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Diving In Sipidan, Sipidan Island, Malaysia travel blog

Diving In Sipidan

A travel blog entry by hshannon


... my job and becoming a dive master dream in baby steps: first, become advanced. After diving I had one more quiet morning in semporna before flying back to Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Dalian.  I spent the night on a bench in the Haneda ...

Pulau Sipadan, another world, Semporna, (Sabah, Borneo), Malaysia travel blog

Pulau Sipadan, another world

A travel blog entry by suetilley

Our third day of diving saw us at Sipadan Island, about one hour from Semporna.  The island used to have a resort on it, but after the kidnapping of tourists by Filipino pirates, the islands accommodation was 'acquired' by the military.  I can ...

Semporna to Tawau, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Semporna to Tawau

A travel blog entry by zoelupe

... beef, roti, a couple of games of rummi and off the bed!! We went to Tawau because it was easy to get there from Semporna ( 1,5 hours by bus) and then fly to Kota Kinabalu so we would safe a day of transportation. But Tawau is more a business place it's ...

Getting a car, and - Getaway to Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Getting a car, and - Getaway to Semporna

A travel blog entry by kerrilee


... back to confirm they had a cancellation of a smaller room so we booked it. Once there, we met with Sinead, a mentor working in Semporna, and she took us to Scuba Junkie.....yummy pizza!  Dragon Inn was an interesting place, a hotel on stilts built in ...

Sumo Wrestler, Dragons and Junkies, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sumo Wrestler, Dragons and Junkies

A travel blog entry by savageharmony


... checking everyone's feet and if you had to much sand on them you had to dip them in the water. The boat headed back to Semporna with just our dive group on it and after getting checked into Scuba Junkies hostel and a hot shower, headed down to the bar to ...

Mabul, Kapalai and SIPADAN, Pulau Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Mabul, Kapalai and SIPADAN

A travel blog entry by judith_michi


... was formed over thousands of years as living corals grew on top of an extinct volcano (Sipadan is the only volcanic island in Malaysia). Today, the island plunges over 2,000 meters straight down to the sea floor. Sipadan lies in the center of the ...

Borneo! Semporna, Sepilok, KK&Pulau Tiga, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo! Semporna, Sepilok, KK&Pulau Tiga

A travel blog entry by rachelsmith1086


... lunch we headed back and it was raining again. We had a lovely day and the dive people were really lovely a lady who'd lived in Semporna 18months and a really hilarious camp Malay man who had a great laugh!! He just made us all laugh all day. I was glad ...

Dive, Dive, Dive!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Dive, Dive, Dive!

A travel blog entry by greghinch

... had gotten us bus tickets up to Kota Kinabalu and even managed to get them at a cheaper price than normal, with the help of a guy staying in the same guest house as us. The following morning, we were off. Semporna, Sipadan, & around, Malaysia 28 ...

Sipadan and Mabul, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan and Mabul

A travel blog entry by maleorderbride


... , the gov't kicked the dive companies off the island back in 2004.  All the dive lodges had to relocate in Semporna or a closer island named Mabul.  Sipadan is run by the military and has only military personnel living there all the ...

Video - Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Video - Sipadan

A travel blog entry by karenetjb


Kinabatangan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariebarber


... was collected within seconds and driven to Billit and from there it was a 10mins boat ride to Kinabatangan Jungle Camp (KJC). Phew! Semporna is a weird place. It's a port town and alot of money passes through in the form of tourists heading to some of the ...

Borneo part2, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo part2

A travel blog entry by amyropner


Hi everyone, How are you all? Happy Easter hope you had a great and festive day. Isla and I celebrated it by going on a water safari which was really cool we saw- orangutans, macaques (monkeys), long nosed monkeys, eagles, rhino hornbills and a really ...

My new favorite country, Malaysia!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

My new favorite country, Malaysia!

A travel blog entry by caremillard


... I did in my dive course!).  So needless to say i am very very excited to see whats out there.... Anyways, the people in Malaysia are some of the nicest people I have met.  Always friendly and offering to help, never trying to rip you off or ...

Living on the rig, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Living on the rig

A travel blog entry by burkeandcindy


Today I continued my course. It went very fast because it was just me and the instructor who was British (so he spoke English!). My first dive of the day I saw more turtles, lion fish, barracuda and a school of jack fish! In the afternoon I saw a coral ...

Certified scuba diver!!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Certified scuba diver!!

A travel blog entry by burkeandcindy


Today I finished my open water course! I had to do all the fun things like run out of air, swim without my mask, take my gear off under water and take a written exam. Thankfully I passed everything! My last check out dive I did under the rig which is ...

Amazing Diving..., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Amazing Diving...

