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First days of school, Bologna, Italy travel blog

First days of school

A travel blog entry by smithlawb


... well- "we will look with our children eyes" - and take in as much as we can. We were treated to a guided walking tour of Bologna and then reconvened for dinner as a group. You can imagine that it is difficult to seat 20 people in one ristorante- so were ...

The tourists in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

The tourists in Bologna

A travel blog entry by wilson.lim


Great town.  It is my favourite Italian town so far.  The others prefer Florence to Bologna but not me.  I like the wide streets and bigger shops.  The people are very chic and stylish and very friendly.  They love their dogs and ...

San Marino, San Marino, Italy travel blog

San Marino

A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


What a hilarious start to the day, woke up to some commotion outside but being cold we just rolled over and stayed in bed, half an hour later we were woken again to tapping on our windscreen. Ben went to investigate only to find a large market had set up ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by simon-g


... leaving the Villa as has really felt like home & such an amazing setting.  Back on the Autostrada straight down to Bologna. Checked in to the place we are staying at for the next couple of nights just a functional generic hotel on the outskirts ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by simon-g


Being Sunday most things open late so had a slow start then into Bologna for our morning coffee ritual. Went to a very swish establishment "Zanarini" beside the Basilica di San Petronio - we put some photos on yesterday's blog of the interior. Obviously ...

Oscar Mayer had a way with ..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Oscar Mayer had a way with ...

A travel blog entry by david_chung


... membership that exclusive subset of the hostel-residing, sweat-soaked, dirty backpackers carrying around The Economist. Anyway, upon reaching Bologna at 7, the tourist info agent at the train station gave me a map of town but said for booking ...

We feel the need - the need for speed!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

We feel the need - the need for speed!

A travel blog entry by aussiewanderers


... Phillip Island is bad but is has nothing on the drive out from this race.  The GPS (Susie) said we had a two hour drive to Bologna.  We left the track at 4:00pm and got to our hotel after 11:00pm.  Not fun.   Steve's Words of the ...

This is Italy!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

This is Italy!

A travel blog entry by karin-palle

... we were served a large platter of Parma ham and cheese followed by two very nice pizzas and all was rinsed down with a bottle of red wine. 34€ for two people was quite reasonable and the meal felt very much like Italy. I think we will enjoy the ...

Day Trip with Stefano, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Day Trip with Stefano

A travel blog entry by my_backpack

... university town for a while, seeing the sights: where he used to live, the store that only sells sauce, etc. After, we went to Bologna to meet some friends for lunch. It was very very hot, with absolutely no wind! Lunch was very good, but the pasta ...

Final day in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Final day in Bologna

A travel blog entry by heidif


... I even ask and no one knows what I'm talking about. Sad.  Then I go to Ferrara (other blog).  After I return to Bologna, I have one last evening. Resting and having some dinner at the studio, I catch up with my blogs before heading out to see ...

A Very Active Day Indeed!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

A Very Active Day Indeed!

A travel blog entry by msdiozzi


... We climbed up the narrow and slightly spooky spiral stairs of Tour Asinelli right to the top to see the wondrous terra cotta rooftops of Bologna. The Garisenda is the other tower, but it's not open for a climb. Three euro each, well spent. After that, ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by seejay

... small tomatoes. Came back to hotel and ate breakfast .. Went on a guided map tour of the city. Went into the bologna archeological school and looked through the glass floor at the ruins from 200 bc. Then we actually walked underneath in the ruins. ...

Happy Birthday Dad, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Happy Birthday Dad

A travel blog entry by leahymatth

... the stranded people down the the ground, it looked pretty scary so im glad it wasnt us. We left the alps and made our way to Bologna last night and camped in a free parking place with showers at the servo. It wasnt the best night we have had on the trip, ...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Midnight Flyer!, Bologna,  Italy travel blog

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Midnight Flyer!

A travel blog entry by pegsaroni

... Central staion, we immediatly caught the next train to Rome, sitting back for the next two and a half hours, watching the sun set slowly over Italy. The trains in Italy really are second rate compared with what we've travelled on so far. We haven't found ...

Bologna, Italy - Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, Italy - Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!!

