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Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by rob_joe


... unique Hampi this however turned out to be a very wise decision. There a very few adjectives that can accurately describe Hampi. A small market bazaar surrounded by vast expanses of rocky, almost cartoon-esque mountains (everyone agrees that it's just ...

Temple frenzy, Hampi, India travel blog

Temple frenzy

A travel blog entry by bzmot


... very little of the former and none of the latter during the whole trip but somehow felt a hankering for both coming to Hampi. Ironic I guess. 5. Had our first chocolate banana pancakes on this trip (!) and the worst cappuccino (chicory coffee ewww!!!) ...

Rencontre avec Shiva, Hampi, India travel blog

Rencontre avec Shiva

A travel blog entry by mickariane


... , nous avons même le droit à une leçon de conduite de rickshaw. Encore une fois, nous attendons patiemment l'anguille... Arrivé à Hampi, il nous montre une carte du coin: les sites touristiques sont éparpillés sur 60 km carrés, au milieu de nulle ...

South India Tour Part 2, Varkala, Mysore, Hampi, Goa, India travel blog

South India Tour Part 2

A travel blog entry by jamesdebra


... dropped at the river to catch a boat across to the other side then go for a 10 minute walk to our accommodation.   Hampi, in general, was beautiful.  Our hotel was a series of little huts, surrounded by rice paddies with a view of the river ...

Hampi: Full Moon for Parvati and Shiva, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi: Full Moon for Parvati and Shiva

A travel blog entry by miller-stone


... enjoyed a little festive time with the raucous crowds before returning to the sedate surroundings of our hotel room with India continuing its magnificently indulgent celebration without us. As a postscript, Nancy was later reading an account of the ...

Coracle to Hippy Island, Hampi, India travel blog

Coracle to Hippy Island

A travel blog entry by susiewoo


The festival was over but still the crowds swarmed. Brazilian George went off exploring Hampi and me and my children went down to the river to see about the possibility for getting a boat across the river. But, oh dear,  the great masses were there ...

Hampi Day 2, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi Day 2

A travel blog entry by eharpham


... used to move. Scorcingly hot all day took about 1000 photos. Lunch managed to get some meat and a beer (both are banned in hampi due to religion) at some family restaurant without a menu. Wasnt bad bit overpriced tho. Got back to the hotel at about 3 and ...

Hampi Rocks!, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi Rocks!

A travel blog entry by adamblaise


... we soon had a good pace going, slowing occasionally to admire the views or look at a roadside temple. The countryside around Hampi is really stunning, along with the crazy boulder formations there are also canals and streams that criss cross the site, so ...

Au coeur des ruines, Hampi, India travel blog

Au coeur des ruines

A travel blog entry by ouratour


... nos propres ailes dans ce fou pays (continent plutot). Nous avons eu bon nez de découvrir le pays accompagné pendant quelques jours. Hampi est un vaste site archéologique qui date principalement de la fin du XVIe siècle. Alors que la France se ...

"You Must Go To Hampi!" Why?

A travel blog entry by miller-stone


... and empire that thrived here until the Mughal conquests out of Delhi in the 16th Century.  There is a quarter of Hampi dedicated primarily to tourist accommodation and restaurants nearby the temple.  Laid out in grid fashion, it also ...

Happy Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Happy Hampi

A travel blog entry by soppegreun


... , Maya slaat meteen aan: "Come on Bobby say something smart". Sex voor het huwelijk wordt normaal niet zo gewaardeerd in India "So it's extra important that you make a good impression" zegt ze lachend. Vervolgens roept ze "yes mother, I'm coming" slaat ...

Dreams made out of stone..., Vijayanaga (aka Hampi), India travel blog

Dreams made out of stone...

A travel blog entry by intrepidtravels


... idea that everyone should throw bananas at them through the small windows, in order to have good luck for the following year! Only in India! Hampi is by far the most beautiful and interesting place we have been to so far.  We have been exploring the ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi, India travel blog

UNESCO World Heritage Site

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey


... has an uninterrupted history from about the 7th century), the Elephant stables, the stone chariot at Vittala complex and other sites. Background: Hampi formed one of the core areas of the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from 1336 to 1565, when it was ...

bouldering temptation, Hampi, India travel blog

bouldering temptation

A travel blog entry by pam



Everywhere should have places like this, Hampi, India travel blog

Everywhere should have places like this

A travel blog entry by globalgypsies


An early arrival in Hampi followed by a sleep induced day after two consecutive nights on the night bus. Daytime was a slow affair. The place is beautiful and invites exploration, that will be the next couple of days, now just relax. So, early evening ...

