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Rapallo to Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Rapallo to Bologna

A travel blog entry by barbers

Train from Rapallo to Bologna.  Expecting a big night out in ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by kieran.layla


... Asinelli Tower. I climbed the 498 steps (I counted every one) to the top to get an impressive view of the red tile rooftops of Bologna. Thankfully there was a place to sit at the top because by the time I got there my legs were shaking. As we were both ...

We finally stopped moving!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

We finally stopped moving!

A travel blog entry by litefoottravels

... a very strong work ethic and tight connection with family. Around the hotel are many great places to eat. If you want a traditional Bologna meal with delicious food and a place that treats you like royalty, may I suggest Papa Rae's. The meal includes all ...

Bologna, Parma, Modena and Maranello, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, Parma, Modena and Maranello

A travel blog entry by lyndallrush


Savoring Italy, Lucca in Tuscany and Bologna in Emilia Romagna, Italy travel blog

Savoring Italy

A travel blog entry by travelducks


... of rain.  As I write, I am sitting in the morning sun on the balcony of this beautiful apartment overlooking the Bologna streets and building. I've tried to attach photos but the computer is not cooperHope everyone is enjoying the fall. Love, Diane ...

Off to Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Off to Bologna

A travel blog entry by kimokini_travel


... The closer we get, the longer it takes. Ah, traffic on a Saturday at the end of summer Found a rest area very close to Bologna that wasn't mobbed with travelers. Lunch, coffee, bathroom break, back on the road. The man who rented the apartment to us ...

Auslandssemester, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by weltreisende

Die ersten Wochen in der roten ...

Bologna, Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, Italy

A travel blog entry by tomsadler

Bologna, Italy - ...

Fantastic Icecream and Pasta (Bolognese!), Bologna, Italy travel blog

Fantastic Icecream and Pasta (Bolognese!)

A travel blog entry by tom_and_emma


We decided to have a night in Bologna en route between Venice and Florence. The best thing about this city is the amazing colours of the buildings and the beautiful covered walkways that line the streets. All of the houses and shops are painted vibrant ...

I'm Not in the Mood to be Cher, So Go Away Sonny, Bologna, Italy travel blog

I'm Not in the Mood to be Cher, So Go Away Sonny

A travel blog entry by lynnstewart


Venice-Bologna People who are asking for money get insulted when you say you don't understand them. A woman on the train proved this after such an exchange, which resulted in her looking indignant, and shaking the money that she did have in my face, as if ...

Overrated city, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Overrated city

A travel blog entry by holley.jackson


After a few dramatic events in Munich I headed from my friend Julia's home in Insbruck South into the centre of Italy. Bologna was a town people called beautiful but to me it was dirty and spelt like piss, I think you could even see where either dogs or ...

Slowly making my way home, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Slowly making my way home

A travel blog entry by tiggertravels

... walkabout around town. Will have to see how far the hotel is from the airport. According to the website, it shouldn't be far. Bologna...a sleepy town compared to Istanbul. My hotel is close to the airport but far enough to not hear the noise. It is also ...

Update, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by rahna1

... and spend the rest of the day in Florence. To get to Pisa from Bologna you have to take the high speed train to Florence from Bologna and than regional train to Pisa anyway. So it'd be on the way home.  I started my morning Italian classes and I have ...

Sunday in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Sunday in Bologna

A travel blog entry by chella


... !   We found our seats and got comfortable for a much more enjoyable, direct trip back to Perugia............and oh!  by the way direct is NOT, NON STOP!   Our stops from Bologna included Prato, Firenze, Arezzo, Terontola, then ...

Disastrous First Day, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Disastrous First Day

A travel blog entry by emiliebidaine

... the hotel, the Italian agency, the London agency and I, had resulted in a slightly catastrophic start to my working relationship in Bologna. Not only had the agency failed to inform me that my expected arrival had been brought forward to the 29th April as ...

