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Cycling Through Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Cycling Through Utrecht

A travel blog entry by emilykettell

... by everything. Particularly, something I've heard over and over and over again in Denmark, Sweden, and now the Netherlands, is that the local government actually responds to citizens' needs and responds quickly. So for example, during construction, the ...

Family fun day, Leusden-Zuid, Netherlands travel blog

Family fun day

A travel blog entry by sara.lucas


Today we were back to normal activities (12,500 steps). Together with Oma, Opa and Oom Ben we went to Amersfoort Dierenpark (zoo). It wasn't the biggest zoo but it had so me really nice features. Our favourites was the tiger area, the many children's ...

Onward to Liden., Liden, Netherlands travel blog

Onward to Liden.

A travel blog entry by dmehl

Our first stop in ...

DOORN (June 7-10), Doorn, Netherlands travel blog

DOORN (June 7-10)

A travel blog entry by rob_and_carla


We arrived in Doorn mid afternoon, had a nice visit with Sandra, Cees came home from work, son Ben and daughter Susanne joined us and Cees cooked a delicious bbq tuna dinner!!  After dinner, Sandra's mom Kee and brother Ron joined us for a nice ...

Nieuwegein to Arkel, Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Nieuwegein to Arkel

A travel blog entry by stevemt


After an even better nights sleep, we took off and headed to Arkel. On the way we encountered bridges that opened all different ways, swing, hinged &, total lift. Along with 3 locks. We also had to cross a large river. All very interesting. The ...

De dag van vertrek, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

De dag van vertrek

A travel blog entry by huwelijksreisjk

Lieve familie en vrienden, Na een paar prachtige dagen doorgebracht te hebben op kasteel sterkenburg is het moment gekomen dat we op huwelijksreis gaan. Onze droombruiloft gevolgd door een droomreis en wat hebben we er een zin in. Met de koffers bijna ...

Bijna zover, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Bijna zover

A travel blog entry by liesje

Nog een week en dan gaat mijn Thailand-avontuur van ...

Recovering from Jetlag, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Recovering from Jetlag

A travel blog entry by astrix7


... max temp of 8 degrees. Five hours later we staggered back home with armfulls of shopping. Needless to say, Leone loves Utrecht. and reckons she could live here ( words uttered while experiencing shopping euphoria). Tomorrow we take a train to Amsterdam ...

You just got papped!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

You just got papped!

A travel blog entry by ooffutt

... a science teacher at an elementary school. I love my school, and I still feel homesick thinking about it. Walking into the Utrecht elementary school, I felt waves of nostalgia.  The principal of the school is amazing. I love the idea of co-learning ...

Janelle loves PARIS, Between Nijmegen And Cologne, Netherlands travel blog

Janelle loves PARIS

A travel blog entry by meme114

We arr Paris Thurs morn,no customs to go thru,prunes still ok working well.Hotel 20mts from side entrance to Louvre. Dumped bags and took Ncle gang on guided tour to Notre Darme and back again,they said I was trying to kill themwith all the walking ...

Day 1- Saturday, Utrecht, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 1- Saturday

A travel blog entry by katelarsen


... but nothing great. Landed safely on Saturday at 3pm. Jeanne was right there waiting for us...yeah! 20 minute train ride to Utrecht. Fun college city. Walked around a little, got to the apartment, cleaned up and went to Cafe Madrid for a Heinekein and ...

Day 2-Sunday, Utrecht, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 2-Sunday

A travel blog entry by katelarsen


... of travel..jet lag! Finally fell asleep around 4am and woke up at 9. We spent the walking around Jeanne's neighborhood in Utrecht. Fun college town, lively. Couple of musicians performing in the square. Amy bought a CD of a guitar player...listened to ...

foto's Oerol, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

foto's Oerol

A travel blog entry by wrklein


deze entry is bedoeld om vertrouwd te raken met ...

Testbericht, Zetten, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rgoethals

Ben nu aan het werk maar het plannen van de nieuwe vakantie is al in volle ...

The Netherlands - or better known as Holland!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

The Netherlands - or better known as Holland!

A travel blog entry by mjandcj


The train ride from Berlin to Utrecht in The Netherlands was nice. Even though the direct train we were planning on getting was not available due to flooding, we managed to find our way across the flooded fields of northern Germany, making a stop in ...

