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A whole new level of cold. But it is pretty, Vianen, Netherlands travel blog

A whole new level of cold. But it is pretty

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors

... stopped working. i replaced the battery and warmed it up again and its fine again. We have just tied up 5 nm south of utrecht and its -3. a quuick salting of the decks and pull the tarp over the windows. we will be ready go again first thing in the ...

Most relaxing start of the holiday, Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Most relaxing start of the holiday

A travel blog entry by richy_

Our trip started in a wellness resort. We picked A-Style in Nieuwegein, Utrecht, because we heard so many good reviews. We started the day with a massage for both of us. After this we lay in the beautiful garden with waterfalls witch is very relaxing. We ...

Kasteel- Castle, Maarssen, Netherlands travel blog

Kasteel- Castle

A travel blog entry by kate.mccarthy

Went to see a gorgeous old castel. It was the home of one of the very first feminists Belle van... (I will update this later with details and photos). Gorgeous big house and interesting how they love to extend once a ...

Not much headway yet......, Somewhere, Netherlands travel blog

Not much headway yet......

A travel blog entry by ina01nl

Yes I am still here. It is now almost June and I am still walking around in my winter clothes. Spring here has broken all records and is now one of the coldest ever on record. I guess that it figures....after going to the coldest place on earth ...

Lost, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by elizabessie

Hello all. I am still in Holland, and will be leaaving here tomorrow morning, and will get home sometime... :-)We havenīt been having the greatest luck and or reception here, so when you combine that with the fact that it is the end of the trip and ...

A new world, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A new world

A travel blog entry by sa_simon


HAL's route map became available!, Somewhere, Netherlands travel blog

HAL's route map became available!

A travel blog entry by ina01nl


Finally, for this cruise the HAL route map became available. That helps alot to put the whole trip into context. For me, easy, it's all in my head. For others, not so much. This will help! Zero headway at the moment. Too busy with other things. Like ...

Raymond - Only a few more days to go!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Raymond - Only a few more days to go!

A travel blog entry by bcdtravelhaiti


Yesterday, I packed the last clothes I received from my colleagues for the children, and this morning I went to my doctor for some vaccinations, so the trip is really getting closer now! I am really excited about going to Haiti and help in every ...

Voorbereidingen, Rhenen, Nederland travel blog


A travel blog entry by elbertjoeri


De voorbereidingen zijn in volle gang. Dit is een ...

Dinghy still poorly!, Woerden, Netherlands travel blog

Dinghy still poorly!

A travel blog entry by issywiz


20th June 2012 We woke to another nice sunny morning. John's back is still painful, so we decide to take Spring Tide to the town harbour now we know there is room.  No problem this time with the bridge and moor up.  Andy and Gwen from ...

Summer vacation trip with dad's boat, Loosdrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Summer vacation trip with dad's boat

A travel blog entry by leon_hazenoot

Sailing the Dutch lakes during summer ...

Day 5-Wednesday, Utrecht, The Netherlands travel blog

Day 5-Wednesday

A travel blog entry by katelarsen


... was kind enough to go back to Amsterdam and go to the Van Gogh Museum with me. Amy and Jen hung out in Utrecht for the day. I enjoyed the museum (I think Jeanne tolerated it) but was disappointed to learn his painting Starry Night was currently being ...

on the road again.. Mauritius here I come!, Zeist, Netherlands travel blog

on the road again.. Mauritius here I come!

A travel blog entry by renaat23


Hi Everbody! I am going to try to write my blog in English. So all my friends can read this. And you can see how my English is getting better while I will be in Mauritius! So sorry for the mistakes that I will make..;) After I traveled ...

Our Last Night, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Our Last Night

A travel blog entry by rosinski218


... last post for the Netherlands, I have to rant for a second. Please please please people, the country is called the Netherlands.  Holland is not a country.  Holland is a province in the country of the Netherlands. ...

Amersfoort, Amersfoort, The Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by draak777


Today was a rest day. We took our time getting up and then caught up with some blogging. We went into the town centre by bus and went shopping. Raewyn wanted to by some Birkenstock sandals. Very popular here, they looked very comfortable. For lunch we ...

Bye Bye Pigsty!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Bye Bye Pigsty!

A travel blog entry by katecousins


So I am taking a quick break from packing to start my travel blog. One of the most stressful parts of travel (at least for me) is packing and not fogetting or losing everything in the process! Thus I am currently surrounded by my own ****... and ...