A travel blog entry by bizarreirishsta


... up some people who are staying there.  Simon and Linda from the other campus get on my boat!  I knew they were diving in Semporna, but didn't know where they were staying so that was a nice surprise.  We dove Lobster Wall, Mid Reef, and ...

where to start...on a tale of perfection?, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

where to start...on a tale of perfection?

A travel blog entry by ashling

... a place to sit and fall asleep looking at something beautiful? The answer was a 15 minute cab ride to Tampi Tampi "Semporna Beach Resort".... basically a floating, wood pier, flanked by houses on stilts and houses on stilts on the other side...a crew of ...

Muck diving is a silly name..., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Muck diving is a silly name...

A travel blog entry by adandgen


... wreck diving is a form of muck diving. One of the best places in the world to go muck diving is in Borneo, off a town called Semporna in South East Sabah. The town itself is pretty shabby - it reminded me a lot of small towns in India, open drains, rats ... Sipadan and Mabul, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog Sipadan and Mabul

A travel blog entry by romilde

Diving, diving and more diving. 4 dives in Mabul and 3 in Sipadan. Unfortunately it was cloudy and partially raining the day I went to Sipadan so now school of Baracuda. Luckily though I did see loads of sharks, wrasses, bumphead parrotfish, turtels, ...

Diving at Pulau Sipadan, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Diving at Pulau Sipadan

A travel blog entry by robertandkevin


So, we arrived yesterday in Mabul which is a quiet tiny island that takes around 20 minutes to walk.  Prior to the dive resort here, there were only three homes prior.   Now, there is a village on stilts, a small resort on land, and our ...

Day 30:  Semporna, Malaysia, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Day 30: Semporna, Malaysia

A travel blog entry by bmcswag

... music playing at full blast the entire trip. Absolutely stellar; might even be one of my favourite bus rides! We ferried across from Semporna to Palau Mabul (Palau = Island) to Mabul Backpackers resort. We were met at the dock (jetty as they call it here) ...

Im Dräcksloch glanded, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Im Dräcksloch glanded

A travel blog entry by jacqueline-k


... uh huere luut. Und vo dem schmatze, rülpse und chodere hani doch ned chönne fliehe und has anschiinend bis mit uf Malaysia importiert. Wasi bi de chinesische Tourischte no verruckt finde, isch dass sie keis einzigs Wort Englisch chönd zum Teil. Und ...

The Sea Gypsies of Borneo, Semporna- mabul Island, Malaysia travel blog

The Sea Gypsies of Borneo

A travel blog entry by belindasblog


The Sea Gypsies are nomadic people with no country or nationality of their own. They spend their lives on tiny boats wandering from place to place. they do everything including cooking and sleeping on board. they collect sticks and cook on open fires ...

Orangutang and so much more!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Orangutang and so much more!

A travel blog entry by heidiprytz


En helt vanvittig lang dag er tilbakelagt, hvor vi har gått i tilsammen ni timer i en sinnsyk badstu med lange ermer og bukse, pluss spesialsokker som beskytter mot blodiglene det floerer av her. Beina verker, kroppen får et sårt trengt ...

海底世界 Underwater World, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

海底世界 Underwater World

A travel blog entry by yan.yan


... ;不禁認真地聽他的指示. 第一天去了在Semporna東北方的小島 - Sibuan. ...

Day 31-55: Mabul, Malaysia, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Day 31-55: Mabul, Malaysia

A travel blog entry by bmcswag

- 26 days on the island - Jimmy, Jon, Ahmet, Jo, Willem, James - did OW and AOW courses - Mike and Shannon were with us for about a week but then moved on to Singapore - 3 dives at Sipidan - 40 dives total at Mabul - 20 with Jimmy - saw mimic octopus, ...

liquid adventures, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

liquid adventures

A travel blog entry by whittlog


this place is awesome! We stayed on a converted oil rig, three dives a day, four meals a day and entertainment courtesy of the delightful Dr Cooper who made an epic journey from the UK to join us. The rig was transported from Thailand (I think) and ...

SIPADAN!, Sipadan Island, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nluz00


... in the world year after year, it's clear that this island has something special going for it. After the hour-long boat ride from Semporna to the diving Mecca that is Sipadan, we had to jump on to the island and register for our permits. After that, we ...

Let's learn to dive, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Let's learn to dive

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


    "The nondescript bay town of Semporna isn’t going to capture many hearts on its own" - Lonely Planet...         It was fairly easy for us to leave the jungle at Kinabatangan as we are planning to head back to the ...

PADI qualified!, Sibuan, Malaysia travel blog

PADI qualified!

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


... living there without power, water or anything else you might think as the basics. They are not considered citizens of Malaysia and are left alone by the government (including government provided services.) If you are born here then you are destined to ...

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