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Wine country with a difference!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine country with a difference!

A travel blog entry by brizi


... by a non English speaking hostel concierge, we set off for the town to see what´s on offer around and about Cafayate. After much negotiation, debate, indecision, ATM issues and food shopping we frustratedly set off on crappy rented mtn ...

im getting into the queso and jamon sandwiches, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

im getting into the queso and jamon sandwiches

A travel blog entry by mweate

... Australia that I had seen some pretty amazing mountain ranges but nothing prepared me for the stunning ride from Salta to Cafayate. WOW!  The coloured rock formations that loom up above you and boarder the majority of the highways are ...

Go out drinking then ride a bike..., Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Go out drinking then ride a bike...

A travel blog entry by pyrosurfer


Cafayate is famous for its vineyards, and in particular for the Torrentes grape, which is perfectly suited to the arid red earth, the altitude of 1683 metres above sea level, the latitude of 26 degrees South, and less than 250mm of rain per year. The day ...

Exploring the Cafayate Area, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Exploring the Cafayate Area

A travel blog entry by graybeard


... to be some truly astronomical odds that people with roots in two small neighboring German towns meet on a 7-person tour in Cafayte, Argentina.  You certainly couldn't get me to ever take that bet. But what an amazingly small world it is.  The ...

Facing forward, going slowly.., Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Facing forward, going slowly..

A travel blog entry by vino_voyageurs


... also discovered some wine in a box.  I know I know I know.. winemakers drinking wine in a box?¿?  However.. in Argentina it´s 3 pesos (1 dollar) and it´s effin tasty.  Not a fine wine but a tasty more than drinkable wine that gets ...

From Salta to Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

From Salta to Cafayate

A travel blog entry by pherdemian


More Argentinian Beauty, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

More Argentinian Beauty

A travel blog entry by gerad-and-lisa


... hard to comprehend how this area had even been formed! Our destination for lunch was the small town of Cafayate which is another great winemaking region in Argentina surrounded by mountains. We had a couple of free hours to get lunch and Lisa and I ...

Cafay-aargh-te, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannah-ollie


... to let them know that we were being held hostage. Despite the panic-inducing climbing and the hostage situation, we were leaving Cafayate feeling very relaxed. We could definitely have spent another week here, as we left a lot unexplored (it's apparently ...

Campfires, Singing & Drinking Wine!, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Campfires, Singing & Drinking Wine!

A travel blog entry by howpet


... a hangover, we had an early start and packed up the tents so we could get on the road and make our way to Cafayate, Argentina's second centre for quality wine production!! We stopped at a litte town en-route to get supplies for the next few days ...

Wineries and the Desert, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wineries and the Desert

A travel blog entry by maggsandjoe


A gorgeous town in Northern Argentina set at the entrance of the Quebrada de Cafayte. Stepping off the bus we were greeted with a wave of heat, so different to our previous destination, at this point we knew we were in the desert. A 10 minute walk from ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by tworedbikes


... they were as tired as I was.  After listening to several hours of their singing in and out of tune, I was fuming. If we hadn't decided to spend an extra day here, we'd be getting up after no night's sleep. I think we should declare war on Argentina. ...

Wine, steak and siestas, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine, steak and siestas

A travel blog entry by diasbuenos


The last two days have mainly revolved around vineyards and wine tasting - well we are in the best wine region of Argentina. It feels very similar to France here, but that may just be as those are the only other vineyards we've experienced. Yesterday we ...

Wine tasting, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wine tasting

A travel blog entry by ashka_dane


... the campsite. Bring something to add to the platter and a bottle of wine.  Day 2: We explored the little town of Cafayate. Lots of cute boutique stores, delicatessens, wine shops and yummy Icecream. In the afternoon the boys went to watch football so ...

White wine, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

White wine

A travel blog entry by edncarl


All the Goat Cheese I ever wanted, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

All the Goat Cheese I ever wanted

A travel blog entry by justinzellinger


... farm is in Northern Argentina, 2 hours north of Jujuy near the border with Bolivia     Cafayate was a really nice quaint town in northern Argentina. Please enjoy the pictures of the great landscapes we saw and some of the other highlights. ...

