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Night dive, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Night dive

A travel blog entry by jodieandmatt

Today we did a night dive and i have to admit i was feeling pretty bloody nervous about it.  The idea of disappearing under the depths of the ocean in the pitch blackness scared me and most definitely took me way out of my comfort zone, but this is ...

Best divesite in the world?, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Best divesite in the world?

A travel blog entry by gemmandmatt

Again Semporna is another town to stop in which isn't any reason for a visit and also houses one of the shabbiest mosques I have ever seen especially with the money that is poured into the area from diving. The main reason to stop here is for diving and ...

Clara und Stefan im Paradies, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Clara und Stefan im Paradies

A travel blog entry by claraundstefan


... und nach langer Internet-Recherche entschließen wir uns für das Singamata Resort, etwa 10 Minuten vor der Küste von Semporna. Dort beinhalten die Tauchkurse bereits Unterkunft und Verpflegung, sind sehr günstig und im Internet hatte Singamata von den ...

Shark!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by claraundstefan


Um 5 Uhr sind wir das erste Mal wach geworden, weil es so gestürmt hat, dass wir Angst hatten mitsamt der Hütte wegzufliegen. Unglaublich. Und das große Zittern ging los – wird das Boot nach Sipadan ablegen? Voller Sorge haben wir immer wieder ...

More Diving, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

More Diving

A travel blog entry by eden_tild


A fairly early morning as we were scheduled to be at the pier by 8:15! A nice breakfast was served (fry up, toast, pancakes) and then we went to the pier. It was nearly an hour to the island of Samil (part of the sipadan barrier reef) and we did our ...

Desaturacja, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tom_kurtz

    No i wrocilem z wyspy (Mabul) na troche wieksza wyspe (Borneo). Czas wiec podsumowac ma nurkowa czesc podrozy: 18 nurkow w tym 12 na Sipadanie i 1 nocny. Wszyscy sie dziwia jak te 4 nury na Sipadanie wysepilem, reszta ma z tym klopot. ...

More fish than you can throw a stick at, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

More fish than you can throw a stick at

A travel blog entry by mathew-sarah


Semporna is a hole of a place. But people do not come hear to view the town, they come to dive, and so did we. We have two days diving, one at Mabul and one at Sipidan Island. The diving at Mabul is good. We see frog fish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, ...

Semporna- Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Semporna- Sipadan

A travel blog entry by susranita


A las 8am estábamos ya en el Uncle Chan dispuestos para otro inolvidable día de buceo. Esta vez las inmersiones fueron perfectas ¡una auténtica maravilla! Aunque la visibilidad no fuera perfecta la luz del sol que se filtraba, sacó todos los colores ...

We're In Borneo!, Semporna , Malaysia travel blog

We're In Borneo!

A travel blog entry by eden_tild

... delayed in leaving which was unfortunate but at Tawau we were picked up by our prearranged taxi who drove us the hour to Semporna. Semporna is a grubby little place really, but for is its nothing more than a stop over to Mabul for diving! We got ...

1 week diving Mabul/Sipidan/Kapalai!!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

1 week diving Mabul/Sipidan/Kapalai!!

A travel blog entry by carmelem


TURTLES, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariebarber


Today's story is about turtles. I was up at sunrise this morning for a turtle release. What happens is that the turtle/snorkelers go for three walks an evening - 7pm, 9pm and 11pm. They do loops of the island with red light torches (so as not to scare ...

Jetzt kann Borneo losgehen..., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Jetzt kann Borneo losgehen...

A travel blog entry by floriang1


Guten morgen ihr lieben. Ihr werdet es nicht glauben, aber die Sonne scheint wie sau, endlich mal wieder!!! Gestern hbae ich mich mit einem Freund hier getroffen, den ich bei meinem Open Water Kurs in Kambodscha kennen gelernt habe und der hier auch ...

Diving around Mabul, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Diving around Mabul

A travel blog entry by katielou83


Monday 30.1.12 to Wednesday 1.1.12 We left semporna jetty around 8.30 am after breakfast and free slow of tea :)  The short boat ride was a refreshing one.  After gasping and taking in the sites of the stunning clear turquoise Waters we arrived ...

Dive Dive Dive, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Dive Dive Dive

A travel blog entry by jodieandmatt

... them feel so happy and excited every single dive.  Its so good. After leaving Mabul Island we spent a couple of nights in Semporna just hanging around and doing nothing in particular and then headed back to Adelaide via another few days in ...

More diving, Kapalai, Malaysia travel blog

More diving

A travel blog entry by paulandliz


Another fabulous days diving at Sipadan. Off to the jungle tomorrow for a few days in search of lost tribes, orangutans and pygmy ...

