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A new way of thinking?, Hampi, India travel blog

A new way of thinking?

A travel blog entry by annahildreth


... unanswerable, how can you be settled in your own mind even if by asking the questions you expand your mind? Anyway I moved on from Hampi to Gokarna and left Emerson behind but I hope that we can be friends in London. I am attracted to his geek/adrenaline ...

Hampi – between ruins and hippies, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi – between ruins and hippies

A travel blog entry by ingo


... and we did a 250km-exploring-trip all over. We went every back-dirt-road and did not miss one interesting stop (I think). Unfortunately Hampi is also far away from being typical Indian. Looks like lots of people fly into Mumbai, go to Goa and then to ...

first Impressions, Hampi, India travel blog

first Impressions

A travel blog entry by blog2808bigtrip


wir sind seit viereinhalb Wochen hier in Suedindien unterwegs. Es ist super exotisch, es ist unglaublich heiss .... und das Essen ist meistens sehr scharf aber super lecker.   Dem Eintrag folgen einfach ein paar Bilder ...

Nov 02, 2012, Hampi, India travel blog

Nov 02, 2012

A travel blog entry by quinnte.doucq


Noble Dog Companions, Hampi, India travel blog

Noble Dog Companions

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


Author: Steven   A deep void of inactivity consumed us until the sun began to set. Whereupon the male German invited us to walk to the nearby rocks to watch the horizon rotate to meet Sol and cast our hemisphere in shadow.    We trudged ...

HEAVENLY HAMPI, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by curryinahurry


Arrived in Hampi at 8am, that was the 6th and last overnight train journey on our 37 day tour of India.  I think we can safely call ourselves very experienced in the mysterious workings of the Indian rail service.  I've been ...

India, the end, Hampi, India travel blog

India, the end

A travel blog entry by paulandmaria


... trains...knowledge is power! Recommend?Yes, again it was a totally different experience and at times hard work. Hampi is so different to the rest of India and so so stunning to see and Bangalore was, in our opposing opinion to that of others apparently, ...

Condivido questo cammino con Kumar e Krishna, Hampi, India travel blog

Condivido questo cammino con Kumar e Krishna

A travel blog entry by zainoinspalla


... in Italia, l'inglese?"; oppure quando dico che in Italia si mangia "pasta" si guardano allibiti di fronte a questa cosa sconosciuta. India. CI salutiamo verso le 16, quando loro vanno a vedere il Virupaksha, che ho già visitato. Sorrisi naturali e ...

Lookin at boulders in Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Lookin at boulders in Hampi

A travel blog entry by kelmiller

We weren't sure if we would go to Hampi, but after sooo many travellers said we had to, we did!!!  So we skipped another beach in Gokarna, and took a (better, non-AC) overnight bus from Goa.  In the morning, we sleepily chose a cheap room with ...

Bouldered over, Hampi, India travel blog

Bouldered over

A travel blog entry by twovines


... and lush green palm trees. It's a World Heritage Site and lives up to its glowing write up in LP Guide. As some background, Hampi is mentioned in Ramanyana (a Hindi epic) and is referred to as the realm of the monkey gods. In 1336 it was chosen as ...

Happy Pongal!, Hampi, India travel blog

Happy Pongal!

A travel blog entry by goettenews


"Every milestone in ouer life is a religious rite. There are more temples than drinking water wells in this country..." * Wir haben scheinbar einen Sinn dafür, Hostels zu wählen, die einen Lautsprecher vor unserem Zimmerfenster angebracht haben UND ...

Ernakulum, Cochi, India, Cochin, India travel blog

Ernakulum, Cochi, India

A travel blog entry by globalbedu

... the question, why? Mosquito nets are a rarity. I caught the ferry over to Fort Cochin. Now here again is a very different India. The buildings are so very European. Over the past few hundred years there has been a strong English, Dutch and Jewish ...

Chilled out and happy again, Hampi, India travel blog

Chilled out and happy again

A travel blog entry by eamonn182

Now I've arrived in Hampi which is an awesome little place. It's a unesco heritage sight and so there's lots of old temples about, boulders and pretty nice landscape. But it just seems like a really chilled out place where it would be easy to spend a lot ...

AMAZING!, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by burty

... updating this one, we have left Hampi now and are back in Arambol for one night. It wasn't very nice leaving Britta and Miri :-( or Hampi at all to be fair, in the hostel we stayed in it was like a whole little family of us living there... a weird family ...

Moquito Galore....., Hampi, India travel blog

Moquito Galore.....