BOLOGNAise!!!!, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by dizzylizzy_38

... alone! I am expecting AMAZING bolognaise here or I will be SO disappointed! It's only a 40 min train journey from Florence (I love Italy and its quicker journeys!) I've only doen night because we were running out of time, but this might be a good place to ...

Matteo in Ducati e Ferrari, Borgo Panigale, Italy travel blog

Matteo in Ducati e Ferrari

A travel blog entry by moscit


Oggi mattina siamo in vista alla Ducati a Borgo Panigale. Poi a Modena per vedere il nuovo Casa e Museo Enzo Ferrari e una piccola scappatina a Maranello per far vedere a Matteo la fabbrica della ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moscit


Qui siamo alla fiera di ...

First Day of Classes, Bologna, Italy travel blog

First Day of Classes

A travel blog entry by rahna1


So I haven't really had the opportunity to see anything yet but I plan to explore the city a bit tomorrow morning before my afternoon classes and afterwards. I have already had my first day of classes and so far everything is great. My roommate seems ...

Argh - all day travelling, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Argh - all day travelling

A travel blog entry by clakiwi

Seemed to take all day to get from Vicenza to Bologna. All the little times waiting to buy ticket, or wait for train add up. Had to change at Padova. Train journey not actually that long. Trying to work out where to catch bus to hostrl took longest time. ...

Food Coma!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Food Coma!

A travel blog entry by bradtravelling

We woke up early today, the driver picked us up and we went directly to the Parmiggiano-Reggiano cheese factory. In there we met Alessandro, the food coma tour guide. We saw the cheese chefs at work, the whole process. Milk comes twice a day, they mix ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bradtravelling

... to host all the students coming into the University, we walked today to Piazza Maggiore, Fontana del Nettuno, and the Archiginnasio de Bologna. Also we saw the tower of Asinelli and Garisenda, one of which is also leaning. Then we did some laundry and ...

Day trip to Bologna :D, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Day trip to Bologna :D

A travel blog entry by ericandyulia


... the 3.5hr trip. We were struggling to stay awake on the first train and kept falling asleep on the last two trains. Haha. We arrived at Bologna and it was overcast. First thing we noticed is that it was a busy city. A lot of beggars. We had about an hour ...

Transport strike! Stranded in Bologna., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Transport strike! Stranded in Bologna.

A travel blog entry by eukaryx

Italians love to go on strike. When I got to Bologna to transfer trains back to Florence, I discovered that all 6 trains for that night were cancelled. So other people and me spent the night at the station for the next train out to ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italien travel blog


A travel blog entry by siso


Nach der ruhigen Zugfahrt pünktlich in Bologna Centrale angekommen, kann ich das Zimmer im Hotel Astoria bereits um 6:00 Uhr beziehen. Dementsprechend früh startet die Stadterkundung. Das erste Ziel ist die Fontana Del Nettuno, weiter geht es ...

Chill, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by kazohira

ボローニャ到着! ホステル行って! ...

100606-100806 Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

100606-100806 Bologna

A travel blog entry by icaralot


Our school excursion to ...

Exhale, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by smithlawb


The cooperative study tour ended on Friday afternoon and was wrapped in a bow with a home cooked meal at the Zamangi's summer home. As a cohort of 16-18 people, we spent an intellectually and emotionally intense series of experiences together that will ...

Test in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Test in Bologna

A travel blog entry by charity0

After a week of casting and running around the city I get to travel a bit and do a test with Megan crazy stuff!!!  I took the train to get there. Sadly it was just for the day and then I returned to Milan. My roommate Florencia arrived. She is ...

Oct 16, 2012, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Oct 16, 2012

A travel blog entry by daveygreener

Wow, bologna came back strong. After a night in a creepy, depressing hostel I'm sitting eating ragu in a city that elates you into shopping and dining but doesn't charge through the ass for the privilege. The hostel, on the "outskirts", is set up to ...

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