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Education Endowment Funding, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog

Education Endowment Funding

A travel blog entry by hannahpennock

I submitted an application to the education endowment charity today, fingers crossed I'll get some ...

Wharmby Weekend, Warslow, United Kingdom travel blog

Wharmby Weekend

A travel blog entry by kleina39


   I have just returned from a weekend in Warslow with the Wharmbys (that's a tongue twister!).  It was an absolutely amazing weekend and I had so much fun, thanks to Ian, Jane, and George.  I left for the train station on Friday ...

Mobile Update, Staffordshire, United Kingdom travel blog

Mobile Update

A travel blog entry by nminaustralia


Auto created entry due to mobile ...

Here I go, Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom travel blog

Here I go

A travel blog entry by ukidiotabroad


On the train from Deby to Birmingham New Street, then the Ryanair flight to ...

Ireland, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by kag


Hi Judy, I thought I'd send you an email because you may not be accessing the blog. John can correct the details. We have spent today with Mary O'Donoghue, married to Sean O'Donoghue, who is John's third cousin ( I think) descendant from Mary Carey, and ...

Amazing Alton Towers Theme Park!, Alton Towers, United Kingdom travel blog

Amazing Alton Towers Theme Park!

A travel blog entry by dmabbott

We spent two action packed fun-filled days at Alton Towers Theme Park and stayed at Splash Landings Hotel - it was so AMAZING. We all had so much fun and is a definite must for an excellent family ...

And so the journey begins, Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom travel blog

And so the journey begins

A travel blog entry by georgetz


I reckon I should leave the house at 8am, get a bus (I know!) to the station and then get on the train to Manchester Airport. Driving to the airport was an option, albeit an expensive one, but this journey is about driving on the other side of the ...

Phase 2 training, Alrewas, United Kingdom travel blog

Phase 2 training

A travel blog entry by kenherr

Absolutely crap 3 ...

Stafford Park - visit for work, Stafford Park, United Kingdom travel blog

Stafford Park - visit for work

A travel blog entry by tommnow

My first audit. The most memorable was the hotel. Located some 10-15 miles from the plant, it was probably the one of the weirdest places I have ever stayed. Those rooms with swings with ribbons, toilet paper wrapped in "cloth" with pink flowers, 12 ...

Pirates in the night, Rugeley, United Kingdom travel blog

Pirates in the night

A travel blog entry by bimble

Woke this morning to be told by Chris she had had a strange dream in the night about pirates, yes proper pirates as in looking like Jonny Dep who had tried to steal our solar panels, these ruffians were of course repelled by Christine using our boat hook ...

The Final  Countdown, Wokers, United Kingdom travel blog

The Final Countdown

A travel blog entry by kathrynwheels

Only 11 days to go.  It's only a matter of hours until we hit the final countdown.  Mental! So, this is our little travel blog and that.  The idea is that where ever we go, whatever we do we can upload our pictures and write ...

A day off in Penkridge, Penkridge, United Kingdom travel blog

A day off in Penkridge

A travel blog entry by sandshoephil


... decide to head off to The Boat Inn for lunch.   Its a pub whose delightful beer garden is right alongside the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal and next to a bridge and lock that appears to be no more than a foot wider than the ...

Testing, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by nootime

trying out email updates ...

Aaaaaachoooo, Tamworth, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by mrsv14

We had to get up early anyway but I was wakened even earlier with Dean sneezing and blowing his nose. Then we actually felt the ship docking - that was a strange experience.  I just didn't want to have to get off the ship and get back to reality ...

What are we actually thinking?, Stoke-on-trent, United Kingdom travel blog

What are we actually thinking?

A travel blog entry by emmaontrack


One day to go: no backpack, no travel insurance, trains still left to book, ferry to Elba left to book (and still only 80% sure that Elba exists), Rachel's lost her purse and is getting a bit frantic, and we're hungover. Staying up drinking George's ...

24/60- Black Country Wanderers, Bobbington, United Kingdom travel blog

24/60- Black Country Wanderers

A travel blog entry by trevaaa


I knew day 25 would bee flat so I made it a long un!!! ..About 25 miles!! Was very humid and I was feeling the heat when I set off!! i made it to Codsal for lunch where I had Greggs...that made me reasonably happy!! Sausage and Bean melt was the obvious ...