My trip to costa rica, Vinkeveen, Netherlands travel blog

My trip to costa rica

A travel blog entry by joy.harrisson

My family and I were in Costa Rica last summer. We were there for two weeks and spent half the time in San Jose and the other half at the beach. While staying in San Jose, we booked a day tour with Camino Travel (a great Costa Rican travel agency. We ...

Een dag voor vertrek 31 augustus 2011, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Netherlands travel blog

Een dag voor vertrek 31 augustus 2011

A travel blog entry by grace2011


Alles is nu klaar, behalve kaas, chocolade kopen voor de familie. Deze laatste weken waren weer enerveren geweest, heel vervelend dat mensen niet meewerken. Je hebt dingen nodig, die ga je bestellen en vervolgens komt er van hun kant niets, gelukkig ...

War graves and dinner out, Leusden-Zuid, Netherlands travel blog

War graves and dinner out

A travel blog entry by sara.lucas


There was supposed to be visitors but they cancelled late the night before so we suddenly has a free day. But it poured with rain all morning so we didn't do alot.  For the last 2 visits everytime we have visited Benjamin in Oosterbeek (near ...

Preps: The travel papers are in the house!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Preps: The travel papers are in the house!

A travel blog entry by erwin_monique


Been waiting all morning for the mail to arrive. It's noon and we have to leave to go to a birthday of Erwin's sister and nephew. We couldn't stall any longer.  When we got back... there it was... on the doormat... I could hardly wait. I dragged ...

Back to the Neverland!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Back to the Neverland!

A travel blog entry by andrefranca


... como sempre e mais sujo. Dessa vez tinham duas moças na recepção e não a romena que pagava o pato sobre tudo. Na cidade explorei mais a parte da Oudegracht que e o coração de utrecht., bem legal, conheci pessoas legais pretendo retornar um ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jcbeep


Utrecht ...

Utrecht First Impressions, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Utrecht First Impressions

A travel blog entry by heathermurphy7


People seem really friendly here! I maintain that if you stare at a map long enough, you either figure out where you are, or someone comes and offers help. The later happened every single time I looked at a map, or even looked a little confused. I got ...

Hoewel kort, het was het waard., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Hoewel kort, het was het waard.

A travel blog entry by tiramillas


... we ask that left us. Fortunately, the price was agreed. We had to cross Central Station, which is the largest of the Netherlands, from one side to another. The photo of bicycle parking is precisely taken on the opposite exit that leads to the Old Town. ...

Only one month to go!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Only one month to go!

A travel blog entry by maitehugo


In only one month I will leave Rome, go back to Paris and give back computer, phone and everything that could connect me to work and the company! Then will finish preparing my backpack and take the train to the Netherland to join Hugo and on the 30 of ...

Chilling, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by willtao


... the distant haze. It was amazing. Janine also showed me her university from the top of the tower, Universiteit Utrecht, the oldest and best in the Netherlands (374 years old, and world's 52nd best university) and one of the largest university in Europe. ...

Estacion de partida, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Estacion de partida

A travel blog entry by nomades


Adios estacion Bijlmer Arena, adios ABN-Amro e ING, adios Ajax stadium, adios vaquitas y ovejitas, doei Acoude... Dank je ...

Finally - the Tulips!, Keukenhof, Netherlands travel blog

Finally - the Tulips!

A travel blog entry by maryemaier

Dear Family and Friends, We are finally seeing some tulips - and I mean TULIPS. Whole fields of them. In all kinds of colors. And fields of beautiful blue hyacinths. The Keukenhof Gardens, where we spent the entire morning, is only open 8 weeks per ...

The Eemnes Tea Garden!, Eemnes, Netherlands travel blog

The Eemnes Tea Garden!

A travel blog entry by den2


... - the memory of this place is engraved in our minds forever! Eemnes is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht. The Tea Garden is located in a beautiful countryside of Eemnes. Twenty years ago this garden was a neglected ...

Once more unto the breech..., Vinkeveen, Netherlands travel blog

Once more unto the breech...

A travel blog entry by siliratt

... comparison. Several hours later, after being approached by at least 20 panhandlers, my train finally left and I was bound for the Netherlands by way of Belgium. The ride itself was quite uneventful and I slept through most of it. I arrived in Amsterdam ...

Try out my new travel blog, Amersfoort, Nederland travel blog

Try out my new travel blog

A travel blog entry by jessicaeline


Today i m trying out this new travel blog for in the future. Thats because im verry extited! Cant wait to go en keep you ...

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