A travel blog entry by gemmaliannejone


... have never used computers so sadly we won't be keeping in touch. They all wanted us to stay to celebrate my birthday but Hampi was calling. I received loads of presents including galaxy fruit and nut, a scarf, a Indian god sculpture, a Goa keyring and a ...

Rockin Hampi, hampi, India travel blog

Rockin Hampi

A travel blog entry by jonas_jakob


... and their drivers you escape to a river and cross it to one of the nicest and embracing resorts on this planet: Hampi Island. A stretch of friendly guesthouses and restaurants and some locals villages is probably all you are going to find here, but thats ...

Best ever., Hampi, India travel blog

Best ever.

A travel blog entry by wandering_gypsy


... had mentioned, the key to longevity in Bouldering is avoiding the fall at all costs. Now one of my key moments in India happened Hampi. I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to go India, wishing if the stars aligned I would be present for one ...

Breast is best!, Hampi, India travel blog

Breast is best!

A travel blog entry by agepaige


... to my plan of visiting my mum in Spain while my brother and his family are there, that means I have 5 more weeks in India. We'll see how that goes...tomorrow night I will take an overnight train to Bangalore, and then will visit Tiruvanemeli...which I ...

Why call a vegetarian village Hampi(e)?, hampi, India travel blog

Why call a vegetarian village Hampi(e)?

A travel blog entry by dow


... homestay, they will only receive the same small amount. So they can't build another business again. Jim, Ashley and I have really enjoyed Hampi, and I will be writing about the rest of our stay there in a day or so (We have now moved on to Palolem, ...

Bewitching Ruins, Hampi, India travel blog

Bewitching Ruins

A travel blog entry by kapilkhimdas


... , Pakistan and Bangladesh) was split into two empires - a Mughal empire in the North, and a Dravidian empire in South IndiaHampi (at that time known as Vijayanagar) was the capital of the Dravidian empire for over two-hundred years, and grew to a ...

Ancient Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Ancient Hampi

A travel blog entry by marandk


... . We also got to taste a small indian festivals with live music and dance performances during the evenings. Overall, Hampi is a great destination where you can lose yourself wondering around the ancient ruins and temples, enjoy some local ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by michelle_austyn


Hampi ...

Day 7: Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Day 7: Hampi

A travel blog entry by tim_buktu2

Favourite place in the world. Reached direct from Palolem (booked on the beach travel agent) on another overnight bus with bunks etc. About £5 ...

Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by cthibaux

Beautiful temples and old town as well as stunning boulders and natural ...

Ancient Ruins of Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Ancient Ruins of Hampi

A travel blog entry by jtodhunter


... through the recently emergent daylight.  This is just what I needed to rejuvenate my enthusiasm for Incredible India.  And Hampi did that and more. Hampi is a relatively small town, charming as anything.  My first impression was ...

On the road again.., Hampi, India travel blog

On the road again..

A travel blog entry by benrocket


A week has flown by in this incredibly magical place. New friends have come and gone. Sunsets across the river and sunrises over the huge boulders. The wheat harvest almost complete. The songs of thousands of birds and natter of wildlife carries on. A ...

Boathouses, beaches and boulders!, Hampi, India travel blog

Boathouses, beaches and boulders!

A travel blog entry by klsymllr719


... and being a tourist you are exposed to it first hand- even at the beach, unfortunately. Our last 5 days in India are spent in Hampi- a well known climbing hub where they filmed "pilgrimage"- for all you rock climbers. This is also a place filled with ...

Hampi Travels, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi Travels

A travel blog entry by weatheritt


Friday was a day off so for the extended weekend Jo and I decided to head up to the much heard about Hampi, capital of the Vijayanagara empire. So at 10:00 after work and after moving into Jo's room (newbies were stealing mine over the weekend) we set off ...

Blessed by an elephant, Hampi, India travel blog

Blessed by an elephant

A travel blog entry by helen_joe


... . We got a quick bite to eat then climbed Hemakuta Hill just behind the Virupaksha temple (the main temple at the top of Hampi Bazaar). The small hill overlooking the Bazaar was made up of slabs of granite and scattered with temples and ruins, and we saw ...

Monkeys at Monkey Temple, Hampi, India travel blog

Monkeys at Monkey Temple

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


Author: Steven    Nearly five months in and I'm starting to tire of the whole, “we did this, then this, then this...” format. It makes sense from a journal point of view, but over the next few weeks or months I'll try change it up a ...

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