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Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by travel.sim.mike


... to Chile for the last time to visit Arica. Arica is a nice little surf city in the extreme north of Chile, 18km south of the border with Peru. Arica is one of the driest inhabited places on Earth, getting only 0.76mm of rain per year on average. The ...

Aug 14, 2013, Arica, Chile travel blog

Aug 14, 2013

A travel blog entry by tjphilippe


Beaches, Booze, and Buddies.., Arica, Chile travel blog

Beaches, Booze, and Buddies..

A travel blog entry by becstar26

... posse of four (Me, Jason, Barb, and Alec) taking a couple of days break from real life and going to the beach in Arica, Chile. I was excited for days beforehand (i think they were all incredibly sick of me saying how much i missed the beach and couldn't ...

Encore la mer, Arica, Chile travel blog

Encore la mer

A travel blog entry by fallysflorian


Nous décidons de rester 1 jour de plus à Arica pour profiter de la mer bien chaude (17degrés selon le prof de surf... Sont vraiment approximatifs ces chiliens, elle est au moins à 24!), d'autant que l'hôtel est super (le plus beau ...

reencuentro con mi país, Arica, Chile travel blog

reencuentro con mi país

A travel blog entry by s.figueroa


... los 15 años hice un viaje al norte con varios amigos, entre ellas una muy querida que ya partió, y llegué hasta esta Arica que al parecer y en una mirada rápida no ha cambiado tanto...otros tiempos, otros caminos, otros viajes..... Como sea aprovecho ...

I need to do something about this...smell., Arica, Chile travel blog

I need to do something about this...smell.

A travel blog entry by talkingbird


  I don't feel like writing much, but here's a quick update so i don't have the longest post ever next time.  This week was pretty normal, nothing particularly new at school, and the only new things otherwise were going to the hardware/home ...

Arica, Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica, Chile

A travel blog entry by jonesmcfee


Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by abbasdancer



Ahhhh... Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Ahhhh... Arica

A travel blog entry by lindgren8


Just landed in Arica, in the extreme North of Chile. Mmmmmm... tropical. Ok, another thing you should know about South America is that they name all of their streets after dates in history, or generals. So you get names like 9 de Julio, 10 de Mayo, ...

The Journey across the border, Arica, Chile travel blog

The Journey across the border

A travel blog entry by jammyg

... that we stopped at were more advanced then the towns they were in, apparently domestic bus travel is very big business. Arrived in Arica late the follwing night and by the morning was making my across the border to Tacna. By 1pm was in Peru. Tacna not ...

Nov 23, 2006, Arica, Chile travel blog

Nov 23, 2006

A travel blog entry by hemlockecho


Oye, Cali, no te vayas, Arica, Chile travel blog

Oye, Cali, no te vayas

A travel blog entry by talkingbird


Sunday was a nice day of most relaxing and then I went to Loreto's house around 1 to have lunch with her and her family. Her mom had brought me some sweets from Iquique that she wanted me to try, called Chumbeque. and was cooking a veggie I had never ...

Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by jage.gray


Stayed one night in Arica, little surf town. Stayed at Arica Surf House. Cooked a delicious dinner, played cards and had a drink. Checked out the beach SO ...

A very different world, Arica, Chile travel blog

A very different world

A travel blog entry by round_the_world

Arica felt straightaway like a different world, a place where people can afford to buy things. Arica is on the seaside so we went there everyday but the water was too cold to swim. We stayed at the Sunny Days hostel, run by a New-Zelander/Chilean couple. ...

Chile's Last Stop, Arica, Chile travel blog

Chile's Last Stop

A travel blog entry by thepinks


By Eric. Arica is our last stop in the beautiful country that is Chile. It is approximately 5 miles south of the Chilean border still nestled between the wild Chilean coast and the brutal Atacama desert. Getting here from Iquique took another 5 hour bus ...

close encouter with chili, Arica, Chile travel blog

close encouter with chili

A travel blog entry by jefweyns

welwel gegroet allen!! nu ik erin geslaagd ben om mijn gebroken poot en twee krukken een 2tal km door de woestijn te pikkelen tot aan de locale bibliotheek omdat hier het internet gratis is, een korte update.... een kleine twee weken geleden ...