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and Canals, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and Canals

A travel blog entry by ana_sharma

Netherlands: Tulips, Windmills and ...

Stanavforlant deployment, Dan Helder, Netherlands travel blog

Stanavforlant deployment

A travel blog entry by chrisbeek

Leaving Amsterdam via the North Holland Canal we made our way to Dan Helder a Dutch Naval Base. Lots of sporting activities took place between the ships and the Naval Base. I never did make a ships team, but did have a try out at Hockey when 'Clubs' ...

Home Sweet Home, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Home Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by jeremypaulien

Na een fantastische en onvergetelijke reis van uiteindelijk ruim 6 weken zijn we weer thuis. Wat hebben we genoten! De terugreis verliep niet helemaal zonder problemen. We hadden namelijk een uur vertraging bij vertrek uit Perth en we moesten heel hard ...

MRI in Radiotherapy - Day 2, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

MRI in Radiotherapy - Day 2

A travel blog entry by eveleigc


Alarm was set for 8am, had a bit more of a lie in today as I knew the routine for breakfast and the route to the hospital. Went down for breakfast and sat t my own table, saw the lady from yesterday who determinedly didn't even make eye contact with ...

Quality bundle of housing again., Kortenhoef, Netherlands travel blog

Quality bundle of housing again.

A travel blog entry by issywiz


18th July 2012 After a restful night at a canal side free mooring, John woke to hear a warning signal from our inverter that had been left on in error. He was worried that it might affect the starting battery which turned out not to be the case in the ...

De voorbereidingen zitten erop!, Odijk, Netherlands travel blog

De voorbereidingen zitten erop!

A travel blog entry by lpkregel


Hoi allemaal! Zo, mijn blog is dan eindelijk een feit. Ik moet nog 1 weekje wachten voordat ik vertrek, waarna ik voor maximaal 12 maanden naar Australië en Nieuw Zeeland ga. Heb er nu al zin in!! De planning is als volgt: Op 21 februari vlieg ik via ...

A day spent dodging the bikes..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A day spent dodging the bikes...

A travel blog entry by frykberg


... thick chocolate milk in the morning. The breakfast of Dutch champions. We spent the day exploring our home base of Utrecht. What a beautiful city. Canals, narrow cobbled streets, funky shops, cosy eateries, hanging flower baskets and bicycles. Bikes from ...

Last day in Amsterdam, Abcoude, Netherlands travel blog

Last day in Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by emmadally


I said a while ago that every country wanted to scare us before welcoming us and I think today it happened in the opposite order. I hadn't noticed until Today that everything had gone smoothly in Amsterdam - probably because I'd been too tired to notice. ...

Maarssen, Maarssen, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by paul.killick

back to ...

Packing up and ready to start, Vleuten, Netherlands travel blog

Packing up and ready to start

A travel blog entry by dannyriebeek

pfew, wat een werk, moe, beetje stress, nog klanten die in mijn nek hijgen. morgen dan eindelijk op de motor stappen. vanavond nog alles inpakken. heb alles gekocht wat ik nodig (denk) te hebben. kom ik er waarschijnlijk achter halverwege dat ik wat ...

Test blog, Mijdrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Test blog

A travel blog entry by dannyensamantha

Hallo Lieve allemaal, Onze oude reisverslagen site gaat per maart 2012 op de schop. Daarom hebben wij een nieuwe site gezocht en bij deze gevonden. Dit is even een test blog, om te kijken of jullie dit allemaal ontvangen. Mocht je onze reisavonturen niet ...

First day at work - Raymond, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

First day at work - Raymond

A travel blog entry by bcdtravelhaiti


After a lot of flights I am back in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Today I had my first day at work again and it was then when I realized what an amazing trip we have all had. The photos are being copied to my computer at the moment so I hope to upload some of ...

Ideas, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by altillou

Afloat on the plaas on a warm sunny afternoon the thoughts of continual good weather and easier lifestyle pervaded the ...

Naar huis, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Naar huis

A travel blog entry by rolandandkarin


... pension Navititdad dag Dennis en Charles Singapore Denpasar; dag Marco, Indah, Alexandra en Roderick Kuala Lumar; dag Edwin London Gatwick; dag papa! Wales Porthmadog; dag Saxa, Mark en Lev Utrecht; dag Roland! dag allemaal, ik ben weer thuis ...

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