Cafayate (1), Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate (1)

A travel blog entry by alanchapman

... the afternoon, passed through the canyonland with multi-coloured rocks of the Quebrada de Cafayate. Stopped to see some interesting sandstone gorges. Arrived at the campsite at Cafayate in Salta Province. Cooked pasta and various other things for ...

o vale Calchaquie, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

o vale Calchaquie

A travel blog entry by gilberto-rosana


Como hoje teriamos de principal atividade a viagem de Salta a Cafayate, levantamos um pouco mais tarde, afinal seriam apenas 180 kilometros de estrada...( uma ninharia....rsrssr) Mas, e tem sempre um mas.....uma surpresa nos aguardava.... A estrada pelo ...

Journee degustation et Garganta del DIablo, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Journee degustation et Garganta del DIablo

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


Aujourd'hui je me balade dans la region de Cafayate, ou se trouvent fermes, vignobles, champs de tabac... Fais la connaissance de Katrin, une argentine qui est avec sa famille.. On s'entend bien.. La journee debute par de beaux paysages de montagnes. On ...

Wein und Fleisch, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Wein und Fleisch

A travel blog entry by moe_chito


Wir sind nun endlich in Cafayate angekommen und sind in einem wirklich  schönen Hostel gelandet: Ein Garten mit Weinreben mit einer Aussicht auf  die umliegenden Berge. Als wir ankamen, hatten die anderen Gäste gerade ein  Asado, ...

A maldiçäo do Condor...., Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

A maldiçäo do Condor....

A travel blog entry by macedo123


... a Cafayate, Júlio proseegue em quarta marcha 99% do tempo, usando a embreagem apenas para arrancar. Desolados prosseguimos para Cafayate onde chegamos sem problemas cerca de 90 minutos depois. Vamos direto para o Hotel Asturias onde tinhamos reservas ...

Christmas on the Road, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Christmas on the Road

A travel blog entry by -ninavale-


... e vari colori, dal rosso all'ocra, dal verde al blu cobalto. Un paesaggio extraterrestre. Cafayate, dopo Mendoza, è la seconda regione vinicola dell'Argentina; speravamo di poter passare la vigilia di Natale con l'annesso cenone in uno dei tanti vigneti ...

Apr 22, 2010, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Apr 22, 2010

A travel blog entry by chris.banks


Terrible wine but great scenery, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Terrible wine but great scenery

A travel blog entry by briancordova

... of the south west of The States, but with bigger mountains and more spectacular scenery overall. I had such a great time with the all-Argentine group we went with, and feel that this was the perfect place to say goodbye to Argentina. Bolivia, here we ...

Cafayate, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by jelibean91


... have seen and done so much since we arrived. From Buenos Aires, we flew to Puerto Iguazu (the most northeastern part of Argentina, it borders Brazil). It was a quick flight on a rickety plane but a better option than the 30 hour bus ...

sam, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


Breakfast poor considering rave reviews for hostel – no proper coffee, no juice or fruit. Had to get out the old sock, though am considering coffee bags in future for ease. Kiwi and Kazakhstan, whose real names I forget/never knew, were planning ...

Embarrasada vs embarrassed, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Embarrasada vs embarrassed

A travel blog entry by lovintheworld17

... a hotel, Patios de Cafayate, which runs upwards of 400 a night...we won't pay 400 for a week in the northwest of fact, a week in Cafayate at our new home, la morada, would probably be closer to 150.00 for 7 nights. I'm happy with our ...

Small Town Joy, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Small Town Joy

A travel blog entry by carlo_divita


... out with Lucan and Liz, an Aussie couple we first met on the bus up to Salta, who are doing a similar trip to us. The north of Argentina is very friendly and we had seen a few people hitch-hiking so decided to give it a go, to get up to Salta. It was a ...

La Quebrada de Las Conchas ( CAFAYATE ), Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

La Quebrada de Las Conchas ( CAFAYATE )

A travel blog entry by lysiaerik


... , j'opte donc pour l'excursion.   Les montagnes rouges s'imposent dès les premiers kilomètres qui nous séparent de Cafayate, autour de la vallée qui se resserre et s'assèche.   Des roches tumultueuses, tranchées verticalement ou ...

Cafayate und die Quebrada, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate und die Quebrada

A travel blog entry by das_omi


Cafayate: vinhos e belezas naturais, Cafayate, Argentina travel blog

Cafayate: vinhos e belezas naturais

A travel blog entry by cacilda


... 'a o mesmo caminho que nós, pra sair uma comparação séria com análise de custo-benefício! Dormimos duas noites em Cafayate, mas aos domingos a maioria das bodegas está fechada. Mesmo assim, visitamos três e foi muito bom. Eu consegui eleger o meu ...

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