Stafford, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by westsgoabroad


Stafford is the county town of Staffordshire, in the West Midlands region of England. It lies approximately 16 miles (26 km) north of Wolverhampton and 18 miles (29 km) south of Stoke-on-Trent, adjacent to the M6 ...

The big finale, Leek, United Kingdom travel blog

The big finale

A travel blog entry by cotysmore


Not being sure whether the bus would have made it all the way from Windermere to Sutton in one hit, I had decided to break my journey here and do a "10 to 12 mile" walk around the area tomorrow.  On the map it looks like a stunning walk - and a ...

Changeover Day 8, Uttoxeter, United Kingdom travel blog

Changeover Day 8

A travel blog entry by heather-stewart

Well we have reached yet another changeover day as we move from Cannock Chase ccc site to Crowden ccc site. The weather is showery and we wait until it dries a little to take down the tent and pack all into the campervan. The blow up bed stays blown up, ...

uk-italy, Cannock, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by uk-chris11

Hi my name is Chris I'm 20 and Going to Italy in July who wants a trip down for 4-5 days will need full UK driving licence and valid uk passport will be driving and camping, on way down to Rome in my little citreon life ambition looking for freindly ...

York, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog


A travel blog entry by trevorrose

SATURDAY 2nd JUNE 2012 YORK Headed into the ancient city of York this morning and after a bit of a meander, found a parking space and joined the throngs of tourists who were visiting! Perhaps I should explain that unbeknown to us the local UK ...

Chawton and Aldershot, Chawton, United Kingdom travel blog

Chawton and Aldershot

A travel blog entry by redwatt


Everyone slept in this morning, so we had a very late start.  Herstmonceaux Castle was closed so we went straight to Chawton and found Jane Austen's home - lovely old house. We toured the house and saw where she wrote her stories, and the room where ...

The Plan (and East Midlands airport), Leek, United Kingdom travel blog

The Plan (and East Midlands airport)

A travel blog entry by englishanddrunk

I've tried going to Spain twice before, both times various things got in my way (French trains and Norwegian mothers mostly).  Fortunately this time I had actually managed to book flights and had drawn up an itinerary.  My flight was in ten ...

6th Form Christmas Party, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog

6th Form Christmas Party

A travel blog entry by hannahpennock


After we held our first party word got around about how good it was and people were asking for us to arrange another, so we did! We organized a Christmas party at the same venue, but this time managed to get the room for free though a close friend and ...

exciting times!, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog

exciting times!

A travel blog entry by hannahpennock

Today made everything seem real, i paid off my fee's which i think is such an achievement! It makes everything seem very real, and has made me very very excited - cant wait to book my flights now! ...

Rain rain go away, Denstone , United Kingdom travel blog

Rain rain go away

A travel blog entry by owenflorida


Woke up after a great nights sleep, thought I had been swallowed by a giant marshmallow but then I realized it was the giant and very warm comforter, Chris asked if we could turn down the air conditioning because he was cold, no central air here, get ...

Stratford upon the Avon, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog

Stratford upon the Avon

A travel blog entry by jeanine.rossouw


I had a good catch up on sleep which was apparently much needed. We did our last packing and went down for another full breakfast which was equally delicious as yesterday. Love having such a good start to the day but can't be good for you in the long ...

Galloons of tea and a Victoria sponge in England, Denstone , United Kingdom travel blog

Galloons of tea and a Victoria sponge in England

A travel blog entry by owenflorida


Woke up at 5am, it gets so light so early here, at 4am its daylight outside, Chris was next to wake up and ask why he was still wearing his shirt from last night.. He had no idea how he got from the plane to the hotel!!!??? Everyone else was soon awake ...

To you, dear readers., Talke, United Kingdom travel blog

To you, dear readers.

A travel blog entry by aldebaran

Well, I'm finally back home, and this will be my final post. It's the 4th of January; I slept for nearly 12 hours last night hehe. We made it up from Heathrow in 3 hours; blazing speed. I've had the time of my life in Sri Lanka, and I hope you've enjoyed ...

Stafford Campus, Stafford, United Kingdom travel blog

Stafford Campus

A travel blog entry by theresia.


Jetzt will ich auch noch sehen wo Kathi studiert! Nach dem Frühstück geht’s also auf zum Campus (dem Teil wo Kathi jetzt studiert). Ein sehr schöner Campus, was Vergleich zum Regensburger Campus nicht schwer ist. Auf dem Weg zum Bahnhof im ...

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