Sophie v.s The Pacific, Arica, Chile travel blog

Sophie v.s The Pacific

A travel blog entry by sophiemead


So when I first researched Arica I saw that it hosted the 2007 Ripcurl World Surfing Championships. Cool, better learn to surf then. Easier said than done. I've always wanted to surf and since I bodyboarded alot when I was younger I thought it would be ...

Arica!, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by 5-crazy-people


We had found a great deal on plane tickets from Santiago to Arica, a 30 hour bus ride.  Arica is the most northern city in Chile.  It is a beautiful small city, a little over 100,000 people.  The beach is amazing!  We went for a walk ...

ARICA, CHILE, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by jokoangel

BEST OF ARICA & ANCIENT CULTURES:  1. Lluta Geoglyphs:  2. Poconchile:  3. Pacha Mama Ceremony:  4. Dancers from the Altiplano:  5. San Miguel de Azapa Archeological Museum:  6. Handicraft Market:  7. San ...

All year round sunny Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

All year round sunny Arica

A travel blog entry by ullaventham


... on the beach. There were lots of pelicans but we were not sure whether they were friendly or not. Today is a holiday here in Chile. A sort of Rememberance Day for the Ballte of Iquique on 21st May 1879 during the Guerra del Pacifico. This is the war when ...

Oroependola nest, Arica, Chile travel blog

Oroependola nest

A travel blog entry by trolibus



El perro que roba, Arica, Chile travel blog

El perro que roba

A travel blog entry by kevinb.caron


... bercer par les vagues durant de longues heures. Ensuite, t'as un merveilleux coucher de soleil avec la vue au loin du centre ville d'Arica et de l'autre côté d'immenses dunes de sable et bien sur le brut des vagues. Et le bon temps se poursuit avec un ...

Today was an exceptionally great day., Arica, Chile travel blog

Today was an exceptionally great day.

A travel blog entry by talkingbird


... we are the most powerful country in the world" on July 4, but there is something more genuine when the only people rooting for Chile on their independence day are chileans, and they are really rooting.         Well, that out ...

Hop on hop off, Arica, Chile travel blog

Hop on hop off

A travel blog entry by jules-honeyyear


A few thoughts........ Arica served mostly as a transit city for our trips to Putre and Bolivia. I would not recommend it as a tourist destination though. We had a lovely Christmas dinner at Maracuja restaurant over looking the ocean. The Azapa valley, a ...

Beach and getting ready for the National Parks, Arica, Chile travel blog

Beach and getting ready for the National Parks

A travel blog entry by alexsteiger


... , da mich meine Reise nach in den Norden von Chile brachte. Flug von Cuzco nach Tacna, von wo ich ein Remise nach Arica, Chile nahm. Die Fahrt dauerte ca. 40min. inkl. saemtlichen Zollformalitaeten. Entschied mich auf Rat von Lonely Planet fuer das Hotel ...

You want to suffer gringa?, Arica, Chile travel blog

You want to suffer gringa?

A travel blog entry by talkingbird


... . Very effective.    That night I went to meet Laura and one of her students Juan for yoga..only, because it is Chile, it was cancelled. So instead we walked around downtown and then to the beach south of town to a lookout. The waves were ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by garth_travel


... Bolivia, it was so welcoming! Just to top it off we had great weather the whole time we were there, the whole 4 days! Chile definitely was a step up in the world, seeing the first shopping centre in all of my travels, feeling back in the westernised ...

Surfing with #bullshityoyo, Arica, Chile travel blog

Surfing with #bullshityoyo

A travel blog entry by shnapshobos


The night before we met 'Yoyo' who our dear friends had been surfing with that day. David instantly didn't like him... Asking why exactly he was so cheap... Awkward! However everyone seemed keen so we agreed to a day of surfing the following day. I was ...

2nd to last week of teaching, Arica, Chile travel blog

2nd to last week of teaching

A travel blog entry by talkingbird


... .      Caroll and I drove the beautiful drive to the hotel on the beach, adequately named "Arica Hotel" where the other volunteers, their families, co-teachers, principles and Miriam were waiting. We mingled for a bit, ...

Being lazy, Arica, Chile travel blog

Being lazy

A travel blog entry by slp

... double bed ever though) cause it was only room left in our hostel and it ended up being cheaper anyway - that is one downfall of Chile prices have gone up! We did make it to the Museum in San Miguel which is very good but is all about the Incas and ...

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