s main shopping street with atmospheric arcades and courtyards and tiny winding side streets leading to ...

DASHING THRU AUSTRIA, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by dee4diesel


... the rain did us a favour! We played with the idea of going to a little place called Wank, but decided to press on to Austria, to Innsbruck (the bridge over the River Inn) . But wait, before you can drive in this country, you need to buy a Road Permit, so ...

Munich to Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Munich to Innsbruck

A travel blog entry by worldadventurer

Innsbruck ...

The End is Nigh, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

The End is Nigh

A travel blog entry by canningt


... says that there won’t be much running north of Brennero by the time we’ll get there, but there is one to Innsbruck, Austria from where there will no doubt be more choices – Ha!  We eventually get to Innsbruck where everything in the ...

Days 34 & 35 & 36, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Days 34 & 35 & 36

A travel blog entry by rachelkay

... we made for the city where we met many russian football players taking excited pictures of everything that looked remotely historic in Innsbruck. We left my grandmother at the Sacher and headed to the Congress, where the train leaves up to the Hungerburg. ...

DAG 8, Innsbruck, Oostenrijk travel blog


A travel blog entry by claudetimperman


Vanuit Herzogenburg vertrekken we richting Innsbruck , helemaal de andere kant van Oostenrijk aan de kant van de Zwitserse grens . Zo rijden we door heel Oostenrijk en gaan over de kleine bergwegen. We rijden over hele goede wegen en het verkeer ...

Tyrolian music videos,  click to start, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Tyrolian music videos, click to start

A travel blog entry by shbell


austrian tyrol, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

austrian tyrol

A travel blog entry by raymond.fung

asdf ...

Bavarian Alps, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Bavarian Alps

A travel blog entry by mtgirard


... for hunters or woodsman to go and pray when they were away from the village. Our final destination for the evening was Innsbruck, a lovely city with a great Christmas market, but we only had one night there, barely enough time to enjoy the atmosphere. ...

Vecernym Innsbruckom, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Vecernym Innsbruckom

A travel blog entry by mozi


Dnes podvecer som sa vybral na objavovanie Innsbrucku. Byvame hned vedla stareho mesta. Stare mesto je to tak podobne velke ako v Bratislave, takze sa ho da prejst napriec za nejakych 20 minut. Ale to nevelke stare mesto je pastva pre oci. Ked sa zotmelo ...

Road Trip, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Road Trip

A travel blog entry by lolly

Sadly, I dont remember much about Austria. Too bad because I have read so much about it lately as the music and art centre of Europe in the 1700s, I'd love to check that out. I asked my dad recently if we had been there before. He said, 'oh yes, many ...

Train vs Yabbie, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Train vs Yabbie

A travel blog entry by jenandcraig


... views. In some places we were looking at 500m drop to the roads and farms below. He is in charge of  avalanche management in Innsbruck and works 7 days a week for 5 winter months. He said they still lose 10 to 12 people a year.   In the evening ...

A day in Innsbruck [Bus Tour], Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

A day in Innsbruck [Bus Tour]

A travel blog entry by sugarstar


... we go) –it was pricey but is a great reminder of that beautiful place. We piled back onto the bus and headed to Innsbruck.   When we arrived in Innsbruck, our guide walked us through the alleys giving us a brief tour of the city, stopping to ...

Ski jumping without snow!, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Ski jumping without snow!

A travel blog entry by barblucas


... in every view, there us a castle not less than 15 minutes apart. We have already thought of our next holiday....winter in Innsbruck, followed by the train trip from Innsbruck to Verona, stopping at all the places in between. Only slight glitch to the ...

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

A travel blog entry by shbell


I have not blogged for a few days because I have been so busy but amazingly, the sun FINALLY came out and it like an entirely different and MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL world out there. I only have a few minutes so will only send photos. More later.   ...

Visions of Grandeur, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Visions of Grandeur

A travel blog entry by jen.greening


After a night of tossing and turning on the least stuffed pillows anyone has ever seen, we were up again for another 6:00 AM wake up call. This trip is going to kill us. Our backs are thoroughly hunched from showering in the geometric hell hole. Even ...

Innsbruck Old Town, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Innsbruck Old Town

A travel blog entry by diandpete


... Managed to do that and after a nice breakfast walked to the Tourist Information Centre (approx 15 minutes) and purchased the Innsbruck Card (45€ each) which basically gives us entry to most museums and attractions as well as public transport and ...

Innsbruck by Fog..., Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Innsbruck by Fog...

A travel blog entry by watso


... city and the mountains in the back. Well...from the pictures I took, you can't see much. It was a pretty big disappointment, but I have to say that it's not Innbruck's fault. Innsbruck when sunny must be BEAUTIFUL! I just need to go back another time! ...

Wiener Schnitzl & Spätzle, Innsbruck, Österreich travel blog

Wiener Schnitzl & Spätzle

A travel blog entry by stee


In Innsbruck acho, hei mir zersch mou üses Gepäck i eis Schliessfach inegestopft. Mit liechte Schuutere louft sechs plötzlech ganz liecht dr Bärg uf. So hei mir gar nid gmerkt, dass mir gar nid dört hiloufe, wo mir eigentlech hi ...

austria, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by michaelshodson

later ...

Three countries in one day, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Three countries in one day

A travel blog entry by lb12


... and Germany) today. On this tour we're supposed to be visiting nine countries over the 17 days so this lunch stop in Innsbruck, Austria adds Austria to the country count (it counts if you leave the coach/plane right?). We had an hour to explore the town ...

Innsbruck, much better than Salzburg, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Innsbruck, much better than Salzburg

A travel blog entry by sarahindenmark


... Salzburg has some pretty buildings but any building that's not a church or palace is a bit dull. I arrived in Innsbruck midday.  For anyone using an Austria Eurail pass, I can now attest that you can go from Salzburg to Innsbruck on the route that ...

Weather too dreary for skiing, so wine took over, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Weather too dreary for skiing, so wine took over

A travel blog entry by sjswinger


... car. We asked for 2 glasses, and continued to enjoy the bottle of wine we just bought ;) When we arrived back at the Innsbruck station, we weren't hungry enough to bother going out to eat, so we went to the supermarket (in the station) and got some ...

Innsbruck, Austria, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Innsbruck, Austria

A travel blog entry by haleyc


Hey all!  So as most of you know last weekend I went to Innsbruck, Austria to visit my friend Colleen and ski the alps!!  It was a great weekend.  I flew out last thursday and got back on Monday.  The weather was decent the whole trip.  The first two ...

Day 9, Innsbruck, Austria travel blog

Day 9

A travel blog entry by rachelkay

Today I spent the whole morning hauled up in my bedroom reading Jane Eyre and waiting for my grandmother who had gone to the doctor. (Everything seems to be perfect.) In between reading the first 200 pages I fell asleep and had a nightmare. It was very ...

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