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Snorkling nästa, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Snorkling nästa

A travel blog entry by dinaglamour

I morgon ska jag dra till en ö utan för Semporna som heter Mabul . Där ska jag snorka en hel dag, ska också sova där. Reste hit tillsammans med Ned och Aaron, de två från Mount Kinabalu. De skulle hit och frågade om jag ville hänga på. Lät ...

A loo with a view, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

A loo with a view

A travel blog entry by valetroy


... the deck and watch the world sail by with a sundowner or 3. It’ll be another bottle of Chateau du Pond tonight. Semporna stinks, literally.  I've never been anywhere (even in India) that had so much noxious rubbish in the streets, but our ...

From Sepilok to Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

From Sepilok to Semporna

A travel blog entry by isaventure

... dans le film qui était projeté dans le bus avec le volume à fond. Dur retour à la réalité. Semporna est une petite ville qui ne m'a pas fait grande impression. Cela parait sale et pauvre. La plupart des gens ne parlent pas ...

Dive in Sipadan - Sharks, Barracudas and Turtles, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Dive in Sipadan - Sharks, Barracudas and Turtles

A travel blog entry by krukon


... from Africa to Asia... Eva did Belgium->Transiberian-> Mongolia -> China ->Nepal ->India and then  Indonesia and Malaysia. After a drink me and Gabo, we went to sleep, alarm clock at 5 AM to catch a couple of ...

Duiken op Sipadan Island, Sipadan Island, Malaysia travel blog

Duiken op Sipadan Island

A travel blog entry by antoinette-reis

De kerstdagen duikend doorbrengen was heel dubbel; enerzijds helemaal geweldig, maar anderzijds toch wel heel raar. Eigenlijk heb ik er weinig van gemerkt dat het kerst was; je bent de hele dag alleen maar bezig met het plannen van je duiken, kletsen met ...

Dive. Dive. Dive., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Dive. Dive. Dive.

A travel blog entry by tiffannying


... diver is in love. Sipadan was just unreal. No words can ever capture what I saw. All my dive guides have ...

to semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

to semporna

A travel blog entry by bethj

... bad habit of getting up at 11 or 12 if we have nothing specific planned. All we knes was that we wanted to get down to Semporna to go diving at Sipidan are surrounding islands. We decided to take a night bus, usually there are pretty good, just cold. It ...

Open water PADI course starts..., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Open water PADI course starts...

A travel blog entry by krukon

... about  attacks, just be relaxed... let'see. I am always scared by big fishes  and open sea. A pain in the neck in Semporna is that if you want to do a single dive  in the allegedly amazing Sipadan, you need to buy multi-day packages,  ...

Sipadan diving island hammock bliss, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan diving island hammock bliss

A travel blog entry by kimetharabbit


... ;It was amazing being back under the water again...all in anticipation of our following day at Sipadan. Amazingly, Sipadan is Malaysia's only volcanic island; formed over thousands of years as living corals grew on top of an extinct volcano. It's now ...

The long and short of it, Mabul Island, Malaysia travel blog

The long and short of it

A travel blog entry by savageharmony


... living on the boat. After lunch went over to the beach and laid out, swam and snorkeled. Greg caught the boat back to Semporna and we headed back to the short long house. Kevin's drinking caught up with him along with his sunburn. After giving him lotion ...

Mabul Island Anniversary, Pulau Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Mabul Island Anniversary

A travel blog entry by pdwhite


... that we learn that there really had been a kidnapping the morning before of 2 seaweed farmers on an island just off of Semporna.  The kidnappings were played down and not likely related to the ones from 2000.  The government released a statement ...

Christmas Burn, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Christmas Burn

A travel blog entry by foggie


The roasting hot and humid Semporna has a lot of spicy food outlets to add to your sweat. I found paradise islands in this part of Borneo. Diving in crystal clear waters wasn't too bad either. At one point we walked off the beach and scoobered down to 20 ...

Diving at Sipidan, Kapalai, Malaysia travel blog

Diving at Sipidan

A travel blog entry by paulandliz


Two great dives today around the island of Sipidan. Turtle soup is probably the best description. Barely 6 feet between turtles. Loads of shark encounters too and some great ...

Sipadan of the best dives on Earth!!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan of the best dives on Earth!!

A travel blog entry by adisyl


... happy - and also we wanted at least one morning diving Kapalai/Mabul. I also saw the next day that many people base themselves in Semporna and do day trips to Sipadan. Very bad idea. The boat trip alone must be awful. And the rates we saw were app 580RM ...

More fishes from Sipadan island 3, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

More fishes from Sipadan island 3

A travel blog entry by gabo_kuroki


Dykning vid Mabul & Sipadan, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Dykning vid Mabul & Sipadan

A travel blog entry by larsson


... . Incheckningen och flyget gick bra och jag blev upplockad av Scuba Junkies minibuss på flygplatsen för att bli skjutsad till Semporna där första natten spenderades. Träffade tre amerikaner på hostelet som jag åt lunch med och två av dem kände ...

Kinabatangan - Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Kinabatangan - Semporna

A travel blog entry by miduck

... beans, no strainer), packed my bag and we were in June minivan ready to go by 8. We got dropped at the Sandakan - Sukau - Semporna junction along the main highway and waited about 25 minutes for the double story air con Semporna bus to pick us up for RM ...

Danum Valley, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Danum Valley

A travel blog entry by heidiprytz


... at de fleste forstår dette internasjonale språket. Han har mistet jungelstemmen/innestemmen underveis, og da vi ankommer lobbyen på hotellet i Semporna - og titalls hijabkledde kvinner sitter der - går det i høylytte spørsmål om han også må ta ...

Sep 17, 2011, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sep 17, 2011

A travel blog entry by clare_and_will


Divin' in Paradise, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Divin' in Paradise

A travel blog entry by setheler


... gewesen war. Seht selbst. 29.09.2013 Diving Sibuan Island Heute sollte es auf eine der nördlichen Inseln von Semporna gehen, Sibuan Island. Offiziell darf ich mit meinem Open Water Tauschschein nur 18m tief tauchen. Alles weitere benötigt es einen ...

No Toilet Paper, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

No Toilet Paper

A travel blog entry by pdwhite

After a wonderful day at the Scuba Junkies Resort on Mabul Island, we return to arrange an earlier departure to Kota Kinabalu for the next morning rather than late afternoon.  Hurry, hurry, hurry, get to the travel agent before it closes and see if ...

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