A travel blog entry by andrewmarnie

... few stops on the way down to break up our 1500km journey. After a few hours of driving through torrential rain we arrived in Bologna about 3pm and decided to brave the rain and head straight into town from the campsite. Bologna is famous for it red brick ...

Market Day, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Market Day

A travel blog entry by bermack


... into town around 8:00PM for dinner and a stroll. Tomorrow we are off to the big designer outlet mall, which is about 20 minutes east of Bologna.  Then we will take a leisurely drive through the surrounding countryside and explore.  Bye for ...

Uni area & up hill, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Uni area & up hill

A travel blog entry by clakiwi

Sun shining this morning but deceptive as cold wind. Into town to look around uni area plus through art gallery Then decided since nice day to walk up to Sanctuary of The Madonna Di San Luca. Portico goes all the way from town uo to Basilica. about ...

The day of our workshops, Bologna, Italy travel blog

The day of our workshops

A travel blog entry by divachappie


We are staying in the hotel today to catch up with some work. We are blogging and preparing for our workshops. We can't get into the school until 2pm and the workshop starts at 2.30 so we will need to be pretty ready to go. We've pretty much got it ready ...

Land of egos and towers, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Land of egos and towers

A travel blog entry by tyamkovy


... big grin....I suspect it went well....sat for a bit and then it was time to pack up make a route and go. Well it seems Bologna........tres cool...they have all the towers. A very medieval town, just so happens to be on me bucket get to the ...

Jul 29, 2013, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Jul 29, 2013

A travel blog entry by jingles


B-O-L-O-G-N-A, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by dali78

... go home. We had to get up at 2AM and be in the lobby ready to board a bus for a hour or so drive from Florence to Bologna Airport. Our tour guide said the airport was small. The one in  Lexington is small.  This one was extremely busy for 4 AM. ...

Attracted to Psychos, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Attracted to Psychos

A travel blog entry by clementinelarue

The girls in the apartment were fantastic at first. To be honest, most of them were fantastic always but abiding by my standard short-straw-draw, I managed to wind up with a total psycho for a roommate and we found ourselves perpetually immersed in ...

Look out comes Peter, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Look out comes Peter

A travel blog entry by marioz


Today after breakfast, Peter caught a taxi to go on his Ferrari tour. I think he is looking forward to a day on his own. I managed to find an English TV channel after weeks of watching Italian TV. It was quite nice to hear someone speaking English after ...

Bologna la gourmande, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna la gourmande

A travel blog entry by nordes


Arrivé à Bologne 7h30Je n'aurais jamais imaginé du trafic à ce point et à la montréalaise. Je veux juste dire que c'était un bordel pour faire que quelques kilomètres de l'aéroport à l'hôtel. En plus le stationnement ne peut pas être dans la ...

What's For Dinner?, Bologna, Italy travel blog

What's For Dinner?

A travel blog entry by jimbeaux

... , more jagged flashes of light seemingly overhead; and the rain, the rain just got harder and harder!   Thank goodness Bologna has these wonderful covered walkways.  We ducked into a Burberry, and bought a cap for me.  Then the rain ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by gemmatthews

1 ...

Burials in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Burials in Bologna

A travel blog entry by michaeljay

... ;The night manager, Francesco, could not have been more helpful, and was delighted that someone was taking such an interest in Bologna's artists - one in a million was how he described Joy. Well, we knew that anyway! After the excitement of San Salvatore ...

A parenthesis of good humour, Bologna, Italy travel blog

A parenthesis of good humour

A travel blog entry by bibayfintan


Bologna is my favorite city in Italy. Unpretentiously beautiful, it hugs you with its porticoes and rustic red brick buildings and its glorious food fills you up with joy. Here is where my forever friends Enry and Lara live. They are individually funny ...

Baloney, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by joanna.rath


... are both leaning - like everything else in this area of Italy. It is a shame these two towers are the traditional symbol of Bologna because they are an eyesore. Our walking discovery tour of Bologna and free time (long enough for a quick cup of coffee) ...

Dinner in Centro Storico, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Dinner in Centro Storico

A travel blog entry by bermack


... restaurant Clavature on Via Clavature.  We took a table outside on the road, as the evening was beautiful out.  Now being in Bologna, we had to order a bottle of the Lambrusco.  Lambrusco is a red wine that has a fizz to it, and is served ...

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