May 06, 2013, Hampi, India travel blog

May 06, 2013

A travel blog entry by jhalpin14


Hampi Christmas: Big Elephants and Wee Children, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi Christmas: Big Elephants and Wee Children

A travel blog entry by miller-stone


... for the children, something many of them would never have if it were not for the services of this wonderful organization, the Hampi Children’s Trust. ( In the evening, Nancy & I were both able to contact our own ...

Hampi - 3000 Tempel und viele Felsen, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi - 3000 Tempel und viele Felsen

A travel blog entry by tonyundmichl


... und daher trotzdem noch viel zu Fuss unterwegs ist.  Wir sind total beeindruckt von dem natuerlichen Zauber, den Hampi und seine Umgebung ausueben. Definitiv der Hoehepunkt unserer bisherigen Reise!  Hinzu kommt, dass wir hier unser ...

Hampi rocks! (Plagiarised from Blaise), Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi rocks! (Plagiarised from Blaise)

A travel blog entry by poridley


... and there were also a load of ruins on the rocks we could look at. Again it's all just amazing. We both absolutely love Hampi. It's just gorgeous. We wandered on the rocks for a bit then spotted a gateway through to more ruins/rocks so went through and ...

Down south and back again, Varkala, Kollam, Allepey, Kochi, Gokarna and Hampi, India travel blog

Down south and back again

A travel blog entry by tbtravels11


... have spent a week or two, but we had to move onto the place which almost everyone claims to be their favorite in India, Hampi. Hampi: A very very bumpy overnight bus dropped us off at Hampi, which has the most difficult to describe scenery imaginable. The ...

Chennai, India, Chennai, India travel blog

Chennai, India

A travel blog entry by globalbedu

... full it was simply thrown out of the door. Possibly the last meal for some unfortunate water buffalo. Eventually the railway lines of India will be just one solid decaying mass of rubbish. I think it so sad that people just cannot see it. Some ...

A new way of thinking?, Hampi, India travel blog

A new way of thinking?

A travel blog entry by annahildreth


... unanswerable, how can you be settled in your own mind even if by asking the questions you expand your mind? Anyway I moved on from Hampi to Gokarna and left Emerson behind but I hope that we can be friends in London. I am attracted to his geek/adrenaline ...

Hampi – between ruins and hippies, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi – between ruins and hippies

A travel blog entry by ingo


... and we did a 250km-exploring-trip all over. We went every back-dirt-road and did not miss one interesting stop (I think). Unfortunately Hampi is also far away from being typical Indian. Looks like lots of people fly into Mumbai, go to Goa and then to ...

first Impressions, Hampi, India travel blog

first Impressions

A travel blog entry by blog2808bigtrip


wir sind seit viereinhalb Wochen hier in Suedindien unterwegs. Es ist super exotisch, es ist unglaublich heiss .... und das Essen ist meistens sehr scharf aber super lecker.   Dem Eintrag folgen einfach ein paar Bilder ...

Nov 02, 2012, Hampi, India travel blog

Nov 02, 2012

A travel blog entry by quinnte.doucq


Hampi, Never again an Israelian, Hampi, India travel blog

Hampi, Never again an Israelian

A travel blog entry by soppegreun


... en verteld honderduit. In plaats van al die lamme wijven in Anjuna of de gezellige maar toch nog wel kinderachtige Duitsers in Hampi, is deze meid eigenlijk helemaal compleet. Zou dit dan toch mijn lone backpackster zijn waar ik al de hele vakantie op ...

Noble Dog Companions, Hampi, India travel blog

Noble Dog Companions

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


Author: Steven   A deep void of inactivity consumed us until the sun began to set. Whereupon the male German invited us to walk to the nearby rocks to watch the horizon rotate to meet Sol and cast our hemisphere in shadow.    We trudged ...

HEAVENLY HAMPI, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by curryinahurry


Arrived in Hampi at 8am, that was the 6th and last overnight train journey on our 37 day tour of India.  I think we can safely call ourselves very experienced in the mysterious workings of the Indian rail service.  I've been ...

India, the end, Hampi, India travel blog

India, the end

A travel blog entry by paulandmaria


... trains...knowledge is power! Recommend?Yes, again it was a totally different experience and at times hard work. Hampi is so different to the rest of India and so so stunning to see and Bangalore was, in our opposing opinion to that of others apparently, ...

Rock City - Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Rock City - Hampi

A travel blog entry by lolly81


... be our ride for the next two days to get around the 7km+ of ancient ruins and temples in this amazing place. Hampi is unlike anything I have seen in India so far. Not only is the landscape incredible, the atmosphere is so laid back and relaxed. I love ...

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