All Rise for Her Maj, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

All Rise for Her Maj

A travel blog entry by valetroy


... around like a deranged old thing.  Interested to discover there are no childproof tops on the likes of Dettol and Listerine in Malaysia. Flying to KL on Saturday evening - by the time I booked the morning flight was full – so we’ll ...

Diving at Mabul and Sipadan island, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Diving at Mabul and Sipadan island

A travel blog entry by annakristensen


I went by local taxi with 6 others from Sandakan to Tawau and then I hitchhiked from Tawau to ...

Sipadan For Eden, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan For Eden

A travel blog entry by eden_tild


Today Eden had a very early alarm (5:30) so that he could go to Sipadan Island to do 4 dives! The marine life included: sharks, jacks, barracuda & lots of turtles.  Tilds Day: My day involved having breakfast, drinking tea, having lunch and ...

This is a backpackers hotel - NOT, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

This is a backpackers hotel - NOT

A travel blog entry by pdwhite


Semporna is the jumping off spot for Mabul Island and our 35th anniversary gift, snorkeling near Sipidan! ACCOMMODATION In Semporna we stay at Scuba Junkie's Backpackers Guesthouse!  DO NOT STAY HERE!  There are many other guesthouses that are ...

More fishes from Sipadan island 2, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

More fishes from Sipadan island 2

A travel blog entry by gabo_kuroki


Tauchpraxis die zweite, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Tauchpraxis die zweite

A travel blog entry by marcello83

Diesen Morgen beginne ich wieder mit Yoga. Danach gibt es wieder Fruehstueck und wir machen weiter mit dem Skilltraining. 20 Sekunden ohne einzuatmen schwimmen empfand ich dabei am schwierigsten. Ansonsten mussten wir unseren Gewichteguertel und auch das ...

More fishes from Sipadan island 4 and last, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

More fishes from Sipadan island 4 and last

A travel blog entry by gabo_kuroki


Scuba Diving at Sipadan Island, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Scuba Diving at Sipadan Island

A travel blog entry by thee25


I was lucky that somebody cancelled their trip, allowing myself and a friend to join the group at a very last minute. It is recommended to stay at Mataking Resort, we happy and satisfied the Dive's shop and the resort's services. One of the diving ...

Tauchen in Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Tauchen in Semporna

A travel blog entry by paka


Nach unseren Blutegel Erfahrungen in Australien und langsam aufkommender Reisefaulheit haben wir uns entschieden lieber Tauchen zu gehen als nochmals Regendwald Treckings zu organisieren. Die Insel Sipadan gehört zu den 10 besten Tauchspots weltweit ...

Pom Pom, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Pom Pom

A travel blog entry by mariebarber


... and you can hear them when you are underwater. Not on Pom Pom as it is now a reserve. We log and report it to WWF in Semporna but apparently it seems to be getting worse. I went to the fish market in semporna and was horrified to see shark fins and black ...

Ósmy kontynent, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Ósmy kontynent

A travel blog entry by tom_kurtz

Juz za to, ze w ogole cos stad pisze powinienem dostac medal - internet tragedia, w dodatku tylko wifi. Zaprzyjazniony Szwed pozwolil mi uzyc sewgo kompa wiec szybciutko.Travelpod nie zna takiego zadupia jak wyspa Mabul w poblizu Semporny, dlatego ...

The Grand Canyon of Diving, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

The Grand Canyon of Diving

A travel blog entry by destin8ion


... just leave Malaysia and fly to an island and not be stamped in or out - there's only one rationale - we are still in Malaysia.  Malaysian Borneo.  Sabah to be exact.  The other half of Borneo on Malaysia's side is called Sarawak and then ...

Ut på det blå hav, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Ut på det blå hav

A travel blog entry by heidiprytz


Dagen starter med en grotesk frokostbuffet og ditto tjukke, rapende kinesere, som gjør at jeg får behov for å fortelle Jon Erie og Linzi at det er tre ting jeg ikke kan gjøre noe med på turen 1) Været 2) Maten og 3) Kinesere ...

Sipadan day 2, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan day 2

A travel blog entry by burkeandcindy


Today was another Sipadan day. We did 3 dives in the morning, finishing with the best one. We saw so many schools of fish it was almost overwhelming. We got to see the barracuda vortex where they swim in circles like a tornado. We also got to see a ...

Surviving in the Malaysian Jungle, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Surviving in the Malaysian Jungle

A travel blog entry by annemaaike


... dagen een beetje geheimzinnig over het een of ander wat blijkbaar iets met mijn verjaardag te maken heeft. Uiteindelijk besluiten we naar Semporna te gaan. De haven voor een aantal van de beste duiksites van de wereld. We zitten in een hotelletje wat ...

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